Darling, I’ve Fallen In Love!


This story is largely fantasy – but based on the reality of finding my mother in bed, naked, with another woman, long before I had sex with her…


My mother seemed unusually restless – throughout dinner she’d fidgeted nervously, picking at her food, and had hardly uttered a word during the meal. Now, she was pacing up and down, fiddling with ornaments and straightening pictures on the wall that were perfectly aligned to begin with. I’d asked her if anything was wrong, but she’d just shaken her head, although I saw her bite her bottom lip.

Suddenly, she seemed to make up her mind. She took my hand and asked me to sit on the settee beside her. For a moment she just looked at me uncertainly, and then she took a deep breath.

‘Darling, I’ve fallen in love … with Gloria. She’s – she’s giving up her flat and coming to live with us. Do you mind?’

I just stared at her, dumbstruck. I knew that she and Gloria were close friends, always going out together, and that my mother often visited Gloria’s flat, sometimes saying the night, but I’d never dreamt that there was more than just friendship to their relationship.

Mum released my hand and got up to pour herself a drink. I’d noticed that she’d had a few glasses of wine with dinner, and now she sloshed gin liberally into a glass before adding a dash of tonic water. She took a long sip and returned to sit beside me on the settee.

‘Say something, darling. Are you angry?’ she asked anxiously.

I shook my head. ‘No – just surprised, I suppose. I – I don’t know what to say, Mum …’

She took another sip of her drink. ‘Gloria won’t be in the way, darling. She’ll be out at work a lot, and then she’ll – be with me, and you’ll hardly know she’s here!’ My mother wet her lips and smiled nervously. ‘Although – you might catch her raping me in the kitchen or somewhere. It’s – it’s a very passionate relationship, and she can’t keep her hands off me.’ She shivered and closed her eyes for a moment, then returned to her drink.

I could believe the passionate bit – I knew of my mother’s sexual appetite, although until now I’d believed it was directed at the opposite sex. I was pretty sure that several of my friends had had sex with her, judging by sly remarks I’d heard, and I’d punched one of them in the mouth when I heard him say that after a couple of drinks she’d let anyone fuck her.

Mum grabbed my hand again. ‘Do talk to me, darling, and tell me it’s all right – we can’t just sit here in silence all night!’ I refrained from saying that she was the one who’d been silent all evening, and then squeezed her fingers.

‘It just takes a bit of getting used to, Mum, that’s all. Look, why don’t we go out for a drink and talk about it, if that’s what you want to do?’

My mother’s face brightened, and she got to her feet. ‘Yes, let’s, darling! I could do with a breath of fresh air! I’ll just go and put a dress on – won’t be a minute!’

Impulsively, she bent and kissed my cheek, and my eyes followed her as she left the room. She was wearing a blouse and tight-fitting jeans, and although she was in her mid-forties she looked at least ten years younger, with a firm, slender body, breasts verging on the voluptuous, and superb legs. She had shoulder-length dark auburn hair, brown, permanently flirtatious eyes, and a wide, full-lipped sensuous mouth. For a moment I had a vision of Gloria kissing and stroking my mother’s naked body, but I quickly forced the image from my mind.

When Mum returned a few minutes later she’d put on a short dress that showed of those wonderful legs of hers to perfection, not to mention emphasising her swelling breasts that rose from the low neckline, and left her arms and shoulders bare. High-heeled shoes completed the outfit, and I saw that her legs, too, were bare, and I grinned and whistled softly.

‘No wonder Gloria can’t keep her hands off you, Mum!’ I said, and she blushed.

‘You mustn’t say things like that, dear. Come on – I’m dying for that drink you promised me!’

It was warm evening, and she draped a light cardigan round her shoulders as we went out. There was a bar we knew within walking distance, and as usual I was aware of the glances she got from passers-by on the way.

The bar was called Harry’s Place, and it wasn’t as crowded as it was sometimes – it was a Monday, but even so the place was pretty full, and we were lucky to get two stools at the end of the bar. As usual, Harry was behind the bar, and I ordered the drinks, and studied the room in the mirror behind the bar. The walls were covered with photographs of women, many of them naked – Harry said he like to look at them when things were quiet. There were only a few youngsters in that night – most of the couples were Avrupa Yakası Escort more mature, and I noticed several pairs of women sitting together. I idly wondered if any of them were lesbians, too, and saw that some of them were studying the photographs..

