Dinner Date Ch. 02


Paul ordered some breakfast to the room, we were all in need of some serious energy replacement after the night that continued into the early hours. I’d fallen asleep between the two black adonises after letting them have me in every way they wanted.

Blake looked up from his food, “Hey, why don’t you spend the day here with us? I promise it would be fun.”

“Um…I hadn’t really thought about that.” I replied as the thought of riding th

“Call your husband now and tell him.” Blake said eagerly as he passed me my phone.

“Yeah, we want you for the day, we’ll try to make it worth your while.” Paul grinned as he spoke.

My finger hovered over the call button as I prepared myself for the conversation.

“Hey baby.” I said in my sweetest voice as soon as Kevin picked up.

“I’m so happy to hear from you, I was getting a bit worried. How was it?” Kevin said, with concern in his voice.

“You shouldn’t have baby, it was amazing.” I couldn’t help but look at the boys who both smirked.

“Thats good, you on your way home?” The eagerness in his voice was making me feel bad about what I really wanted.

“Actually, the boy’s have convinced me to spend the day with them.” I informed him, slightly worried about how he would take it, but too caught up in the heat of the moment to really care.

“Oh, ah, ok…I guess.” He said, sounding a bit unsure.

“Yeah, I’ll call you later. Love you, bye.” I hung up before he could ask me anything more, turned my phone on silent and turned to look at the two black studs I was blowing my family off for.

“Cool. Hey, lets hit the pool for a bit.” Blake suggested with a huge smile on his face.

“I don’t have any swimmers.” I was unsure what I had expected when they asked me to stay but I hadn’t thought about leaving the room, all I had was my dress from last night which I hadn’t planned on needing anytime soon.

Blake quickly had a solution, “No worries, there is a mall downstairs, tell me your size and I’ll run down and grab you some.”

“Um… size 8…are you sure, you don’t have to…” I said, as thoughts of being seen with these two studs by all the hotel patrons filled my mind.

“Great, back soon.” He yelled as he strode towards the door.

As soon as the door was closed Paul stood up and dropped his robe, I gasped slightly, his solid muscular torso and huge black snake still took my breath away despite having fallen asleep on it. I couldn’t resist and stood, letting my robe slide off my shoulders as I walked towards him. It felt so amazing to be a mother of two and yet still be able to bring such a specimen of a mans cock to full attention by just letting him see me naked. I slowly sauntered towards him, giving him enough time to enjoy the view then I reached up to kiss him. He effortlessly scooped me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as we kissed, I could feel him lowering me onto his massive cock and lining it up with his hand, I’d never had sex like this before, and I was very eager to try it.

“Fuck me.” I whispered in his ear as I nibbled it, his massive pole was touching my dripping pussy and I wanted it much deeper inside me.

“You ever done it like this?” He asked, brushing some stray hair from my face as he cradled me with his other arm.

I looked down and slowly shook my head, a bit worried he would think less of me for being so inexperienced.

“Damn girl, a woman like you deserves to be fucked right. How about you let me fix that?” And with that he then pushed me down at the same time as he thrust up, driving his cock so deep inside me that I thought I might die. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t think, all I could do was accept him driving deeper into me than anything I could ever imagine. Gravity relentlessly pulled me back down onto his enormous cock, combined with him bouncing me, it pushed me quickly over the edge.

“Oh fuck…” were the only words I could muster as waves of pleasure racked my body,

I heard the door open while I was still sorting myself out in the bathroom, I’d had sex more times in the last 12 hours than the previous 12 weeks, I splashed cold water on my face and took stock of the situation I’d gotten myself into. This was well outside of my comfort zone, normally my Sundays consisted of playing with the kids and maybe lunch with some other families, now I was about to put on swimwear bought for me by two black guys whose semen had been deposited in every hole of my body.

Opening the bathroom door I realised I had every right to be a bit concerned about Blake’s choice of swimwear, he’d picked something you wouldn’t normally see on a mother of two. I was about to complain when it dawned on me that he didn’t see me like that, he saw me as the hot cock slut that had approached him and his friend in a bar and now he was going to dress her up and parade her around. It made me feel so fucking sexy, I decided to play that part, if only for one day. I would put on whatever they wanted and I was going to follow them around mersin escort like a good little slut and to hell with what anyone thought of me. I could only imagine what the other mothers at school would think if they could see me now.

