Daughters’ Revenge


I came home to find my wife primping. “What ya doin’?”

“Gettin’ ready.”

“Gettin’ ready. For what?”

“Goin’ out”

“I didn’t know we…” She cut me off.

“We’re not! I am!” Her voice was cold and matter of fact. I knew something was wrong.

“Having a girls night with a friend?”

“NO!” She looked at me her eyes full of anger. I’m thinking, ‘What the hell is going on!’

“Since my husband wants to cheat on me. I have a date.”

“What!? A date! I haven’t cheated on you!”

Her fists were clenched, her body stiff and her eyes full of hate. “You Are A Goddamn Liar! I have proof!”

“Proof! You can’t have proof of something I haven’t done!”

“LIAR!” She screamed. “I have proof! You did it right here in this bedroom.”

“That’s impossible. I have never cheated. Show it to me.”

“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t ya? I show you and you take it from me.”

“Look! I don’t know what’s going on. I HAVE NEVER CHEATED! I’ll stand across the room! Just, show me this proof of yours.”

“OK! Stand over there.” She pointed at the far corner. As she walked to the dresser, she said, “You can’t lie your way out of this.”

She pulled her drawer completely out and dropped it to the floor. Squatting she looked inside and reached for a disk taped to the dresser.

“Don’t you move!” She said as she went to the TV and played the video.

I couldn’t tell who the man was. The woman was obvious. It was my wife’s younger sister. She was on her knees, sucking his dick. It was definitely taking place in our bedroom.

One thing was for sure, I knew it wasn’t me. I had never done anything with another woman, since getting married.

“Well, there you are! And, you’re with my sister! You piece of shit!”

My mind was racing. “It’s not me!”

“YEAH! Oh yeah! You are such a liar! The proof is coming up!”

Her sister moved her hand down the man’s hip and there was the proof my wife was talking about. A small eagle tattoo. Something flashed in my mind that I didn’t realize yet.


The video blinked and was now looking down her sister’s body as she was putting the man’s dick in her pussy. I saw the proof, it wasn’t me and said loudly, “Stop it!”

“What’s the matter!? Don’t want to watch yourself, fucking my sister!”

“NO! No, that’s not it. It’s not me and there’s the proof.”


“I’m not lying! Look at him.”

“NO! It makes me sick.”

“Look at him dammit!” She looked as I pulled my pants down. “Now, look at me.”

She turned and sarcastically said, “Oh yeah! Like exposing yourself is going to change my mind.”

“Look At Me. Look At Him. What don’t you see?”

She looked, back and forth, several times. Her hand went to her mouth. bursa eskort “Shit! Your freckles!”

“Back it up. There’s something else.”

“Something else?”

“You’ll see. Now, back it up.”

Being nervous, she restarted it, and I had her put it in slow-motion. Coming to a clear view of the tattoo, I had her stop it.

“Look at the tattoo. It’s drawn on, cause she smeared it when she moved her hand. And, (I turned so she could see mine clearly.) part of it’s missing.”

Sure enough, the small heart between the eagles legs wasn’t there. You see, only three people have ever seen my entire tattoo. The woman who did it, me and my wife. No-one else has ever seen the bottom of it.

As she looked at me blankly, I asked, “Well, now that you know it isn’t me, are you still going on your date?”

Her expression changed to one I didn’t understand. Turning white, I thought she was going to faint. She fell to the floor, crying and I rushed to her.

“Shhhh, shhhh. It’s alright. It’s alright. It wasn’t me.”

“But (sob) But (sob) I”

“It’s alright, calm down. You didn’t do anything.”

“But … I” More hard sobbing. “I … Oh Dear God … I”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. The video’s fake.”

“But, I did! I … I … I already fucked him.”

“Fucked him? Who? Who’d you fuck?”

“My date. Oh, Dear God! Honey! I’m so sorry!”

“When did you …”

“This afternoon, after Mom left.”

It was out. Her mother was the source of the deception. I kept my mouth shut and thought about getting that old bitch. And I was going to, believe me, I was going to.

After my wife calmed down, she wasn’t going to go on her date. But, I convinced her to go ahead with it. Only not to end up in bed with the guy. She was going to pretend to get very drunk. The idea was for her to make a scene and cause trouble, in order to get him to call her mother to come and pick her up.

As arranged, a cab showed up at 7:00pm to pick her up. She was nervous but sure she could pull it off. I was nervous too. Afraid he would actually get her in bed again. I kissed her goodbye. Doing my best to reassure her while my insides were churning.

After she left, I looked at the video and figured out where the camera was. Looking across the room, there was the clock her mother had given her. I looked at it closely and two of the decorations didn’t look right.

I took the clock downstairs to take it apart. I found a camera with a removable harddrive inside the clock. It took me a minute to figure out that the drive had the same kind of connection my printer had.

Nervously, I replaced the printer with the drive. “Do I really want to see what’s on this?” I thought. “Yes! Dammit, I need to know!”

