Daughter in Charge Ch. 03

Big Tits

The next day, while I was working, I gave considerable thought to that night’s prospects. I was edgy, to be sure. I’d be suddenly brought into a sexual setting with (gulp!) my parents. At the same time, it all seemed so right and, in fact, natural. So I had kinky parents. So what? The bottom line was that it made me super horny thinking about all the possible angles to a situation like it.

On my lunch break, I walked over to the kiddie section. There, I picked out a special gift for Dad. It was a hair clasp covered in sparkles with a red and white polka-dotted bow attached to it. The bow was about six inches across, just right for dear old Dad. Next, I went to the shoe department where I selected a cute pair of pink bunny slippers to complement the bow. You know the kind – with the plush and cheery rabbit head at the toe part, and a feathery trim around the edges. Just perfect! I couldn’t wait to see Dad modeling the new outfit. Well, it wouldn’t be long, though I’d need to ask for Mom’s approval first.

Dad had been informed of our get-together the evening before. I have no idea how he took it. The perv probably got an immediate erection, though. That was a safe bet.

I clocked out at five, and took my purchases to the car. Mom and I were to meet at six at home. I picked up some dim sum on the way, and a nice bottle of chardonnay. It was to be a ‘working dinner’, just the two of us. I supposed she’d have little boy Robbie put away in a closet somewhere.

I was setting the table and putting the food on plates. The wine was chilling. Since this was to be my first time with Mom and Dad, Mom felt a general game plan would be a good idea; a road map we could either stay on, or not.

“This is delicious, honey. Thanks for picking it up.” Mom said, selecting another pan-fried dumpling from the plate.

“My pleasure, Mom. And more pleasure for dessert, I’m supposing.”

“Indeed, Jen. But first a bit of groundwork: Remember, we are the bosses in that bedroom. We do what we please. Your father does what we tell him to do. Simple as that.” she said, delicately licking a finger. I poured more wine.

“I… I had an idea today.” I said tentatively.

“Excellent. Imagination is what keeps it all running, I’ve found. So, what’s the idea?”

I took the Walmart bag from under the table, took out the contents, and laid them on the table.

“I want to see Dad wearing these. I don’t know… it just really turned me on thinking about it. Making him into a fool.” I said, looking for Mom’s reaction.

“Lord have mercy, Jen! You are a wicked little girl, and I love you for it.” she said, holding one of the slippers in her hands. “This is just what Rob needs.”

“I thought it would be fun.” I said, happy that Mom was on board with it.

“Can I make an addition to it?” Mom queried.

“Well, of course! We’re in this together, right?” I said.

“I think… hmmmm, I think a colorful necktie would go well with this.”

“And you say I’m wicked! Sure. A necktie to remind him that he has that suit and tie life where he pretends to be a whole man. Beautiful, Mom.”

“Thank you, dear.” Mom said, seeming pleased by the compliment.

I put the dishes in the sink (to be attended to by Dad later.), and we two girls put our heads together.

I adopted Mom’s practice of wearing just a light top. I chose a short, white, sleeveless blouse with a discreet horizontal ruffle across the front, It came down to my midriff, leaving my belly button exposed. As I made my way down the hall to their bedroom, a mild shock ran through me as I saw Dad further along in the hallway, naked, kneeling, and facing the wall. He didn’t look up as I entered the room.

Mom was at her vanity doing something with her hair. She wore a denim-colored button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to above her elbows, and the shirttails tied in front so that all her feminine ‘charms’ were well presented, front and rear.

“I sometimes like to wear one of Rob’s shirts. Not sure why.” she said.

“How about because you’re the real man of the house.” I suggested.

“Yes. Something like that.” she replied, pushing her chair back. She stood facing me.

We stared at each other for a moment. I’d never seen my mom naked before, so I felt a bit shy.

“You’r looking very fetching, Jen. I like it.” Mom said, eyeing me. “Turn around.”

I did as she said.

“Oh. Your father is going to LOVE that ass of your’s, honey!” she said. “Very pretty.”

“And Mecidiyeköy Escort you, mom.” I said. “Boy, you look great. I can see why you’ve got Dad wrapped around your little finger.”