I picked up the red one piece and disappeared into the bathroom, both the boys looked at me eagerly as I closed the door behind me. Blake had chosen well, I loved red and as I slid into it I knew it would look fucking hot. It had a high cut bottom that rode up over my hip, a thin strip of fabric ran up the stomach, attached to the tiny bikini top by a gold loop that exposed my belly button, the halter top pushed my boobs into a great cleavage. The top had a whole cut out of the centre allowing everyone to see the swelling of my breasts, he had chosen very well, I wanted to take this suit home with me for Kevin. I new when I walked out of here the boys were going to be all over me, I would have to play my cards right otherwise I was going to end up with my new outfit completely covered in cum and we’d be right back at the start.

“God damn!” Blake whistled as I entered the room, his approval only made me feel more brazen.

“Nice choice.” I replied truthfully, grateful he’d picked something so sexy.

“Then get over here and let me inspect it.” Blake told me and I wasn’t about to refuse.

I walked over to where he was leaning against the back of the sofa and wrapped my arms around his neck, his huge black hands went straight for my tightly wrapped arse. It felt so good to be caressed by this huge strong man, I melted in his arms and had to fight the urge to let him take me right there on the floor.

“How about a swim first?” I said as I broke the embrace.

“Do we have too?” He asked looking forlorn.

“It would be a shame to waste a suit that looks this good.” I told him as I stepped back.

“You’re right, but after that, we come back up here and fuck.”

“There’s nothing I want more.” I said with a wink and headed to the door.

When we got back from the pool we were all very worked up, the sexual tension had been on the rise since we left the room and we all new how it was going to be relieved. In the elevator I began to ponder how many other ways I could get these two absolute gods of men inside me, I’d run out of ideas and this had me a little down. I so desperately wanted to impress them, I had no idea why but I just felt like I needed to. Since they had dressed me up like a slut I decided to really lean into the role and as the door opened I strutted straight over to the lounge, bent over it and presented my bathing suit wrapped ass to them. With the heels still on I hoped it would add to the look and the boys would like the view.

“Who’s up?” I said looking back over my shoulder as I wiggled my butt for effect.

The boys turned to look at each other and Paul rushed forward, edging out Blake who was busy dropping his trunks. Paul slid right up behind me and I could feel his engorged snake pushing against me through the fabric of the swimwear, he slowly rubbed up and down, driving me crazy as I clawed at the sofa cushions.

My pride disappeared and I began to beg, “Please fuck me, please…”

Paul sensed the change, “You want us to fuck you?”

“So fucking bad.” I said, looking back at the shirtless black man who was about to invade the deepest parts of my anatomy with his truly magnificent black cock.

“Your hubby is a lucky man.” Blake said as he watched his friend turn me on more than I ever thought possible.

“Stop,” I shouted and the boys both froze, “we need to take a photo for my husband.” since this was his idea I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

“Cool,” Blake replied as he reached down and grabbed my phone off the table and opened the camera. I didn’t want Kevin to think I’d been a good girl so I spread my legs a little wider and turned to face the camera as Paul dropped his trunks and pushed the enormous dark purple head of his cock against the thin layer of red lycra covering my dripping pussy. It would be a photo that would leave nothing to the imagination, if Kevin had dreamt of my being a slut I doubt it would have been this graphic.

“That should do it,” I heard Blake say as the flash went off a few times, “want me to send it to him?” he offered.

“Does it look hot?” I asked, suddenly a little self concious.

“Fuck yeah, like a porno.” Blake told me with a smile.

“Then send it,” I said firmly, to hell with Kevin if he didn’t want to see it, he shouldn’t have suggested it, “now fuck the shit out of me!” Paul knew that he had me where he wanted and started rubbing again, slowly, driving me crazier with each second he wasn’t buried inside me. I tried reach back and pull my swimsuit aside and get what I so desperately needed but he held me firm and just kept teasing me. My whole body was on fire with pure animal lust, I was squirming like a caught fish, trying in vain to get his manhood past the lycra.

“What kocaeli escort do you want?” Paul asked as he slowed down again.

“You!” I screamed.

“Where?” He asked slowly.

“In me, oh god, please…just fuck me…I’m begging you…” I was almost crying I needed to be fucked so badly. I felt his hand start to undo the clasp on my swimsuit and a wave of relief washed over me, he exposed my breasts and slowly started to squeeze them as he continued to tease me.

