Discovering ‘Family Love’ Ch. 02


In a previous letter I told you about the relationship that evolved between myself and my two precious nephew’s, Johnathan and Robert. The twins are in their early 20’s, quite a bitter younger than my own mid-30’s, and yet already the boys are wonderfully accomplished lovers. I inquired as to their previous sexual exploits, and how they grew to develop their tremendous sexual expertise by their youthful age. In this series of journal entries I will describe their respective explanations of their various adventures, using my own words and writing style to elaborate upon the events as they were related to me. Not surprisingly for this family, for each of them this was with a mature woman who was a close relative. For each their first encounter occurred during their first year at college. Each boy had decided upon a different trade and hence attending schools in two different cities. Robert, starting at the same college that his sister was already attending, moved into the spare room of the apartment their parents had rented for her. While Johnathan moved in with his Aunt, who lived only a short bus ride away from his college. This is Part 2 of the Story, and describes how Johnathan domineering aunt sexually seduces him and uses him as her play toy.


Upon being greeted at the door by his aunt, Johnathan noticed how similar her appearance was compared with his own mother. The sisters both hand the thick black hair and olive complexion typical of their Italian ancestry, and both ladies were also similarly built, standing at about 5′ 4″, with broad hips, fleshy thighs, and pretty round faces. But where his mother showed her age in her features, his aunt, the younger of the two and in her late 30’s, still possessed a youthful countenance, and Johnathan noted that in fact she was quite an attractive woman, particular when she smiled or laughed, both of which she often did. His aunt also supported a much more ample chest than his mother did. He also quickly noticed that she did not wearing clothing that accentuated her best feature(s).

“Aunt Emilee!” Johnathan exclaimed when she opened the door. Throwing her arms around her nephew she responded back with delight “My child, my beautiful dear boy, oh, how you have grown, grown so big and tall, and such a handsome and strong man you have become. Come in, come in and let me fetch you something to eat, you must be famished after your long travels!”

At an age now were Johnathan appreciated the figure of a woman, even if his aunts, he enjoyed the feeling of her soft large breasts crushing into his stomach and arm as she gave him the welcoming hug. And he couldn’t help but to admire the curves of her broad swaying hips as she walked him toward the kitchen. Having recently turned 18 Johnathan was at that age where his dick would stiffen even at the thought of a woman’s body, and he felt a twinge down below as his eyes explored the shape of her buttocks and found himself sub-consciously imaging what the soft bare flesh of her ass cheeks would feel like. Though she lived alone now he knew that she had had many boyfriends in her life, and daydreaming he tried to guess how many men had kneaded and kissed those soft ass cheeks from behind before sliding the head of their hard cocks down along the crack of her butt toward her …

“Johnathan, come along now!” He heard her say, shattering the images in his mind and yanking his attention back toward reality. Putting his jacket over his hands and his hands before him to cover the bulge in his pants that now thrust out forward in tribute of the guilt of his lustful thoughts, Johnathan walked toward the voice and sat himself at the kitchen table, jacket on his lap. Jonathan had always been the shy one between the two twin brothers. Where his brother had moved in with his sister to complete his college program, Johnathan’s selected college was in the same town in which his mother’s sister lived, and she had been kind enough to offer to let him stay with her for free while he attended school. Already he was enjoying the opportunity provided. Johnathan was looked forward to getting to spend more time with his lovely aunt, and especially of getting to conduct a more detailed examination of her various assets.

As she moved around the kitchen preparing him a meal, his eyes continued to be fixated on her curvaceous figure. In a tight baby blue sweater and an equally body hugging black skirt that ended just above her knees, Emilee had contours that would make the heart of any young man race. Her calves were large and shapely, and her partially visible thighs suggested smooth fleshy desire. The skirt itself fit so snuggly around her hips and ass that little of their shape was left to the imagination. But it was the baby blue sweater than captured his attention and which he was unable to pull his eyes from. The sweater had a deep plunging V at the neckline and exposed more of Emilee’s soft white cleavage than Johnathan thought a nephew should be görükle escort bayan seeing. But he quickly suppressed his feelings of guilt and stared intensely at the smooth white globes as they bounced about under the top as she moved about the room, their heavy weight suspended and compressed by an occasionally evident black bra.

