Daughters Party Ch. 02


When my wife was unexpectedly called out of town at the last minute I had not looked forward to my daughter’s end of school slumber party. That is until her best friend April ended up fucking my brains out AND my daughter told me that several of the other girls at the party were interested in doing the same!

Now the party was becoming interesting as I tried to figure out which of these lovely ladies was interested in me and see if I could fuck them before they headed home tomorrow morning.

I finally decided I needed to move. I had been sitting in my den trying to make sense of what had happened in the last hour. Picking up my bathing suit I trotted upstairs and jumped in the shower. As I stood under the hot spray I remembered that I had left the barbeque unattended. Not bothering to dry off I pulled my bathing suit on and headed out to the pool expecting to find the burgers and hotdogs turned into ash.

Slamming the gate to the pool open I turned the corner toward the barbeque and slowed down to a normal walk. One of the girls who I didn’t recognize when they all arrived was tending the grill. As I got closer I could see that she had everything under control.

“Hi, thanks for taking over.” I said as I stopped next to the grill. Her back was to me; she had short red hair and a nice looking ass.

“No prob – – lem,” was her reply as she turned around to face me. “You must be Maggie’s father.” A smile began to grow across her face, as she looked me up and down. As her smile grew and her gaze moved from my face to my crotch and back several times I began to get a little uneasy.

“Yeah, I’m Maggie’s dad,” I replied. Nodding toward the grill, “Aah, it looks like you’re a pretty good cook. Glad somebody took over while I was in the house. I was afraid everything would be dust.”

She just kept smiling and looking at me. I was now quite unnerved. What had the girls told her? Did she know what April and I had done? Was she one of the ones that my daughter was talking about? Thinking about all of this, my cock began to begin to twitch in my suit. I became embarrassed and turned bright red.

Not knowing what else to do I stuck out my hand. “I don’t think we’ve been introduced.” I sputtered. “My name is Jack, what’s your name.”

“I’m Candice,” she replied as she continued to smile, enjoying my obvious discomfort. “Maggie has told me all about you. My friends call me Candy. If you want to be my friend you can call me Candy too.”

The thought ran through my head about how much I like to eat candy. . . . . but how bad candy is for a man of my age…

Just then one of the other girls walked up. “Candy, are you done playing with those wieners yet?” a strikingly beautiful blonde in a lime green bikini asked. I remembered her name was Amy.

“I’m not playing with them,” Candy protested, “I’m just making them hot.” Both girls began to giggle at Candy’s quick response. Candy then speared a hot dog with a long barbeque fork and put it on a paper plate.

“Oh,” sighed the blonde, “Look what you did – you made all the juice run out of the poor wieners. I wanted to do that.” Amy pouted, then turned and sliding right next to me, looked up into my eyes she said, “Do you think it’s fair that Candy gets to play with a wiener that’s mine?”

I couldn’t say a thing. I was acutely aware that my cock had begun to stiffen, as I looked form the hot redhead to the gorgeous blond just inches away from me. It seemed like hours, but I’m sure it was less than a minute before the girls cracked up and began laughing. This caught my daughter’s attention and she wandered over to see what was going on.

Looking from one girl to the other Maggie crossed her Escort Güngören arms under her tits and in a loud voice said, “Alright, who’s been picking on my poor daddy? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”

Everyone stopped laughing for about two seconds, looked at Maggie and then started laughing even harder. The whole scene finally got to me and I started to laugh. Looking at Maggie I saw that she had cracked up too. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stand straight so I sat down on the grass next to the grill. Next thing I knew Candy was sitting on one side of me still laughing while Amy dropped on the other side of me, tears streaming down her face from laughing so hard. We were all leaning against each other trying to keep from rolling onto the grass.

Maggie did her best to control herself and between giggles said “You can’t fool me daddy. You started this just so you could get Candy and Amy to rub their tits on you.” She then broke out laughing again.

Candy raised her eyebrows, squared her shoulders and pressing her beautiful tits into my arm and side of my chest managed to say between giggles, “If you wanted to feel these all you had to do was ask.”

Not to be outdone, Amy reached over taking my head between her hands pulled my face into her ample cleavage.

