Destruction Pt. 01


This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead.


It is difficult to raise two boys on your own. But Cassandra made the best of it. When she was just barely twenty she gave birth to her twin boys, Michael and Eric. Their father up and left a month before their birth, leaving her to raise them all on her own. A task she kept up for the last eighteen years.

She loved them dearly. Her biggest regret was that she couldn’t spend as much time with them as she would’ve liked. Being the sole breadwinner meant the boys were often on their own after school, while she worked at the ad agency from nine to five, with overtime being very common. Michael didn’t seem to mind, but she could tell Eric missed her terribly. They are such sweet boys. But she felt there was some resentment in them. A darkness they hid from her.


The boys were now eighteen. In a few months they would be off to college. Or at least, Michael would be. Eric hadn’t applied to any of them yet. The last few years, he had become more troubled than before. He’d snap angrily at the slightest provocation. Cassandra would try to talk to him, but he’d just shut her out. If Michael knew what was bothering his brother, he wasn’t sharing it with her.

Cassandra did suspect it might have something to do with her new boyfriend. Steven was a man she met at an office party. Friend of a friend sort of thing. They were taking things slow, as she had difficulty allowing herself to become close to anyone again. The boys’s father left quite the damage on her trust in men. But she was a 38-year old woman. Soon she’d be one her own. It would be nice to have someone in her life again. Why couldn’t Eric see that?

Another clue to what was bothering Eric was the evidence of his own sexual frustration. She lost count of the many times she would find stains on his sheets or other items in his wash. Perhaps if he found himself a girlfriend, a lot of that repressed anger would go away?

But little did Cassandra realize that Eric had his eye on a certain woman. The object of his lust as well as his repressed anger. His beautiful mother. A plan was growing. A plan that would lead to nothing but the destruction of a good woman.


Eric and Michael spend their friday night as they often did. Jerking themselves off to online porn. Michael heard his brother grumble something as they stroked their cocks to the actress on screen. She was taking two cocks in her mouth at the same time. He thought she was beautiful, and wanted nothing more than to come on her face or down her throat. What a babe. Why was Eric so frustrated at her? He didn’t get it.

“That bitch. That slut,” Eric muttered.

Not a moment after, he orgasmed, spraying his hot cum on the towel in his hand. He looked at his brother, who had stopped and was giving him a questioning look.

“What?” he asked.

“Are you okay?” Michael asked. “I know you don’t like to talk about-.”

“What’s there to talk about? Just finish before Mom comes up to check up on us,” Eric muttered.

“Who are you so angry at?” Michael asked. “Is this still about Mom going out with Steve?”

Eric scoffed, “What do I care what that whore does on a friday night? She wants to fuck some schmuck in a suit, that’s her business.”

“Don’t call her that,” Michael snapped.

Eric scoffed again, and rolled over in his bed. Michael went to turn off the computer, when something suddenly dawned on him. Eric had chosen tonight’s video. Michael hadn’t given it much thought. But on closer inspection, the actress was an older woman in her late thirties, with the same reddish hair as their mother.

Michael asked the question he hadn’t dared until now. “Eric…are you in love with Mom?”

“Of course not,” Eric said. Michael blew a sigh of relief, before Eric suddenly added, “I just want to fuck her,”.

“Jesus Christ, Eric. What-,” Michael snapped.

“Oh please, like you haven’t thought about it,” Eric said, turning around to face his brother. “I’ve seen the way you look at her tits. Those sexy lips. You want her just as bad.”

Michael didn’t respond to that. When he thought about it, he felt a twinge of shame. He had caught himself from time to time looking at his mother in ways that would be taboo. Whenever she pressed herself against his back, and he felt her beautiful breasts on him. He had even jerked himself off to the idea of his nude mother. But that would be the extent of his desire. What Eric was talking about was just sick.

“Dude,” Michael protested. “It’s not gonna happen. Trust me. She’s never going to let you.”

“I know,” Eric said.

He turned back over an covered himself with his sheets. Michael went to bed as well, but something about that last sentence bothered him. What was Eric up to?


Cassandra was on cloud nine. Tonight was going to be amazing. She held off on having sex with Steven up until now, feeling she needed to get to know him better. But her own hormones could only hold off for so long.