There was one very large file on the drive. With my stomach bursa escort bayan knotted and churning, I opened it. There was my mother-in-law Jewel, looking at the camera. That’s when I discovered there was sound. The video my wife showed me didn’t have sound.

Jewel moved and there stood Deb (Deborah), my wife’s younger sister. She was only visible from the shoulders down. Her ‘Tramp Stamp’ identified her. It’s a pair of wings framing DEB under the letters CS. I would find out later what the letters CS stood for. And a man I didn’t know. Both were naked. I was immediately struck by how physically similar to me he was.

Jewel spoke, “OK, you two. You know the routine. Keep your fucking mouths shut! Until you get into the fucking. I need that first part for the video I’m going to give Jeanne. We only have time to do this short video and get the hell out of here.”

They took a few seconds just standing there. Their hands began to move over each others bodies. Before they turned sideways, Deb moved her hand down to his hip to cover the tattoo. That’s when her face came into view as she kissed her way down his body. Keeping the tattoo covered.

Deb kept his dick out of view until it was in her mouth and she moved her head in front of him. Like the video my wife had, a minute into this one, Deb turned him a little and slid her hand down revealing the tattoo.

She sucked on him for a couple of minutes before laying on the bed with her head toward the camera. Their movements were such that his face was never seen.

Next was the fateful scene in the video given my wife. Deb grasped his dick, laid her head way back so her face could be seen and inserted him in her pussy.

That’s when the fucking began with Deb staying on her back throughout. They made sure his face was never seen but the fucking was. No words were spoken, only moans, gasps and grunts.

After a few minutes, he pulled out of Deb’s pussy and moved up her body to stick his dripping dick in her mouth. Deb sucked away until he came in her mouth. She showed the camera a mouth full of cum and swallowed.

“That was great, you two.” Jewel said as Deb sat up blocking the view and the man left.

“Think this one’ll sell, Mother?”

“It’ll sell baby. Guys always wanna see a young slut fuck and swallow cum.”

“I hope so. I need the money and I’m not makin’ what you said I would.”

“Quit bitchin’ you little slut! You’re paid plenty.”

“Am I gonna get the bonus you promised for this one?”

“You’ll get your goddamn bonus if it works! Shut the fuck up and get dressed. We gotta get outta here.”

She went about straightening up the bedroom. Jewel’s face appeared in front of the camera. “Oh, Fucking Hell! I’ll get it later.” She hurried out looking around as görükle escort she did so.

Now I was worried that Jewel would accomplish what she wanted with Jeanne, so I sent a text to Jeanne’s phone. ‘Get back quick Worse than thought’

I was worrying for nothing because Jeanne put things together for herself. She fully realized her mother and little sister were in on it together. She was really pissed that her mother brought one of her old boyfriends with her.

The two of them kept her drinking all afternoon. Her mother kept whispering encouragement to have a revenge fuck. Then slap me by going out on tonight’s date. Jeanne isn’t as stupid as her mother thinks she is. And I know, Jeanne would never had done it if it weren’t for her mothers manipulation.

I had just started watching more of the video when I got a text from Jeanne. ‘On way home’

I copied the video to my computer, put the clock back together and barely got it back to the bedroom as a car pulled in the driveway.

As I got back to the living room, I heard Jewel yell, “Can I get a little help out here.”

When I went outside they were in the driveway. Jeanne was being a ‘wet rag’ drunk and Jewel couldn’t handle her.

I picked Jeanne up and carried her inside. Just as I got in the door, Jewel started in. “What the hell did you do to my daughter, to make her do this!?”

“Huh! What? I didn’t do anything!”

“OH! Are you trying to tell me she went out and got drunk, for nothing!”

“I thought she was going out with girlfriends!”

“Yeah, Right! I’ll get her bed ready.” Jewel headed for the bedroom. I quickly picked up Jeanne and followed. I didn’t want her mother in there alone.

Jewel was irritated and even tried to shoosh me out several times. But, I wasn’t going to give her a chance to get to the clock. I called her a cab using my cell and listened to her telling me I needed to treat my wife better.

When the cab arrived, I escorted her all the way out. I even watched the cab disappear in the distance before going back inside.

When I opened the door, Jeanne was standing there smiling. “How’d I do?”

“Perfect! I even thought you actually got drunk.”

“Yeah, so’d that son-of-a-bitch Bob.” She said as she gently cupped her breasts. “That bastard mauled my tits, as soon as I started acting drunk.”

“Bob? The guy you used to date?”

“Yeah, him.”

“Why didn’t you slap him?”

“Couldn’t! I was drunk, remember!” She had a painful expression as she moved her hands. “He really hurt ’em, he was so rough. And Mom! I’m really pissed at her now! She watched him play with my pussy as we waited for the cab. He even fondled and kissed her before she got in the cab.”

“It’s over now Honey.” I said as I took her in my arms and kissed her. “Let’s go to bed. Tomorrow we have a lot to talk about it. And there’s something you need to see.”

We didn’t just go to sleep. Jeanne wanted fucked. I had to take it easy with her tits. Bob had been really rough because they were terribly bruised. I put it in my mind, that I would get him for that.

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