DJ Pt. 18B


Coming up in Part 18B

Jamie finds himself in a dilemma

Joe and Doug are on a Gay Cruise

Granny finds a senior home she likes

Randy and Daryl plan a housewarming party

(From the tail end of Part 18A)

Jamie is in deep thought, continuing to caress Bryan. He’s having some disturbing thoughts he never expected to have. It’s even crossed his mind to wonder what it might be like to have sex with Bryan, something he’s never considered about any other guy. Why is he thinking like this? He’s suddenly feeling like he is in a gay Payton Place, he’s finding himself attracted to Bryan, way too much attracted.

Bryan is an attractive young man, and possesses a charming personality, has a bundle of problems with his family, and, supposedly a boyfriend of three years. And what about DJ? He loves DJ, and if anything happened between them it would probably kill DJ. He has to bury these feelings, NOW!

DJ Part 18B

As the two boys lay there, Jamie’s arm around Bryan, Jamie closed his eyes for a couple of minutes, enjoying the feeling of Bryan’s warm body next to his own. Bryan slowly raised his head and planted his lips onto Jamie’s, pushing his tongue into Jamie’s mouth. For just a few seconds, their tongues investigated each other’s mouths, Bryan was running his fingers through Jamie’s hair, and both guys developed erections again.

Jamie, leaping to his feet, “Bryan, this can’t be happening! I won’t allow it to happen! DJ has my heart, and he has trusted me with his, I won’t cheat on him, his love means everything to me! I don’t want to violate his trust.”

“I’m sorry, Jamie,” Bryan is starting to cry, “I never thought we’d end up like that, I’m just so love starved, and I went over the line. Please forgive me, I want and need your support, both yours and DJ’s. I don’t want to fuck it up, I need you guys more than ever!”

Jamie stepped over to the dresser and pulled a couple of tissues out of the box, and wiped the tears from Bryan’s face.

“I learned something today, Bryan, if I wasn’t head over heels in love with DJ, I think I could quite easily fall in love with you.”

“Thanks Jamie, the last thing I would ever want to do, would be to come between you two, I think you guys really have it together.”

“Bryan, we haven’t really finished our talk, but I have an idea, where is Phil working?”

“I don’t know, and I can’t call him cause my parents monitor my calls.”

“Well, they don’t monitor mine, you know his number, don’t you?” Bryan nodded, “Call him from my phone, and if he answers let me talk to him.”

Jamie handed Bryan his phone, and Bryan put in the number and placed the call. Phil answered, and Bryan handed the phone to Jamie.

“Phil, this is Jamie, from school and the club, you got a couple?”

“Just about, I’m at work, what’s up?”

“Where are you working?”

“I’m a busboy and dishwasher at Denny’s.”

“Do you think you could get a break for about 15 minutes to see Bryan and me?”

“Is Bryan with you now?”

“Yes he is, for a little while.”

“God, I miss him so much, I’m dying to see him, when can you bring him by?”

“About 7:00.”

“Cool, my manager is pretty decent and I think he’ll let me take my break when you get here, I’ll be watching for you.”

“Well Bryan, seems the spark is still there, Phil can’t wait to see you! Who owns your car?”

“I do, I saved the money to buy it, and I pay my own insurance.”

“That’s a plus. Bryan, I’m not sure how we can do this, but we need to get you out of your parents’ house! You can’t live like that, you need to have your own place, or at least be out of there.”

“Jamie, it’s 6:30, should we maybe get dressed and go to Denny’s?”

“Yeah, I don’t guess we’d be welcome there in our underwear.”

The boys got dressed and headed to Denny’s. Jamie parked and they walked in and selected a booth as far as possible from other diners. Phil spotted them, and held up a finger, letting them know he’d be with them in a minute. A server came to wait on them, and they told her they weren’t eating, just here to see someone.

“John,” Phil said, “My friends are here, so I’m taking my break now.” John nodded and Phil joined Bryan and Jamie, the three bumped fists.

“Bryan,” Phil said, “Come to the Men’s room with me.” Bryan followed Phil.

Inside the Men’s room, Phil pulled Bryan around the divider, wrapped his arms around him and smothered Bryan’s lips with his own, kissing him passionately. The passion was returned.

“I brought you in here so I could kiss you, without other employees or patrons seeing us, that wouldn’t go over well with the management, Bryan, do you still love me?”

“Of course I do!” Bryan exclaimed, “I’m so sorry for what my Dad did, and it’s nearly killed me not to be able to see you, and kiss you, or even talk on the phone, we probably need to go back out and join Jamie.”

