Danielle’s Holiday Ch. 05


This is the last chapter of Danielle’s Holiday; thanks to everyone who wrote to me – feel free to let me know what you think. As always, everyone’s 18 or over even if not explicitly stated.


“So, mom, you think you’ll go back to porno full time?” Jack whispered.

“I’m not sure, honey. I enjoyed fucking on film with you and the others but don’t know if I’m ready to go back to it.” Danielle whispered back.

They sat on the plane, flying back home after their two week holiday on Kapthros. It was late night and around them the few other passengers were sleeping which is why they were keeping their voices low.

“Would you and your brother mind if I did?”

“Hell no!” Jack said. “Long as you carry on fooling around with us, I know I’ve got no problem with it and I’m pretty sure Billy won’t either.”

“Hmm. I wonder what Billy’s been up to these last two weeks?” Danielle whispered.

“Probably fucking both Kayla and Aunt Tanya if I know my brother.” Jack said with a quiet laugh.

“You’re probably right.” Danielle smiled, thinking about her other son fucking his cousin and his aunt. “Still, we should try and get some sleep before the plane lands. I don’t think we’ll be sleeping much when we get home.” Glancing round to make sure no-one was watching, Danielle leaned over and kissed her son. “Love you, son. Now get some sleep.”

“I can’t, mom.” Jack said with a grin.

“Why not?”

“I need you to take care of this first.” He undid his jeans and pulled out his thick, half hard cock, stroking it in front of her.

“Jack, we can’t.” Danielle said, staring at his big dick.

“Everyone else is asleep. Come on, mom, blow me. You know you want to.”

Danielle chuckled and took hold of his cock, bending down and sucking and licking at the big knob, bringing him quickly to full hardness before plunging her mouth over it, sucking him in. Jack used one Avrupalı porno hand to grab her hair, lifting her head up and down on his cock, while using the other to pull her T-shirt up, roughly mauling her huge tits.

“Damn it, mom, you’re the best cock sucker I know.” He said quietly. She lifted her head off his dick briefly and smiled up at him, licking at the head of his big dick.

“You want to join the mile high club, baby?” she asked him. He nodded eagerly. “Toilets. Now.” She said.

They both quickly rearranged their clothes and stood, looking around to make sure no-one else was watching them. Danielle followed Jack to the back of the cabin and, as he held the toilet cubicle door open, slipped inside, Jack following her in and locking the door.

They kissed passionately, Jack running his hands over his mother’s huge breasts, pushing her T-shirt back up to expose them, bending down slightly and sucking at her hard nipples. Danielle moaned, watching him worship her big tits, smiling as he moved from one to another in turn. She undid her jeans and pushed them and her thong down, wiggling her ass until they hit the floor, letting her step out of them.

“Come on, baby, I want that big cock in my pussy again.” She whispered.

He helped lift her on to the washbasin shelf, her taut ass right on the edge, her legs as wide as she could spread them in the cramped cubicle, before her opened his jeans again and pulled out his foot long cock. Jack rubbed his cock head against her sopping pussy for a moment before easing forward, both of them looking down and watching his dick slide into Danielle’s twat.

“Fuck that feels so fucking good.” She breathed as he inched more of his hard on inside her until he bottomed out, his balls resting against her ass cheeks.

“I love you, mom.” He whispered.

“I love you too, Jack.” Danielle said. “Now Video porno fuck me.”

Jack began moving, gently sliding his cock in and out of her pussy, his hands returning to her big tits, stroking them and pinching her nipples. Danielle reached up and cupped both her tits in her own hands, lifting them up and bending her head down. Her tongue slid out and licked at each of her nipples in turn.

“Fuck that’s hot.” Jack gasped, watching his mom lick her own nipples. He speeded up his fucking, cramming his cock deep inside her pussy with each thrust, Danielle letting go of her tits and reaching down, stroking her clit as he fucked her.

“Oh baby . . . mommy’s cumming . . . cumming with her son’s fat . . . fucking . . . cock in her cunt!” Danielle gasped, quickly bringing herself off, moaning as she tried to stifle the sounds of her orgasm, Jack still plowing into her pussy. Danielle smiled at her son, gasping as her orgasm subsided slightly. “You know what . . . mommy needs, baby?”

“What, mom?”

“Mommy wants her son . . . to fuck her asshole . . . Do you want to do that, baby? You want to fuck mommy in the ass?”

“Like there’s ever any doubt of that.” Jack chuckled.

Danielle leaned back on the small shelf as much as she could, holding on to it as she raised her legs up slowly and carefully until they rested on Jack’s shoulders. He took hold of his cock and slid it out of her pussy, moving it down and nudging it between the cheeks of her ass. His knob head pushed against her tight asshole for a second before sliding through it, his cock entering her ass.

“Oh fuck yes!” Danielle moaned. “Fuck my ass, baby. Fuck mommy in the ass.”

Jack pushed forward, easing as much of his cock into her tight back door as he could, sighing as once again he buttfucked his mom.

“Fuck, mom . . . you’re so tight like this.” He gasped.

“You gonna cum soon?” Danielle asked him and he nodded. “Do it then. Cum in my ass. Fill my ass up with spunk.”

Jack pushed in and pulled out, sliding his thick cock into her incredibly tight butt hole as deep as he could, feeling his own orgasm building and not bothering to hold it back. One last thrust shoved almost his entire cock deep into his mom’s ass as he felt his cock swell and begin lurching, firing off a huge amount of cum as far into her butt as he could.

Danielle moaned, the feeling of his cum spurting into her butt triggering her second orgasm, the pair of them gasping and twitching as they came together.

Slowly, they both came down, kissing and smiling as they felt Jack’s cock gently ease out of her ass.

As quietly as they could, they cleaned up and dressed themselves again before Jack unlocked the door and opened it.

A male steward stood outside, grinning at them.

“If you could take your seats, please?” he said, staring blatantly at Danielle’s huge tits.

Jack and Danielle giggled and made their way back to their seats. They had no trouble falling asleep for the rest of the flight.

Once they’d landed and headed through luggage retrieval and customs, they were glad to see Billy waiting for them. Danielle hugged and kissed her other son, careful not to be too obvious with the other people wandering around, and then they loaded up the car and drove home.

“I can’t wait to get back to my own bed and have my two favourite men inside me.” Danielle said as they drove.

“That’s just as well, mom, because I guess I’ve missed out on a lot of fucking around with you.” Billy said with a chuckle.

“With mom, an air hostess, two big titted twins and shooting a porno film.” Jack said.

“A porno?” Billy gasped.

“We’ll tell you about it tomorrow, sweetie.” Danielle said. “Right now I need a sandwich.”

“You hungry, mom?” Billy asked.

“No, silly. I mean a mom sandwich: I’m the filling, you pair are the bread. I want you to DP me just like the first time we all fucked.”

Billy grinned and hit the accelerator, eager to get home and “eat”.

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