“There, isn’t that better?” Amy cooed, as she ground my face into her tits.

As my mouth was raked over the thin material covering Amy’s left breast I quickly closed my lips over her hardening nipple and gave it a quick bite.

“He bit me!! He bit my nipple”, Amy cried out, pushing my face away from her chest. The girls, all but Amy, laughed even harder.

“Serves you right for shoving those big things in his face.” Candy howled.

“Daddy!! I can’t leave you alone with any of my friends!! What’s gotten into you? Or maybe I should ask what have you gotten into?” Maggie giggled.

For my part I just sat there and didn’t say a word, remembering how good Amy’s tits felt and wondering if I would get another chance to bite her nipples. As the laughter continued Cindy, who had been propped against my shoulder, moved forward just enough so that she slid down my chest, her head ending up in my lap.

Giggling, she looked up at me and intentionally moved her head back so that her cheek was pressing hard against my cock. She then began slowly rubbing her cheek against my cock, causing it to stiffen. Her eyes grew wide; she stopped laughing and licked her lips, which caused me to turn as hard as a rock.

Before I could do anything else or anyone took notice of what was going on, Candy sat back up and leaning toward me whispered, “If that’s what I think it is and its that hard because of me I want to know when I get it.”

By now Amy had gotten to her feet and was walking back toward the pool with my daughter. Candy got to her knees and using my shoulder to lean on stood up right in front of me. This meant my nose was maybe three inches from her cunt. I could see a small wet spot forming and inhaling deeply I could smell the musky sweet odor of her pussy.

Candy moved back to the grill and I pulled myself to my feet. Because of my huge erection I faced toward the grill, with my back toward everyone by the pool. The only one who could see the tent in my trunks was Cindy.

“God, April was right!” Candy murmured, “You are hung like a horse.”

At lease I now knew where she got her information but it also made me wonder how many other girls April had talked to.

Looking around Candy said a bit too loudly, “Mr. Jenkins, can you show me where you keep the charcoal? The fire is dieing out and we’ve still got lots of stuff İnnovia Escort to cook.”

Grabbing my hand Candy lead me toward the garage. We exited the pool gate and as we neared the side door leading into the garage she pulled me closer to her. We were now side by side and her hand snaked out of mine and around my hard cock.

We reached the garage door; Candy went through the door in front of me and immediately turned around as she dropped to her knees. As I entered she began tugging my trunks down to my ankles. I had barely closed the door before her small mouth stretched wide to take half my cock down her throat.

Leaning back against the door I let out a low groan as I looked down watching this 18 year old suck more and more of my stiff cock into her throat. My hands went to her head as I began fucking her face.

“That feels wonderful Candy. Suck my hard cock. Take it down your tight little throat until I cum all over you.”

Candy looked up at me and in a final push managed to bury her nose in my pubic hair. Had I not cum about an hour before I’d have lost it right there. As it was my eyes rolled back in my head and I began fucking her pretty mouth even harder.

This went on for about five or ten minutes. Finally I had had enough and grabbing her hair I pulled her off my cock.

“NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!! I want you to cum in my mouth!!” Amy whined.

“I will, I promise. But first I want to taste that wonderful cunt of yours.”

Picking her up I sat her down on the hood of Jeep. As I brought my hands down I grabbed her suit and peeled it off of her. Candy helped by lifting her butt a few inches, allowing me to pull the suit completely off of her.

Her body was gorgeous. Cone shaped tits with large puffy areolas ending in hard little nipples. Her areolas were almost transparent, just barley a few shades darker than her pink skin. I could see she was a natural redhead. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed, allowing just the edges of her labia to poke thru.

I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders as my mouth zeroed in on her sweet cunt. Her scent was wonderful and drove me even wilder. As I reached her drooling cunt I shoved my tongue as far into her as I could.

“OOOohhhh yyyyeeessss” hissed Candy. As she leaned back onto the hood of the Jeep her hands found their way to my head and she now began fucking my face as I had been doing to hers just minutes before.

My mouth found the button of her clit. I took it between my lips and alternated between sucking it and nibbling at it with my lips. She went wild. Her fingernails dug into my scalp as she slammed her cunt faster and faster against my mouth. I stayed with her, running my tongue across her cunt, then sucking her clit, then rubbing it with my nose as my tongue tickled her cute little ass hole.

