Days Long Past


“Oh fuck me!’ Bethany screamed into the pillow.

The gentle squeaking of the springs in the bed increased as I slammed harder into her tight pussy. I could feel my balls contracting and my dick throbbing. I knew I was close to cumming.

“Faster baby, faster!” Bethany pleaded. “I’m, I’m cum….”

Bethany moaned into the pillow as I grabbed her hip with one hand and a fistful of her hair with the other as I pulled her into me, matching the upward thrust of my hips. The headboard slammed against the wall creating a booming sound throughout the room, alternating with the sharp slaps of her ass against my pelvis. Sweat rolled down the sides of my face and dripped onto the small of her back. The tingling began in my feet and quickly shot through my thighs as my cock throbbed inside of her wet cunt.

“Fuck yeah Bethany, I’m going to shoot my cum all over your ass” I growled through my gritted teeth.

“Do it baby!” She said excitedly.

Just as I took out my stiff rod and I was ready to shoot, the door to my bedroom flung open. I watched cum shoot up Bethany’s back and then trickle onto her heart shaped ass. Then suddenly my head was jerked back violently.

“What in God’s name are you doing boy!” My grandmother screeched. “Get the hell outta my house you little slut!”

Bethany did not even bother to wipe the sticky cum off of her back as she crawled off my bed and gathered her clothes. Grandmother still had my hair grasped in her hand, tightly. She pushed my head forward with enough force that I fell onto the bed and rolled over. I could see the anger burning in her eyes. Grandmother’s teeth were gritted and her hands clenched into fists of rage. I thought she was going to deck me.

“Is this what you do when I go to church on Wednesday night?” She growled fiercely.

I sat silent on my bed, not knowing what the correct answer, or if there even was a correct answer to her question. My head swam in the confusion and I felt like I was falling down a deep pit that never had a bottom. She stood, rigid, and waited for my reply. For what seemed like hours, the room remained quiet. My cock hung limp and wet with cum, still slowly oozing out of the tip, and my Grandmother flashed angry stares at me.

“Get cleaned up boy, and we’ll talk about this when you’re done.” Grandmother turned and slammed my bedroom door closed behind her.

I had always lived with my Grandmother. My parents were killed in an accident when I was very young. As a kid, my Grandmother made me go to church every Sunday, and even sometimes on Wednesday nights. Of course, as I grew up and went through high school, I would only go to church intermittently. Mostly because when she went to church, I would invite Bethany or any of my other girlfriends over and we would fuck our brains out. Least to say, she was a very strict, religious woman, but she was also fair minded, which made her bearable to live with.

Clean and dressed, I sighed heavily as I opened the door to my bedroom. The smell of coffee brewing emanated from the kitchen, and I could hear Grandmother shuffling the glasses trying to get to the coffee cups behind them.

“So how long have you been having sex John?” Grandmother asked in a serious but calm tone.

All the anger had dissipated from her, or she was really good at hiding it. I felt more relaxed suddenly, and was more open to having this conversation with my Grandmother.

“My first time was about a year ago,” I admitted.

“That long?” Grandmother was surprised. “You know John, a few seconds of pleasure isn’t worth an eternity in Hell.”

I looked down at my feet. Mostly, to hide the smile I could not stop from playing on my lips from the absurdity of the comment that escaped from her mouth. I felt ashamed of myself, however, I knew my Grandmother was serious and I was bursa suriyeli escort escort making a big joke out of all of it. But I still could not help myself.

“This isn’t funny John,” Grandmother said as if she was reading my mind. She took a sip of her coffee and said, “You can catch some serious diseases if you continue down the path that you’re on.”

“I know it isn’t funny Grandmother,” I spoke to my feet; the smile on my face had long vanished.

“And I know I can’t stop you doing what you’re doing, but you will NOT do it in my house,” Her voice rose. “I think it would be a good idea for you to start coming to church on Wednesdays again, and you can bet you’ll be going Sunday too.”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied sheepishly.

I walked back to my room, relieved that I had gotten out of it so easily. I knew it could have been much, much worse. I was quite dismayed though, since my Wednesday fuck fests were over. Now I just had to have a plan to either get out of going to church, or getting Grandmother out of the house.

The next couple of days were dismal. My cock ached for more of Bethany’s tight wet pussy, but it seemed that getting away from Grandmother was going to be rather difficult. Every time I told Grandmother that I was going to leave the house for a few hours, she gave me a few chores, which ended up taking the entire day to finish. I was at the end of my wits by the third night. Grandmother could tell I was becoming quite frustrated and irritable, and I knew she was taking some sick perverted pleasure in torturing me.