“Phil,” Jamie asked, “are you living with your parents?”

“No, they moved to someplace in New gaziantep escort England, just before we started college last fall, I thought living with Bryan would work out for us, until his Dad kicked me out.”

“Where did you go to, when that happened?” Jamie inquired.

“I spent two weeks at a homeless shelter, and then I got this job. When I got my first paycheck, I rented a room at the Shady Inn, and I’m still living there. I only make about $170 a week, after taxes, and the room is costing me $125 a week, so money is really tight. I still have gas, my phone, and need to eat. A couple of the servers here share some of their tips with me, and that helps some.”

“You make about the same as I do at the pizzeria, but I’m still living with my parents, and/or DJ Dad’s, so I don’t have rent. Phil, I’m aware of the situation with Bryan’s parents, they’ve got him on almost total lockdown. The only time we see Bryan is at school, but you have my phone number, if you need to get a message to Bryan, call me, and I’ll act as a go-between.”

“Thanks, Jamie,” Phil replied, “I appreciate that, a lot.”

“Phil,” Jamie asked, “what hours do you usually work?”

“Three to eleven, most of the time, and my days off vary.”

“I need to ask you both a question,” Jamie said, “do you guys want to try and get back together?” Phil was nodding, emphatically.

“Yes,” Bryan answered, “but my parents wouldn’t allow it!”

“But,” Jamie stated, “they couldn’t stop you, if you’re not living with them, I told you earlier that we need to get you out of there.”

“Bryan,” Phil said, “I need to get back to work, but you know you can stay with me, room 120, at the Shady Inn, until we can work out something better, Jamie, I’m liking the way you think! We’ll be in touch, soon.” Phil left us, smiling.

Bryan and Jamie got into Jamie’s car, and headed to Applebee’s, Jamie pulled up close to Bryan’s Pontiac, and parked.

“Jamie,” Bryan lamented, “I like the idea, but I don’t think my parents will just let me move out, like that.”

“You’re almost 21, you’re considered an adult at 18, except for alcohol and tobacco. Trust me, they can’t stop you, DJ’s former Mama found that out when DJ moved out, and in with Doug. Let me work out a few details, and we’ll finish these plans. DJ and I will see you at school Wednesday, OK?”

“Jamie, thank you so much for everything. When Phil took me in the restroom, he kissed me, and I started to get hard, but that’s the only one I’ve had since we—you know—got off. Thanks for doing that with me too, you’re a real friend! Goodnight.”

* * * * * * * *

Doug and Joe arrived in Miami during mid afternoon and got a hotel room for the night. They shared a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant and strolled back to the hotel. They need to be at the Port by 9:00 AM Tuesday morning to board their cruise ship. They went to bed, consummated their marriage (again), and slept together for their second night as a married couple.

* * * * * * * *

It was about 8:30 when Jamie arrived at his house, Karen was baking meatloaf and scalloped potatoes for the boys, planning on both of them to be there about 9:30. Granny was sitting at the kitchen table, and opened her arms for a hug when Jamie walked in. Jamie walked over and he and Granny shared a kiss and hug. Jamie has gotten used to kissing Granny, and it’s only done one way, on the lips. Jamie then kissed his Mom, grabbed a drink from the fridge and sat at the table with Granny.

“How was your day, Granny?” Jamie asked.

“It was really good, where’s DJ?”

“He’s working until 9:00, he should be here about 9:30. Did you go looking for a place to live?”

“We did, and found a place!” Granny smiled.

“Mom,” Karen said, “instead of telling Jamie about it now, why don’t we wait until DJ gets here, and tell them together.”

“Okay honey, that would make sense, I wonder if Joe can get a refund on my return ticket? Boy, are Doug and Joe in for a surprise!”

“Mom, wouldn’t you need to go back to pack your stuff?” Karen asked.

“I don’t have all that much, my clothing and some personal items, like photographs, and medical records, and probably some letters and a few nick knacks. I think I can get Sheila, my daughter, to pack those and ship them here, and turn in the key for the apartment. I won’t need cookware or dishes and what furniture I have can stay in the apartment.”

DJ walked in about 9:25 PM, and Jamie hustled over to greet him, and kiss him. DJ removed his jacket and hung it up, then gave Karen a quick kiss.

Granny, as DJ hugged and kissed her, “How was your day, sweetheart?”

“Pretty normal, Granny, except that I am also covering the deliveries that Dad normally does, as he is on his honeymoon, I’m a little surprised that you’re still up, how was your day?”

“Sweetheart, I couldn’t go to bed without sharing the events of my day with you, I have some good news,” Granny said.

