Daddy’s Naughty Girl


Mary bustled around the house, cleaning and straightening things up in an attempt to make everything perfect for when he would come home. She wanted the house to look it’s best when her daddy walked through the door. Mary loved taking care of her daddy. She loved the warm, fuzzy feeling she got when he scooped her up into his arms and told her how proud she made him when she was a good girl. However, as sweet as her daddy was when she was a good girl, he could be just as strict with her when she was naughty.

Mary shivered at the thought of the last time she had been naughty. Daddy had punished her soundly because she had stayed out way past her curfew and had not called to tell him where she was. She had been out with her friends and let them talk her into staying out too late. By the time she got home, she had missed her curfew by 2 hours and daddy was sitting up waiting for her with a concerned look on his face. The moment she walked through the door, the concerned look turned to anger and he snatched her by the arm and pulled her to the chair and over his knee, her bottom high in the air. Daddy pushed her skirt up roughly and jerked her panties down to show off her bare, round backside. He asked her how many spanks she deserved for being so inconsiderate. Mary replied with a whimper and shook her head. Daddy grunted as he popped her on the bottom twice, rapidly. Once for each hour she had been late. Mary whimpered and winced in pain at first, but daddy was quick to soothe her by stroking her cheeks where the bright red handprints were.

Mary’s body slackened as she relaxed over his knees. She realized she had been holding her breath and exhaled slowly. Daddy’s fingertips were lightly stroking her skin and a chill went Gaziantep Binevler Escort down her spine each time his fingers played across the valley between her cheeks. Every time he touched her there, her thighs would part just a bit further and a funny feeling began between her legs. Daddy obviously noticed because his finger strokes became increasingly bolder. Instead of just stroking her cheeks, he let his fingers work their way down the crack of her bottom to her soft, puffy lips. Mary was getting very aroused and her lips looked almost pouty. They were bright pink and swollen with excitement.

Daddy’s voice was low and hoarse when he asked her if she were going to be late again without calling to let him know. Mary’s words were shaky and barely audible as she whispered her agreement. His fingers, moving down to explore a little further, gently spread her lips open. Mary whimpered quietly as he drug one fingertip down her slit, slick with her juices. Daddy moaned and his hips jerked upward. He gently moved Mary down from his lap to her knees in front of him and looked down at her with a look she’d never seen on anyone before. He looked hungry, almost. Mary licked her lips in anticipation and his smile grew. Her eyes followed his down to the obvious bump in the crotch of his pajama pants. Mary’s eyes grew wider as he reached into the fly of his pants and removed his thick cock, letting it spring free and slap against his stomach.

“You want to be daddy’s good girl, don’t you Mary?” Daddy asked. Mary nodded quickly, her eyes never leaving his cock. Before she realized what was going on, her daddy had his hands in her blonde hair and was slowly pulling her towards his lap. Mary inched closer on her knees and bent down, planting a light kiss on the tip, her eyes flickering up to meet his as she instinctively opened her lips and took him into her mouth. Daddy groaned and bucked his hips, driving his cock further between her lips and choking her momentarily before he drew back out. His cock popped free from her mouth, bouncing a bit. Mary jerked her eyes up to meet her daddy’s…eagerly awaiting his instruction.

“Come sit on daddy’s lap, baby,” he said. Mary bounced up and blushed as her panties slid down her smooth legs. Daddy reached out and lifted the front of her skirt, sighing heavily and gripping his cock while he inspected her pouty lips that were covered in a light, soft fuzz and gleaming with wetness in the lamplight. He pulled her forward and pushed her thighs apart, forcing the girl to spread her legs apart and around his as she perched on his lap. As she lowered herself down, she felt the head of his cock press against her. Daddy stopped her and reached up to spread her lips and lower her down onto his cock. Mary winced and cried out softly as her pussy stretched around his thick cock for the first time. He shushed her gently and stroked her blonde hair to soothe her. “It only hurts for a moment, baby girl. It will feel good once daddy is inside you,” he whispered while easing her down and pushing himself fully into her.

Once she had taken him into her tight little pussy, she could feel the walls spasming and stretching to accommodate the size of her daddy’s cock. Mary sighed and rocked her hips a bit. “See baby…daddy wouldn’t lie to you. It feels nice, doesn’t it?” He asked. The girl blushed and bit her lip, nodding her assent. He moved his hands from her hips up her belly and cupped her budding breasts through her tight t-shirt. “My baby is becoming such a woman. 18 already,” he said as he was fondling her nipples through the thin material. Mary blushed deeper, her hips still rocking back and forth. The more he teased her erect nipples, the harder they got…the harder they got, the more Mary panted. She had never let another man touch her in this way before. She had experimented alone and with one of her girlfriends once before…but never to this extent.

She was eager to see what he would do next and was pleasantly surprised when one of his hands began traveling down her belly and up under her skirt. Mary moaned excitedly as her daddy’s fingertip found the little bud hidden in her folds. Her clit was hard as a diamond and his soft fingertip felt so good as he stroked it. Her already rocking hips moved a bit faster and her back arched, pushing her breast further into his hand. Mary panted harder now and began lifting herself up and down, fucking herself on her daddy’s fully erect cock. She tossed her head back and cried out while his fingertip was a blur, rubbing her clit. “Daddy! Oh! Daddy, that feels so good!” She panted.

“Hang on baby…daddy has a surprise for you. He’s gonna shoot his load in that sweet, little pussy.” Daddy grunted. A few moments later his body stiffened and he gripped the girl’s nipple, twisting it lightly as he shot jets of hot, sticky cum into her pussy. Mary cried out and arched her back painfully hard, cumming around his cock. He watched her body writhe as his cock twitched inside of her.

Finally, she collapsed onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and rocked her a bit, stroking her hair. “You are such a good girl. Daddy is so proud of you,” he whispered into her ear. Mary smiled happily and buried her face into his neck, breathing in his scent. She loved being praised by him.

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