Do Not Collect $200


School was out and it was my favorite time of the day, because I knew minutes after I got home the mail would be here soon after. Today didn’t disappoint, just like clock work I thought. I quickly released my 38C’s from my bra and threw it to the side. I undid some of my buttons on my shirt and tied it so it showcased my belly ring, I rolled my plaid uniform skirt higher to show off my thighs. Tousling my hair I opened the door when the bell rang. A package on the ground I saw Chace’s stunned face as he looked up.

“Oh, I didn’t think you’d be home Alex. I’ve missed you the last couple days,” He smiled.

He looked so sexy, even with that stupid hat on you could see his dark hair curl around his ears. His dark blue eyes looked at me appreciatively. I could see him staring at my shiny belly ring and watched as his eyes traveled lower. I blushed, but felt excited at the same time.

“I’ve had dance practice after school this week,” I giggled. I slowly bent over to pick up the box, my breasts threatened to spill out of my shirt. Standing up I almost bumped into his hard on, he laughed nervously.

“Sorry bout that Babygirl, you’ve just grown up more than I thought I guess.” He awkwardly chuckled.

I smiled politely, licking my lips. “

“Don’t worry about it Chace, it’s natural.” I giggled again, “Oh daddy asked that I let you know that the game is on again for tomorrow night.”

“Oh I thought your parents were headed to Seattle?”

“Nah, they got into a big argument so Mom’s going by herself.”

“Oh ok, well I’ll see you tomorrow I guess.”

“Yup, thanks for the package,” I winked.

I closed the door and shrieked. He was so hot for an older man, even though I’d known him my whole life. His muscled physique and tanned skin from being in the hot sun most of the day outweighed the fact that he’d seen me through that awkward teenage stage of my life. My dad and him were in high school together and they’d been friends ever since.

God I was so wet from just seeing him and having him in the same vicinity as me. I took care of that in the shower dreaming of what would happen once Chace and I got together.

“Baby, I don’t get it! I mean it aint like I meant to get with Kayla, it just… happened.” Kevin tried explaining to me. I slammed my locker shut.

“So your dick just slipped in or what Kevin? Is that what just… HAPPENED?” I dropped my book, he leaned to pick it up when I slapped him away.

“I can take care of myself, thanks.” Bending over I gave him the view of my naked pussy.

“Fuck Alex! No panties, you’re killing me!” He whispered loudly, loosening up his tie.

“That was the point Kev, it’ll be the last time you’ll be seeing it.” I did my signature tousling of the hair and left.

I’d gone through the same ritual as yesterday, rearranging my school uniform. But this time I’d run water and messed up my eye-makeup to make it seem as I were crying. The doorbell rang and I grabbed some tissue before answering.

Chace looked so fine, standing tall and no goofy hat this time. His dark curly hair fixed nicely, he wore a t-shirt and sweats. He’d Karaköy escort bayan brought a bottle of vodka and was smiling, but it wore off once he’d seen me in tears.

“Oh, hi Chace. Sorry, come on in Daddy will be home soon.” He walked in and sat down.

“Are you ok babygirl, what’s wrong?”

“I’m ok, it’s just…” I collapsed on the couch crying.

“It’ll be ok Alex, just tell me what happened.” He sat down next to me, rubbing my back and smoothing my hair. It sent shivers up my spine, feeling his fingers comfort me I wondered how it’d feel without these clothes between us.

“My boyfriend, he’s been cheating on me. I broke up with him today,” I sobbed. “I’m so ugly, that’s why he cheated on me. I wasn’t good enough for him.

“Hell no, it wasn’t your fault at all Alex. And you’re about as ugly as Beyonce! Come on Alex, you’re beautiful! That guy was a dumb ass. Can I do anything to make you feel better?” I smiled to myself thinking of what he’d say if I asked him to fuck me right here and now.

“You’re sweet Chace, how about sex on the beach?” Sitting up I looked at his shocked expression. I giggled. “I meant the drink Chace.”

He shook out of it and chuckled, “I knew what you meant. I was just surprised that you’d want a drink you’re only 17 Alex.” I smiled wickedly.

“Don’t you mean 19? Well in two months I’ll be 19 anyway.” He grinned, staring at my back his grin became wider.

“I didn’t know that, just like I didn’t know you had that tattoo on your lower back!” He nodded referring to the Tribal Tattoo I’d gotten with the hibiscus in the middle.

“I got that ages ago!,” I laughed “See you just don’t spend enough time with me, I’ll fix the drinks. Don’t worry I’m good at it, I fix Mom’s and Dad’s all the time. Just don’t tell them I sample it from here and there.” Walking to the kitchen I started mixing the pineapple juice in with the other ingredients.

“I won’t tell, but damn Alex tattoos? What else do you have hidden that I don’t know of? You know what we should do while I’m waiting for your dad, Monopoly! That’ll cheer you up! I’ll grab it while you finish up the drinks. damn babygirl it’s been a while since we last played.” He began setting up the game with a smile plastered on his face, I sat the drinks and a pitcher of it next to it.

“What’s so funny?”

“It’s just crazy how many oh… nothing.” he laughed. He was probably talking about all the sex games my parents had added to the collection of the board games. They kept them there, because they probably figured it was the last place I’d get into anyway.

“Ok mister secretive. Well, I hope you don’t mind them too strong. I just want to be over this situation already, you know?” He nodded.

“Hey, no worries babygirl. Whatever ya need to do to get over that dumbass is ok by me.” He winked. “That’s weird, there’s hardly any money in here.”

I shrugged. “Don’t worry, we’ll figure out something when we start running low.” He sipped his drink, “Wow these are good Alex!”