He asked, “You want more?”

“Uh ha,” I nodded quickly and was rewarded with him sliding the swimsuit down my legs. I quickly stepped out of it.

“Leave the heels on.” Paul told me in a commanding tone.

“Yes Sir.” I replied quickly, catching myself off guard with the ‘Sir’ bit. But then again I was bent over the back of a sofa chair in a hotel room of two almost total strangers that were about to do things to me I could only imagine so I guess it fit the mood.

“Girl, you are so wet, I ain’t never seen a pussy drip like this.” Paul said as he continued to rub his pole against my hungry snatch.

Blake who had been silent for a while, and to be honest, I’d forgotten about as I was so pre-occupied with Paul, chimed in, “You must love that big black cock?”

Paul sped up again, working my breast with both hands as he ground himself against me, I could feel my juices streaming down my legs as Blake kept up his questioning.

“Do you love that big black cock?” He asked again.

“So much…I love it…oh god, please put it inside me.” I screamed, so loud that I’m certain I was heard floors away.

“What would you do for it?” Paul asked as he stopped and placed the bulbous head against my now well stretched pussy.

“ANYTHING!” I wanted him inside me more than I’d ever wanted anything.

“Ok,” he said as I felt the head of his magic black cock slide inside me, I felt so much relief that I came, not a huge orgasm but enough to Paul obviously felt it too.

“Damn, did you just cum?” He asked.

“Uh ha…” I mumbled as the waves of my orgasm subsided, “that’s how much I need your cock.” I admitted to him as I tried to edge back and get him deeper inside me.

“You cum like that for hubby?” I heard Blake who was standing behind us both ask.

I was unsure if I should answer but decided honesty was the best policy, “No,” I said and was rewarded with another inch of delicious cock, “more please, I’ll be good.”

“I tell you what, you answer these questions and we’ll both fuck you harder than you could imagine.” Paul offered.

“Oh god yes, you promise.” I said excitedly

“Promise,” Paul said as he slid just a little deeper, “you glad he let you fuck us?”

“So fucking glad!” I said truthfully and got my expected reward of another inch of the best cock I’d ever experienced.

“Hubby a good fuck?” he asked.

I hesitated and Paul slowly started to withdraw, under pressure I blurted out, “He’s OK.”

“Just OK?” He asked as he pushed back in.

I nodded shamefully, wishing Paul would just fuck me, but the honesty of the questions did excite me.

“We the best fuck you ever had?” Paul asked.

I nodded again and said, “Easily,” his cock slid a little deeper in and my body started to tingle with pure bliss.

“Right, new position.” Paul said as he picked me up and lay me on my back across the top of the sofa chair, my red heels where now pointed to the ceiling and my pussy was at waist height for my new lover.

“Oooh,” I moaned loudly as cradled each of my outstretched legs in the crook of his athletic arms and guided the head of his pleasure pole into me, “please fuck me now…I’ve done everything you asked…”

“Would you cook us dinner?” He asked out of the blue.

“What? Cook you dinner?” I repeated as Blake moved around towards my head which was hanging back off the sofa. His slightly larger cock was now lined up with my up side down mouth and I knew what my job was, he did too and soon I was giving my first inverted blow job. The angle of my throat meant he could really drive his massive pole down into me, way further than I could have imagined. I worked that cock like I’d never worked one before, hoping they would stop with the questions and just fuck me.

“Yeah.” Paul said as he slowly slid a little deeper into me.

“Um… yeah, I guess…” I slurped as Blake pulled his cock from my mouth.

“Good, tomorrow night or we stop fucking you and you leave now.” He gave me the ultimatum

“Yes, yes, tomorrow, my house…please god.” I was so desperate to fuck that I would have promised anything, I hadn’t even begun to actually think about it.

“We going to fuck in your bed?” It was Blake this time who asked as he rubbed his cock across my face.

“Yes…in my bed…where ever you want, I’m yours to use.” I was crazy with lust by now, more turned on than I’d ever been in my life, all I wanted was to be used by these samsun escort two black gods.

“You cool with that Kevin?” I heard Paul ask as he slammed the full length of his cock into me and I came again, my body was still spasming as Blake pointed the screen of my phone towards me. I could see Kevin’s shocked face, live on the screen and myself spread across the sofa on the tiny inset screen. The realisation that they had filmed the whole thing, and Kevin had watched only made me cum harder and my wounded animal like moans filled the room and probably the room Kevin was watching in too!

