Doctor! Doctor!


You’re lying in your hospital bed having just been admitted with a rare unknown condition. The curtains are drawn round your bed and you watch nervously as you see a silhouette of a doctor talking to one of the nurses undoubtedly discussing your case. Suddenly I throw back the curtain and you see that I am a very cute young doctor. You watch with great interest as I approach your bedside. Your heart quickens as I send a very sexy smile your way.

‘Hmmmm,’ I murmur, ‘don’t worry miss I’ll soon have you on your feet.’

‘I’d rather be on my knees,’ you think to yourself.

I reach across your body, ‘accidentally’ taking the opportunity to brush my hand lightly against your breasts causing you to let out a little gasp of excitement.

‘Sorry,’ I say turning to you, ‘did you say something?’

You shake your head as you bite your bottom lip, encapsulated by my arousing bedside manner. I’m so close to you now that you can feel my warm breath on your neck, the sensation makes you tingle inside.

‘Lets see what I have to work with,’ I declare throwing off the bedclothes.

I look at your body in admiration and notice your firm erect nipples, Kartal escort and a small amount of juice seeping from your pussy. I glance at you knowingly, making you blush and smile at the same time. I then gently place a hand on your breast and you shudder at my expert touch.

‘Does it hurt when I touch you here?’ I enquire soothingly.

You close your eyes and shake your head trying to conceal the enjoyment of my close examination. I move my hands further down your body asking you the same question every time I reposition my fingers, making your body squirm with pleasure. I inch my sensitive hands lower down your naked body. Finally, after what seems an eternity, I place the tips of my fingers between your pussy lips.

‘What about HERE?’ I ask knowingly, pressing my fingertips firmly against your vagina.

You arc your back in pleasure and instinctively reach out for my crutch grabbing hold of the large bulge concealed beneath my medical clothing, then start massaging it with your hand. I move my body closer to your side and you gleefully unzip me pulling out my cock to enable you to caress it vigorously between thumb Kurtköy Escort and forefinger. I ease my fingers inside your moist pussy, moaning softly whilst continuing to play with your clit.

‘Ooooh doctor,’ you sigh. ‘I think I need to give you an oral examination!’

‘Just what I was going to suggest,’ I reply seductively.

I climb onto the bed and reverse my position, expertly position my cock and balls conveniently above your willing mouth. You take my full length deep inside you as you gently begin to fondle my big hairy balls. You feel the tip of my tongue start to caress the entrance to your hole. It manages to ride up inside you deeper than you’ve ever had before. As I continue to delve inside your pussy, you can’t help but almost gag on my huge cock, the force of it is almost too much for you to take. Saliva dribbles down your chin from my shaft as you try to keep pace with my tongue fucking. Eventually, I climb off and flip you onto your front. Your arse sticks up in the air as you grab hold of the bedstead to prepare yourself.

‘Now you may feel a little prick,’ I grin.

I grab hold of the base of my cock and Pendik Escort ease it inside your hole making you catch your breath for a moment. I start to pummel your pussy making you call out with pleasure. My massive cock drives in and out of you repeatedly, deeper with every thrust, making you reach orgasm after orgasm. I then grab your arse hard to help the momentum of my body, the whole bed shaking as I ram my cock harder and harder, calling out with the effort of pleasuring you. Your juices dribble out of your pussy as you get more and more excited, the sweat dripping off our bodies.


As I removes my swollen knob, you turn round and take it in one hand, my balls sitting comfortably in your other palm. As you caress my bollocks, you masturbate my shaft begging me to shoot my load for you.

‘Come on,’ you plead, ‘give me your warm, juicy spunk. I want you to cover me all over my body with your lovely juices!’

Suddenly, with one final burst, I call out and hit your face with more spunk than you’ve ever seen before. It clings to your face and tits leaving you with a big smile on your face as you continue to gently masturbate my now limp knob. As I slump to the bed, exhausted, its left to you to have the final word.

‘Mmmmm, I feel MUCH better now,’ you whisper as you examine my badge ‘I guess your PHD stands for Pretty Hard Dick.’

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