Mum and I had both relapsed into silence again, each of us busy with our own thoughts, and before long she needed another drink. Glancing at her reflection in the mirror, I saw her staring at a woman in a blue dress sitting with a girl at one of the tables, and the woman seemed to be returning my mother’s gaze with a half-smile on her lips. Mum smiled back, and she wriggled slightly on the bar stool, thrusting her breasts forward and then hugging them as she stroked her bare arms.

We were sitting near the entrance to the toilets, and after a few minutes the woman in the blue dress got up and headed towards them. When she emerged she stopped beside us, and put her arm round my mother’s shoulders.

‘Cheer up, you two!’ she grinned, and then she winked at me. ‘What your girl-friend needs is a good kiss – like this!’

She bent her head slightly and kissed my mother on the lips. I expected Mum to recoil, but instead she slipped her arm round the woman’s neck and returned the kiss, her mouth sucking hungrily at the woman’s. I saw Mum turn slightly towards the woman, who gripped my mother’s right breast and kneaded it gently. The kiss lasted a long while, both of them kissing wetly and moving their bodies against each other, and I saw the girl the woman was sitting with staring at them angrily.

Finally they broke apart, and the woman stroked Mum’s face briefly and then went back to her table. The girl started to say something, but the woman kissed her and slipped her hand up under the girl’s skirt. I turned my attention to my mother – her face was flushed, and her breasts were heaving.

‘Lucky Gloria didn’t walk in just then,’ I grinned, ‘She’d have had something to say!’

Mum was still flustered, and struggled to cross her legs as she took a long sip from her glass. Her skirt rode up over her thighs, and when she finally managed her calf was jammed against mine.

She gulped and caught her breath. ‘Oh, Gloria wouldn’t have minded,’ she said absently, still looking at the woman in the blue dress in the mirror. ‘She – she likes to give me to her friends, other women and men too, while she watches … I like being watched … I bet that girl’s going to get a good going over later!’

I was very much aware of my mother’s leg pressed against mine, as well as her exposed bare thighs and the deep valley between her breasts.

‘What sort of a “going over” does Gloria give you, Mum?’ I asked, half expecting her to tell me to mind my own business. Instead, she took another sip of her drink and smiled.

‘You’ll soon see for yourself, I suppose, so I might as well tell you. We kiss each other’s bodies a lot, and play with each other, and …’

‘And what, Mum?’ I urged, and she squirmed on the stool and then stared into my eyes.

‘She’s got this enormous strap-on dildo, and she likes to see me kiss it, and lick it …and then she shoves it into me. It nearly kills me, but it’s wonderful, and she uses it on me for hours.’

‘She – she fucks you,’ I said slowly, and she nodded, still staring at me.

I knew that she’d been to Gloria’s flat the night before. ‘Did she fuck you with it last night?’ I asked thickly, and she nodded again.

‘Yes – why, darling?’

‘I – I was just imagining it,’ I sad. ‘I – I couldn’t help picturing it, the pair of you naked…’

Mum squirmed on the stool again. ‘You’ll probably see it in real life before long, darling… does that mean you want to watch? I wouldn’t mind – I told you I like being watched. Oh, and you’ll probably hear her spanking me, but don’t worry, I love it!’

I took a long swig of my drink. ‘What else does she do to you, Mum?’

‘Oh, everything … sometimes she ties me to the bed, and blindfolds me, and I just lie there waiting, and wondering …’

She took another drink, and shivered slightly. ‘I wish that bitch hadn’t kissed me just now – it was marvellous, but it turned me on like crazy, dear! And talking like this doesn’t help, either!’

‘Doesn’t it, Mum?’ I said softly, and dropped my hand to her bare thigh. Her skin was warm, and incredibly smooth, and I stroked her lightly, feeling my penis stiffen. She stared at me, and I deliberately dropped my eyes to her breasts, knowing she was watching me.

‘It turns me on too, Mum – do you mind?’

She swallowed. ‘No, I … I just feel funny, that’s all. I think I’ve had too much to drink …’

I tightened my hand on her thigh. ‘Have another one, Mum.’

