Doctor Helps With Enlarged Prostate

My wife, Kelley, loves to entertain. It was Saturday and for weeks she had been planning a gigantic party. However, I wasn’t looking forward to the party so much as I was the college football games that were scheduled to be played that evening. When I woke up, though, I immediately realized I wasn’t feeling well. Sharp stomach pains were all I could think about, but it was merely 8:00 a.m. so I assumed whatever the issue was would subside well before the party. It was not to be. By 11:30 the pain had only amplified and caused me to consider going to urgent care to get checked out. When I told my wife this, she immediately became concerned as I typically avoid doctors unless I’m physically wounded. As a retired Marine, I’ve a rather high pain tolerance but now I was doubled over, and the pain was becoming a challenge.

Kelley insisted I go and I, in turn, insisted she stay home to prepare for her big night as I drove to the medical facility for a professional opinion. Of course, it’s never as simple as that and I ended up getting an x-ray and CT scan. At 53, I wasn’t surprised to learn I was suffering an acute case of diverticulosis. The doctor was full of good news as she informed me that I now also have an enlarged prostate. All I could think was, “Shit, so this is how the aging process starts? “

And then, just to ensure my humiliation was complete, the young doctor slipped on a purple medical latex glove and instructed me to lower my pants and bend over the examination table. Dropping my pants was easy but bending over the table was quite painful and more than a little embarrassing. It was painful because of my obvious abdominal distress. But it was embarrassing because I keep my manhood free of pubic hair as my wife prefers it that way. And now my pride was a bit offended, too, as I was told to reach back and spread my cheeks. The doctor casually placed her left hand on my exposed ass as she stuck a well lubricated finger deep into my rather tight, hairless sphincter. As she performed her rectal exam, and I’d thought my asshole was being torn apart, she nonchalantly explained the purpose of the test was to determine if I was suffering any internal bleeding. After a few seconds she removed her finger, took a culture, and put the swab in a vial. She then handed me a tissue and suggested I wipe off the lubricant before pulling up my pants.

My embarrassment did not end there. To my surprise I realized my dick had become erect. I don’t know if it was because I was standing half-naked in front of a beautiful woman 15 years my junior or if it was the result of having her finger invading my virgin ass, but either way, I was now sporting a very noticeable erection.

So, with my cock jutting out at a perverse and obviously aroused angle, I attempted to clean the gooey lube from my recently invaded butthole. Just then a young female medical assistant, the only other person in the facility that Saturday, thrust open the exam room door to retrieve the vial so it could be examined under a microscope to determine if I had any internal bleeding. When she noticed I was still rather indecent, she blushed and apologized but I also realized she did not look away for several seconds. She then rushed out of the room, closing the door behind her. And thankfully, rather than being offended by my aroused condition the doctor calmly stated, “It doesn’t appear your enlarged prostrate has interfered with your ability to perform yet, which I’m sure your wife appreciates.” At this point I was very embarrassed but grateful that she was at least able to take my hard cock in stride, if not as an outright compliment.

I finished cleaning the residual lube from my anus, which seemed very odd to do while a strange woman sat looking at me just a couple feet away, all the while speaking to me as if this was the most normal event in the world. Once sufficiently clean, I stepped over to the sink and thoroughly washed my hands.

Meanwhile, the doctor typed discharge instructions and a prescription for the diverticulosis on her computer. Once dressed I sat in the chair opposite her awaiting further guidance. She informed me that I should consume a clear liquid diet for the next several days, avoid alcohol, and stop consuming nuts as they could cause severe irritation within the intestinal tract. She then asked if I had any questions about my diagnosis or the antibiotics she was prescribing for me to take over the next ten days.

Being that I am an old Marine, I respectfully said, “No, Ma’am, but I want to apologize for my aroused condition a few minutes ago, I didn’t mean to offend you.” She replied, “You shouldn’t be worried about that at all. It happens quite often. And, truth be known, from what I saw you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.” Again, I felt a bit sheepish, but at the same time, it was quite an ego boost to hear a young female doctor say something like that.

