Danny and Lucy


Lucy was on the edge of a precipice. She hated her job, and felt completely distanced from Danny; the man she was supposed to marry in less than a month. The pressure of planning a wedding at such short notice and her unforgiving work schedule had left her no time for anything else, not to mention the constant calls by her mother in law demanding various things. Danny had been busy too, working on getting their new house ready. It was a beautiful estate, but certainly, one that needed a lot of work. With Danny going straight from work to the new house, they’d hardly seen each other. The last time they managed to sit down and eat together, they’d argued over the flooring of all things.

Lucy poured herself a glass of wine and slipped into the bath, enjoying the relaxing warmth spreading over her. As she sipped her wine, she couldn’t remember the last time she had done something that didn’t involve family, work or the wedding. It was a tempting thought to just run away from it all, and she knew things would have to change for her and Danny to make it to the altar. Lucy had happened upon Danny at a bar on St Patrick’s day, she hadn’t long moved to the city and was hoping to meet some new friends. Danny worked behind the bar, and she was instantly captivated by his smile, his Irish lilt and the way his face lit up when he laughed. She’d visited the bar every Saturday night for a month before she worked up the courage to talk to him, and that night they’d ended up in bed together. She loved the memory of his face that first time. The need in his eyes, as he kissed her long and slow in the bar and the way his muscles flexed, and his brow furrowed when he was deep within her. She could still taste the whiskey, and she smiled at the thought of him.

The wine and the bath had made her more relaxed zayıf gaziantep escort than she’d done in a while. She sighed and sunk deeper, enjoying the feel of the warm water washing over her smooth mound. Her pussy pulsed at the thought of Danny’s body and something she hadn’t experienced in a while washed over her: desire. She closed her eyes and focused her thoughts on him. Danny was tall, muscular and tanned, his dark curls and bright green eyes were a stunning contrast. Lucy adored the way his stomach tensed when she touched his abdomen. His sharp intake of breath when she cupped his cock, the way his eyes widened in anticipation for her want. She slipped her hand down her stomach and traced her smooth pussy gently. Admiring the silkiness of her skin and her pussy lips, velvet and soft, she ran her index finger between them craving her clit. Beating and dripping wet, she moaned at its discovery. Lucy was so sensitive to her whole body arched, and she put her head back as she rubbed.

A familiar feeling of warmth spread up her thighs and across her pussy, her nipples hard, she wanted to feel full as she focused on his cock. Hard, veiny, and begging to stretch her. She slipped two fingers into herself and massaged her G-Spot, she was so wet it dripped thick off her fingers and floated in the water. Lucy continued to circle her swollen hard clit with her thumb as she rode her fingers, imagining Danny deep within her; fucking her, owning her. She was close, so close. She needed it and she wanted it, her whole body tingling, wet and soapy. Her breast warm, slipping in and of her hand, her moans growing louder and louder. Fingering herself deeper, rubbing herself faster. Massaging her whole pussy with her palm, her body tense, gaziantep zayıf escort pushing her closer and closer, until she fell right off the edge; lost in the pure ecstasy of it all. The hot release devoured her, first her clit then her pussy. Wave after wave of pure pleasure, bucking her body as she dilated around her fingers. Her moans echoing off the tiles as she gushed all over her hand, it felt so good. So, so good, heaven.

“That sounded so delicious darling.”


“How long have you been there?” Lucy, embarrassed, stood up and Danny enjoyed the candlelight framing her perfect silhouette.

“Long enough to enjoy it,” he said cheekily, before giving her a wink and a smile.

As she stood there dripping, her nipples pert and bubbles sliding down her inner thighs, it was not lost on her that Dannys cock was wanting. She could feel the intensity of his gaze, his eyes burning. Lucy stepped out of the bath slowly, before turning round to towel dry her hair, exposing her apple bottom and pear hips. Danny felt his cock thicken when she bent over to dry her legs, giving him a glimpse of her pussy. Glistening wet, teasing him. He wanted her, he always wanted her, she was his kryptonite. Lucy approached him, and kissed him gently, allowing his hands to wander down her back and cup her ample bottom. Her hands wound around his neck as their kisses intensified. Passionate and raw, deep in desire for the other. Danny pulled her closer, craving her smell and her touch, feeling her melt into him as he kissed her neck softly. Small, butterfly kisses along her neck and across her clavicle, over her perfectly formed breasts. Her chest rising and falling, Lucy watched as Danny undressed, and reached out to touch gaziantep zayıf escort bayan his chest. Strong, smooth and carved, she ran her hand down his abdomen and over his semi, massaging him. Danny slipped his hand gently up her thighs and was pleased to feel her silky wetness coating her.

“God I want you” he growled picking her up so she was straddled against him and pinning her against the door. Lucy loved him when he was like this, dark, passionate and intense. She moaned softly as his lips sought her nipple and he bit her gently, every nerve ending tingled as he suckled her. First one, then the other both sensitive and intensifying the building want in her pussy. Lucy could feel his large pulsing cock against her pussy, she wanted him inside her. To be connected as one. Gently guiding his chin she kissed him along his jawline, seeking his lips and drawing him in closer with her legs. His tip already at her opening, Lucy kissed him deeply showing him her need and whispered,

“Fuck me, baby, show me how much you love me.”

Danny took her right there. Inserting his whole glorious member in one. She gasped as he did, then felt his lips crash onto hers. Massaging and tugging as he rode her, her pussy so warm and tight. So wet slipping in and out of her, grinding her clit and rotating his hips. Fucking her deep, changing pace fast, slow, fast, slow. Wanting her, desiring her, making love to her. He angled his hips, hitting her g spot and she bit into his shoulder moaning. She didn’t want to cum yet, it was too soon.

“Its ok darling, let go this is for you,” he said as he continued to pleasure her. Danny loved Lucy more than anything, she was his whole world and he needed her. Lucy’s moans told him she was close and his cock pulsated inside her as he watched her lose herself in him. Grinding her mound, massaging her deep inside, her wetness coating him. Each deep firm drive of his cock intensifying her moan, until.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Danny held her tight as she collapsed into his neck, her body tensing then melting into his as wave after wave crashed over them and Danny released himself into her finally giving her what she wanted: him.

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