Daddy’s Little Tease Ch. 3


Authors’ notes: This is a joint work written by qqnforyou6 (Allen) and angelove_2001 (Brei). We appreciate ANY and ALL feedback, so please feel free to comment on likes, dislikes, and offer any suggestions. For more incest works, see Allen’s profile. Also, look for continuing chapters of this story approximately every two weeks. Thank you.

* * * * *


Monday morning arrived and before I knew it I found myself back at the office. “Where in the hell did the weekend go?” I asked myself. I sat at my desk and took care of the many tasks that needed completing. Finally after getting bored I decided to take a quick break. I reached for my briefcase and dialed the combinations to unlock it. My fingers began to tremble as I slowly opened it while glancing around to see if anyone was near. I reached inside and felt for my magazine. I slid the magazine from my briefcase onto my desk. Leafing through the magazine I was mesmerized by the pictures and the captions under them. I couldn’t believe this lifestyle and the effect it was having on me.

As I continued to look at the pictures I felt so guilty. Guilty because I was too stubborn and actually too afraid to explore this with my wife. And what really sucked was the fact that she was now gone and I could never explore this with her. Sadness seemed to overtake me and I noticed a tear running down my cheek. Using my thumb, I reached up and wiped the salty residue from my cheek. ‘Oh god how I wish I would have listened to her,’ I thought to myself.

The pictures were unbelievable. Girls shackled and being whipped. Girls tied down and blindfolded while a ‘master’ poured hot candle wax on them. I pictured my wife in this picture. I tried to fantasize how she would sound. How she would scream. How she would cum. I slowly closed the magazine and slid it into my briefcase.

Just as I closed the top, my secretary Janelle walked into my office. Janelle was 39 and gorgeous. Her blonde hair was perfectly straight and came down to mid-back. Her blue eyes were enough to freeze any man who looked into them. She was married and had two children but you couldn’t tell it from her figure. She always dressed conservatively but for some reason today she didn’t. She sat down in front of my desk and I almost fainted when she crossed her legs, giving me a panty shot for a brief second.

She began to ask me questions and I began to give her answers. The longer she sat in front of me the more I began to think about how hot of a fuck she would be. As she talked she continued to bounce her leg up and down, and only her big toe kept her sexy high heel shoe from falling to the floor. As I answered her question I noticed a hint of nipple pushing through her bra and blouse. ‘Nice rack,’ I thought to myself as we continued to converse. My cock was still throbbing from looking at those sultry pictures and my hot secretary wasn’t helping matters by sitting like she was in front of me. As she continued to bounce her foot up and down, her skirt continued to hike farther and farther up, exposing her hip. I could see the white tie hanging down from the waist band of her panties. My god, how I would like to bite that string and untie her panties. Just then, Janelle stood up and turned and walked towards the door. As she closed the door behind her I couldn’t help but to stare at her ass until it was no longer visible.

I flipped my computer on and decided to see if my online daughter was online or had left me an email. There was only a message in my email box so I opened it. Here is what I read. “Hi daddy, I really miss you. We haven’t chatted as much as I wish we would. I bought this sexy pair of stiletto heels I would love to wear while you make love to me. I feel so naughty when I wear them. In fact, last night I wore them while I was thinking about you and masturbating. My toes felt so good curling inside them when I came. I wish I was there right now with my ankles resting on your shoulders while you slowly fuck me from one orgasm to another. I just can’t get enough of this fantasy daddy! You turn me on so much daddy. Email me back soon, I miss you daddy, signed ‘your little girl’.”

I took a deep breath and then clicked on the ‘reply’ button. A new email screen popped up with her screen name in the box. I reached down and squeezed my aching cock. ‘God I need to cum as soon as I get home tonight,’ I thought to myself. I began to type. “Oh baby, you make daddy so happy. I dream about you all day long, wondering what it would be like to be with you. To hear you calling me ‘daddy’ to moan ‘oh daddy yes’ while I lick your pretty little pussy. I often wonder what your little pussy tastes like. Daddy loves to eat pussy you know, and one day daddy will eat your pussy. I have to say you turn me on like no other. Your words that you type are so soft and sensitive yet so sultry and alluring. If you only knew how hard you make your father’s cock. I have to get going baby, but when I get home I will jack off and I will be thinking of you and Bakırköy Escort in my mind, I will be cumming on your face. Oh baby have a wonderful night and I will be looking for you! Be good baby, signed Daddy.”

I shut my computer down as I realized that it was now time to go home. I grabbed my briefcase and headed home. As I pulled into my driveway I noticed that Brei wasn’t home. ‘Good,’ I thought. I’ll be able to ‘take care of some business.’ I undressed as soon as I got home. I walked naked down the hallway and into the shower. I adjusted the water and stepped inside. As I showered I couldn’t help but to become rock hard. After I rinsed off I grabbed my daughter’s razor and touched up my balls and the area above my cock. I rinsed off and ran my fingers across my soft skin. I took my cock into my hand and closed my eyes. I began to pump myself up and down and in minutes I was on the verge of cumming.

My fantasy involved my late wife standing before me in handcuffs with her arms forced over her head. I pictured her wearing nipple clamps that were connected with a gold chain. I fantasized that I was in front of her kissing her as she stood there blindfolded. I would lower my lips to her tender breasts, kissing and licking her swollen nipples as they protruded from the clamps. Hearing her moans incited my cock to harden even more. Reaching around I slid my hands down to her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. Next, as I pumped my cock under the warm water I imagined turning my wife around. I pushed her down at her waist and slid my cock up into her ass cheeks. I smacked her ass hard, ‘SMACK’ under the running water causing her scream to shudder with excitement. I took some shampoo and lubricated my cock. I spread her ass cheeks and pushed my cock against her tight sphincter. “Oh god,” I heard her scream as my head slid into her orifice. Taking my time, I eased in even further until I was in completely.

