Danny’s All Grown Up Pt. 03

Double Penetration

Danny’s heart was pounding as he drove his dad to the airport. He couldn’t believe his luck. He tried hard to not drive too fast, but it was difficult knowing what was waiting for him at home. Thankfully his father kept his head in his hands with his eyes closed, trying to get his hangover under control, so he didn’t notice his son speeding through traffic.

It normally took forty five minutes to drive to the airport. Danny did it in thirty, and pulled up to the arrivals gate, “We’re here dad!”

“Jesus Christ! That was record time. Well, good. I’m just gonna hit the bar and have some hair of the dog. It’s the only thing that’s gonna cure this hangover.”

Danny had already hopped out of the car and had his dad’s bag waiting on the curb for him.

“Listen Danny, don’t let those two keep you away from the gym. I know that listening to those two gossip for a week can drive any sane person insa..”

“Ok cool! See you dad!”

Danny was already back in the driver seat and floored it out of there, leaving skid marks and a very confused Brian behind. It took all of his willpower to not floor it the entire way home. He flew up his driveway and into the garage, almost forgetting to put the car in park, and then ran into the house. It was empty.

“Mom? Aunt Shelly?”

Danny raced through the house calling out their names, but there was no answer. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day, so he went out to the pool to look for them. He heard them laughing as soon as he opened the sliding glass door, but still didn’t see them. He went around the pool and out by the lawn, and that’s where he found them.

Danny’s jaw practically hit the ground as he took in the sight before him. Ali and Shelly had set up the large, inflatable kiddie pool that Danny used to play in when he was little. It was a large, eight foot by five foot pool. Laying next to it was a large, half empty bottle of baby oil. And inside the pool were Ali and Shelly, naked, covered in baby oil, and laughing hysterically while wrestling each other.

It was one of the most erotic sights that Danny had ever seen. So much beautiful, tanned, naked, slippery flesh gyrating all over the place as the two MILFS grappled playfully with each other.

“Oh my god…..”

Shelly spun around at hearing Danny’s voice.

“Ali! Our boy toy finally got back!”

“Oh good, he’s here,” said Ali, “Now we can let the real games begin!”

“Holy shit,” he groaned at the sight before him. “This is gonna be incredible.”

His shorts were tented thanks to his now rock hard cock.

“Baby, get out of those clothes and get in here with us,” said Ali as the two sisters disengaged. Then they both faced him, leaned back and spread their legs. They had both shaved their pussies bare.

“Do you like,” asked Shelly. “We wanted to be sleek and slippery for our boy toy.”

“Like? I love it! Man, you girls have been busy while I was gone,” said Danny as he pulled his clothes off.

“All for you, baby. Now get in here,” said Ali as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the kiddie pool. She playfully began to wrestle with him as Shelly grabbed the bottle of baby genç gaziantep escort oil and squirted him down.

Danny barely fought back and soon found himself laying on his back, as the two beautiful women slid their naked, oil coated bodies all over him. His hands wandered everywhere, feeling their asses, thighs, and squeezing their breasts. He inserted fingers into pussies and kissed them both passionately.

“Get one of those bald pussies on my face,” he pleaded as the ladies writhed all over him. Ali moved up and sat her fat box right on his face, and slid it around. Shelly moved down and began to pump and suck his oil slicked cock with her mouth and hands.

Danny reached up and fondled his mom’s boobs as she slid her pussy all over his face. It was all becoming too much and he soon pushed both of them off of him. He sat up and pushed Ali down onto her back. She knew what he wanted and laid back, spread her legs and reached her arms out to him.

“My baby needs to fuck,” she said as he scampered on top of her. She grabbed his cock and aimed it at her box as he pushed himself inside.

“Oh yes,” Ali gasped as his cock sunk into her pussy.

Shelly reached between his legs and fondled his balls as he pumped his mom’s pussy. Between the two oil soaked, gorgeous MILFS, his mom’s tight pussy, and Shelly rubbing his balls, Danny was a goner. He had only managed a handful of thrusts when he felt the inevitable.

“Mom! Mom! I can’t, UNH!!!…..AGH!!….I can’t last mom….”

“It’s ok baby! Baby needs to cum! Baby needs to fuck and cum! Cum baby! Shoot it into me! Shoot it into mommy! Let’s cum together!”

“Arrrghhh….,” Danny grunted as he began to shoot ropes into her vagina while both women encouraged him.

“That’s it Danny! Empty those balls right into my sister’s pussy!”

“Good boy Danny! Give it to mommy! My beautiful baby boy’s filling up his mommy so good!”

Danny’s chest was pressed against Ali, and the only thing moving was his hips as he continued to push his still hard cock in and out of her. Ali wrapped her limbs around him and cooed in his ear. Shelly laid down next to them and ran her hand up and down Danny’s back.

“My beautiful baby boy. Did mommy make you feel good?”

“Yes mom. So good. I’m sorry. I wanted to really give it to you longer, but everything was just too much. This is all so erotic.”

Ali and her sister both laughed.

“Mission accomplished,” said Shelly. “We wanted this to be incredibly sexy fun for you, Danny. So it’s flattering that you blew your nuts so fast.”

“And we just got started,” said Ali. “Baby’s gonna do a lot of fucking in this pool today.”

“He’s still hard, isn’t he,” asked Shelly.

“Mhmmm. It feels so nice, slowly going in and out of my pussy. Come on baby, fuck me some more.”

Danny speeded up his thrusts and soon had Ali writhing beneath him, orgasming again and again onto his pistoning cock. Shelly let it go on for a while and then interjected.

“Mind if I have some of that?”