She Avrupa Yakası Bayan looked at me uncertainly, and then glanced down at my hand on her thigh. She took a deep breath, her breasts thrusting. ‘Why not?’

I signalled to Harry, and Mum dropped her head on my shoulder, giving me an even better view of her breasts.

Harry winked at me as he put the drinks on the bar in front of us, and then my mother slowly raised her head and looked at me hesitantly. I put my hand round her bare shoulders, drawing her closer, and then I kissed her on the mouth.

Mum responded immediately – I felt her tongue searching for mine, and then we were kissing as she’d done with the woman in the blue dress – open-mouthed, hungrily, noisily, wetly, sucking at each other, our mouths twisting, our tongues probing, and I felt her hand close on mine as it rested on her thigh, forcing my fingers into her soft flesh.

We broke off, staring at each other and tasting our drinks, and then kissing again. I saw that Harry was busy at the other end of the bar, and when I kissed Mum again I took my hand from her thigh to briefly squeeze her breast through her dress.

She moaned softly, and kissed me wildly. ‘I wish I was naked for you, my darling!’ she panted, ‘And then you could feel me properly!’

I noticed that the woman in the blue dress and her girlfriend had disappeared, and I wondered if the girl was going to be fucked with a dildo, or perhaps get – or give – a spanking.

‘Drink up Mum, and let’s go home. I want you so badly – and I want you to be naked for me, and to feel you properly!’ I said, almost incoherent with desire for her.

In the street, I helped her put her cardigan round her shoulders, and then I kissed her, feeling her pressed against my rigid penis for the first time. She felt it too, and ground her body against me. We started to walk unsteadily, my arm round her and her face upturned towards me so that I could kiss her, and then I pushed her into a shop doorway and slipped the strap of her dress off her shoulder to bare her breast.

She gave a choking sob as I fondled it and then lowered my head to suck her jutting nipple. Then she pulled her cardigan round herself, but leaving her breast bare so that I could caress her inside the cardigan as I kissed her while we walked. It wasn’t long before I forced her into another doorway and slid my hand up under her skirt. Her panties were sodden, and she clung to me as I gripped her sex tightly, and I felt her hand close round my throbbing cock. I was tempted to drag her up an alleyway and fuck her there and then, but I wanted her naked, and to take my time. I kissed her again, and then we hurried home, still managing to kiss and touch each other on the way.

As soon as the front door closed behind us, my mother was in my arms, kissing me and starting to undress me. She gasped as she freed my cock, and quickly knelt down and kissed it. ‘I – I want it so much, my darling!’ she cried, and struggled to her feet, still fondling me. I fumbled to unfasten her dress, hanging by one strap from her shoulder, glorying in the sight of her one naked breast and impatient to see its twin.

Somehow we got to my mother’s bedroom, still kissing and caressing each other, and we were finally naked, apart from her shoes. ‘Leave them on, dearest,’ she whispered, ‘I like being fucked with my shoes on!’

Mum lay back on the bed, dragging me down half on top of her, and I started to kiss her magnificent breasts. Her aureoles must have been two inches across, heavily stippled and rough to my tongue, and from their centre her engorged rubbery nipples, easily the size of the top joint of my little finger, thrust towards my eager mouth. I sucked them as I must have done as a baby, and my mother groaned, clutching my face against her breast as she writhed on the bed. She told me later that her breasts were incredibly sensitive, and feeding me had always given her an orgasm.

I gently nibbled her soft, yielding flesh with my teeth, and she cried out.

‘Oh, yes, my darling! I love that! Bite me, dearest! Bite me all over!’

I duly obliged, biting her fluttering belly and trembling thighs, and then I rolled her over and bit the backs of her thighs and finally her bottom. I couldn’t help thinking of Gloria spanking my mother’s firm, beautifully rounded backside, and I bit her extra hard. Mum moaned, and then I turned her over again.

I kissed her and squeezed her breast as I lowered myself between her thighs, and she parted her legs, staring at me wildly. I could see that her body was jerking spasmodically, and she bit her bottom lip as I rubbed the tip of my cock against the lips of her vulva.

