Dave’s First Time Pt. 01


Dave stood just in front of the door. He had been there for 10 minutes then, not daring to knock it. He looked at his watch again, ten past five, he was supposed to be at the other side of that door 10 minutes ago. For a moment, he glanced at the stairs, the sign above them: EXIT. An escape, a way out, no need to keep pushing this madness forward…

He just took a deep breath and forced himself to face the door again. Apartment 206, white door, golden knob and a tiny red heart sticker in the right upper corner, all there, all in place. Just as she said. Dave checked his pockets, his phone was there, so were his wallet and keys. He was tempted to take his phone and check the chat one more time, just to be sure. But, as he reached for his pocket the white door of the apartment 206 opened with a squeak.

Chel was a twenty-five Caribbean girl, just 1 year younger than Dave. Her dark hair reached her lower back and highlighted her sensual figure. It was perfectly matched by her dark eyes which looked tender and lovely. Her brown skin was soft and spotless; şişli escort she took care of it with daily routines. The sweet scent of her perfume make her only more desirable. Chel was a beautiful woman.

“Hi honey!” she said in her sweet tone, “I hope I did not keep you waiting for too long, I just got out of the shower.”

Dave just stared at her, an electric current ran all over his back and his heart was about to explode. The last time he saw her was during a video call, she was wearing a white pullover and they discussed the details of this encounter. Now she was there; barefoot, covering herself with a towel and smiling at Dave.

“Hi…” babbled finally, “I-i-it-it’s ok.”

“Come in dear!” She said as she took Dave’s hand and pulled him into her apartment, “You said you were going to be at five o’clock and since you were running late I thought I may do something special for you while waiting. Do you like them?” As she said the last question, she raised her right foot and showed it to Dave. Her nails were neatly painted with a bright yellow.

“Beautiful,” Dave said, then, a second electric shock moved all over his back and his ears started to burn. He was out of words, barely believing this all was happening. Chel did not failed to notice all of that and giggled playfully.

“Come on honey, make yourself comfortable.”

Chel still held his hand, the soft and warm touch made him feel safer and more relaxed. She led him to the largest couch and sat him there.

“Give me a second baby, I will be right back,” She walked towards her room but Dave interrupted her.

“Wait… I-I-I-I brought it,” Dave took out his wallet…

“Later baby,” Said Chel with a smile.

Dave sat there in silence. He was unsure about what to do next. So, he checked his wallet; the money was in place, 300 $ for 2 hours. He had been saving that money for a while, waiting for someone special to appear. Now that someone was in the other room getting ready for him. A wave of second thoughts flooded his mind, making him feel dizzy and extremely nervous, the door was there, he could scape and never comeback… But she had been so kind, he could not leave, he had to stay. His left leg started shaking and he was unable to stop it. In order to clear his mind, he took off his sweater. Just as he finished she was back, still barefoot and wearing a pink sundress that covered only slightly more than the towel.

“You like it baby?”

“It is amazing,” Whispered a blushed Dave.

She noticed it and felt so good that turned around, picked up her hair and standing on her toes she asked.

“What about the back?”

“Just as beauty,” Said Dave in a more natural voice.

“Thanks baby!”

She walked towards him slowly and sensually. Her hands on her back and a cute smile on her face. Dave had asked her for something really special; it was his first time and he had emphasized in that. She found him cute and it was the first time someone had come to her with such a deal. So, she accepted his requests and was eager to have fun while doing so.

Chel stood just in front of Dave and he reached for his wallet. But, she stopped him, sat on his lap, surrounded Dave with her arms and whispered on his ear: “Later baby.”

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