Dani’s Cumuppence Pt. 02


The Master

“We’re going again tonight Dani; you’re coming of course, right?” my girlfriend cajoled. She never confessed a thing.

“I’m not sure.” I said.

“Sure you are…come on,” she continued.

“Well, I was TOLD to come tonight, but I am suddenly a little nervous about it.” I added.

“Oh Dani, what could happen tonight that did not already happen last night?” she said assuringly.

“You’re right…I’ll go again, I guess.” I felt nervous saying I would go again but I felt worse telling that voice, back in the room the previous night, that I’d be there and then if I did not show up, what would happen? It was too thrilling for me to even think about. Curiosity was killing the cat too I had to admit. I wanted to know what was going to happen tonight as well. Not sure anything hotter could happen, but then I’m very naive about things. I still felt that the woman and the men were imprinted upon me.

Halloween evening we’d met at the bar, had a few drinks then jumped in the cars again and ventured out to the country where the spooky house remained during Halloween. I was quiet and my thoughts inward.

“Dani, what DID happen to you last night?” Tom shocked me out of my mood.

“I did not know Tom…you, Mikey and Nikki just disappeared!” I was left alone in this big room and … well, “I really prefer not to go over it right now. Let’s just look ahead to this evening and LET’S STICK TOGETHER…NO LEAVING ME THIS TIME!!” I demanded.

Tom took my hand and led me into the opening where it had started the previous evening. I was gripping his hand for dear life and did not want him to let go. I felt a tingling while holding his hand; I had been attracted to Tom ever since meeting him weeks ago with friends. I was married so I did not come on to him at all but I’d felt like it. I’m a plus size gal too, and I’m never sure if a guy will be interested.

Tonight he was hanging on to me and seemed more than curious about what had happened to me last night. He was looking down at me from time to time as I was more than daring tonight wearing a black tight T-shirt with a big Y down the middle and a skirt. The lettering on my ass in the skirt’s back said “Eat at the…”

“Don’t you dare let go of my hand!” I told Tom as some creepy alien reached out and some cobwebs shook down upon my head and I heard the sound of a coffin open and close. Darkness prevailed and we were in the guts of the spook house.

“Mike??” “Nikki??” I eeked out loud. Tom had not let go of my hand and we moved down a small tight corridor. I felt the brush of a slimy snake type thing being pushed up my skirt and then I felt us pushed back against a wall. It was really odd because it was like gravity pulling us this way and that way. “Tom?” Don’t let go!! TOM!!…and his hand slipped from mine and I felt I was in this little tiny box all of a sudden and frick’in…ALONE!! Again!! “DAMN IT TOM!!”

“Dani? Dani you there?” I heard Tom call my name but he could not get to me.

“I’m here Tom… shit, where are you?”

Then suddenly… scared out of my mind… I felt all these hands on my body!! They were pawing me and petting me. I felt them in my hair, on my t-shirt and touching my breasts then pulling on my skirt. I was breathing heavily and felt like I couldn’t get my breath as I turned this way then that way. I was trying to get away from some hands but they only threw my body backward into some other hands and I was restrained. I screamed once… and then again… I screamed louder… “TOMMMM” “MIKE” “NIKKI!!” and then I was pulled against a hard body and I felt this long hair against my face and these long fingers with huge fingernails raking my boobs!! They began flicking my nipple, and would not let go of me!

“Let go of me…let go” I whimpered.

“I like you begging, Dani” the voice spoke.

“Who are you? How do you know my name? LET GO!”

“I know because I’m the one who told you to show up tonight. I see you obey well and take directions well. Being obedient is essential to me and you are passing the test”. I knew his voice from somewhere… but just could not place it. He was much taller than me so that would put him at about 6’3″ or so.

I mom porn knew I should not be here, but I’d come like a good girl. I had come as instructed. There was something about being made to do something or being told and then doing it. I had a side of me that wanted to refuse, but I would never give it much of a voice. I felt deep down inside that I was someone that would love the role of a sub. My mind jumped all over the place, to all kinds of bondage and why it did, I did not know. I should have been scared shitless, but I was finding myself completely aroused!! I felt my body responding in ways I didn’t really want it to…or at least I didn’t think I wanted it to. Perhaps I was lying to myself or possibly my body was betraying me.

His hands pulled my tummy back and I felt his rock hard pole against my ass through my skirt in the back, he was pulling it up, his cock was the lever doing the lifting.

“Get down on your knees Dani… NOW!” I felt him turn me then he lightly shove me downward. I did instantly as I was commanded. The spoken “now” had that effect on me.

“Come forward Dani until you find something that is jutting out straight in front of you.” I moved up carefully and felt it.

Was it really what I thought it was? It was hard and it had beads of moisture on the tip. I put my hands up and felt a wall there…but a man’s cock was sticking straight out of the wall. I’d heard of these things but never had witnessed it, a glory hole.

