Destination Unknown, Part 2 – The Grotto


Sabrina thought that this painting course would make her feel better. She envisioned walking into the class, picking up a brush, and bam, the huge hole she felt inside her would be filled. She had married young. People told her she should wait but who can tell a twenty-two-year-old what to do? Fifteen years had flown by. She understood the normal ebbs and flows of life. She was now thirty-seven, the large loud family that they dreamed of never materialized. Now she was fairly certain her husband was having an affair and the worst part of it, she didn’t care. He had stopped touching her a couple of years before and Sabrina had stopped trying sometime since then. She was at a coffee shop when she found the flyer for the class. Surrounded by low chatter and the smell of espresso, her dream of being the next Van Gogh or Monet danced in her mind. Really, those were the only two artists she could think of at the moment. Though being a few minutes late, she was now sitting in a small classroom at the local junior college; she took in her surroundings. The room was musky and beige. Seventeen students sat around her looking at the projector screen watching a YouTube video about the impact of lighting on color. The instructor, David, was immersed in his laptop, occasionally glancing up and looking off into space. Yawning, she looked around at the faces of the other students. Some looked bored, some were taking notes, and a few were scanning through social media on their phones. This is not what she expected. Her eyes still passing over the faces of everyone around her met the gaze of an older gentleman sitting three seats from her. Closing her mouth from the very embarrassing yawn, she gave him a little smile. His eyebrow raised and she watched a silent chuckle vibrate through his chest. —–Whenever inspiration to paint crawled out of reach, Jack would take an art course. He had his pick of schools and lectures to attend. Most of the instructors knew him from gallery openings or were art studio comrades. Jack felt that being with others and sharing the unspoken excitement of creating was contagious. He now found himself half-asleep in the darkened room of Introduction to Art 101. A class that he had sat through a half dozen times instructed by other professional artists. A late arrival walked in. “Now that’s an introduction I would like to make,” Jack said below a whisper. Like him, she was older than the kids in the class. If he had to guess, he would say she was at least thirty years younger than him. The inspiration he was looking for stood five foot five or so with a lusciously fit and curvy body. She was dressed in yoga pants, the kind that leave little to the imagination. On top, she wore a silky tank top that was stretched by luscious tits, covered with a man’s dress shirt, its sleeves casually rolled up. He was ready to paint and the easels hadn’t been pulled out of the storeroom yet.Jack watched her scan the room for Ankara escort a chair. Her eyes briefly met his. She took a chair three down from his and rotated completely before settling in. He knew what size canvas he would need to capture her. Thoughts bombarded Jack. Calm down, old man. Only fifteen minutes into this class and all you can see is her on a chaise barely covered in a silk robe. Jack’s eyes focused on her face, realizing that she was looking at him. Without thinking, he wiped his hand over his beard and gazed back.The room was quiet, just the sound of the video droning on in the background. He sat in the little uncomfortable chair getting wood in his paint-splattered jeans.—–The class finally finished. At the end of the hour, the instructor explained that each class session would cover a topic and it was their responsibility to create a painting that incorporates all the lessons. The final piece will be worth seventy percent of their class grade. All of Sabrina’s fantasies about what this class could be for her crashed down. She stood, gathering her few belongings, wondering if she should quit now.  From behind her, a deep voice said, “Hi, I’m Jack. With that look on your face, it seems like you walked into the wrong class. Was it not what you expected?”Sabrina turned and locked eyes with the man she had made eye contact with in class. Something in his eyes resonated in her deeply. His candor disarmed her for a moment. “Well, it is a painting 101 class. I didn’t expect a YouTube video. I thought there would be, well, paint…” she trailed off. “First days are much like first dates, a little awkward. The teacher needs to set a baseline but soon enough the class will break out the paints. When that happens, everyone will get to work at their own pace,” Jack said. Her misgivings about the class were still front and center in her mind. “Maybe this was a mistake. I haven’t held a paintbrush in years.””So, you have painted before. All the better, you can skip the beginners ‘what do I do now?’ phase,” he responded smiling. “You give me far too much credit. I was thinking about Mr. Gordan’s art class in elementary school. Really, I think I need to find someone to help me through the course.” Sabrina liked the look of the man in front of her. He was much older but there was something that made her body tingle. If she wasn’t going to be a painting phenom, maybe she would get the empty feeling filled a different way. Knowing what she was doing, she looked at the students packing up around her. “Do you think any of these guys will help me?” He saw the opening she left and took it. “Sorry, but no. They do not have the experience to really be of any help. If you want, I could be of assistance. We can go through the class being each other’s crutch.”  