She escort bayan bursa had everything prepared. She had her new red strapless dress, which cost her quite the penny, but really showed off her tits and ass. Underneath she had her favorite black panties, the ones she only wore for guys who were special to her. Guys who would be getting lucky. She even had her pussy waxed to a smooth touch, leaving a small patch of red pubic hair in the shape of a heart just above it. She was positively giddy. It was still a few hours until their date. He’d take her off to a cabin up in the woods, where they would spend the weekend. And what a weekend she had in store for him.

The boys were out. Michael was off to the movies with his friends. Eric said he would go too. It had pleased her to hear that, as Eric had so few friends. It would do him good to spend some time with others. Maybe they would meet up with some girls afterwards.

But for now, Cassandra was more focussed on how she looked in her stunning dress. It was gorgeous. It really accentuated her body, which still looked great for her age. Often she felt a tingle of pride when one of Michael’s friends would eye her up and down when they assumed she wasn’t looking. She imagined Steven’s cock hardening at merely the sight of her. She let out a girlish squeal at the idea.

It was seven now. Steve would be here around nine. She checked to see if her bag was ready. For some reason it wasn’t in her closet. Did she put it downstairs already? She headed down to check. There it was, by the door. Maybe one of the boys remembered she would need it later. She loved them so much. Even Eric seemed to be getting in a better mood. She hoped that he would warm up to Steven soon enough.

She turned around, wanting to grab a glass of water, when she saw two familiar eyes looking right into hers. Before she had a moment to recognize them, two strong hands pushed her down, right on the soft carpet floor.

Tears swelled in her eyes as she looked up. A young man stood before her. To her horror, he was completely naked. His lean muscles moving with his breathing. His hands clenched into fists. And his cock, hard and pulsing, staring right at her. An even greater horror shocked her when she looked at the man’s face. It was a face she loved. Her sweet boy, Eric, stood before her in the nude. Rage in his eyes and lust on his breath.

“Eric, what…what are-,” Cassandra managed to say, trying to stand up. He grabbed her by her long red hair and pushed her onto the ground. She yelped out in pain, falling face down on the carpeted floor. Why was this happening?

Two powerful hands grabbed her by her wrists. Eric lifted his mother up from the floor. He looked at her face. Her tears caused her mascara to run down. She began to sob when she opened her eyes, seeing her son’s enraged face.

“Why-,” she began, wanting to ask why he was doing this. To her shock, he suddenly kissed her on the lips. She felt his tongue enter her mouth, rubbing against her own tongue. He held up her arms in one hand, while he cupped her breast with the other, stroking her nipple through the dress.

“Shut up. Don’t say a word.” Eric hissed. “You want this. I know you do. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. As long as I can remember. You’re gonna love it, you skank. You’ll see.”

With that, he pressed his cock against her face. She tried to move away, but every form of resistance would end with another slap to her face. She felt the pre-cum from his cock stick to her face. She cried, trying to wiggle free. She had no idea Eric could be this strong. When he pressed the head of his cock against her lips, she shouted,

“No! Stop it.”

Eric stopped. He was panting heavily. For a moment he released his mother. She looked up at him, trembling. Perhaps for the briefest of moments did he feel pity for his mother, sitting on her knees and her face tarnished with mascara and pre-cum. Maybe even remorse for what he had done. But it was too late for that now. He instantly snapped back to his hateful mood, grabbed her by the dress and tore it open, revealing her beautiful breasts.

Not my dress! She thought.

She had kept it in such good condition for years, and in an instant it was destroyed. She tried to cover her bare breasts with her hands, but he pulled her hands apart, revealing her gorgeous large breasts. His breathing was hard. His lust was taking control over him. With great force her pushed her down on her knees, her back hitting the sofa.

Cassandra tried to get up. She rested herself against the sofa, oblivious as to what was about to happen. She was trying to catch her breath, when she suddenly felt two thumbs enter her mouth. Eric widened her both, and guided his cock towards it. She tried to fight, but he was too strong. Tears began to dwell in her eyes as she felt the head of his cock roll over her tongue. Without any remorse, Eric shoved himself deep down his mother’s throat. She nearly gagged, but he held his hands on her head. She was going to take it all, and nothing was gonna help her break free.