“Thanks man, see you soon.” Blake said as he walked over and leant the phone up against a vase on the coffee table so that I was clearly in shot, I could see Kevin’s face still on the screen as Paul finally started his assault on my pussy.

“You want me to stop so you can talk to Mr OK?” Paul asked with a sly grin as pushed against my cervix.

I desperately wanted to talk to Kevin but Paul new I wasn’t about to stop what he had finally started, he asked me again, this time I answered meekly, “No.”

“What?” He said as he stopped his pounding.

“No,” I screamed, knowing he wanted me to embarrass Kevin, I gave him what he wanted so that he would do the same, “I don’t…I want you to fuck me.” Paul was pleased with this and pulled me onto him, curling his arms and my thighs up each time he drove into me, it was the deepest and best fuck I had ever experienced. Within a minute I felt the biggest orgasm of my life build and I turned to see Kevin still watching as I came screaming on Paul’s perfect cock.

I was so cock drunk that I barely even noticed Paul pull out of me and Blake move around to take his place, “Tell hubby which one of us has the bigger dick,” he said as he slowly pushed the huge bulbous purple head into my still convulsing pussy. I took a second to get my bearings and looked at Kevin on the screen, struggling to read the emotion on his face, I was past caring anyway.

“He does,” I said defeatedly as my new black lover slowly eased into me while I watched my husbands confused face, “much bigger.” I could see Kevin’s lips move but the phone must have been muted and I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“I think he wants to see you get roasted,” Paul said as he moved towards my mouth with his cock that was coated with my pussy juice, “you want to be roasted by black cock, slut?”

I looked up at Paul and nodded slowly, “Please, roast me like the whore I am.” Paul’s face lit up as he realised he’d broken me and I was now their possession, I reached out for his cock and hungrily pulled it towards my mouth. Tasting my juices off a huge black cock as my husband watched, I knew I was a changed woman.

“You want us to shoot black cum in you?” Blake asked as my husband of a decade looked on.

“Urgh” I nodded greedily as my every sexual need was fulfilled. The two most perfect specimens I’d ever fucked were both rock hard and buried deep inside me, I felt like to most sexy woman to have ever walked the earth. I reached around Paul’s tight ass and pulled him deep into my throat, his huge black balls rested against my nose and I inhaled deeply.

“Oh fuck, that’s amazing you dirty bitch.” He complimented me as he leant forward and buried his shaft deep inside my throat, there was no way I was getting it out now even if I wanted to. He rolled his hips repeatedly as my throat convulsed around his huge pole, desperate for air I was starting to see stars.

“Argh!” my new lover screamed as he fired the first of many shots of his creamy sperm straight down into my belly where it joined my pussy juice I’d long since sucked off. I swallowed harder than ever as my need for air matched my need for his cum.

“Holy shit, that’s fucking intense,” Blake yelled as he watched me devour his friends gleaming ebony shaft, “she almost passed out on your cock!” Paul pulled out and collapsed, spent, on the adjacent sofa and I gasped desperately for air.

“That was fucking amazing!” He exclaimed and a sense of pride washed over me for having been such a dirty slut, my transformation from boring housewife was truly astounding.

Blake now sped up and drove his enormous spear deeper inside me, the lounge was sliding across the floor with each of his powerful thrusts. I was in a place of pleasure I’d never imagined possible, my head was still spinning from the lack of oxygen and my pussy being assaulted my sexual athlete in his prime.

“Want my…cum in you?” He asked, punctuated by his thrusts, knowing my husband was no doubt still watching the brutal animalistic fuck fest.

“Yes!!” I screamed, “Deep in me…in my womb.” I looked over to the phone but was unable to focus on it, I wanted Kevin to see what he had done to me when he started this last night.

“Take it bitch!” Blake grunted as he fired his baby cream straight past my now dilated cervix and deep into my womb as requested. I came like an animal, shaking and screaming as my body went to a primitive place, my pussy tried to squeeze every last drop of this Alpha males sperm out of his body.

“Can’t wait for dinner tomorrow.” Paul said as my body rolled of the top of the lounge and I sprawled out on the seat with my legs spread open and my new black lovers cum ran out of my gaping snatch.

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