When Emilee would glance toward Johnathan, or walk toward him to talk, Johnathan would turn a beat red and drop his head down, positioning his hands over his jacket to ensure his protrusion was concealed. At only 18, Johnathan had never got further with a girl that a kiss and a little light petting, and he was still easily embarrassed.

Almost painfully shy thought Emilee, as she strutted toward her nephew and smiled as he looked away from her and down at his concealed lap. Emilee had known quite a few men during her life, perhaps even a few too many, eager since her own college years to engage in any sexual exploits life happened to offer. She felt comfortable in sexy clothes, and while she had not purposefully put on anything overly sexy for her nephew’s first day with her, neither did she think to avoid donning her regular style of clothing. Now, gauging from her nephew’s reaction, she thought perhaps that she should have. But no, she was who she was, and certainly had the right to wear the clothes she so pleased to wear in her own home. And besides, watching this young man’s reactions to her curves made Emilee feel good inside, made her feel like she still had it, was still a hottie! So, what the heck, tease the boy for a little while, let him enjoy the show, let her enjoy the pleasure of feeling beautiful and sexy again, and soon his youthful urges would pass and she would just be his auntie once again.

The next few days progressed peacefully as Emilee and Johnathan enjoyed their time becoming re-acquainted. Visiting them when they were young, she had always preferred Johnny over his brother Robert, as she liked the quiet, shy type. Such men let her feel more in control, more confident. Emilee enjoyed being in control in a relationship, and never having as much control as she desired was probably why she had never married. She treated her boyfriends as if they were children, ordering them about to perform her household tasks, requiring them to sexually gratify her while paying little attention to their wishes or needs. So be it, this is who and what she was. And someday she knew she would find the right man for her, a man who enjoyed being mothered and controlled, who with a little training and encouragement would accept being submissive and obedient to her strong personality.

While loving the attention his aunt flaunted upon him, fixing his meals and busily providing for him like she was his mother, Johnathan found himself unable to overcome his new crush on his aunt. Her pretty face and gentle smile made him feel warm and happy inside. Her bold laugh was addictive and contagious. But most of all he had become obsessed with her body and all the warm opportunities it presented. He longed to see her breasts, touch her thighs, stroke her ass, caress her feet, stroke her hair. At night alone in his bed he would jerk himself off imagining that he was her lover, satisfying her lustful desires with his own body.

When she was out of the house he was so bold as to sneak into her room and go through her belongings. He found her bras in a drawer and inspected them for size and shape, thrilled at their dimensions. 46H the discarded box claimed. You could also fit a basketball into one of her brassier cups he thought to himself. He found her panties in another drawer. These were not the tiny lacy panties he had found in his sisters drawer at home. These panties were broad and wide, panties that a woman with a full figured shape wore to cover the voluptuous ass and broad curving hips. As he held the panties to his face and smelled the floral smell of the dryer fragrance he imagined those hips, that hypnotising ass, with its entrancing swaying as she walked, back and forth, back and forth, soft cheeks teasing his eyes and mind. He unconsciously lowered his hand to his crotch and stroked at the hardness that was growing there.

Pulling out his dick and starting to stroke it Johnathan searched her room for more secrets. He found some mommy porn reading material. He found one porn magazine with images, group sex pictures, when multiple men mounting a range of women. Deep in the back of her drawer of socks he found a cylindrical device, smooth, pointed on one end. Pulling it out, oh … a vibrator. Johnathan rotated the base to turn it on and felt the motion in his hand. He had heard of them before but had never seen one. Carefully placing it back to conceal his rummaging he went to the bathroom. Little here, but when he went through her hamper he found a pair of used panties. Unable to resist he thrust the material under his nose and took a deep whip. Fantastic! He had never smelt a woman before. Now altıparmak eskort the odour filled his nostrils. His hand began to instinctively pump frantically on his wanker as he sniffed and licked the panties. Needing to cum he placed the panties to his dick and shot his load into them, spewing his semen liberally all over the thin material. Tossing the soiled garment back into the hamper and gratified with his explorations and orgasm, Johnathan returned to his room and began to work on homework assignments.