Cassandra bursa sinirsiz eskort flailed with her hands, slapping Eric’s hips in an attempt to get him off of her. But this simply excited him more. He began to thrust his hips, rolling his cock in and out of her mouth. A thick stream of drool began collect itself in her mouth, and she gagged when Eric’s cock pushed it back deep into her throat. She looked up, seeing her boy, her beautiful boy, doing this to her with a wide grin on his face. This broke her heart. The torn dress and the pain she could deal with, but not this betrayal. Her beloved boy was raping her mouth. And from what he had said, she imagined he was far from being done. Tears ran down her face, while his cock moved and pulsated in her mouth. The sight of her sad eyes looking up at him while her lips were on his cock excited Eric even more. He was ecstatic. She was everything he ever dreamed of. His beautiful slut of a mother.

Eric’s cock began to jerk. His thrusts became faster and more fierce.

“I’m cumming,” he whispered, pulling himself out of his mother’s mouth.

A thick stream of cum sprayed from his cock onto his mother’s face. She took it, afraid he would hit her again. Globs of the sticky jizz stuck to her hair and ran down her face. Some of it landed on her breasts. Eric stood over her, chuckling. He did it. What he dreamed of doing for years. He took her like the whore she was. Made her his. And this was just the start.

“What the fuck!” Michael shouted, as he stood in the doorway.


Before Eric could react, his brother leaped toward him and swung his fist right against his face. Eric toppled over, falling over a chair. Michael would have plenty more opportunities to throw a few more blows, but he was more concerned with his mother. He wrapped his arms around her as she wept. Her face was still coated with Eric’s cum, but he pressed her head against his chest nonetheless. He tried to comfort her as best as he could. Seeing her like this, with his brother standing over her in the nude, it was obvious what had happened.

“What the fuck is wrong with you,” he shouted at Eric. “You’re sick. You sick bastard. How could you?”

“Oh please,” Eric mumbled, raising himself from the ground. “At least I’m not a hypocrite. She wanted it. I just gave her what she wanted. A nice big cock in her mouth.”

“Stay away from her,” Michael hissed. “Or I’ll swear to God I’ll kill you.”

“There you go again. Being the good son. Mama’s little boy who’ll protect her no matter what,” Eric chuckled. “Go ahead. Deny your true feelings. Keep living the lie.”

Cassandra was confused. What was Eric talking about? She held herself close to Michael. He wouldn’t let Eric hurt her anymore. At least that was one thing she could still count on.

“Stay back,” Michael snapped as Eric approached them.

“Michael,” Eric began. “Please stop lying to yourself. I love you and mom both. It pains me to see you deny yourselves like this. To deny your urges like this.”

Michael stood up, raising Cassandra from the ground. He held his strong arms around her. She felt safe in his arms.

“Look at her, Michael. Look at her. Can you do that, and honestly say you have never wondered what it would be like? To have her? To hold her close, and have your cock rub all inside her?”

Cassandra shivered. Where did this come from? This was not the boy she knew and loved. What was going on? Was she really that clueless to what was going on in his life? Had these feelings been building up for years, without her ever realizing it?

“C’mon, Michael. Just look at her. Just once. Then tell me if you really never wondered what she’d be like,” Eric said.

Cassandra looked up to Michael. Sweet Michael. So kind. So loving. But when she did, she saw someone else. Someone who was nothing like her darling boy. She saw the same lustful eyes looking at her as his twin brother had. His breath was quicker now. She felt his heart racing in his chest. He grazed his hand through her red hair. The hand gripped down. Another grabbed her wrist and squeezed it tightly.

“Michael…?” Cassandra muttered.

She squealed when Michael pulled her hair back. Eric approached them, and with a single motion, ripped the rest of her dress off her body. She stood there in nothing but her panties. Cum on her face, trembling as her boys held her tighter. Eric chuckled his dark laugh. She wanted to scream, but Michael pressed his hand on her mouth.


The next hour and a half were both a nightmare and a sinful delight for Cassandra. Eric held her down on her knees until Michael had stripped. Just like his brother, Michael roughly entered his cock into his mother’s mouth. With youthful vigor, he thrust himself deep into her throat. He fucked her mouth roughly for a while until Eric, tired of simply watching, suggested to have her on all fours on the couch. Cassandra tried to wriggle away, but she was no match for two eighteen-year olds. Michael continued with her mouth, rubbing his hands through her hair, while Eric escort bayan began to play with her clit through her panties. Pushing them aside, he exposed her pussy. The sight of her red pubic hair drove him wild. Seeing the shape she had left it in confirmed it for Eric. She was a slut, and she wanted it. A big dick right inside her wet cunt. He stroked his hardened cock against her slit. Feeling her son’s cock against her vulva, she began to shake her head. Michael roved himself from her mouth.