Her kind words were not long-lived, however, as she quickly stated, “Men with enlarged Porno prostates can eventually have difficulty urinating or feeling as though they need to urinate with greater frequency. I’m also sorry to tell you that men with enlarged prostates also tend to have less powerful ejaculations, with the semen just trickling or spilling out rather than shooting out with the force that it once did, but rest-assured, you should still be able to achieve a very satisfying orgasm.”

I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this actually is very informative,’ as I had noticed this exact thing the past couple years and had been rather disappointed that I could no longer ‘paint the walls’ when I masturbated in the shower. These days my cum merely covered my hand in the familiar mess I’d been making since I was about twelve years old. I asked if there was anything that could be done to reverse this condition to which she answered that it could be treated surgically, she could prescribe some medication, or I could live with it as is and simply implement some new sexual techniques.

As a Marine I’ve had more than my fair share of surgeries so that option didn’t sound too appealing and I also wasn’t excited about the prospect of taking another medication, but I was most definitely interested in hearing what the doctor had in mind regarding sexual techniques, so I tried to sound inquisitive and feigned naïveté as I inquired about the third option.

Of course, I was fully expecting her to simply tell me what I should do, but to my complete surprise she told me to climb onto the exam table once again and to lay down on my back this time. I did as instructed as she propped a pillow behind my head. Next, she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my shorts, and told me to lift so she could lower my pants. I thought she would merely lower them, but she removed them completely. Woah! I didn’t know what to expect next, but my now flaccid, hairless dick was quickly coming back to life. The doctor told me to just relax as she installed footrest devices on the examination table, which I determined were stirrups for performing female gynecological exams. I was now fully exposed again and very hopeful the young medical assistant would not barge through the door again.

As I laid back, the doctor began to wrap what appeared to be a blue rubber tourniquet around the base of my cock, like the band phlebotomists use on a person’s arm when drawing blood. She also commented that because I was shaved, such a technique would be more enjoyable as the rubber would not pull on any hair. I also noticed she did not bother putting on another pair of latex gloves which allowed me to clearly see her red nails and her large diamond wedding ring as she calmly tied the rubber device to my cock. Seeing her hands contact my exposed cock and very swollen balls had a greater effect on me than I expected as I imagined what her husband would think if he could see his beautiful wife at this moment. As these lurid thoughts ran through my mind, I was pulled back to reality when the doctor informed me that I was producing a good amount of pre-cum, which she said was a good sign for a strong ejaculate. I couldn’t help the fluid from pooling at the tip of my dick and drooling onto my abdomen and apologized to the doctor for my obvious state of arousal. She smiled and told me it was very normal as it was a natural physiological effect and added she also took it as a nice compliment.

I didn’t notice if she had unbuttoned her blouse, but because of the way she had started to lean over me I was able to look down her shirt and see the soft curves of her breasts being held in place by a pink lace bra. Just as I was enjoying an eyeful of this beautiful young doctor, I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft while she used her other hand to massage my slippery pre-cum all around the head of my eager cock. What a lewd site to see her red nails and wedding ring contacting my manhood! And with the rubber tourniquet affixed to the base of my prick, the bulbous head turned a dark, beet red color and was as hard as I can ever remember now that it was fully engorged with blood! The veins stuck out in the obscenest manner and my dick bounced and throbbed as if it had its own heartbeat.

With the rubber noose in place, my shaft was experiencing a bit of numbness though my balls were anything but numb as I felt the young doctor’s fingernails begin to gently caress my scrotum. Then, with the fingers on her other hand she enveloped my shaft and began to squeeze. Honestly, it hurt! The scene before me was certainly not what I’d expected when I’d arrived in excruciating stomach pain a little over an hour before. Not surprisingly, I had forgotten about my abdominal pain for the time being.

As the doctor continued massaging my balls, I could barely take any more and began to lift my ass off the exam table. Seeing this, the doctor backed off and explained that I needed to be ‘edged.’ My body was involuntarily squirming on the exam Altyazılı Porno table, desperate for release. A minute or so later, she resumed her fingernail treatment on my engorged balls and I thought I’d burst, but the tourniquet restricted me from doing so. Then, just as I thought about reaching down and releasing the rubber band, I felt the doctor inserting some type of long, steel medical device into my ass. Thankfully she lubricated it and was spinning it like a drill as she slowly pushed on the cold tool and penetrated past my anus. Once satisfied that she had safely passed my sphincter, I could feel her gently but assuredly going deeper.

