You enter the room quietly so as to not announce your presence.

Silently you liberate my book from my grasp carefully marking my place before laying it on the bedside table.

I look up at you with a question in my eyes but you shake your head no and put a finger to your lips signaling for me to not say a word.

You climb into bed with me and straddle my hips.

A smile tugs at the corners of my mouth. I am amused since I am usually the one to take control in these types of situations. I have encouraged you in the past to try taking control but this is the first time you have done so and I am eager to see how it plays out.

You reach out and gently remove my glasses folding them up and placing them atop my book.

I reach out to touch you but you capture my wrists and pin them to the bed as your lips gently brush mine and you whisper “No touching. Be a good girl or I’ll have to tie you down.”

Part of me toys with the idea of forcing you to tie me down but ultimately I decide to be the good girl for now until I see where things lead.

Your lips claim mine again but this time there is nothing gentle about it. It is a kiss full of hunger, need, and desire.

You part my lips with your tongue as a low guttural groan emanates from deep inside me betraying a desire to rival yours.

Our tongues dance together furiously as we desperately try to devour each other until you finally pull away but not before you capture my lower lip between your teeth and suck it into your mouth as I have done to you so many times before.

I can’t help but whimper with desire as your lips leave mine. I try to raise myself to gain those lips again only to find you are holding my shoulders to the bed.

You smile down at me; you are obviously enjoying your game. If only you could see how sexy you look as you hover above me, in control, you red hair hanging bursa evi olan escort down partially obscuring one eye, your lips bruised from our fierce kiss moments earlier. The rapid rise and fall of your chest is the only thing that betrays the intensity of your need.

I see a momentary flicker of hesitation in your eyes as you nervously bite your lower lip for a moment. I sense that you are unsure of what to do next.

I groan and raise my chin exposing my neck as I whisper a silent prayer to the gods that you’ll read my signals correctly.

The gods must have been a good mood, I silently thank them as I feel your tongue begin it’s journey from the hollow of my throat to my chin.

I lose all ability to form coherent thoughts as you begin to nibble on my neck alternating between licking, sucking, kissing and gently biting.

My breathing comes in short rapid, audible gasps.

I’ve always expressed how sensitive my neck was to you but you never seemed sure of how to approach it before.

I feel myself grow light headed as I begin to hyperventilate. I don’t want to stop this exquisite torture but I finally manage to gasp out the words “Baby, stop please. I don’t think I can take much more before I pass out from the pleasure.”

You pull back with a mix of fear and apology on your face. I say quickly “No baby you didn’t do anything wrong. What you did was perfect but it’s time to move on.”

I give a sigh of relief as I see the confidence return to you eyes and I feel your hand tugging at the sides of my t-shirt. You pull me to a sitting position so you can remove the shirt but you stop short of pulling it off completely leaving it so my eyes are obscured. You kiss me again as you push me back down to the bed.

I feel your weigh shift as you slide further down my body to my chest.

My breath catches altıparmak escort in anxiety, my breasts have never been that sensitive to anyone’s touch and I don’t want to disappoint you. I needn’t have worried. My inability to see your actions intensifies the sensations. I gasp in surprise as your lips close around my right breast and I feel a tingling as my nipples stiffen. A moan comes from my throat surprising even me. I feel your tongue making lazy circles growing ever smaller around my breast as you graze the pads of your fingers over the other breast. I cry out as you gently bite my nipple sending an equal jolt of pleasure and pain coursing through my body. You repeat the assault on my other breast as your fingers gently massage the pain away.

You reach up and tug the shirt completely of my head as you run your tongue from between my breasts briefly tracing my gall bladders scar down my belly to the waistband of my blue silk boxers. You look up at me with a grin and a lustful gleam in your eye to let me know you’re pleased. The blue silk ones are your favorites on me. They should be since you brought them for me.

You hook your fingers on either side of the waistband as I raise my hips to aid you in your task. With agonizing slowness your lower my boxers down over my hips, my buttocks, my thighs, my knees, my calves, my ankles, and finally my feet. You sit at the bottom of the bed twirling my boxers in your fingers and you wink at me as they disappear over your shoulder to land on the floor behind you.

You part my legs enough to kneel between them and begin to run your hands up and down my legs massaging my calves and thighs as you go. I close my eyes, lean my head back and arch my body trying to will you to where I want you. My body begs for release and my eyes fly open when I feel your hot breath on my pussy. I hastily pull a pillow gemlik escort beneath my shoulders so I can watch your progress. Your lower your head parting my lips with your tongue and make your way up to my clit. I cry out when you make contact and you back off not wanting me to climax too soon. You plunge your tongue inside me; I stiffen at the initial contact and then relax to make it easier for you. The sensation coursing through my body as you tongue fuck me are indescribable. It’s never been this intense before.

You withdraw as you feel me coming close to a climax. You gently slide two fingers inside me then a third slowly and gently pumping them in and out and make lazy circles around my clit with your tongue making sure not to come in contact with it. I try to move my hips to get your mouth where I need it until you threaten to stop. I beg for my release until I’m almost weeping with the need. I silently vow to make you pay for putting me through this wonderful torture. All of a sudden your lips close around my clit sucking it into your mouth as your sink your fingers as deep as you can and press upwards. My hips buck uncontrollably and I explode as I cry out your name. The spasms rack my body for what seems like an eternity until finally they begin to subside. I don’t remember when you moved but as my heart rate begins to return to normal I look down to find your head nestled against my chest. I can feel your heartbeat like a jackhammer in your chest and realize that you now realize how much pleasure one can derive from giving pleasure. I stroke your hair and your stir tilting your head up to look at me. I see the love in your eyes and my heart swells almost painfully with the same love. I pull you up for a kiss and taste myself on your lips and tongue as I hold you I roll until I’m lying on top. You cry out and then laugh with surprise. I then kiss you again gently and whisper “I love you baby but now it’s payback time.”

You smile and throw your arms around my neck to pull me down for another kiss. Just before our lips meet I hear your melodic voice whisper “I’m looking forward to it.”

I think to myself, “What a vixen I’ve created.” before I lose myself in your embrace.

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