“Open your good girl mouth and take him in,” the voice behind me demanded.

“Suck him Dani. Suck him like a good sub.” and I began to do as I was told. I didn’t even bat an eye and I was doing as told. “What the fuck is up with that?”. I thought to myself as I began to suck him off. The cock was pushed far out and straight at me as I began to work him with the submission that I was feeling. I love oral and I love pleasing a man so it was easy to just begin letting my tongue do the work. I let it flick around the precum beaded head, and then I experience its rim. I touched him softly at first and then became more demanding. I closed my lips around what I knew must be the purplish head and then kissed the tip. It was moist, hot and oh so hard. I began then to kiss the sides, running up and down the shaft. I moved it sideways and around and letting my mouth play it like a harmonica and then licked back up. I was totally aroused and liked it way too much.

“Who was this?” I thought as I heard them speak again. “Take him deep Dani”. I want him all the way down your throat.” And I did it like the good girl I always was. I began sucking him to the back of my throat until I gagged once and then again. I continued to work him with my mouth. I’d never done this but I was doing it now and doing it well. I could tell by the twitching in his groin and cock, and the little sounds I heard now and then. I was getting totally turned on by it and heard the voice behind me breathing rapidly while he watched.

“Turn around Dani and take me”. Again I did that too, like a good sub. I took him in my mouth and I fondled him there. I beat him against the roof of my mouth and sucked then fondled him down continually. “That pleases me Dani and I can tell you are into pleasing, because your mouth doesn’t lie.” I worked him hard and then soft. He reached down and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down on him. He held me there and told me to take it. I did take it but kept gagging in the process. Still I worked him. I held him, I fondled him with my mouth as foam was building around its corners and his cock began leaking.

“Dani, tonight you are entering into a covenant. That covenant will take you someplace you’ve never been before but you will always want it to be so. I have watched you for a long time and I have known this night would come. I have had help in bringing you to me.

Continue to suck me Dani and don’t stop until I tell you. I’ve had you brought to me Dani, because I believe you secretly have a desire to be owned and used as property. You’ve wanted to be possessed and told what to do and when to do it. I am your Master now, I am he and you are mine. I have purchased you tonight from your husband who mobil porno could not be here tonight”.

I let out a big gasp as he forced my head down on him, not letting me back off at the news of my husband having a part in this. I gagged, and slowly gave over to the eroticism of his cock inside my mouth. How I loved sucking this man’s dick!

“Don’t be angry with him. He seeks the will of the group and of me and that is what has happened tonight. You will no longer belong to him unless I say so, of course you will remain with him in the daytime, which is your daily existence, but you no longer have rights Dani. Is that clear?”

“NO, I don’t believe that…I have rights…we have rights this day and age…I HAVE FUCKING RIGHTS” and I don’t want to be sold, or given away or anything. I want my husband and I want my friends…take me to them NOW! Please.” I yelled.

“Suck on me Dani…suck and Do NOT stop.” I did as I was told but angrily. I sucked him until my jaw hurt. Damn why was I doing this??? I felt beads of his cum suddenly and then I felt a huge wad of his cum spraying down on my face when he pulled back. “When you get angry Dani…it makes me hard and want to cum, but I advise you not to make me mad very often. You will learn that you will not like what comes with it. Suck on me and clean me Dani. Milk my shaft of your Master’s cream.” and again, I did so.

“Strip for me Dani. I want to see your big girl tits as we saw them last night. I want to see that big girl figure of yours. I was told a very long time ago that you did not believe that men could find a big girl sexy or attractive. I wanted then to show you, to prove to you that you were so wrong and how I’ve always been attracted to your size. I’ve had to wait my time for the timing to be right; I’d known you’d be stubborn. Let me see those big huge mammaries of yours now.”

I could not possibly strip in front of this male with the dominating voice. It was light enough for him to see me, and that just would not do. I felt him slap my face hard with his cock. I felt him push it into my mouth yet again and I took him and milked more.

“You like that don’t you Dani. You like sucking your Master’s cock. You like being my little cockwhore”.

I did too. I loved his lording it over me, but I couldn’t strip. I just couldn’t, nor could I tell him how all this was making me feel.

Sensing my objections, he told me to stand. “Stand Dani. Stand now!” and I did. I was getting so fucking turned on by all his commands and being told what to do. It felt erotic knowing that I felt myself succumbing to his wishes. Still, I had no idea who this man was.

I stood. “Put your hands above your head.” and I did so slowly. Then I put my arms down again when he started to pull up my shirt. “Up Dani.” I felt him lift my shirt off my body. My very flimsy, yet Halloween orange see-through sheer bra stood tantalizingly in front of him. I wanted to cover up. “Keep your hands up Dani,” as I felt him reach around me and undo the bra pulling it off my shoulders and over my arms until the bra fell in a heap at my feet.