‘Yes, darling!’ Escort Avrupa Yakası she cried, lifting her hips to meet me as I slid my cock into her. I felt her digging her high heels into the backs of my legs, and she gave a choking scream, her body arching – then she fell back limply, and I realised that she’d fainted.

I couldn’t stop, and I started to ease my cock in and out of her slowly, and after a few moments I saw her eyes open and she began to match my movements. It was the most incredible sensation I could have imagined, feeling the muscles of my mother’s vagina tighten around my cock as I fucked her, all the while fondling her magnificent breasts, her nipples like pebbles in the palm of my hand. We kissed open-mouthed, our tongues clashing as she writhed under me while I pushed my cock in and out of her.

I held back as long as I could, while my mother moaned softly, her body heaving with every thrust, but then I felt myself starting to lose control. My mother felt it too, and as I started to speed up she began to buck beneath me, her hips jerking up to meet me as I jammed my cock into her with increasing force. I heard myself grunting, and Mum’s moans turned into a protracted wail. I felt her digging her nails into my shoulder, and then I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her fiercely as I finally exploded into her.

Mum screamed, and I felt my semen spurting endlessly into her as she clung to me, then she reached down and caressed my balls as if trying to coax me to empty even more semen into her vagina as we kissed wildly, our bodies squirming against each other and our hands endlessly roaming over each other’s wet, perspiring skin. I found I was gripping her body, forcing her to me as I continued to try to fuck her even as my cock started to soften.

Despite my efforts to stay inside her vagina, I eventually slipped out of her, and my mother slithered down the bed to begin kissing and licking my flaccid cock. I just lay there, panting, for a long while, exulting in what she was doing to me, and feeling her gentle hands fondling my balls, until I finally felt myself beginning to harden again.

Mum looked up at me and smiled. ‘Darling, do you like this? Would you like to come in my mouth? I can take you down my throat if you want. Or put it up my bottom? You know you can do anything you want to me, dearest.’

I imagined having my cock up my mother’s backside while Gloria fucked her with her dildo, and licked my dry lips.

She moved up to take my cock between her marvellous breasts, kneading them up and down my shaft. ‘Or I can make you come like this, if you like. I’d love to feel your stuff spurt all over me, and on my face, and in my mouth, and up my behind …’

She bent her head to lick the tip of my cock before smiling at me expectantly, but I shook my head.

‘Later, Mum. For now, I just want to fuck you again. But first …’

I dragged her across my legs and slapped her taut bottom, and she squealed delightedly.

‘Oh, yes, my darling! I love that, too! Daddy used to do it to me, just like this!’

My mother started to rub her naked breasts against my thigh as I began spanking her, gently at first and then more firmly. Then I paused to stroke her reddened, quivering flesh and slip my hand between her legs to fondle her, and she wriggled against me.

‘Daddy used to do that too,’ she whispered, and then twisted round to kiss my cock. ‘And I did this to him!’

I pushed her back on the bed and let my mother guide my cock into her.

‘Oh, God,’ she breathed, ‘This is so wonderful! ‘I’ve been coming ever since you put your hand on my leg and kissed me in the bar. I’m still coming, and I think I’ll keep coming all night! Just feeling your cock in me – it’s heaven!’

I rammed it into her, and she gasped.

‘How does it compare to Gloria’s dildo?’ I grunted, thrusting into her again.

Mum lifted her head and kissed me. ‘I don’t know – you’ll just have to keep fucking me until I’ve made up my mind, darling!’ she giggled, and then she caught her breath and started to jerk her hips up to meet me.

It took me longer to come this time, and I fucked her relentlessly as she tossed helplessly beneath me. Soon she was writhing uncontrollably, kissing me as she gasped at each thrust. My cock felt as if it was getting longer and thicker the more I fucked her, and I rammed it deeper and deeper into her, grunting with the effort. She stared at me, wild-eyed, clutching me and grinding herself against me, her ankles wrapped round my waist as she tried to get even more of my cock into her.

I think my mother fainted again briefly when I finally erupted inside her, because she gave a little scream and then fell back on the bed as my semen pumped into her, but then she was kissing me again feverishly and clinging to me, until my cock softened once more, and she sighed.

‘I think Gloria’s going to have to learn that she’d better get used to sharing my body with you, my darling,’ she whispered ‘You can take me in turns – or both together!’

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