My wife had once confessed to allowing different lovers to fuck her ass before we’d met, but she’d never permitted me to enter her ass complaining my 8 1/2″ dick was too painful for her. I was always jealous that she’d allowed other men to enjoy and cum in her tight ass, but she would simply exclaim that she was happy to have a man with a bigger cock to satisfy her hungry pussy. As for me, I’d never had more than the doctor’s finger in me just a little while earlier, but now my need for release was so intense that I realized I was pushing my hips toward the probe within my ass to heighten my pleasure.

The doctor noticed what I was doing and said, “It seems like you are enjoying this wand in your ass.” I told her I really needed to cum and she simply responded, “Soon enough.” At this point I didn’t have a shred of dignity left and was simply determined to have an orgasm. The doctor then instructed me to stroke my own cock and guided my other hand to the wand in my ass and urged me to masturbate for her.

This was the furthest thing from my imagination when I walked into this office, but now here I was, fucking myself in the ass with a steel dildo and jerking off in front of this young female doctor, who I now thought of as a dirty little vixen rather than as a doctor.

She must have sensed how ridiculous I felt because she finally broke with her professional role and reached up to release her hair from the bun on top of her head allowing her beautiful brown mane to cascade down her shoulders and back. Then, without any further delay, she unbuttoned her blouse, unsnapped her bra hook, and released what appeared to be the most perfect tits I’d ever seen. Next, she fully removed these garments placed them on the counter and began to gently caress and pinch her own nipples. All the while she continued to encourage me with dirty language saying things like, “Fuck yourself harder with that big dildo,” and “Yes, stroke that hard cock for me.” I also noticed that she also seemed to be purring like a kitten. This woman had me in such an intoxicating trance.

If I didn’t have that rubber band restricting my cock, I would have cum long ago, but now my balls were incredibly engorged as the doctor unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Now she stood before me wearing nothing but a pair of pink lace panties that I quickly recognized as the perfect match to the sexy bra she’d already removed. She also kicked off her conservative 3″ heels and put one foot on top of the chair next to the exam table. This allowed me to notice that her toes were perfectly manicured and painted red also.

Mesmerized by this gorgeous minx standing before me wearing nothing but panties, I realized I was still plunging the steel medical device deeper and deeper into my own ass and stroking myself as furiously as I ever had before. I knew I was going to be sore as hell later but for now, all I could think about was having an orgasm. The doctor must have sensed that I wouldn’t last much longer as she slid her panties to her ankles and stepped out of them. She then lifted them to her hand with her cute, painted toes as my eyes followed her every move.

Just then she turned her panties inside out so that the dark wet spot within the crotch was fully visible and lifted them to my nostrils. I inhaled deeply as I continued the assault on my cock. The aroma was at the same time pungent and delicious, and I let out an audible moan. This caused her to tease me further, saying “You like the way my panties smell, huh, how would you like to taste them?” It was all I could do to grunt, “Yes, please let me lick your panties, I need to taste you!” She wasted no time instructing me to stick out my tongue, which I immediately did. She then rubbed the thick, creamy substance along my tongue and across my lips as I contemplated how this slimy delicacy had, just moments ago, been produced by her overheated cunt.

As I continued enjoying the taste of her pussy on her pink, lace panties, she reached down to reposition the hand I’d been jerking off with, placing it on her pussy. My nuts had never ached so badly for release. As I fondled her slick lower lips and slipped a finger gently in and out of her soft opening, she took over where I’d left off and began stroking my painfully engorged shaft with both hands. Her cunt Brazzers was absolutely soaked and I was able to easily slip two, then three fingers inside. Her hips were really grinding against my hand at this point as I continued to buck against the rod in my ass.