“Dammit! I guess so. Danny, be a dear and give your aunt some of this gaziantep genç escort good dick.”

“It’ll be my pleasure,” said Danny as he pulled out of her and crawled on top of Shelly. He pushed into her and she wrapped her legs around him, and they were off to the races.

Having his first orgasm out of the way, Danny was in complete control of his body as he took turns fucking the two sisters. He tossed them into all sorts of positions in the pool. Both sisters were completely dick drunk and being perfectly compliant little fucktoys for him.

At one point Shelly was riding him and Ali squirted more baby oil onto her sister’s tits, and helped Danny rub it all over her body as Shelly bounced up and down. Watching them touch each other was a huge turn on for him.

Danny put his mother in the doggie position and took her from behind. Shelly kneeled alongside him and made out with him. He broke the kiss and looked down at Ali’s sexy, smooth ass and pulled her cheeks apart. He began to push his thumb into her ass, causing her to moan. Shelly grabbed the baby oil and squirted it on her sister’s asshole. She then pulled Danny’s hand away and inserted one of her own fingers, and then two and then three, With each finger she inserted her sister would moan louder, and fuck back harder on her son’s dick.

“What’s happening back there?”

“I’m getting your ass ready for Danny’s cock. Now just relax sis.”

He loved the fact that his aunt was performing a sex act on his mother, and he put his arm around Shelly and fondled her ass as he kept thrusting his hips. Shelly now had three oily fingers driving in and out of her sister’s ass. It all became too much for Ali and she pulled off and fell forward onto her stomach. She turned around on her back, spread her legs and pulled them far back, exposing her butthole.

“Danny, I want your cock in my ass, but like this so that I can hold you and kiss you. Come her baby. Fuck mommy’s ass!”

Danny moved forward and pushed his yogurt slinger into Ali’s most intimate orifice. He moved slowly but didn’t stop until he bottomed out, with Ali moaning the whole time.

“UUUNNNNHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh…..oooohhhhhhh……nnpphhhhh……it’s so fucking big….”

“How does it feel sis?”

“It hurts! It’s so fucking big!”

“Mom? Should I stop? I don’t want to hurt you!”

“Don’t you dare stop Danny! It hurts but it’s a good hurt. I just need to get used to it. Just hold still for a minute. My sister got to be your first pussy, so I’m determined to be your first anal. Now come here baby.”

Danny laid down on top of her, with his hammer lodged all of the way inside Ali’s ass, He kissed his mother and stayed perfectly still. Shelly was kneeling next to them, rubbing down Danny’s body. After a minute or two, Ali broke the kiss and gave Danny the ok.

“My god, I can’t believe how deep it is in my ass. Ok baby. Go ahead. Go ahead and fuck mommy’s ass. Slowly at first and then have fun. You’ll know when.”

She then pulled his head back down in a kiss and Danny began to slowly move his hips, pulling his greasy gaziantep genç escort bayan cock out of his mother’s lubricated butthole, and then slowly, slowly, pushing it back in. The sensations caused Ali to moan into his mouth as they made out.


“How does your first anal fuck feel, Danny,” his Aunt Shelly asked.

Danny broke the kiss and shouted, “It feels so fucking good! It’s so tight! It’s so damn goommpphhhh….mmmm…”

His mother had pulled his head back down into a kiss and they made out passionately. Just like Ali said, Danny knew what to do and started to speed up his thrusts. Soon he was rapidly moving his hips, sending his rigid pole pumping in and out of Ali’s butt. They went at it like this for a while and then Shelly laid down on her back next to them, pulled her gorgeous legs back and exposed her butthole to Danny.

“What about me, Danny,” she asked sexily.

“You know us sisters Danny. If one gets something the other also has to have it,” giggled Ali.

He pulled out of his mother’s ass, causing her to give a disappointed sigh, and shuffled over to Shelly.

“That used to be so annoying about you two, but right now it’s your best quality, ladies,” he said as he pushed his cock into Shelly’s ass. Like with Ali, he went slow and gave her time to get used to it. But soon he was pumping away for all he was worth. Shelly writhed beneath him and nibbled on his ear. After a few minutes of this, Ali got on all fours and wiggled her beautiful ass at Danny.

“Come on baby. Mommy needs some more.”

Danny soon had them both on all fours next to each other, and was switching off fucking their tight buttholes. He would pull out occasionally and shove his face in to eat their asses to squeals of delight. Soon he was on his back with an ass bouncing up and down on his cock and another grinding against his mouth.


The three fucked with abandon and soon Danny was simply doing whatever he wanted. Going from their pussies to their asses and back again. And then again and again. Once again the two sisters became intensely dick drunk and cum drunk, and could barely move as they were tossed into different positions and had their holes fucked. At one point Danny made them get on all fours next to each other, and kneeled in front of them, taking turns fucking each of their mouths.

And then finally, it ended the way it started. With Danny on top of Ali, his cock firmly lodged in her beautiful ass, thrusting away. Ali held on as tight as she could, but she was barely even there anymore. Next to them was Shelly, laying almost lifeless, staring off at nothing with a serene look on her face.

“Here it comes,” grunted Danny as he blasted off into Ali. She barely responded beyond just cooing in his ear. When he finished he rolled off and the three of them just lay there in the kiddie pool, panting.

“I think, uh….I think we might need to take a break,” said Shelly.

“Yep. Let’s take a little sex break,” said Ali. “Once the world stops spinning, let’s clean up and I’ll make us some sandwiches.”

“And then if this kid has anything left, we’ll let him fuck us some more.”

“This is gonna be such a fun week,” said Ali. “We’re all yours, Danny. All week long.”

Danny put his arms around both of them and said, “It just keeps getting better and better.”


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