“It’s what he craves, Jen, a strong woman’s ass to worship and make love to. At the heart of it all, it reinforces what a lowlife he is, and that’s what gets him off. I mean, what’s lower than a man who kisses his wife’s ass on a regular basis? And lives for it, at that!”

Well, it’s great that there are men like that out there, eh, Mom?”

“Suits me.” Mom said. “Your father’s an intelligent man, hon. He’s just not suited to be in charge of, well… anything, really. That’s why he chose to be a consultant, and a darned good one. He just doesn’t have it in him to boss anyone. But he certainly loves being bossed around. By me, that is. And I think you’ll have him under your sway in no time.”

“I already do, Mom.” I said, remembering our sessions up til then.

“Well then, you’ll soon see that your father is happy to go much lower than what you’ve seen so far, dear.”

Tantalizing words! I was all aquiver anticipating Robbie’s entrance into the room. First, Mom and I reviewed our plan. it would begin with calling Dad in.

We girls stood in the center of the room, and Mom called out to Dad.

“Get in here, Robert.” she said in a low, no-nonsense tone. We waited, watching the doorway. In a moment, Robbie came ‘walking’ in on his knees. His gaze was cast downwards, and his erect penis swayed in front of him as he went. He kneed his way to where we were standing. Mom held out her hand, and Dad kissed it.

“Jen?” Mom said, and I, too, held out my hand. Dad kissed it softly, and respectfully, I thought.

“Hello, Dad.” I said. He was face-to-face with my pussy, but his eyes remained glued to the carpet.

“Hello, Jen.” Dad said in a low voice.

“Robert,” Mom said, coming closer to him. “Jennifer is a woman of this house and, as such, she is as much your boss as I am. Understood?”

“Of course, dear. I’m pleased to hear this.” he said.

Well, Dad’s hard-on hadn’t ebbed one bit. It was bobbing about in front of him. I just watched it. ‘I’m making it do that’, I mused with satisfaction.

I had this sucker in the palm of my hand. The same palm that was itching to slap him around some. Well, all in due course.

“Robert, Jen has brought you some things for your wardrobe. Jen?” Mom prompted, and I brought the bow and the slippers from the bed where I’d laid them. ‘”Here, dad.” I said, placing them on the floor before him. “Try them on.”

“Oh, thank you, Jennifer!” he said, obviously getting further turned on by the prospect of being our private fool, our clown.

“you’re welcome.” I said. “Put them on, now.” I instructed.

Mom and I looked on as Dad first put the headband with bow on. Mom doubled over laughing, and Dad’s face turned a bit red. He kept adjusting it nervously.

“Leave it.” I said, then stepped in to put it on correctly.

“My, my. Look at your father, Jennifer. Doesn’t he look pretty?”

“He looks very sweet, Mom.” I said, as I took in the spectacle.

“Now your new slippers, Dad. Put them on.”

Old Robbie stood, never raising his gaze, and put on the pink rabbit slippers.

“Stay standing.” I said, really getting to like giving him orders. Especially in front of Mom.

I proceeded to walk around him, appraising his new look.

“Mom? You have something too, don’t you?”

“Yes, dear.” she said, then went to the closet. I watched as she went, admiring how her full, white buttocks languorously shifted. While I watched, I caught Robbie stealing a sideways glance. Well, now. That wouldn’t do. Mom came back with one of Dad’s conservatively striped ties.

“Here. Put it on, dumbass.” Mom instructed, throwing the tie at him, and Dad complied at once. Mom oversaw the procedure, standing hands on hips in front of him. It tickled me when she called him names like that. Dad’s fingers were fidgety as he tied the knot.

“Mom, Dad looked at you while you were getting the tie. I saw him.” I said.

“Robert? Is this true?” Mom asked.

“Yes, dear. I’m sorry, dear.” Dad replied meekly.

“Well, we won’t let your stupid lack of self control spoil things right now. But you and I have a date with the belt later. No. All three of us do.” she said.

Gee. On our first time together Dad would be whipped. My pussy Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan became moist and warm as I contemplated this. I would get to hear him beg again. Yes!

“For now,” said Mom, “lets get this show up and running. Robert, go to the mirror and see how you look. I think you’ll be delighted.”

