Daughter’s Depression Ch. 03


A week after the quickie with dad in the shed mom invited us over for Friday night dinner. I was surprised as I felt no awkwardness in the presence of dad in a family setting. Dad seemed to be his usual self and paid no more attention to me than he usually did.

The food was great as always and afterwards we were sitting around the table admiring and playing with the twins.

“Have you mentioned to your parents that I have to go out of town this weekend?” My husband asked.

“You just told me this morning.” I replied.

“Where are you off to, David?” Dad queried.

“The boss wants me to go over to Johnsonville and help the new foreman get settled. Show him around the place and introduce him to a few people.”

I saw my father glance at me. Stealing glances at him, I could tell is mine was swirling.

“You know, darling.” Dad began. “If David is going to be gone all weekend, you could watch the twins for a about five or six hours tomorrow. Moose and I could go down to Vanceboro (where our camp site was located) and pick up the trailer.”

“That would be great!” Mom replied. “If Jessica will trust me that long with the twins.”

“Mom! Don’t be like that. Of course I trust you with my children.” I exclaimed.

I gave my father a long look, knowing that he had already moved the trailer to a truck stop no more than an hour down the interstate. It had needed some framework. He apparently had not said anything to mom about moving it. I didn’t know whether to be upset with him, but I looked forward to what he had in mind. I knew one thing for certain. My pussy was going to get some TLC.

If I was going to get any sex from David, it was going to be on a Friday night. After putting the twins to bed, I took my usual bath and dressed in pretty black panties and a see-through, knee length grown. My breasts and nipples were seductively visible.

I was generally hoping to get lucky, as I said earlier David was convinced that I would somehow get pregnant and depriving me of sex, despite the condom and the “day after pill”. While I dressed for sex, my inner-self just didn’t seem to care that much. I was thinking about tomorrow.

David turned out to be a horny and he retrieved a rubber from the drawer. With a little kissing and foreplay, he stripped me of my underwear and maneuvered between my legs. I guided his stiff, rubber coated, cock into me.

My ass matched his rhythm but it did so consciously and my moans were consciously timed to his thrust. Needless to say, I wasn’t really there. At least, not until I began to let my mind wander and it wandered to the vision of my dad eating my pussy.

My husband’s cock began to have an effect and I became much more proactive. Afterwards, he told me I fucked like a wanton vixen.

“Not too shabby for a 38-year-old!” I appraised myself to him.

“Tonight, you fucked like you did when you were 20.” He offered.

I had mixed feelings about his remark, but in reality I didn’t care what he thought. All I knew was that he wasn’t giving me enough sex. I couldn’t help getting pregnant late in life. If he didn’t want to do his duty, I now had a man who would. I didn’t have to worry about my lover coming in me, as he’d been fixed years ago.

Dad and I rolled out of the driveway shortly after David left. He would head south on the interstate and dad and I would head north. I tried to put the twins out of my mind.

“Did you not tell mom about the trailer on purpose?” I asked. “I don’t see how in the world you could have foresaw a chance like this?”

“No, I did not hide it from her. No reason to, as I did not see this opportunity coming……. like you said.” He answered. “Just good luck, I suppose.”

I wore jeans and a heavy cotton shirt today, subconsciously I think, not wanting to appear undressed………. Ready for Freddie so to speak. Fucking your bursa escort dad does create such thinking, I suppose. Odd, I know, but it made me feel that people would see me more chastity-fied, if such a word exists. The monkey wrench in this line of thought is…… I wore no bra. Go figure!

Dad asked me to move over closer to him, but I declined. He reached to put his hand on my thigh. I did not protest letting him have this desire.

“Did you enjoy the phone call the other day, dad?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am, I surely did.”

“I hope you’re a real pussy eating man, because I’m expecting a repeat of that phone call but in real life.”

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about, sugar.” He replied. “I have to apologize for neglecting that thing for so long. We will have over two hours for me to get acquainted with it properly.”

I smiled at his remarks and slid a little bit closer in his direction, spreading my thighs wide enough to let his hand slide up to my crotch. He discovered I had no bra on and backhandedly stroked my breast occasionally, making my nipples hard.

“Why did it take so long for us to get together?” I asked.

“I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t thought about you and me together, but things tend to come at their own pace and time.” He replied.

“Well, you had the computer and seemed to be doing quite well on your own. Us, you and me, having sex has certainly come at the right time in my life.” I related, and then continued to tell him my problem with David.

