Debra Does Robert

Big Tits

The kids were off to school, her husband was off to work, and now Debra was ready to do some shopping.She liked to show off her beautiful body and decided to wear her usual thigh high stockings, high heels and her favorite micro mini skirt. Today, she would be expecially sexy and not wear a bra and her usual g-string. She liked the feel of her nipples pushing against her silk blouse and the thrill of exposing her trimmed bush.

She put on a short robe that barely covered her ass cheeks as she prepared to finish her make up. It was then, that she saw the large box of toys her kids were no longer interested in, that her husband was supposed to move to the storage area.

“Damn, she complained, he can’t do these little jobs I ask him to do, but he expects me to suck his little cock every day.”

Every time she looked at the box she got more pissed off, and decided to see if her brother-in-law Robert was home. She thought he was on the night shift now and knew he would help her. She could feel he had a secret crush on her and often wondered, since he was a big man, what he may be carrying in his shorts. He was still living with his parents, across the street.

When Robert heard that Debra had a small job she would like him to do, he immediately said yes. He replied that he would be happy to help, and would be right over. The fact that he was in love with his brother’s wife, little Debra, probably had something to do with his agreeing so quickly.

Debra never gave a thought about what she was wearing, or actually, not wearing.

The door bell rang and she went downstairs to let Robert in. His heart started to race when he saw how she was dressed. Her brown nipples pushed out her top and her trimmed bush was peaking out from below her top. He immediately started to get an erection. This presented a real problem, cause Robert was extremely well endowed.

“Hi Robert, exclaimed Debra, as she gave him a big hug, accidentally exposing her breasts. It is so good to see you. You are so big and strong that I thought you could move a box that is upstairs for me. I’ve asked your brother to move it several times but he is so damn forgetful. Follow me and I’ll show you where I would like you to put it.”

Debra started up the stairs ahead of Robert and with her high heels on, at each step he could see her beautiful ass cheeks and the greatest pair of legs he had ever seen.

Robert became extremely flustered watching the trim legs of the woman he secretly loved and desired, as she slowly moved up the stairs.

As soon as he set the box down in the storage bursa eskort bayan area, he said he had to use the bathroom and in his haste, left the door partially open.

Debra looked in the door and was amazed to see Robert with both hands on his large cock with the head sticking out beyond his hands, stroking it. Within minutes she heard him give out a loud moan and saw him repeatedly shoot his load all over her vanity, with some splashing on the mirror. Immediately he zipped up and after quickly cleaning up his mess, said he had to go.

Debra had more then a few cocks in her day, and Robert’s cock clearly was the largest one she had ever seen, and was obviously was much larger then her Raymond’s.

All day she got wet just thinking about Robert’s cock, and finally decided that she had to feel that monster inside her.

With her make-up on, her long hair flowing over her shoulders, dressed in a see through top, thigh highs and her high heels again,the next morning she called Robert and said she needed help again.

The timing could not have been better, as at that moment, Robert was stretched out on his bed with his big cock in his hands thinking of Debra.

Within minutes he was in the house and heard Debra call from the kitchen, that she needed some help there.

When Robert entered the kitchen, Debra, in her high heels, was stretching to reach something on the top cabinet shelf, with her top up over her ass cheeks and no panties on again.

As she looked over her shoulder and smiled, she said,”Hi Robert, I can’t reach high enough, can you lift me up?”, asked Debra.

Speechless, with his cock stretching his pants, he put his arms around Debra’s waist and as he lifted her up he felt his hands on her warm body. “Oh my Robert, you are so strong. When Debra got what she wanted, she said, Robert, can you turn me around?”

As he did, her gown opened up and her beautiful firm breasts were in his face. She put her arms around his neck and moved one of her nipples to his mouth and said, “Robert, please suck my titties. Ever since I saw your cock yesterday, I can’t get you out of my mind. Raymond doesn’t satisify me and I need a big cock like yours in me. I want to fuck you Robert, and I know you want to fuck me too. I know how you look at me sometimes and I know you wish you were Raymond, so you could fuck me. I don’t want to wait any longer to feel your big strong body on top of me and feel your cock inside of me.”

“Oh my God Debra, I have hoped and prayed for this moment. You are the most sexy and desirable woman I ever met, bursa merkez escort and my brother doesn’t deserve you. I can’t tell you how many times I have jerked off thinking about you, and how much I want to fuck you. I have loved you from the moment I saw you”.