Dad stepped softly to the full-length mirror on their closet door. Boy, did he ever look like an ass!

“Now model your new things for us.” Mom said.

Dad began to take dainty steps back and forth in front of us. It was the most fascinating thing I’d seen in a long time!

“Very nice, Robert. What do you think, Jen?”

I walked up to Dad and adjusted his bow. He kept his eyes averted. I took a step back and appraised him.

“Not bad.” I said. “The colors suit him. Hey, Dad, I like the new you. Very feminine and oh so pretty.” I said, and Dad gave me a quick glance and a little smile, as if in thanks.

My hand flew up from my side before I knew what I was doing, and came in full contact with Dad’s cheek. His head sort of spun a bit from the force. I stood there speechless. I could feel the blood flowing strongly in my veins, my pulse quickening. Shit! That was fun!

The image of my hand was slowly emerging from where it had landed. Dad’s eyes were watering from the force of the blow.

“You can thank your daughter for correcting you, Robert. What had he done, Jen?”

“Gave me some stupid-ass smile.”

“Robert, thank her, and apologize. You certainly are getting off on the wrong foot.”

“I’m very sorry, Jennifer. Sometimes I am foolish and weak.” Dad said.

“Yes, I can see that.” I said, admiring my handprint on his face. “Well, I’m going to dedicate myself to training you in how not to smile. Okay?” I said, stroking his face lightly.

“Yes, Jen.”

“Jennifer, is there anything you’d like Robert to do to make amends?”

“There is something. I think it will set the matter right.” I said. “Get on your knees, Dad.”

Dad complied at once. I paced slowly in front of him, sometimes letting my pussy get close to his face.

“Can you smell my cunt, father?” I said, watching his pathetic cock doing its little gymnastics.

“Oh, God. Yes, Jen.” Dad said. I came to where my pubic bush was lightly grazing Dad’s nose.

“Hmmmmm. Looks as though you like the smell.” I said coyly. I looked at Mom and she gave me an encouraging nod.

“Now.” I said, walking to the dresser where I’d left a glass of water. I looked quickly over my shoulder, but Dad’s eyes were properly downcast. ‘He’ll learn’. I thought, as I drank. “Now you will apologize in a special way, Dad.” I said, walking back to him.

“You will show remorse the way a dog who knows he has done wrong shows it. Get your paws up in front of you, little man.”

Dad complied most energetically! He brought his hands up before him, the fingers held close together and cupped.

“That’s it. Good boy.” I praised.

“Now, how does a sorrowful doggie sound when he knows he’s been bad and that his owner is angry with him?” I asked.

Dad commenced to paw at the air in front of him. And he emitted the most mournful dog sounds! I was impressed. His whimpering was very moving and heartfelt. Tears were forming in his eyes, and I could see that he was truly sorry.

I came closer to him and allowed him to kiss my hand. His lips were gentle and soft.

“I’m going to help you to be good, Dad.” I said. “And sometimes that may not be easy. But it’s important that you try. That you give it your all. You do want to please me, don’t you, Dad?”

Dad seemed flummoxed for a second. Mom spoke from the stuffed chair where she had taken up residence.

“He doesn’t know if he’s still a dog, Jen. You need to let him know. Good boy, Robert. That’s what we’re looking for.” Mom said.

“Oh, I see.” I said. “Well… hmmmmm… okay, poof! you’re no longer a dog, Dad.” I said, laughing.

“So?” I said, giving Robbie a hard stare.

“Yes! Yes, Jennifer! I do so want to be good, to be well-behaved.”

“Good. Now go to Mom and kiss her feet.”

Dad instantly crawled to Mom and began raining soft kisses on her feet. It was very tender and intimate!

“Don’t slobber on me, pig!” Mom said, and gave Dad a kick on the side of his head.

“Sorry, dear!” came Dad’s reply.

“Such a fuck-up.” Mom lamented, shaking her head. “We’ve got our work cut out for us, Jennifer.”

“I Escort Mecidiyeköy agree, Mom. But isn’t it great when you can love your work?”

“Absolutely, dear.” Mom said, then turned her attention to Dad. “That’s better, Robert. Good boy. “

“Yes, Jen. I’d say we have a special calling in life, a very clear vocation. And our work is turning a male loser like the one at my feet into something a woman can make actual use of.” Mom said.