“What is it?” Michael asked.

“Please-,” Cassandra gasped. “Please don’t do this. I love you both. Please don’t…not this,” she begged.

For a moment she hoped she’d gotten through to them. But Eric simply shrugged his shoulders, and then violently entered her pussy.

Cassandra cried out in horror. She couldn’t believe this was happening. He was raping her. Her own son was violating her with his cock. She tried to protest, but Michael stuck his own dick right back into her mouth. Like that, the two boys kept thrusting inside her. Eric pulled her hair, while ramming himself deep inside her. The thrusting of her body pushed Cassandra’s mouth deeper onto Michael’s cock. She weeped. This couldn’t be real. But the worst part was that her body enjoyed it. It has been so long since she felt so wanted. Without realizing it, she moved her hips along with her son’s heavy thrusts.

Annoyed by Cassandra’s panties scraping against the side of his dick, Eric pulled himself out from his mother’s pussy. Without any regard for her, he began pulling on them, ripping them from her ass. The fabric dug into her skin. It hurt, but not as much as Eric’s hand slapping her ass afterwards. Now she was fully exposed. A strand of her pussy juices dripped down onto the couch. That was more enough of an invitation for Eric to continue ramming his mother. He sniffed her torn panties, before gliding his cock back into her wet cunt.

For a while, Eric played with her clit, rubbing his index finger over it. A deep shame filled Cassandra, as the sensation began to excite her. How could she be turned on? Her beloved boys were raping their mother. But it has been so long since she made love. So long since her last orgasm. A primal urge that transcended morals and taboos. Her heart may have been broken, but her body was being pleased.

To her deep shame, she felt an orgasm building up in her. She squeezed her son’s cock tightly within her. Once again, Eric began pulsating. Michael was getting close as well. He pressed her head deep down onto his cock. A thick stream filled her mouth and rand down her throat. She felt like she was choking.

“Take it, you slut,” Eric grunted.

With a final violent thrust, he came deep inside his mother. He rubbed her clit more furiously. Despite everything, Cassandra climaxed. With tears in her eyes, she felt her body orgasm. They way her boys violated her brought a dark pleasure. A delight like no other. She shivered as she came at the hands of her son, as well as his cock. A delightful climax. One she cried over in shame after it had all sank in.

Eric pulled his cock out from his mother’s pussy. A thick glob of cum rolled down onto the sofa. He playfully slapped her ass. It was then a new idea popped up in his head.

“Mike,” he said. “Do you want to try that pussy?”

Michael looked down at his mother, panting and curled up in a ball on that couch. He pitied her. Regret coursed through him. But the sight of his brother’s jizz pouring from her beautiful pussy couldn’t keep him at bay for long. He nodded.

“Good,” Eric chuckled.

He then took his mother by the hair and raised her up.

“Stand up, you cunt,” he hissed. He sat himself down on the sofa, his cock still hard. He took his mother by her hips, slowly lowering her down. With his hands he spread her cheeks, exposing her anus.

“Your ass is beautiful, mom.” He said.

Cassandra snapped out of her haze.

He wouldn’t, she thought the second before he violently pushed her down on his cock, ramming it deep up her ass.

She screamed out in pain. Tears rolled down her face. She sobbed loudly as he began to thrust his hard cock in her ass. This was the first time anyone had ever been inside there. Never before had she felt so much pain an pleasure at the same time. The pain of her boys’s betrayal being outweighed by the delight of being fucked with vigor. Being wanted. Eric spread her legs, presenting her cum-filled pussy to his twin.

“Here you go, Mike. All for you. Enjoy,” he laughed, while continuing to fuck his mom.

Michael said nothing. He watched as his brother sodomized his mother before him. Without saying a word, he positioned himself onto Cassandra, penetrating her pussy.

There she was. In both agony and ecstasy, being fucked by her boys. She was beyond the why and how this was happening. She just wanted it to end. Her body numbed itself as the was taken by the two young men at the same time, betraying her as well. She didn’t even react when Michael bit into one of her nipples. They continued to destroy their mother for another half hour, before both began to feel their cocks pulsate. With a loud groan Eric climaxed, filling his mother’s ass with his cum. Michael pulled out, spraying his load over Cassandra’s chest. They were spend, but Eric’s dream was fulfilled. They had taken their mother like a bitch in heat, and they loved it.

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