DJ, smiling, “Granny, please tell me you found a place to stay!” Jamie is also waiting to hear, and the two boys are sitting on each side of Granny.

“Thanks to Karen’s help, we not only found a nice place, but I have already paid for February’s rent, and I can move in on the first, I’m not going back to California!”

“SUPER!” DJ exclaimed, hugging Granny again, where is it?”

“Boys,” Granny remarked, “I’m really tired, and I want to go to bed and dream of living here, close to you. I’m going to ask Karen to explain to you guys, all about the place. It’s been a long day for me, I hope you don’t mind. I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

“Mom,” Karen asked, “would you like some meatloaf and scalloped potatoes before you go to bed?”

“No thanks, honey,” Granny replied, “if I eat this close to bedtime, it often causes me to get heartburn, and it’s not good for me.” Granny headed to her room, and retired for the night.

Karen dished up plates of meat loaf and scalloped potatoes for the boys and a small plate for herself.

“OK Mom,” DJ asked, “tell us about where Granny’s going to be living.”

“Do you guys know where the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’ is?”

“I do,” DJ replied, “we sometimes deliver prescriptions there, but I’ve only been as far as the receptionist desk. It’s only about three blocks from the store.”

Karen explained, “The residents all have their own private rooms, and each room has a twin bed, and a small sofa and easy chair and a TV. Next to the bathroom is a small, like, kitchenette, with a small table with 2 chairs, a mini refrigerator and a microwave oven. They are welcome to have visitors before 10:00 PM, but visitors have to register when they arrive.

“So the only way they can cook is with a microwave?” DJ asked.

“They don’t need to cook,” Karen replied, “They eat in a large dining room, some of the tables seat 8, and some seat 4, and they serve 3 meals a day, freshly prepared in the kitchen. The kitchen staff is made aware if certain residents are on a special diet. Most of the meals are served home style, platters and bowls of the food are served to the table, and the residents can help themselves.”

“They have an RN on duty, 24 hours a day, in case someone gets sick or injured, and all the residents have a waterproof emergency bracelet they can press the button on to get help. Most of the residents are ambulatory, I saw only a couple that had walkers or canes, and a couple in wheelchairs. The RN also distributes the drugs, and gives the diabetics their insulin shots.”

“There is a big courtyard where the residents are free to go when the weather is nice, and it even has a shuffleboard alley. A couple nights a week, they turn the dining room into a bingo hall. If residents need or want to go shopping, or have doctor’s appointments, they have two minivans to transport them.”

“I guess it’s kind of like a nursing home, how many people live there?” Jamie inquired.

Karen answered, “There are 60 rooms, but the atmosphere is nothing like a nursing home, where you see all these old folks waiting to die. Some of the residents even still drive, and have their own cars there. They really try to keep these folks active, I think Granny will like it there, and she will be safe, and they all have the privacy of their own rooms.”

“So I could go there and pick Granny up, and take her to lunch or dinner sometimes, or even out for a ride?” DJ inquired.

“Yep!” Karen responded, “you would have to register, and let them know you were taking her.” DJ grinned approvingly.

“Thanks for the chow, Mom,” Jamie said, “baby, are you ready to head for bed?” DJ nodded, and the boys went to their bedroom.

DJ and Jamie stripped and slipped into bed, cuddling and kissing.

“Jamie, what did you learn about Bryan and Phil?”

“I learned that the problem wasn’t between them, the problem lies with Bryan’s parents, Bryan’s father kicked Phil out of the house,”

Jamie told DJ the whole story, how Bryan’s parents have him on lockdown and that Phil is working at Denny’s and has a room at the Shady Inn. He told DJ that they needed to get Bryan out of his parent’s house, kind of like Joe rescued DJ, months ago. They agreed that they would to talk to Bryan, Wednesday at school about doing that.

They were preparing to sleep, DJ was spooning Jamie, and suddenly realized that Jamie was sobbing.

“Jamie,” DJ spoke softly, “for heaven’s sake, what’s wrong?”

Jamie, turning over to face DJ, “DJ, we’ve always been completely honest with each other—something happened today—and I can’t keep it to myself—I have to share it with you.”

“Something with Bryan? Did you two have sex or something?”

“Not exactly, but…”

Jamie explained the whole scenario to DJ, about he and Bryan jacking off together, showering, laying on the bed and Bryan kissing him, and he returned the kiss. Then about how he jumped off the bed, and told Bryan that ‘this can’t be happening’ and then they went to Denny’s to see Phil.