We kept this rhythm for a few minutes before she asked if I was ready to cum. I told her I’d never been more ready. She said, “It’ll just be another minute and we’ll explode together.” This was easily the most erotic moment of my life as I fingered this beautiful young doctor for all I was worth. For her part, she was feverishly stroking my cock with one hand and just as eagerly rubbing her clit with the other.

I was in a trance as I watched her tits bounce and saw that her own orgasm had arrived. She quickly slid her hand down my cock and effortlessly pulled the loose end of the rubber tourniquet releasing my cock from its painful imprisonment. Immediately, and without warning, a torrent of cum begin pumping like a geyser from my purple, oversized testicles. We both watched, and trembled, as spurt after spurt of jism was released from my pent-up cock. It felt as if the flow of sperm would never end. And while I’ve always produced a good deal of semen, this was the first time I’d ‘shot’ my load in several years as I felt hot cum splashing first across my stomach, then chest, and then some of this explosion landed on my beard, just beneath my mouth. The doctor didn’t let up and just kept pumping and squeezing my cock for all she was worth. My dick was simultaneously experiencing so my pleasure and so much pain that I’d forgotten about the steel dildo that was now completely buried in my ass about 10 inches deep. As the crescendo of this exhilarating orgasm began to subside, I simply laid my head back and closed my eyes. I was fully and completely spent and it was all I could do to caress my hands through the doctor’s long beautiful hair and gently rub her soft, perfect breasts. Several seconds passed and as I open my eyes, she leaned in to lick the dollop of cum from my beard then proceeded to give me a deep, salty kiss. I couldn’t resist allowing my tongue to dance with hers as I remained stunned by everything that had just transpired.

After a few seconds, this beautiful stranger and I broke the most erotic kiss of my life. As she stood naked before me, she gleefully stated that achieving a stronger orgasm makes it possible to shoot a thicker stream of cum, and the best way to get this result was through ‘edging’ and using the ‘restrict and release’ technique. I’d never heard of either of these methods, but unbeknownst to me, the doctor apparently knew what she was doing and knew her way around the male anatomy. She suggested I purchase a cock ring that would help enhance my wife’s pleasure and stated that we should prolong my orgasms for as long as possible to achieve the ‘eruption’ and ‘shooting’ of cum that both men and women desire.

Up to this point, this gorgeous woman had shocked me several times already but then, with both of us still completely naked, she gave me the biggest surprise and scare yet. She calmly opened the door and beckoned her assistant to come to the exam room. Just as I was about to go into full panic mode, the doctor, using her very sweetest voice, said to her young medical assistant, “Please be a dear and help clean our patient, he has made quite a mess. Oh, and please be gentle when you remove the vaginal speculum from his rectum as it was the most appropriate device I could find to perform the necessary procedure.” The young assistant blushed once more and simply responded, “Yes, doctor.”

The doctor continued to educate me as she put her clothes back on. She did not put her soaking wet panties on, though, and instead put them in the pocket of her young assistant’s lab coat. This, of course stirred additional images in my mind that I knew I’d revisit and enjoy again later.

As the doctor dressed, her young assistant used warm, wet wipes to cleanse my torso, neck, and beard of the copious amounts of sperm that had jetted out of my balls just a few minutes earlier. She also gently milked the last remaining drops from the head of my cock and wiped the head of any remaining stickiness. Interestingly, I’d almost forgotten about the metal shaft in my ass now that I’d achieved such a satisfying release, but the young assistant did not and, without much warning, simply extracted the device quite quickly. When she did, there was an audible pop and my stomach and ass muscles immediately clenched down. Seeing the device for the first time was shocking as I realized it had the ability to spread. Honestly it was a scary looking device to have impaled in one’s ass, but I was glad I survived and had to admit that it had been a very thrilling experience.

Once the assistant had finished cleaning my body and wiping the lube from my newly loosened asshole, I stood up to put my clothes back on. Then, within a minute or two of finishing, the doctor walked back in and exclaimed, “I’ve good news, there is no evidence of intestinal bleeding. You are free to go.” I thanked her and her assistant for their help and said that I was feeling quite a bit better now. They both smiled as the doctor said, “Glad we could help you today.”

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