Getting into the game it was like old times laughing, reminiscing and joking Escort Kayaşehir around. Except for the fact that I was getting hot just looking at him, I could tell he was just as turned on as I was. And with the drinks we were downing I was betting all inhibitions were off.

“I passed go, where’s my $200?” He asked waggling his eyebrows at me.

“Shit, there’s no more $100s and even the lower bills don’t equal it.” I looked around.

“Just give me a bigger bill, or two of your hundreds.” he laughed.

“How bout I just show you something of mine in place of the $200?” I said licking my lips.

“What’d you have in mind?” he asked hungrily.

“Member when you asked what else I had hidden?”

I stood up putting one leg on the table showing my bare pussy with it’s clit piercing.

His stare hardened and by the looks of him his cock had too. I sat back down with a giggle taking another sip of my drink. I rolled and landed on Park Place.

“Shit! Why do you have to own EVERYTHING! I’m so bad at this game, I don’t even have enough to pay what I owe you. Let’s just say you win Chace.” I faked a defeated look and sighed.

“We can still play how bout you just give me a lap dance and we’ll call it even?” I smiled, he scooted the table forward. His hard-on strained against his sweats and was bigger than when I last saw it. I grinned wickedly, bending over the table he could see my naked ass wiggling in front of him. I shivered as he traced my tattoo with his finger and led a trail down my ass and felt for my piercing. I moaned as soon as his thumb found it, his fingers slipped through my labia as he pushed one into my wet cunt.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned, still wiggling my ass in front of him. He circled my piercing with his thumb and slipped another finger in. Feeling his lips on my back, made me tingle.

“Fuck this is posed to be for you Chace.” I stood up, he forced his fingers in one more time.

“God, Chace.”

“Baby, you can call me daddy. It just sounds better.” He laughed.

“I didn’t even get to your lap dance yet daddy.” I giggled. I started rotating my hips, he placed his hands on my breasts. My nipples were getting hard as he teased them through the fabric. I moaned when his hands slid under my shirt, he played with my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I shrieked, I began rubbing my ass on his lap and against his hard cock. He was getting harder and bigger everytime I rubbed against him. When I came down again I felt the tip of his cock at my pussy lips.

“Do you want it baby?” One grabbed was still on my breast and the other was spreading my legs wider.

“Mmm yeah daddy, I wanna feel your hard cock inside me.” He thrusted inside me, if I hadn’t been so wet he wouldn’t have fit easily. He was so much bigger than all the guys I’ve dated especially that asshole Kevin. But I didn’t care about him I always wanted to lose my virginity to Chace, I just never thought it would happen. It felt so good, feeling him go in and out as I bounced on his cock.

“Baby don’t bounce too much, what if your dad comes?”

“I lied, Küçükçekmece escort he went on his trip with mom.” He stood me up and cleared the game off the table, well more like threw it.

“Well fuck that!” I jumped on the table he spread my legs open, my white knee-highs and uniform still on. “My naughty school girl, daddy’s wanted to taste that pussy for a long time.”

He kissed my clit ring and licked along my pussy lips, I grabbed his hair when I felt his tongue thrust into my pussy. “OH DADDY! EAT THAT PUSSY! MMMMM YEAH JUST LIKE THAT…” His tongue probed in and out of my pussy and licked my labia up to my clit. He flicked my piercing and started sucking on it. “OHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKK.” I had a long orgasm, he lapped it all up. Which only caused me to get more wet. He kissed a trail up to my breasts.

“I been waiting to get a hold of these tits,” he unbuttoned my shirt setting them free. He breathed in at the sight of them “Fuck baby, your tits are bigger and sexier than I thought. He fondled them with his hand and pressed his lips to my nipples, his tongue circled them and he sucked on one then the other.

“Oh my God! Mmmmmm….” I moaned, “As much as I love this daddy, I’ve waited a long time to do certain things to you too. I got up and sat him back in his chair. Getting on my knees and I placed my small hands on his big cock, admiringly I stroked him he’d grown to about 9 inches. I licked up and down his shaft, teasing him it made me wet just hearing him moan. I took his cock in my mouth, my tongue running circles around his cock. I teased the tip of it with my tongue and took him inside my mouth again. Taking him deeper I felt him at the back of my throat, he moaned.

“Fuck baby!”

He gathered me into his arms and took me to my room. “Daddy, but bedrooms are so boring to fuck in,” I whined.

“Doesn’t matter where you fuck, but who you’re fucking with baby.” He threw me on my water bed. “Now naughty school girl, show daddy how you ride.” He laid on the bed, his cock still firm I lowered my pussy on it.


I rode his cock so hard my headboard was shaking. We moaned together as I felt his cock thrust in and out of me. “Fuck daddy I’m cumming again. Mmmm….” I came all over his cock. He grabbed me up and laid me doggy-style on the ground. My ass in the air I started playing with my clit. He thrusted his cock into my fast and hard, “Oh God baby your pussy is so wet and tight.” In and out his cock felt so good, “Fuck that tight pussy Mmm… I love feeling your big cock fucking me Oh Shit.” He started pounding me harder, my pussy was milking his cock and I could feel another orgasm building up. “Daddy I’m going to cum!” His cock pushed in and out of me faster and faster. We climaxed at the same time, I felt my pussy muscles contract and could feel his seed fill me as he thrusted a couple more times. We collapsed on the floor next to each other.

“Oh God” We said in unison.

“Daddy you aint mad I lied bout the game tonight and everything are you?”

“Baby, I knew bout your parents leaving to Seattle. I called your dad’s cell and clued in when he asked me to take care of you while he’s gone.” He laughed.

“That’s exactly what you’re doing daddy.” I kissed him for the first time on the lips to feel the electricity flow through us that’d been going for the last two hours.

“Hmmm… since we got all weekend, let’s try out one of their naughty board games.” I winked.

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