David’s Cage Pt. 01


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David Newmark was in his room again, playing World of Warcraft. David wasn’t quite sure it was even a room – it was a partitioned area using sheets in his Mom’s studio that had his bed, his desk and his computer. His Mom – Susan Newmark – had been working the past 18 years as a single mom to put him through school. Susan had David when she was 16, and he had been her world ever since. Without a college education, she was forced to work long hours at shitty jobs to make ends meet.

David’s mom called out through the fake wall “David, come get dinner!”

“In a few minutes mom, I just need to finish this quest!”

David could hear his mom’s frustration: “You spend way too much time on that stupid thing! You’re lucky high school was easy. During college classes, you might have to actually work.”

David rolled his eyes. He had gotten through high school on his intellect, and there had been plenty of time for games after he breezed through class. He recently graduated with honors and was planning on attending the local state university after the summer was over. He even had an academic scholarship, which is how his mom was able to afford it. David was sure college would be no different.

“It’ll be fine, mom. I’m going to school for computer science, so I’ll be on the computer a lot.”

“Just don’t waste all of your time on that stupid machine. If you lose your academic scholarship, I’m not sure how we’ll be able to afford school. Are you coming?”

David got up and joined his mom for dinner. Despite the occasional bickering, they were close. David never had a dad and he knew his mom did the best she could. Either way, the close proximity never afforded them any space, so they had gotten used to it. David’s mom, Susan, had a small space similar to David’s – just enough privacy so they could change and sleep out of sight. There had been many accidental walk-ins over the years on both sides, but both David and Susan tried to ignore it.

David did not a girlfriend yet – most of the girls at school were snotty and looked down on his poor upbringing. The occasional sightings of boobs or ass from his mom was all he had to fuel his guilt-ridden jack-off sessions. His mom kept in great shape – it was part of her job as a waitress. Cute girls got more tips, and Susan wasn’t afraid to show her generous cleavage for a few extra dollars.

Late in David’s sophomore year of high school, he finally convinced his mom to buy a computer as an investment in his future. He wanted to be a programmer, and this way he could start to practice. It also let him fuel his jack-off sessions with images of girls other than his mom, but he always got a thrill when he caught her changing or coming out of the shower.

Several months later…

David Newmark was in his room again, playing World of Warcraft. He had been dutifully attending college classes, but he couldn’t get his head around some of the advanced concepts. He wasn’t used to studying, so when his first midterm came back with a D earlier that day, he was shocked. He had skipped his last class and came home to blow off some steam.

His mom had been hounding him about studying for classes, but he blew her off. She hadn’t attended college, what would she know? She wouldn’t be home for several hours, so he dropped his pants and started to look for some good porn. He had just found a video of a girl getting fucked the way he liked when his mom unexpectedly opened the door to their small studio. She immediately noticed he was there and asked:

“David, why are you home? What are you doing?”

David could hear her dropping her things and coming towards him. “N-nothing Mom! Just Studying!” He scrambled to put back Ankara escort on some clothes, but she opened his curtain before he could pull up his pants. David was still hard, and the porn was still obviously playing on screen. She could clearly see her son’s 7 inch penis.

Susan quickly took in the situation and exclaimed “Aah! I’m sorry!” and shut the curtains again. “Let me know when you’re dressed.”

David felt awful. This wasn’t the first time she had caught him, but it was the first time she got full frontal. He slowly started to put on his pants, when he heard his mom say:

“David, what the fuck is this?”

Oh shit, he had left his exam on the table, clearly marked with a D. “Mom, uh, it caught me off guard. I didn’t realize the rest would be so hard.”

Susan ripped open the curtains, fury in her eyes. She did not care that David was still naked from the waist down. “Caught you off guard? I’ve been telling you for months that college was different! You’re going to lose your academic scholarship and have to drop out!”

“No mom, I still have time to pull it back together, if I get an A on the-“

She cut him off: “You’re always spending your time either playing stupid video games or jacking off! I can hear you! Do you want to work a shit job for the rest of your life? This is your chance!”