“John, I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve been doing for me the past few days.” Grandmother said happily.

I sat up on my bed to make room for her to sit down in front of me, “No problem Grandmother.”

“I’ve also noticed you’ve been stressed out all day,” Grandmother pointed out sympathetically as she put her hand on my shin, “Do you want to talk about it?”

I do not know if it was the lack of sex, or the irritating way she was being so happy, or patronizing, or what it was, but I blew up. I felt my skin get hot. My mind raced through all the nasty words I wanted to call her, through all the mean things I wanted to say to her. It was almost like I stepped away from myself for a minute as my mouth opened to let the flow of words spill out like volcano spewing lava.

“You know what your problem is!” I yelled. “You haven’t been laid in so long you forgot how to have fun!”
The look on Grandmothers stunned face was one I had never seen before. It was a mixture of pain, anger, sadness, and surprise twisted into one single look. If I had not been as pissed off as I was, I probably would have been scared.

“Why don’t you go fuck a huge cock and maybe you’ll loosen up a bit!” I continued screaming.

My instincts kicked in suddenly. I jumped out of my bed and ran, as fast as I could, out of my room, down the hallway and out the front door. I could hear Grandmother yelling for me to come back, but I paid no attention. Once I hit the cold night air, I was free.

I ran until I could not breathe anymore, I collapsed onto a soft patch of grass in front of a house a few blocks down the street from my Grandmothers. I was not sure of where I was going to go to, but I was not going to go back to my Grandmothers house. Suddenly, it was my dick that spoke for me. I decided to go over to Bethany’s house.

It took half an hour to walk to Bethany’s parent’s house. All the lights were off in the house, except hers, on the top floor. It was the typical suburban home complete with the lattice on the side of the house that I could climb to Bethany’s window. Carefully, I made my way up the lattice work and peered into her window.

Bethany was on her back, with a guy I did not recognize bursa ucuz escort between her thighs. He was pounding her pussy vigorously. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and her thighs around his waist. I watched as her head tilted back in ecstasy, her muscles tensed, and I knew she had just climaxed all over his cock.

I jumped off the lattice onto the soft grass below. I could feel the anger surging through my body again. I grabbed a medium sized rock and threw it at her window. The shatter of the glass was like a pistol firing to start a race. I ran as fast as I could away from the sound, through her backyard and over the wooden fence that separated Bethany’s parent’s house from the houses on each side. My insides churned with anger. As I ran across the street, a car screeched to a halt.

“John!” Grandmother cried, “John come home!”

I was tired, tired of running, tired of being angry, and tired of being alive. I slowed to a walk, and then stopped. I did not want to give up, but I knew it was useless. I turned around and walked towards the blue sedan my Grandmother was driving. She pulled up along side of me and unlocked the door. I opened the door and laid back moodily into the seat. I could see that Grandmother had been crying. Her eyes were puffy and red, even in the darkness of the car.

I sat silent for the few minutes drive back to Grandmother’s house. As she pulled into the driveway, I jumped out before she put the car into park. I swung open the door to the house and immediately went into my room and shut the door behind me. I violently kicked my shoes off of my feet, and threw my shirt on the floor. I was taking off my pants as Grandmother walked in.

“John,” She sniffled, “I’m sorry I kept you from getting out of the house, I only did it because I was scared you would go back to that girl.”

“Well,” I growled, “that’s exactly what I would have done.”

“I know John, I know.” She held a tissue up to her eyes to soak up the tears. “I decided that I can’t help you anymore, its God’s will now.”

I finally felt bad enough for my Grandmother that I settled down. I was standing in my boxers, unsure of what to say, or how to console her. I studied her for a few seconds, and reflected on everything I had said to Grandmother and forgot about what I saw Bethany doing.

“I’m sorry too,” I felt extremely low, “For saying what I said.”

“I forgive you John, I know you only said it out of anger.” Grandmother sniffled again.

I wrapped my arms around my Grandmother and held her tightly against my body. I could feel her ample breasts press against chest, and the perfume she was wearing smelled so wonderful. I held her tighter against me. I could not hold her close enough to my body. I could feel my cock becoming aroused as I realized her pussy was only a few pieces of flimsy fabric away from my swelling member. My stomach lurched, and my mind became muddled. I kissed my Grandmother on the neck, and my cock swelled quickly to its full potential

“John?” Grandmother asked, “What are you doing?”