Soon afterward Emilee returned home from her shopping. Putting the groceries away she proceeded to her room, sweating from the hot day. Closing her bedroom door she stripped off her clothes and entering the bathroom to take a shower removed her bra and panties and opened the hamper to throw them in. As she tossed her undies into the hamper her eye was caught by an apparent wet spot on a pair of panties already there. Odd, she thought, do I have a leak in the ceiling? Looking up and seeing no leak she took the panties from the hamper. My God, they were wet, soaked. And stank of … sex. Cum. A man’s cum! She knew the smell well, not innocent to the touch of a man. That boy jerked off in my panties! She thought. Unbelievable! I welcome him into my home and this is how he treats me. She felt the urge to march right into his room, rip down his pants and spank his ass!

Stopping in her tracks, she could not help but to notice her heart beginning to race. The thought had excited her. Yes, she wanted to march into his room and order him to take town his pants and show her the offending dick. Make him stand before her as a bad boy who needed to be punished and disciplined. She would take the offending prick in her hand and spank it hard. Then bend him around and spank his firm tight young hairy muscular ass with the palm of her hand. Panting heavy she brought her panties to her face to more closely inspect the violated undergarment. She deeply inhaled the fragrance and felt the moisture begin to form on her pussy.

She rubbed the cum covering her panties with her fingers, enjoying the silky smoothness. She flicked out her tongue and quickly tasted the cum on her finger. Then she stuck a finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. She could not resist sucking the other finger clean of sticky cum. Lowering her hand to play with her now wet cunt she began rubbing her tongue up and down over her cum soaked panties. Sucking eagerly on the cloth to devour the tasty cum she then thrust the panties against her twat and rubbed the remaining cum over her hungry slit. With the taste of cum on her lips and the thought of her nephew’s cum soaking her twat, Emilee could not resist and moaned loudly as she orgasmed, her legs quaking as she stood in her bathroom alone.

Regaining her composure she re-deposited the soiled panties in the hamper and stood before the mirror. She was still a good looking woman she thought. Not a Barbie doll by any stretch of the imagination. But she was all woman. A smooth firm shapely woman. Her large breasts hung down pendulously, and while they did not possess the firmness of her younger years they kept a nice shape to them. Her belly was fleshy, but flat, with no bulge. Her thighs were thick but smooth and firm, without any visible fat. She glanced at her thick black bush between her legs. She was not trimming it often now, as without a boyfriend who would it be for. But she liked herself as she was and saw no reason to change.

She started the shower and was about to get in and then had second thoughts. No, wait. She went to the bedroom door and opened it, standing there naked. Johnathan’s room was across from hers, and if he happened to open his door at that moment he would find her standing there completely nude. Fine, if the young man found her desirable, then she would let him indulge in his curiosity. She decided from then on to leave her bedroom door open when she changed, or showered, or slept. And if he happened to see a little more than his mother might like him to see of his aunt, well, so be it, what could she do about a peeping Tom living in her house. Going to the shower she took the pair of panties she had just taken off and placed them broadly over the hamper, a trap for a horny little peeping Tom. Emilee felt satisfied with herself. She was in control of herself, her household and her life. And she was working on getting control of her shy quiet nephew.

Exiting the shower Emilee heard Johnathan rummaging around downstairs in the kitchen. Presumably for something to eat. Always hungry, these young men, she thought. Strutting around the room completely nude with the door fully open, the thought of a man in the house who at any moment could walk up the stairs exhilarated her. She wondered what she would do if he did ascend the steps. Would she be nervous and just go run and hide in the bathroom? Would she be so bold as to simply remain where she was, totally naked, in nilüfer escort the middle of the room? What would she say when their eyes met? She decided she would shuffle to the side of the room and turn away or to the side. If he came to the door, she would pretend she didn’t see him. Yes, that is what she would do. Pulling a pair of fresh panties on, she thought that by the next morning they would smell strongly of her and when she had her shower she would carefully place them on the top of the other clothes in the hamper, spread out to be easy to find. She would do this each and every day now, make sure her man had a nice pair of pussy smelling panties to get himself off with and to jerk off on. In this way, she also secured for herself each day a source of fresh tasting cum!