David had never heard his mom speak this way. “I’m sorry! I’ll do better! I’ll start studying every -“

“You’re damn right you will!” David’s mom looked at his dick, rapidly deflated, and then the porn playing on the computer again. “and I know how to make sure of it. Come straight home tomorrow after college, now that you’re an adult living in my house, there will be some changes.”

She stormed off and went into her room, and closed the curtains. He could hear her going through drawers, but he wasn’t sure what for. The rest of the night was awkward and silent, with David attempting to focus on studying after the horrific afternoon.

The next day, David walked in to the studio after classes, and his mom’s promise of change had come true. His curtains were gone, so his bed and computer were plainly visible from everywhere in the studio. His mom was sitting on his bed, waiting for him.

“David, I can’t let you throw away your chance for a better life. Starting now, there will be some changes. If you don’t like them, you are free to leave and find someplace else to live.”

David was shocked. Rent was sky-high in his city, and he couldn’t afford to live elsewhere. If he left the studio, he could not attend college. “Mom, you know I can’t live anywhere else and go to school. What changes, just taking down my curtains?”

Susan shifted uncomfortably on his bed. “There are… some things you don’t know about the past. After you were born, I had to take some unsavory jobs to make ends meet. One of those jobs was a waitress at a club in town.”

“What’s unsavory about that?”

“It was a sex club, BDSM. I didn’t do anything or have sex for money or anything, but I served drinks and watched.”

David felt uncomfortable, but turned on. His mom was always so straight laced around him – imagining her in a place like that was hot. “Its OK Mom, you did what you had to do.”

“That’s not the point. As I watched, I learned things about submission, and motivation. Some people were so addicted to sex and masturbation, that they couldn’t function when that option was available to them.”

“What do you mean, mom?” David felt a lump in his throat – he didn’t like where this was going.

“Well, sometimes they used this” She opened a small box next to her, and out came a clear, plastic device. It was clearly penis shaped, and had a lock on the top. “Its a male chastity device. It locks around your… Ankara escort bayan penis, and prevents you from masturbating.”

David’s head was spinning. “Wha… Why do you have that?”

His mom stood up. “Son, I love you, but you need motivation. I can’t let you ruin your future. If you want to live in this house, you will need to study every night, for a minimum of 3 hours. You will wear this so you don’t get distracted, and I will let you out once you finish studying and show some improvement.”

David couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You want me to wear that? No!”

“Its either that or find someplace else to live, honey. I promise if you study and get good grades, it won’t even matter”

David thought about it, and came to the conclusion he didn’t really have a choice. He really did want to graduate, and living elsewhere wasn’t an option. He had lived at home his entire life, and wasn’t really prepared to live elsewhere. “I guess I don’t have a choice.”

“Alright honey, drop your pants so I can put it on.”

David came to the sudden realization he would have to be naked around his mom, quite frequently, and froze. The idea of her putting him into that machine, touching his dick, started to get him hard. No one else had touched him like that before.

“Uh, I’m not -“

“Honey, take off your pants!” Susan exclaimed. “Part of the deal is following what I say. You need to study tonight, so hurry up.”

David was fully hard now. He slowly obeyed, taking off his pants and boxers, bearing himself to his mother. Susan gasped a bit once she saw he was hard, but quickly regained composure.

“It won’t fit while you’re… erect, can you make it go away?”

“Not… right now. This is a little much for me”

Susan looked somewhat worried, but quickly came up with an idea. “Just take care of yourself, and it will go down. Right?”

“..Yeah, but mom, this is awkward. I can’t do that in front of you.”

“You’re going to have to get used to it. I took down your curtains so I’ll know if you’re studying. Just get it over with.”

David sat down on his bed, and slowly started rubbing himself as his mom watched. It felt wrong to have her watch, but it also fueled his fantasies.

Susan couldn’t help but look. It had been a few years since she had been with anyone, and her son was well-endowed. Dirty thoughts kept flashing in her head about what she could do to help him finish, but she pushed them aside. Not long after David started, he was close to finishing.

“I’m close!” Realizing that he had no where to finish, Susan grabbed a few tissues and pushed them up against the tip of David’s penis. This pushed him over the edge, and he unloaded into the tissues his mom was holding.

