Danielle’s Friends , Family Ch. 03


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Danielle drove for a while in silence, Billy beside her in the passenger seat, Kayla behind them. All through the drive, Danielle could see Billy snatching glances either at Kayla or, more often, at her own tits where the Captain’s cum was still smeared over them beneath her T-shirt.

“So how long has this been going on?” she asked eventually. Neither of them answered. “Billy?”

“Couple of weeks.” He said.

“And I take it your parents don’t know about this?” Danielle asked Kayla, looking in the rear view.

“No, Auntie Dan.”

“So why choose me? Why not ring Tanya?”

Billy turned to look at Kayla before turning back to his mom.

“We . . . we both think you’re cooler than Aunt Tanya.” Billy said. “Aunt Tanya’s fun an’ all but . . . well, we just thought you’d handle it better.”

“Yeah, Auntie Dan. I love my mom but she can be a real pain at times.” Kayla said.

Danielle pulled into the street where her sister and husband lived and stopped the car. “Okay, here’s the plan.” She said, turning to look at Kayla. Her position pushed her tits out toward Billy who stared at them with obvious lust in his eyes. “Go home, Kayla, and tell your mom you’ve just been hanging out with your friends or whatever. Don’t mention Billy, me or, God forbid, getting arrested. Come round to my house tomorrow at noon and we’ll see what can be done.” As she looked at her niece, she could understand why Billy had ended up fucking his own cousin: she was blonde and pretty and, as Captain Ellis had said, had a pair of tits almost Taksim Escort as big as her own, just like her mom. It had been years since she’d been with another woman and the thought of lapping at her own niece’s nineteen year old pussy was almost too much to bear. “Go on, go home.” Danielle said not unkindly.

Her niece got out of the car and she and Billy watched her walk the short distance to her home, both of them staring at her firm butt which wiggled beneath the short skirt she was wearing. Once she was in her house, Danielle started the car and drove off.

“You wanna tell me how it started?” she asked her son.

“We bumped into each other in . . . in the bar in town – “

“So you’re drinking as well?” Danielle interrupted.

“We were both kinda drunk and . . . and I offered to walk her home. On the way . . . “


“It . . . it kinda happened.” Billy said quietly.

“And you fucked her?” Danielle asked. Billy glanced at her. He could tell she wasn’t mad; in fact her voice sounded as if she was enjoying it. He looked again at her big tits and felt his cock swell.

“No, she . . . she went down on me and . . . “

“And what?”

“And let me . . . cum on her . . . her boobs.”

Danielle chuckled; it seemed to be the theme of the night.

“Did you like that? Shooting a big load all over her big fucking tits?” she gasped out.

Billy looked at his mom. Unless he was completely mistaken, she was getting turned on. Her nipples had gone hard and were poking through the thin T-shirt.

“Yeah, mom. I really Taksim Escort Bayan like big fucking tits.” He said, emboldened by her own words.

“You like mine?” she asked him.

“Fuck yeah!” he said, unknowingly echoing his brother’s words from earlier.

“Wanna cum on them?” she said, turning and looking him straight in the eye. He hesitated for a brief second, wondering whether or not his mom was somehow punishing him because he’d been with Kayla, turning him on so much then dropping him. Fuck it! He thought.

“God yeah!” he said.

Danielle chuckled and said “Just hold on a minute.” She turned off the main road, away from the busier streets until she found her way out of town and on to some back roads. Finally, when there was no-one else around, she pulled over and stopped the car. She turned to her son and, as he watched in disbelief, she pulled her T-shirt off, exposing her big round tits. “You like?” she asked again.

“Mom, they’re . . . they’re perfect.” She leaned forward and kissed him, her tongue darting into her mouth while his hands cupped and groped her tits. As she did that, she reached for his jeans, unbuttoning and then unzipping them.

“Mmm, what have we here?” she asked as she pulled out his cock. “Oh baby, you’re fucking huge.” Billy was every bit as well hung as his twin brother she was happy to find. She dipped her head and sucked on his cock, tasting him and the remains of Kayla’s pussy at the same time, making her moan in pleasure.

“Oh fuck, mom! Suck my cock! Oh fuck yeah!” Billy cried, his hands never leaving Escort Taksim her tits.

“You know I didn’t have any money to make bail for you tonight.” Danielle said, looking up at him, still jerking his cock. “I had to let the Captain fuck my tits and cum all over them so he’d let you out. What do you think of that, baby?”

“Oh you dirty slut.” Billy said with a grin.

“You don’t mind sharing your mom?”

“Fuck no. You can fuck any guy you want so long as I still get some.”

“Even your brother?”

Billy stared at her. “You serious?”

She nodded. “I blew him tonight and had him cum over me.”

“Oh, mom, that is so cool! Can we both fuck you? At the same time?”

“Soon as we get home, baby.” Danielle said before going back to sucking on his cock. The thought of both her big dicked sons fucking her together had her coming even thought she hadn’t touched herself and it obviously had much the same effect on Billy.

“Mom . . . I’m gonna cum!” he gasped. She sat back in her seat, letting Billy kneel up and, hunched over, jerk his big cock until he came, shooting streams of jism all over her tits. For the third time that evening, she was being drenched in cum, Billy pumping out as much as his brother.

“Yeah, baby! Cum all over me! Cum over mommy’s tits and face!” Danielle moaned, urging him on.

Billy moved his cock up and down, back and fore, covering his mom in his spunk, squeezing out the last few thick strands into her open mouth.

“That was fucking intense, mom.” Billy gasped, sitting back in his seat. He watched as his mom scooped up as much of his cum as she could off her face and licked it off her fingers. The huge pools over her tits she left, smiling as she pulled her T-shirt back on, the cum soaking through.

“How about we get home and you and your brother can fuck me senseless?” she asked.

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