Then putting on her silk housecoat and tying the belt around herself she proceeded downstairs. No, first, some make-up, just light make-up, lipstick, eye shadow. And let down your hair. Young men like long hair. And then putting on a pair of high heeled shoes, Emilee proceeded downstairs. Entering the kitchen she found Johnathan with his head deep in the refrigerator, his ass thrust outward, a tight ass in tight jeans. She could not resist the urge and gave his butt a sharp spank “What you looking for Johnny?”

His head raised quickly and he struck the top of his noggin on a shelf. Deserves the dirty little fiend right, she thought. Deserves a smack on that little tushy and a wallop to the head. Turning beat red Johnathan mumbled something incoherent. Bending over she kissed him on top of his head “Oh, a little boo-boo, mommy will kiss it all better for you.” Emilee teased. This made Johnathan turn all the more red, but also elicited a broad smile across his face. “Here, step aside and let me take care of my precious little boy. You go have a sit, run along now.”

Johnathan obediently did as he was told and soon she had sandwiches for them to eat at the table together. She also brought over a bottle of good Italian wine and two glasses. “Are you old enough to drink?” Emilee teased, pouring them both a glass. Standing beside him to place his plate and pour the wine, she then began to caress the top of his head. “Does it still hurt Johnny boy? Sorry to startle you with a playful little slap to your tush. Let me give you a kiss and a hug and make it all better.” Emilee cooed in Johnathan’s ear. With another kiss to the top of Johnathan’s head and yet another upon his cheek, Johnathan felt her embrace and she gave him a warm deep hug. My God, one of those massive breasts was squashed right against his face! Though through her housecoat, the thin material barely restricted the feeling of her heaving globe pressing against him. He could feel the weight of the big soft boob against his cheek and chin and it almost made him cream his jeans right then and there!

Sitting down and finishing their simple meal she poured them each another glass and suggested they sit in the living room to enjoy some pleasurable conversation. Johnathan took a seat and noticed that his aunt sat surprisingly close to him. She folded her one leg over the other and they chatted and sipped their wine and he found it hard to resist darting his eyes down to see the silky smoothness of her calves. He noticed her feet as well, wrapped like a gift in those heels. Johnathan always had a thing for feet and sexy shoes, and he felt a deep urge to drop to his knees and begin to lick her shoes and beg to suck her toes. The thought brought his hard-on raging back and he was forced to use his hand to cover it as inconspicuously as he could.

Emilee enjoyed Johnathan’s eyes exploring her calves. She also noted his apparent infatuation with her feet. She shifted her leg position frequently, crossing and uncrossing and crossing back again the other way, inquisitively watching the intensity of his eyes following her motion. She enjoyed teasing and controlling and manipulating a man. And Johnathan was proving to be an eager student. She pushed one of her shoes free so that it hung from her toes, and she let the shoe sway back and forth, noticing the almost hypnotic effect it had on the boy. She also could not help but to notice the totem pole that had grown between his legs, despite his best efforts to conceal it. Young, thin, shy, but quite the manly looking shaft she thought.

Finding their drinks dry and knowing that Johnathan was beyond being able to stand up in front of her without revealing his poorly concealed secret, she offered to refill their drinks. While in the kitchen Emilee loosened her housecoat belt. Just a bit. A measured amount. Just enough to show a little cleavage, show a little leg. Tease the boy a little more, string him along, train him to obey her lead, serve her wishes, satisfy her desires. Handing him her drink she made sure to bed forward perhaps a bit more than she really needed to, offering him an eyeful of boob. Lingering in the position she enjoyed spying on his eyes locked with their gaze transfixed on her hanging breasts. Just a peak, she thought, just enough flesh to make the boy drool. She knew what her big soft knockers could do to a man. She had enjoyed watching many of her boyfriend’s wank themselves off as she teased them by juggling her tits in front of their face.

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