While David was still in a post-orgasm haze, his mom got to work. She grabbed the chastity device, slipped the ring behind his balls, closed the sheath over his penis, and locked it shut. David jumped at the unexpected contact, but realized that it was already over.

“How do I pee with this thing?” David asked.

“You have to sit down. I looked at your syllabus, you have a quiz next week in computer science. Get an A, and I’ll let you out.”

Susan turned around and started working on dinner, as if she hadn’t just put her son’s cock in a cage. David just sat there and wondered what he was going to do, already uncomfortable.

David’s first few days in the cage were maddening. He wasn’t used to how it felt in his pants, how different using the bathroom was, or how it felt to not have access to one’s own penis. His mom checked to make sure it was still in place and not tampered with every day, and forced him to study. At night, he found it difficult to sleep due to constantly being turned Escort Ankara on.

Each time she checked on her son’s cage, Susan found it hard to push out sexual thoughts related to her son. She hadn’t used this device in years, and it was during a different part of her life. She hadn’t been entirely truthful to her son – She had been a part time dominatrix at the sex club, and using the chastity device was bringing up all sorts of feelings related to her past. She used to have men beg to eat her out, so they could be released. She imagined her son in their place, begging her to allow him to suck on her clit. She pushed those feelings out – they were wrong.

Finally, quiz in Computer Science came, and David scored 100%. He begged the professor to grade his quiz right after class, so he wouldn’t have to wait to show his Mom and be released. With quiz in hand he came home and excitedly showed his mom.

“Mom! I scored 100% on the quiz!”

Susan was relieved. She had put her son back on the path to success. “That’s great honey! Let me finish dinner and then I’ll hold up my end of the bargain.”

Waiting for dinner to be over was the worst part. David had never gone this long without cumming- he thought about it night and day, and what he would do once he was released. He didn’t care that his curtains where gone, he needed to cum. It didn’t help that the collage campus was filled with cute girls – not that he would approach them – but every one played a part in his fantasies.

David inhaled his dinner and waited for his mom to finish. Once she did, she lead him over to his bed.

“It’s time honey, drop your pants”

David’s pants flew down faster then he thought possible, and he sat down on the bed. Susan knelt between his legs so she could get access to the cage. David could feel his cock strain against his cage. Susan could see it too – she immediately felt bad for the poor boy. Had she been right in caging him? She paused while she was lost in thought about it.

“Mom, please! I’m dying!”

Susan jolted back to reality. “Sorry Honey, just a strange situation.” She grabbed the key from around her neck, and placed it in the lock. As she took apart the cage, she felt her son’s cock swell, free from is confinement. Fantasies filled her mind again as she thought about the last time she had been with a man. Fantasies about when she dominated other men, as she is now dominating her son. As she took out the last piece, he hand lingered on the base of his penis.

“You did so well on the quiz honey, let me make it extra special.” Her hand slowly started pumping up and down his cock – teasing him more then anything.

David cried out in ecstasy – he didn’t expect this. He was too far gone to do anything but sit and watch. Susan slowly started applying more pressure, and started caressing his swollen balls. David moaned, and couldn’t believe that his mom was giving him his first handjob. “Mom, I -“

“Shh honey, just sit back and relax. You’ve earned this.”

As the stroking picked up speed, David felt that he was closing to cumming. In his current state, he couldn’t articulate it. He felt the churn, leaned back and started groaning loudly as he came.

Susan did not expect him to come so quickly. It had been years since she had played with a man who was caged for a week, and forgotten how easily it was to make them cum. David started spraying cum on to her chest, and as a reaction, she put her mouth over the very tip to catch the rest. David jolted at the feeling, but relaxed as he emptied the rest of his load into his Mom’s mouth.

Without a word, Susan swallowed, stood up and took off her cum-stained shirt. She grabbed the cage and quickly slipped it back on her son, locking it into place.

David jolted at the touch, and realized he was caged again.

“What! I thought I did better!”

“You did honey, and if you keep doing better you’ll keep getting better rewards. Its time to study, don’t you have a test in English next week?”

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