“Jamie, maybe our relationship needs to end, do you want Bryan, as a boyfriend?” DJ inquired, tears running down his face.

“God no, baby, I feel terrible, I never wanted to cheat on you, it’s just something that happened. Please don’t leave me, can you possibly forgive me? I know I fucked up, big time, but I don’t want to lose you, I love you too much!”

“Jamie, you didn’t have to tell me—about this.”

“Yes I did, I couldn’t carry it around with me, I feel so bad, please forgive me?” Jamie begged.

“There is no way I could forgive you,” DJ stated, “if I wasn’t so fucking much in love with you. Please promise me it won’t happen again?”

“DJ, Bryan said he still wants and needs our support, but I don’t want to be alone with him again! You’ve got my promise, I don’t ever want to take another chance of losing you, DJ, I love you so much. I guess I was thinking with the wrong head!”

The two boys shared a loooooong passionate kiss and hug, and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. Jamie escaped the bullet.

* * * * * * * *

Joe and I arose at 7:00 AM Tuesday morning, dressed and found a delightful little café to have coffee and breakfast, taking our luggage with us. At 8:30 we flagged a taxi to take us to the port. We had no difficulty finding our liner, just below the American Flag, on the same flagpole, was the largest Rainbow Flag we’d ever seen. Passengers were already boarding. Captain Wonder met us at the top of the boarding ramp.

“Good morning gents” he spoke, as he checked our tickets, “I’m Captain Wonder, welcome to the Sea Queen IV, is this your first cruise?”

“It is,” Joe replied, “and something we’ve both envisioned doing for many years.”

“In case you’re interested, we sometimes do weddings on these cruises,” Capt. Wonder stated.

“We beat you to it,” Joe said, holding up our left hands to display our wedding bands, “we just married Sunday, and are on our honeymoon.”

“You guys are special,” Capt. said, “in a couple of ways, you’ll probably notice, you won’t have much company in your age group, and you’re newlyweds.” Then handing us reserved dinner tickets, “I would be honored to have you two join me at the Captains Table for dinner tonight at 6:00 PM.”

“Thank you sir,” I said, “we accept your invitation.”

“Meanwhile, there’s a lot of younger passengers on these cruises, mostly male, enjoy the eye candy!” Joe and I grinned.

It seemed the majority of the passengers during the day were wearing skimpy swimwear, and Joe and I wondered if they really planned to swim or were they just showing off their young and handsome beauty. Many of their bathing suits were so form fitting, they left almost nothing to the imagination. Yep, lots of eye candy, for old farts like Joe and me to view.

About three hours out, long away from the sight of land, an announcement that lunch was being served in the dining room came over the sound system. Joe and I made our way to the dining room and selected a table for four as there were no tables for two. A couple minutes later two young men, both of them wearing skimpy swimwear, walked up and asked if they could join us, and we welcomed them, and they sat down.

One of them spoke, “I’m Todd, and this is Ryan, and you are?”

I replied, pointing, “Joe and I’m Doug, we just got married Sunday, and we’re on our honeymoon.” We shook hands.

“That’s really cool,” Ryan said, “we’ve been dating, well, actually living together, for about 3 years, but we think we’re still too young to get married, we’re only 24 and 25.”

We all ordered lunches, chatted and they said they were from Cleveland, and we told them where we were from. When the cute, quite obviously gay, waiter brought our tickets, Todd grabbed ours, and insisted on paying for our lunch, saying to consider it a wedding gift. I had to tell Ryan that my middle name was also Ryan. They were really nice kids.

I asked the waiter if he always worked on this ship, and he said he did, but the gay cruises are only about every 5 weeks, and on the other cruises they needed to ‘butch it up’ and he loved working the gay cruises the most.

I told Joe, on our way to our cabin, “I wish we could have let it all hang out when we were that age, these younger gay guys have it made.”

Joe and I changed into shorts and flip flops, and went out for a stroll, holding hands, and ending up at the pool. Neither Joe or I swim, but we sure enjoyed laying on some lounges next to the pool, taking in the sun and watching the activity. There were four young men playing around the pool that were wearing those swim trunks that become see-through when they’re wet, and we enjoyed the sight, a lot. It was easy to see that one of them was uncut.

It was an awesome feeling to be able to go anywhere on the ship, holding hands, stopping to hug and kiss periodically, and not have to worry if someone was watching. We weren’t the only ones doing that, and we were most definitely having a good time.

At 6:00 that evening we returned to the dining room, showed the host the tickets that Capt. Wonder had given us, and he sat us at the Captains table. The Capt. joined us a few minutes later.

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