Dad rolled off of the interstate onto the exit, leading to the truck stop. It took a few minutes, but we located our 21′ camping trailer towards the back of the lot. It was surrounded by a large group of trailers much like our own. As luck would have it, it was not locked in but was two deep inside the other trailers. I got out and helped dad back his trunk, lining the two hitches up to each other. Dad shut down the truck and got out.

“I’m going in and pay the tab.” Dad said, getting out of the truck, throwing the keys to me. “You go on in, sugar, and get comfortable.”

I lifted the small cooler we had brought with us containing a few bottles of water and a couple of Cokes. I was promised a good lunch before we got back home. A real whore, right! I unlocked the trailer and climbed inside. It turned out be quite hot and muggy inside the trailer. I lifted a few windows, front and back, to get the air circulating and closed up the few blinds that were open. Dad was back within 15 minutes.

I was sitting on the bed that normally would have been a sofa. It was one of the things, a list in my head, to redo before we left the truck stop. Dad sat down next to me.

“I thought you would have rid yourself of those jeans by now.” He observed, placing his hand on my thigh again.

“I was thinking maybe you would like to have the honor.” I said seductively.

Sometimes it takes so little to get the ball rolling. I leaned back as dad stood and removed my sandals, unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jeans, unzipped them a little and tugged them off of me, leaving my black bikini underwear.

Then, he removed his shoes and jeans. I could see a slight bulge in his boxer shorts and I made a spontaneous decision.

“Come closer.” I directed, lifting myself to a sitting position. “I’m going to do something I almost never do. A treat for you.”

I fumbled with his underwear and brought forth his semi erect cock. It must be the heat, I thought. After playing with it for a few moments, I lifted it and took the domed head into my mouth and began to suck on it lightly. Almost instantly it began to respond and was soon at full attention and I engulfed more of it into my mouth. I alternated my sucking to just pumping dad’s cock, looking up at his face. His head was back, his eyes closed and his moans were barely auditable. bursa escort I was happily content that he was properly enthralled.

For the first time I was able to appraise dad’s cock. His cock was not as thick as David’s, but it was noticeably longer. I knew dad wasn’t on any type of pill and I was quite impressed with his ability to get as hard as he did and keep it that way. Though, in truth, we had not engaged in a lengthy fuck. I hoped sometimes in the future we could get the illicit, incestuous and lustful sex out of our system and have a casual, lengthy fuck. Today was not going to be that day, as we didn’t have the time.

“That was good, Moose!” He said, as I pulled my mouth off his cock and sat back, my arms outstretched behind me, smiling at him.

“Don’t get used to that.” I cautioned. “You know I’m looking for the same.”

“Pull them britches off, sugar.” He directed, as he positioned himself lying on his back on the floor.

I suppose, he saw the surprised and confused look on my face.

“Come on, Moose!” He directed, using his hands. “I want you to squatted over my face.”

“Dad!” I cried, as I stood pushing my bikini panties down and stood looking down at him. “You can’t be serious! You’re embarrassing me!”

“I’m going to give you something that will blow your mind and you’ll remember forever. And I promise, I will definitely do this for you again.”

You would think that a daughter who has let her father stick his cock in her would be passed embarrassment, but I know that my milky colored body must have turned rosy red as I positioned myself and lowered myself into a squat over my father’s face.

Mind you, squatting in such a position is not that easy for a 38-year-old woman. I placed my right hand on the flimsy bed to balance myself.

Dad maneuvered a bit and placed his hands on my ass to support my weight a little. He kissed at my pussy.

Again, dad surprised me, showing me he was one kinky dude. I could not help but wonder if mom had been convinced to do such a thing. When dad’s tongue touched my pussy, I hoped that she had. I’m an incestuous bitch but not selfish of all!

It was steady electrical shocks of pleasure as dad’s tongue explored my pussy. My ass was nearly locked into position and I could do nothing but groan and moan, intensified in volume by my inability to move. I knew the trailer was not a well-insulated building, loud sounds not being contained, closely surrounded by other trailers, and I was struggling to keep the volume of my moans in check. I could only hope no one else was picking up their camper trailer or actually living in them.

“You’re driving me fucking crazy!” I moaned, a certain amount of anger in my tone, not accustomed to being so stationary.

“Damn you!” I cried, as his tongue began to repeatedly dart into my hole.