Sabrina’s eyes darted down to his paint-smeared pants then up to the strong bearded features of his face. “I don’t think I would be much Ankara escort bayan of a crutch but I would love to lean on you. If there is anything I can do to reciprocate the gesture, I would be happy to.” She was laying it on thick but the glint in his eye made her want to push further. Jack rubbed his chin and looked at her over his glasses. “Well, you already paid for the class, walking in here was the toughest part. I would be most happy to have you lean on me.” The words he used were benign but there was something else in his look that sent a bolt of energy directly to her core. Reaching into her bag, she fished out her car keys. “Do we check in with each other in class on Thursday or should we meet up sometime before then?”—–Jack’s eyebrows raised at the question. The thought of meeting before the next class caused him to stir below the belt. “Do you know the little coffee shop across from campus? It’s called The Drip. It has a gallery where a lot of students show their art. We could start there.” She nodded in reply. “Are you ready to get out of here?” he gestured to the keys in her hand. “Are you parked in the garage?” “I’m on the third floor. Are you in the parking garage too?” she asked. “Come on, let’s go find your car.” They walked out the classroom door. “So, do you have a name?” Jack chuckled. “Sabrina,” she smiled. “It’s really nice to meet you, Jack. Thank you for helping me out.”The campus was quiet, the sky thick with stars. Jack walked next to this beautiful woman. He watched the pleasurable way her body moved. The sway of her hips, the bounce of her hair and breasts. She fell behind him and he stopped to see what she was doing. Her face was tilted up to the heavens. Her eyes met his and a look of embarrassment flashed across her face. The innocent action mesmerized him. She made a soft apology that he hardly heard. Stepping toward her, Jack brushed his thumb along her jaw. Her eyes widened and she held her breath at his touch. Watching her lips part slightly, a million thoughts and emotions collided. He had never felt so drawn to someone as quickly before. Stepping back abruptly, “Come, the garage is this way.” Mentally, he chided himself. Jesus, Jack. What are you, in the 9th grade? Through a couple of turns on the sidewalk, they found themselves at the staircase of the parking garage. Jack motioned with a hand for her to go first. “Third floor, you said?” he asked. Chuckling silently, he watched her luscious bottom shift from side to side as she made the climb.  Reaching the proper landing, she paused waiting for him to step next to her. Sabrina’s eyes looked at him expectantly. Jack tried to piece together what she was waiting for. During the trek up, he was lost in the vision before him and the soft sound of her voice. She had been asking him questions and he hadn’t heard a single one. He looked at her apologetically. “That was a lot of stairs,” he lied. Escort Ankara “What did you say?” Sabrina’s raised eyebrow and knowing smile made him laugh. “I was asking about what kind of paintings you do but we can save that until we meet.” She glanced around the vast room and spotted her car. There was only one other in the vicinity and it was right next to hers. They walked together toward them. “Is there a day that works best for you?” she asked. “To meet at The Drip? My schedule is open. Let me know when you are free. Give me your phone and I’ll put my number in it.” Jack took her phone and created a new contact. While she waited, she asked where he had parked and if he needed a ride to his car. Smiling to himself Jack handed Sabrina her phone back. He pulled his keys from his pocket and hit the button on the fob causing the car next to hers to unlock. “It feels as if our meeting was predestined.” The look she gave him made him lean in for the kiss he’d been thinking about. When their lips touched, it was familiar, natural, and exploring. He felt her body press into him and he threaded his fingers into her hair. When they separated, they maintained eye contact in silence.  “Sabrina, hello,” he said with a smile. “Hi Jack,” she responded. “So, The Drip before Thursday?” “Yes, text me and let me know when you are free,” he answered. They stood motionless for a moment. Neither wanted to leave, both knowing that they needed to. Sabrina shook her head side to side to clear her mind and got into her car. “Bye Jack.” Jack climbed in his car and followed her out of the garage. He watched her in the mirrors as she glanced back, both grinning like school kids. Exiting the structure, they turned in opposite directions.—–Sabrina arrived home to a dark and quiet house. In the kitchen, she poured a glass of wine. Moving to the living room, she turned on the lights and settled in on the couch. After taking a deep drink from her glass, she placed it on the table next to her and unlocked her phone.  He kissed her. She felt that she should be surprised or maybe even a little guilty but she didn’t. Sabrina was excited and happy. Looking back at her phone, she found the new contact that had been added. Pushing on the message icon, she started typing.                      Thank you for your help to… Rolling her eyes, she deleted the message.                     I’m looking forward to… That wasn’t right either. She selected all and deleted it. Looking at the time on the screen, she saw that it was just before 9:00 pm. If she were being honest with herself, she didn’t want to wait. Didn’t want to overthink it. She wanted to spend more time with Jack.            How about now? She sent the message not allowing herself to second guess. Picking up her wine glass, she took a sip and watched her screen. She waited for the dots to tell her he was responding. It was taking too long. She put her hands over her face and shook her head. One excruciating minute passed, then another. When four minutes had come and gone the blessed dots finally appeared.—–Jack was home and unlocking his front door when he saw that he had a text.            How about now?Without pausing, he turned around and walked back to his car.                      

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