David and Hanna Part Two: Hanna


“No! Fuck you – I changed my mind,” she laughed, as I hooked her knee from behind and threw her onto her back. We grinned wide-eyed at one another when the mattress lurched beneath us and the walls echoed with the impact of the headboard. Hanna worked to fight me off while I held one of her wrists solidly against the bedsheets. The other wrist fluttered like a flock of panicked birds and I couldn’t follow it quickly enough to secure her.“I win!” she roared.Her bare breasts shook and her ribs compressed against my thighs as she drove her hips upward in a heroic attempt to buck me off. Two hours earlier we had been eyeing one another knowingly and slightly nervously across the island in my kitchen. Our systems were abuzz as we squeezed fresh limes into a blender and her husband, David, carefully rimmed three glasses with juice and a layer of pink crystalline salt. I pulled the charred skin from grilled peppers and drew a knife edge through the red, glistening flesh. Hanna wiped off her hands and fussed with the playlist.Reaching past me for ice, David placed a palm affectionately across the small of my back. I smelled light citrus notes of cologne and took pleasure in the warmth of his torso beside mine. It had been three weeks since I had breached, terrified, the topic of my attraction to the two of them. My candor was rewarded with a friendship with David that not only deepened, but included a night spent in his bed. It was my first sexual experience with another man and in the days since then I’d been buoyed by a new feeling of openness and authenticity, and by the heroin of new relationship energy. This evening would be our first spent as a trio. Their two children were securely in the care of distant grandparents and we could turn our full attention to Hanna’s design for our evening:  her unrestricted access to the new toy in the relationship as payback for David and I sleeping together with her consent – but not her presence – Ankara bayan escort on that first afternoon. David would watch and cheer us on from the sidelines and serve as referee if absolutely necessary.She selected a bulletproof safe word (if any partner of mine yelled out Gonzaga! during lovemaking I’d surely stop whatever I was doing even if I didn’t know it was a red light). We had talked and texted boundaries and insecurities and menus of favorite ways to interact with a human body. It made for a heady two weeks of foreplay. And now, as she chewed cubes of marinated and grilled steak behind an endearing smile, I felt her fingertips beneath the table tracing a line upward along my inseam. The heightened state of arousal that was my new normal was kicked up several degrees and in the darkness of my thin boxer briefs my erection began painting a series of quarter-sized circles of lubrication.The sexual tension was thick in the air – even while doing something so unsexy as scraping and rinsing dishes. Hana’s ass filled a thin floral dress with a chest-pain-inducing beauty. Her shining brown hair rolled off of her neck in long languid ringlets and as her pale blue eyes caught me over one bare shoulder I could see intent, and tequila, in her gaze – intent that I returned and we watched each other’s movements closely. I asked David, once again, how he was doing. Did this all feel OK? Did he have any reservations? Do we call this off before it intensifies? He smiled. He leaned in, and he kissed me on the mouth for the first time since I’d finished a cup of coffee and left the house he shared with Hanna twenty days before.“From where I stand, it looks like we’re all good, Adam. But I’ll keep you posted. Don’t worry.” ChaseHanna was still rinsing dark chocolate rivulets from the last few saucers when I stepped behind her and quietly felt the surface of her legs, mid-thigh, just beneath the blue Escort bayan Ankara hem of her sundress. My fingertips explored the hairlessness of her quadriceps and hamstrings. As she rotated her head and tilted it back slightly, I laid my lips against her temple, taking in the slight lavender smell of her shampoo. She smiled softly, inhaled deeply, and rested her hands against the apron of the sink. Her dress elevated with my touch as I moved closer to her hips, past the gentle curves of her butt – up further still as my fingertips found the lace texture of the top of her thong. Turning slowly in the circumference of my light grip she elevated her arms and I followed the gesture with the soft blue cotton dress and its array of orange flowers. Up and over her shoulders, elbows, and painted fingernails it went.I broke eye contact in order to take her all in: the rosy pink of her lips, the long graceful throat, the slope of her collarbones. Her breasts were supported by an expensive arabesque of pale blue lace and wire. They swelled upward from the pressure of the brassiere and my hands followed my gaze: brushing the point where the top of each breast became sternum and pectoral muscle. I rolled each strap free and passed my palms across the lightly-freckled slopes of her shoulders. We kissed.The kiss was closed. It was patient. It was kind. I took her face in my hands and we inhaled one another’s breath through widening nostrils – kissing more deeply. More openly. Articulated teeth and lips and the tips of tongues. I felt her smile as she sucked my lower lip into her mouth, which then tightened from my own wide smile. We liked each other.I pressed her into the cool stone of the countertop and she deftly worked her way through the buttons of my dress shirt. Our mouths opened and closed in a silent sensual dialogue. She managed my shirt free and leaned back slightly – maintaining our kiss while Bayan escort Ankara grinding her mons into my aching erection. Unclasping her bra, my hands caught the weight of her breasts, the delicate pattern still embossed on the pale skin. Hanna tore at the clasp of my belt and the buttons of my trousers. I stepped back, looked at her with wonder, lust and awe, and knelt down to unlace my shoes. She loomed above me: radiant and alive and erotic. I hooked the waistband of her knickers and drew them down toward two graceful, feminine ankles and she stepped one foot at a time into nakedness.Bare to me, she kissed me again when I stood. My cock fought for freedom from my briefs and she gripped it through the fabric. I saw her eyes flash at my inhalation and she tugged at me teasingly.“Maybe,” she began slowly, “this goes in my mouth.” She followed with another series of gentle tugs, pulling the skin up onto the head. The sensation was thrilling to my core.She kissed my chin and whispered: “Would you like that?”“I would,” I confessed, so enrapt that I lost all awareness for anything else in the world, including her husband who watched us from the corner of the room.“Then you’re going to have to catch me!” And with that, she was bounding up the stairs two and three at a time.I looked at David, and he just shrugged, as if to say: “That’s a new one to me, too. Good luck, friend.” I took off after Hanna – supporting myself against the wall of the stairwell – amazed by her quickness. She would enter a room and then find a way to avoid me in order to spring into the next. For his part, David suspected that this would all eventually end in the room with the largest bed, so he sat in the corner with a fresh margarita and one last slice of torte.I guess we’ve found Hanna’s arousal style, I thought to myself as she head-faked me and dashed down the hallway just out of my grasp. Her strong legs propelled her like a gymnast in a floor routine and I’d picked up a few bruises in the pursuit. Following her into the bedroom, she attempted to leap the bed, double back, and escape me once again but I was able to manage – either through my own skill or her decision that the game had moved to the next phase – to grip her by the ankle and drop her onto the mattress.

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