Dancing with Mom Ch. 02


Mark woke up early the next morning surprisingly feeling no ill effects from all the drinking at the Christmas Party the night before. He did drink quite a bit, but also ate a full meal and did quit drinking about an hour before leaving the party, so he had sobered up some before driving home. Wandering up to the front of the house he noticed his dad passed out on the couch. Looking out the front window, he saw his parent’s car wasn’t there so he guessed they took a cab home.

He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a quick drink of water before heading back toward his bedroom to get dressed. Passing his parents room on the way, he noticed their bedroom door open, but when he peeked in, he didn’t see his mother in bed. Wondering where she might be, he stepped into their room and only then did he hear the shower running. The bathroom door was open so he walked over to it and peeked his head inside, noticing his mother in the shower.

Remembering what she told him the night before about having time to do more, he slipped into the bathroom and quietly closed and locked the door. Watching his mother behind the obscured glass on the shower, Avrupalı porno he quickly pulled off his tee shirt and jockey shorts. His cock was already hard as he moved over to the shower and opened the door.

As he stepped into the shower with his mother she said, “Oh Henry, are you sure you’re up…” she paused, after wiping the soap out of her eyes and said, “Mark?”

“You said we could do more when we had more time,” Mark said.

“But your father…”

“He’s passed out on the couch, besides, I locked the door,” he said, soaping up his hands and reaching out to her. Her back was to him so he reached around her from behind and cupped both her breasts in his soap hands. Squeezing up behind her, he slid his erection against her ass, moving it up and down her soft skin.

She turned to him then and he let the water rinse off his hands and her breasts. Mark then leaned forward moving his mouth to her left breast as his hands dropped down to her ass. He kneaded her ass as he sucked on her nipples, first the left one, and then the right. Arching her back, she pushed her breasts out to him Video porno as she reached her hand to his head. He felt her push his head downward, so he kissed and licked her wet skin down her breasts, over her stomach, through the dense patch of pubic hair and onto her pussy lips.

Turning his head downward and pushing his nose against her so he could breathe without choking on the water from the shower, he shoved his tongue into her pussy, tasting the tart, earthy flavor of his mother’s cunt. He slid his tongue up her slit and then let it circle around her clit. Thankfully Mark’s mother turned the water down and moved so almost all of it ran down her back, allowing him to lick and suck her clit, without drowning in the water.

Wanting to taste her more, he alternated between her clit and her cunt, running his tongue over her tiny nub and then sliding it down to her wet, flavorful opening. Mark could feel his mother begin moving her hips back and forth as she ground herself against his face. Noticing she moved a bit faster and moaned more as he licked and sucked on her clit, he would concentrate there, but still couldn’t resist plunging his tongue into her wet hole to get another taste.

Finally, as she got more and more vigorous thrusting her pussy against his face, Mark kept sucking on her clit as he pushed a finger into her pussy. Feeling both his mother’s hands on his head, he shoved a second and then a third finger into her pussy as he flicked his tongue quickly over her clit. Suddenly she pushed herself against him, pulling him tight to her pussy and holding him there as her whole body seemed to convulse.

Mark could feel her pussy surging, contracting over his fingers again and again. He pulled his head back to move his mouth off her clit and then remained motionless as her pussy pulsed and pulsed on his fingers. Taking in all the sights and sounds of her orgasm, Mark let himself enjoy it all since it was the first time he made his mother come.

As she calmed a bit, Mark stood up and leaned forward, pushing his cock over her pussy lips. Stepping back a bit his mother said, “Wait, your father may be up.”

“But I want…”

“Shhh,” she said, turning off the water and then stepping out of the shower. “Let me go check on your father. You dry off and we’ll see if we can’t help you out some.”

Mark watched her wrap a towel around her wet body and walk out of the bathroom. He quickly dried himself waiting for her to return.

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