I continued to suck and kiss on my Grandmothers sweet smelling neck. I could feel her struggling to get away from me, which just made me hold her tighter against my body. Pressing my cock hard against her pelvis made her squirm even more.

“John!” Grandmother cried, “Stop this at once!”

I knew I had already gone too far, and there was no turning back now. I threw her onto the bed. I could hear the wind being knocked out of Grandmother as her legs hit the side of the bed. Her torso collapsed onto the mattress and her arms became pinned under her as I placed my forearm across her back and pushed her further onto the bed.

“Oh God, please stop John, this is wrong!” She screeched.

I lifted her skirt up with one hand, bursa üniversiteli escort and tore open the crotch of her stockings. I could feel her squirm and struggle to get up from under the weight of my arm. I reached out and began to massage her pussy through the silky fabric of her panties. Her clit became excited at the pressure I applied with my fingers. Grandmother’s legs flailed, trying to get her feet firmly placed on the floor, but the slick finish on the wood flooring of my bedroom made it impossible. I pulled her panties slightly to the side, revealing the pink lips of her pussy. I was fascinated by the salt and pepper color of her pubic hairs since I had never been with a woman of her age.

“John, please,” Grandmother whimpered.

“I’m doing us both a favor Grandmother,” I explained in a growl.

I adjusted my boxers and pulled out my hard throbbing cock through the open slit of the fabric. I put a generous amount of saliva onto my fingers and rubbed it around the tight hole of my Grandmother’s pussy. I guided my dick, with my free hand, to the saliva covered entrance of her pink cunt. Slowly, I pushed it further into her, until I felt her against the hilt.

Grandmother stopped squirming. Instead, she whimpered in pain. I started to slowly move my hips back and forth making the full length of my shaft slide in and out of her pussy.

“John,” Grandmother pleaded. “Please stop this,”

I could tell by her voice that I was breaking her down. All the strength she had left her body. The power I wielded over her excited me further. I pressed my cock into her as hard as I could and I drove it deep into her moist cunt. I pounded into her tight hole harder and harder. The bed shifted over inch by inch. Her body shook violently from the thrusting of my hips. I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter each time I penetrated deep inside her cunt. Grandmother attempted to hold back the moans of pleasure, but she did not succeed.

“Oh God,” Grandmother moaned out, “It’s been so long.”

“Does it feel good,” I growled, “Does my cock feel good pounding your hot cunt?”

“Yes John,” she groaned. “Faster!”

It turned me on even more that my Grandmother was enjoying her pussy being assaulted by my stiff cock. I grabbed onto her hips with both hands and held her firmly in place. I watched her ass bounce off of my pelvis as I fucked her hard and fast. Soon, Grandmother was pushing back, meeting my thrusts into her. Sweat poured from my forehead, dripping onto the round ass of my Grandmother. I held her hips tighter as I increased the force of my thrusts. The sharp slap of our skin connecting made my pelvis begin to sting.

“Oh God,” Grandmother growled, “You’re hitting the spot, keep going.”

Grandmother let out a long howl of ecstasy as her pussy contracted, clamping down onto my cock. I tried to continue sliding my cock back and forth, but it was held too tightly. After a few seconds, her body went limp on the bed and I began fucking her pussy again. I knew it would not be long before I climaxed as well. My balls began to contract, my cock swelled and, with all my weight, I pressed into her as deep as my dick could go.

“Fuck!” I growled at the burning sensation of the huge load I shot out of my cock. “I’m cumming in you!”

Grandmother wiggled her ass up and down against my pelvis, as if she was milking every drop of semen out of me. I fell forward. I braced myself with my arms on each side of Grandmother’s waist. After what seemed like and eternity, I slowly slid my cock out of my Grandmother’s cunt. My cock still throbbed and cum slowly trickled out.

“I’ve missed so much,” Grandmother stated quietly as she sat up straight on my bed, “I never remembered that being so good.”

Grandmother had a misty look in her eyes, like she was reliving a memory of days long past. She did not speak, only stared into the distance. Silently, she stood up and walked towards me. Grandmother wrapped her arms around me and kissed me fully on the lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth as her hand found my still rigid dick.

“Thank you,” She said dreamily as she let me out of her embrace, “We should do it again soon.”

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