Candy finally could stand no more and wrapping her legs around my neck in a death lock she pulled my mouth hard against her cunt one last time. She barely made a sound as she exhaled deeply and locked all of her muscles for what seemed like five minutes.

I was beginning to worry that we would both pass out when suddenly she inhaled and released the hold she had on my head. This gave me room to gulp in a huge ragged breath of air. Once I had broken the seal between her cunt and my lips her juices ran down the crack of her ass onto the hood of the car. Pushing my mouth back against her cunt I began lapping and sucking her sweet nectar.

“Shit, stop!! I can’t take any more” Amy cried as I continued to lap up the juice flowing from her pussy. She used her elbows to pull herself out of the reach of my incessant tongue.

Smiling Kağıthane escort bayan I stood up letting her legs drop to my sides I gently pulled her back to me until I was able to cradle her in my arms. Amy was still shaking a little and her breathing was still a little on the ragged side. After a few minutes her breathing returned to normal and her hand began to trace little paths around my lips.

“Mmmmm, I’d like to take your mouth with me. I’ve never cum that hard before.” She purred. “People can say what they want about older guys but nobody has ever eaten my pussy like that.”

For my part my hands were now moving all over her body. First tracing light finger touches up her spine then reaching down to pinch a nipple. We continued this caressing for a few minutes, each of us responding to the erotic massage.

My cock was now so hard it hurt and I had to get some relief. I picked up Candy from the hood and slid her down my body. Her juicy slit sliding along my hard cock caused us both to shudder.

Candy’s hands grabbed my cock and began to slowly slide up and down its length as she said “I want to feel this thing in me but you’ve got to promise to let me drink your cum.”

I didn’t answer; instead I once again picked her up and carried her to the back of the garage and into the laundry room. Looking around I saw a large basket full of dirty clothes. I kicked over the basket spilling the clothes onto the concrete floor.

Candy’s feet had barely touched the floor before she crumpled to the floor on her back and opened her legs. I dropped to my knees then onto my hands. Candy reached between us and guided my pulsing cock to the entrance of her hot cunt. A single hard push and I was buried in her hot cunt. She wasn’t as tight as April had been but felt about 100 degrees hotter.

“Fuck me Mr. Jenkins. Fuck me till I cum.” She sighed as I slowly began stroking my cock into her waiting cunt. The feeling was intense. It felt like ice as I pulled my cock out of her tight hole and then felt like fire as I shoved my cock deep into her.

Our rhythm quickened and I began fucking her harder and harder as I began to build toward an orgasm. Soon my balls were slapping against her ass as my cock drove all the way to her cervix. I couldn’t believe that I was ready to cum again so quickly, but the time had arrived.

“I’m gonna cum now Candy” I said, “I can’t hold it any more.”

“In my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth” she replied and I pulled my raging cock out of her hot cunt. Pushing forward I rested my balls on her tits and grabbing her short red hair I pulled her mouth to my cock. No sooner had she sucked in about two inches of my cock than it erupted.

Gob after gob of hot sperm pulsed into Candy’s sucking mouth. All of it disappearing down her throat. As my balls emptied candy continued to suck like a vacuum cleaner. Soon it was me begging her to stop.

We lay in each others arms for a while waiting for our senses to return to us. Candy was the first to get up. She walked first to my trunks, picking them up and tossing them in my direction. Next she went over and picked up her suit. As she stepped into it she stopped.

“Uh oh” she giggled, turning in my direction. “I think you have some car repairs to get done.”

I gave her a questioning look, stood up and pulled on my trunks. When I got to the Jeep I saw what she meant. There were several dents in the hood, made as she was fucking my face earlier.

Smiling I looked into her green eyes. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got insurance.”

Candy laughed, picked up a bag of charcoal that was sitting just inside the garage door and headed back to the party. I followed about ten feet behind her. As I passed the fence and turned into the pool area I stopped and looked at all the girls.

I had fucked two of them in as many hours. There were seven remaining, counting my daughter. I found myself wondering if I would get the opportunity to fuck any of the rest of them.

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