“And so many uses.” I said, feeling a wicked impulse inside me.

“Well, shall we explore one of these now?” Mom said, and of course I was champing at the bit.

“It’s a favorite of mine. It always makes me feel happy to be a woman.” Mom said.

With that, she rose from her chair, turned around, and with her knees on the seat of the chair, and her arms resting on the chair back, she presented her soft, ample buttocks.

Dad let out some kind of low,frenzied moan.

“Silence, fool.” Mom chastised. “Look, and shut up.”

Of course, Dad was immediately silent.

“Get into position.” Mom commanded, and Dad moved towards her on his knees. When he was about a foot from Mom’s ass, he stopped.

“Show your daughter what a good little asskisser you are, Robert.”

Dad leaned forward and planted kisses on each of Mom’s cheeks. It was making me horny listening to the kissing sounds. ‘Yeah, Mom. Got us a world class asskisser, don’t we?’ I thought.

“Robert, put your nose in my asscrack and sniff me.” Mom instructed.

Dad complied, letting his nose rest against the soft cheeks. I could hear him sniffing. This, too, got the old pussy juices flowing a bit. It felt nice. ‘Damn. This was just something else : my Dad with his nose up Mom’s ass! Let’s hear it for women!’ I inwardly crowed.

Mom looked over her shoulder at me.

“What do you think, Jen? Does this look like something you would want your father to do with you?”

“Uh huh. No question, Mom. What he’s doing here, this sniffing, is very nice. But I’d like more.”

“Naturally, hon. And there’s more on the way.”

“Robert, you may gently, respectfully, spread my cheeks apart. I think your ‘queen’ would like a visit from you.” Mom said.

With that, Dad did very gently spread Mom’s asscheeks apart so that her anus was visible to him.

“Tell Jennifer how much you love my asshole, Robert.” Mom said.

“Yes, dear. Jennifer, I know no higher honor for a lowlife like me than to gaze upon your mother’s anus. And my mouth, my lips, my tongue yearn to please her there. Its taste, its smell is wonderful to me. It is in communion with her asshole that my respect for your mother finds its best expression.”

“Isn’t he eloquent?” Mom said somewhat derisively. “I’ll bet he was up all night composing that.”

“It was kind of poetic.” I said, appreciatively.

“You know, Robert, I’m not sure if it was the Mexican meal I had today, or what, but I’m feeling a bit soiled back there. Could you check for me like a good boy?” Mom said.

“Even better, Robert, why don’t you do a little clean up with your nose. Wipe my hole with the tip of your nose. I’m curious to see if there’s something there or not. Feels like there is.”

Mom looked again at me over her shoulder.

“If the conditions are right, I really love doing this, Jen. It’s such a turn-on seeing your father with his nose painted brown.”

“Damn, Mom, this is getting me going! Dad wearing your shit on his nose. Awesome.”

Okay,” Mom said, “get to work, Robert.”

While still spreading Mom’s asscheeks apart, Dad began moving his nose up against her anus. He kept at it, seeming very serious at his task.

“All right. Sit back, Robert, and show us what you have there.” Mom said.

Dad released Mom’s cheeks and rested on his heels. Wow! No question about it. Dad’s nose was brown.

“Hey, Mom. Why don’t we send him to the store to pick up something. With his freshly painted nose, and all.” I said, laughing.

“We could.” Mom said. “That’s very imaginative, Jennifer. I like it. Yes. First, your father needs to do a full clean-up. That’s his bailiwick, of course. Go ahead, Robert.”

Dad got in there between Mom’s buttocks and began kissing and licking her. Fuck! I was dying for some attention myself, but just observing this twisted event was making me super hot. Anyway, all in due course.

Dad took several minutes licking Mom clean. She gave encouraging words as he went along. Things like, ‘very nice, Robert.’ and ‘good boy’.

When Mom was satisfied, she pushed Dad away.

“Nothing like the warm, adoring tongue of a loser like your father to make a woman feel great, Jen. And you, my dear, are up next.”

Excellent, I thought. But first we were going to send brown-nose Dad to the store!

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