With her arms around her neck and her legs wrapped around his waist she could feel his rising cock.

She looked in his eyes and said, “Robert, I want to see and feel that big cock of yours. I want to play with it, and suck and lick the head, and then I want you to fuck me like I have never been fucked before. I want to feel that monster deep inside of me, and feel your body on little me, as I wrap my arms and legs around you. I want to give you all your secret desires.”

Robert gently put Debra down on the floor and quickly ripped off all his clothing. As he stood over the naked body of Debra, she looked up and saw the enormous cock that would soon be plowing in her. “Oh Robert, she cried, why did I wait this long. It’s so beautiful”.

She reached up and pulled it down to her open mouth, as she began to lick and suck the biggest cock she ever held. Her fingers lightly cradled his big balls as she lovingly pleasured the head of his cock. She ran her tongue up and down the underside of it and sucked the head. She took in as much as she could and marveled how much she still held in her hands. God, she thought, if only I had this to play with every night, or when I wake up in the morning have this to suck on.

She could feel her juices flow as she took Robert’s cock and with her legs resting on his big shoulders, slowly pulled it into her. As his cock entered her, it felt like every nerve ending inside her was touched. As his cock moved deeper into her, waves of pleasure she had never known before flowed through her body.

“Oh My God Robert!, Debra cried, I have never felt this good before,” as tears of joy slowly flowed down her cheeks.

She pulled him down on her breasts and kissed him deeply, this strong and gentle man who had finally unleashed all the passion that had been pent up deep within her, untouched till now.

Robert looked down at the woman he loved. He saw her beautiful face, her nice firm breasts with their nipples erect. He saw her nicely trimmed bush and the beautiful legs clothed in black thigh highs, and scarlet, high heeled shoes, the dream of every man, and she wanted him.

With his cock fully in her, Debra looked in his eyes and whispered, “Robert, take me, make love to me. I want to always remember this day.”

Robert bursa sınırsız escort bayan watched his cock move slowly in and out of Debra. The look of shear pleasure on Debra’s face, and her quiet moans and smiles, time and again pulling him down on her breasts so she could kiss him, was everything he had ever desired. This moment, while he fucked this beautiful wife of his little brother, was the best moment of his life.

He had been in love with Debra for a long time and wondered repeatedly how his younger brother could have been so lucky to find a woman like Debra.He had fantasied about feeling her lips on his cock as she sucked and played with him, and then fucking her with her beautiful legs on his shoulders, or doggie style with her ass cheeks in his hands.

Now to hear her moans and cries was the best music he could ever expect to hear. And then, “I’m coming Robert, I’m coming Robert. kiss me, kiss me, give it to me, give me that big cock, Oh My God!, My God! OOOOHHHH.”

Her cries brought him to a climax at the same time and for a few minutes they both lay there, arms around each other.

When Debra had recovered a bit, she kissed him and said, “Robert, put your arms around me and roll me over on top of you. I want to lay on top of you with your cock inside of me”.

Both Debra and Robert lost track of the time as they lay together as one. Debra’s face resting on Robert’s breast, her tears of joy a reminder of the passion they both shared.

Debra kissed him and began to squeeze on Robert’s cock that still lay inside of her, as it slowly came back to life. Stradling him, so her legs were on each side of Robert, she began to move up and down, feeling the big, but not yet fully hard cock move inside of her. Faster and faster she moved as he thrust against her, and then again they came as one, as they cried and hugged and kissed like newly weds.

Debra watched as his cock slowly withdrew from her body and holding his now soft cock in her little hands she swirled the head around in her mouth. She kissed and sucked it, enjoying the moans and sighs of pleasure coming from Robert.

Finally, the time came to separate, as the kids would soon be home from school. Debra knew she had finally received and had given true love, and her life would never be the same.

She could endure what her current life gave to her, knowing deep within her, that with Robert,

she finally knew what true love making could be. She knew there would be many, many, more times to experience the shear passion and pleasure that Robert had given her this morning.

Robert knew that his brother Raymond was the luckist man alive, but had the satisifaction that what he and Debra gave each other was true love, and he would live for the days or nights they would make love again. He knew that whenever his brother fucked Debra, she would be thinking of him and this moment.

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