I felt his fingers go inside my skirt and he backed me to a wall to play with me!! “Spread your legs girl. Yes, just like that,” and he stuck his fingers inside me and began diddling me. “Keep your hands UP, DANI,” he yelled and he continued to finger-fuck me. I was getting weak kneed as I felt a totally overwhelming, riding-a-big wave type of climax stirring within me then I began to hump his fingers with my pussy. He pressed against my body and pushed me against the wall even harder while I began jamming my cunt down on his fingers bouncing like mad. He pushed and pushed until he was further inside of me. He knew all the right spots to touch.

“That’s a good girl Dani, a very good girl.” Then a blindfold went over my eyes and I was told to take the finger fucking and the blindfold and to think of nothing else but how badly I wanted the Master. It wasn’t difficult. I felt earth-shattering spasms and body-racking quivers and my orgasm sped ahead; I began to cum hard on his fingers as he jerked it madly. My creaming juices spilled down his fingers and wrist and I felt the hot liquid xnxx porno as it oozed down my legs and pooled in a puddle on the floor; a sticky mess from his cumslut.

Threatening to pull out of me while I was in the middle of an orgasm, I heard myself begging him not to. “I’ll finish this finger-fuck Danigirl but first you have to acknowledge who owns you now.” Shaking my head, I refused to acknowledge it…

Taking my hands he suddenly tied a rope around them and hooked them to a pulley in the ceiling that hung down. I felt my body being stretched but my feet remained planted. It pulled my tits outright and they were jutting out at the male voice that hung in the shadows. My eyes were still blindfolded as I felt the button on my skirt release and it fell off over my hips. “Stop…don’t!” I heaved at him. But the skirt fell anyway and my leg was lifted to remove it from under my feet. I stood there totally naked and I felt the blush rising up and swallowing me. I began to cry with humiliation and embarrassment but at the same time I felt heat rising, coursing through every nerve in my body. I felt my breasts tingling and felt the sticky wetness between my legs continue to bubble and run down my legs. “Stop, please…with this…please.” I yelled.

“Please what?” he asked me. “Please what Dani?” as his hand pulled out and began to massage my massive hanging boobs as he fondled and rubbed them with his fingers, thumb and palm. He pinched them slightly then lifted my tits fully. I began to get so aroused I thought my legs would give out. Still he fondled me and still I tried to back away from his touch. It was as if his fingers burned me. I felt the power in his touch and commands and wanted more. GAWD, I needed more! ‘MORE MORE MORE’ was all I could think about! I had been so fucking horny since the start of the day and yet I wanted to experience even more.

I was on the verge of agreeing to his terms but the words wouldn’t escape my lips. Then I felt it, a tinge of sting, something spanked me and my nerve endings exploded. I felt it again as a blow hit my ass twice again in succession. It was stinging me again, my boobies swayed with the spanking. Then the lights came on and I couldn’t tell what was happening because the blindfold prevented it.

Then I felt more spanking and I was totally nude and knew there were human bodies in the room. Suddenly I knew I wasn’t alone with only the Master as many hands began touching me again.

“Take the blindfold down,” his voice instructed the others.

After regaining my eyesight from the darkness. I stood there in shock. The Master stood before me. He was my boss’s husband! She stood next to him in black leather, a whip, garters, boots, a collar and whatever else. I didn’t look too much and I was flabbergasted that my Master was who he WAS. He was telling me that he owned me, and it was his cock that I suck now; I wondered if it was he who fingered me then fucked me last night and had done whatever else that went on? Oh my, how could this have happened? I was embarrassed and humiliated.

Gaining my wits about me I saw more and more people around, some in costume, some scantily dressed and others. Damn! There was TOM…and NIKKI and MIKEY…and THEY WERE SMILING! “Happy Birthday Dani. We knew you’d not come with us to our get-togethers. We knew that we would have to introduce you in time to our lifestyle. We hoped in time that you would come to love it like we do.”

“But. But” was all I could say before my boss’s husband, his name was what? I couldn’t even remember! Aiden! That was it, Aiden.

“Standing before you all is the newest member of our Society. Will you pledge your loyalty to us, Dani? Will you pledge your loyalty to me, your master?” The crowd was moving in and I felt faint. I knew I had to say something and I blurted out “Yes. I stumbled through pledging my loyalty to them all.

“Say my name Dani.” he commanded.

“Master Aiden.” I responded.

Undoing my hands that had fallen asleep, he lowered the pulley and freed me from my bonds. He then took my hand and led me. The crowd parted and a path was cleared to a stone hearth in the center of this large room. I took his hand and he led me. The crowd cheered, applauded and closed the path as we walked through it to the stone hearth. A step ascended to the large berth of the hearth and I was instructed to take that step.

Naked but not even noticing anymore, I took the step.

The crowd gathered…

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