His hands on my ass, giving considerable support, would lessen and drop my ass down so his tongue could penetrate my pussy, only to push up again, then lessen again. The tongue fucking was exasperatingly pleasing, but I wanted to rip dad’s head off because it was not bringing me to completion.

He avoided my clit over the long minutes. I wanted desperately to come and give my body a sorely needed release from the torturous position.

“My clit!” I begged. “Please, dad, put your tongue on my clit. You’re killing me!”

I could not suppress the volume of my animal moan when dad’s tongue touched my clit for the first time. I felt like my ass and thighs had gone numb and it must have extended to my vagina. The pleasure was intense but my orgasm seemed to linger just out of reach. My mind was screaming please, please, please, please!

Then it was there! It shook me to my very fiber and my body shuddered only to subside into a quiver as I fell forward on to my knees, dropping my head on my folded bursa eskort arms. Unconsciously, I had positioned my ass for the taking.

Dad quickly maneuvered to a standing position. He had not removed his boxer shorts. I glanced around see him pulling the top down enough to release his cock. I was a bit confused as to what was coming until I watched him position himself over my rear end. He spread his stance considerably and squatted a bit. ‘All of that farm work has served him well!’ I thought, as I lifted my ass a bit more so he could enter me.

“Easy, dad.” I coached, knowing my pussy was tight as hell after the huge orgasm.

“I’ll try, baby.” He replied, the intensity of his desire clearly in his tone.

Dad, with a bit of ass wiggling from me, eased his cock into me and pushed it as deep as he could manage in his, also, strenuous position. Again, I was not expecting a long fuck. In such a position, I was almost glad dad could not get his entire length into me. He was fucking my pussy like a madman, huffing and puffing. He was a man on a lustful mission and I was happily anticipating the ejaculate he would soon shoot into me.

“I’m coming, Moose!!!” He moaned huskily.

“I feel it dad!” I exclaimed, feeling his cock jerk as he held it motionless, much of his length in me.

Dad pulled from me and sat down heavily on the bed. I felt some pain in my legs as I rose to my feet. I was moving past dad to grab a tissue when he grabbed me, drawing me close. He hugged me tightly, cupping my buttocks, pulling me in tighter as he sank his face into my belly. He embraced me for a long minute.

Loosing his hug on me, his left hand remaining on my butt, he placed his right hand between my thighs and slid his middle finger into my pussy. He started finger-fucking me tenderly.

“You are one insane old man, I love you, dad.” I said, staring down, mesmerized by the action between my legs……. his finger in me, is cum in me, coating his finger.

Dad did not seem inclined to quit his probing. Long minutes pasted and I widened my stance.

“You’re not going to stop are you?” I questioned.

“No, sugar.” He replied. “Are you enjoying this?”

“I am.” I replied. “I’m enjoying this very much!”

“You got a fantastic ass.” He said, squeezing my ass with his left hand.

“I’m glad you think so!” I replied. “I know I’ve said this before, dad, but why the hell did it take so long for us to find this part of our lives.”

I was ready when dad finally bought his middle finger to bear on my clit. I suppose, bear, is not the right word as his touch was feather-light. Again, he was making me crazy. It was odd, I had all the motion in the world now, but I stood perfectly still with my legs spread wide letting dad work his magic on my clit.

Long minutes later, the orgasm flowed over me like the steaming hot shower water I enjoy so much. My body relaxed and I stood there smiling down at my father. He was smiling up at me. I saw that his cock was hard again.

“Would you fuck me for a few more minutes?” I queried, sitting myself down on the bed, maneuvering backwards, not the least bit worried about any stain on the bed.

Dad kneed himself between my legs and I reached to grasp his cock, guiding it into me. I was now getting the slow, tender fuck I had been desiring with dad. He held me cradled in his arms. My feet were flat on the bed and my knees spread wide.

Dad eventually reached down to grip my ass with both hands, but he continued to fuck me in a very slow, loving rhythm. We continued on like that for a long time, maybe 20 minutes or more.

“Have you had enough, baby?” He whispered.

“I could fuck like this all day, dad.” I replied lovingly. “If you don’t want to come again, I guess we had better get it packed up.”

Dad and I showered in the truck stop and had lunch before hooking up the trailer and heading home. I made a mental note to check for any stains on the carpet or bed.

Safely home, I ponder the future and how long we can continue our “daughter/dad” affair. I hope it will be years. It brings on depression.

The end.

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