I held my wife’s hips and began to thrust gently at first until she began to thrust back at me. I reached under her with one hand and began to trace my fingertips over her clit in tiny circles. “Oh god, oh god, oh god yessssssss,” my wife screamed. I could feel my toes tingling as I furiously stroked my cock. I was oh so close to cumming and it felt wonderful. Again I concentrated on my fantasy. My wife was so turned on. “May I cum now sir?” she asked.

“Yes Candice, you may cum.” With that, my wife began to cum. Just then I felt my balls begin to tighten. In my fantasy the blindfold slid off of my wife. Excitement raced through my body like never before when I saw her turn her head around and look into my eyes as I continued to fuck her ass. I wasn’t looking into my wife’s eyes, they were the eyes of my daughter. It was my Brei that I was fucking in the ass and dominating. It was her that screamed, “Oh daddy, I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnggggggggg.”

Just then I began to tremble. I felt my cock spasming as I felt my cum racing up my shaft. I felt a rope of cum shoot out the end of my cock and in my fantasy I came in my daughter’s ass. “Oh god,” I moaned as I came. My knees were weak as I stood there under the running water. I noticed that the water was cool from running so long. I shut the water off and dried off. I walked naked back to my room and as I walked the cool air felt so refreshing on my naked but yet slightly damp skin.

I dressed and then walked to the kitchen to make dinner. Just as I was about to sit down to eat Brei came home. I heard the door knob turning and then she walked through the door. “Hi daddy,” she said.

Looking at her in that skirt as she walked closer to me I finally mustered up enough guts to say, “Hello sweetie, gonna join dad for dinner?”

“Just give me a few minutes to shower and get out of these clothes.”

“OK baby, dinner will be ready in about ten minutes.”

“Great, I’ll be down in a few.”

As I set a place at the table for my daughter I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. Just the thought of being able to see her naked in the shower lathering up her hot little body sent shivers through me. She was beginning to remind me more and more of my late wife. She was beginning to look so much like her. Her hair, her smile, her voice and most importantly, her body. Last time I checked in the dirty laundry I noticed that her bra size was even identical to Candice’s.

As Brei showered I quietly tip-toed down to the basement. I knew Brei used the laundry chute in the bathroom. I went to where the chute drops into a hamper and reached in. I felt them immediately on top. With trembling fingers I slowly raised my hand. There they were, Brei’s sexy panties in my hand. I slowly raised them to my face. My hand was shaking as I raised the crotch to my nose. Closer and closer until I inhaled slowly. Ahhhhhhhh… I smelled my daughter’s scent. I shoved the material onto my face to get a better smell and that’s when my cock almost tore through my sweat pants. Brei’s panties were wet. Not wet, Bakırköy Escort Bayan soaked. I began inhaling sharply. I pulled my sweats down and began pumping my cock with my right hand.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I heard the water still running in the shower. I continued to inhale my daughter’s scent and suddenly I realized that I was running my tongue across the wet part of her panties, tasting her juices for the very first time. The taboo thought of tasting my daughter’s pussy juice was too much for me to handle. I lowered her panties around my cock and felt every nerve in my body tingle. I wrapped her panties around my cock and began to pump. Suddenly the water in the shower upstairs shut off. I knew I was running out of time. Just then it happened. I felt wave after wave of pleasure race through my body as I shot my load of cum right into my daughter’s wet panties. ‘Oh god,’ I thought as I finally finished cumming. I heard Brei walking around upstairs. I tossed her panties back into the hamper and pulled my sweats back up.

I walked up to the kitchen. “Oh there you are daddy,” Brei said as she stood before me in the smallest satin robe that I think was ever made.

“Here sit down and eat,” I said as I pulled out the chair for her to sit down. My eyes were now glued to her as there was more exposed skin than covered up skin. I walked around the other side of the table and sat down. Thank god I just came, because I think I would have shot a load in my pants as I sat there eating dinner. Every now and then Brei would move and I would get a great view of her cleavage. Even once, I saw the edge of an aerola. After we finished eating Brei said she was tired and she was going to bed. I too was tired so I retired to my room.

I turned on my computer but I didn’t go online right away. I reached into my night stand and pulled out my BDSM book and laid down on my bed. I turned on my reading lamp and made myself comfortable. I opened the book to the page where I had finished reading last. I quickly lost track of time as I became so engrossed with the reading. I had to undress since my cock was hard once again and the uncomfortable feeling was killing me. I returned to my book and continued reading. There were several short stories that were hot. The part that got my attention most was the part about local B & D clubs. I paused for a moment and became lost in thought. ‘Is there a B & D club in this town?’ I wondered. Just the thought of going to B & D orgies sent shivers up my spine. I was beginning to understand what turned Candice on so much.

As I continued to read I learned how to make your partner a slave. How to discipline her for her wrong doings and how to praise her for following orders to the letter. I felt my pre-cum dripping down my cock as I continued to read. There were pictures of several different devices used for disciplining your slave. As I read, I pictured Candice strapped into one of the discipline devices. As I turned the page there was a whole sequence of photos of a master disciplining his slave. His hand started in the raised position and slowly moved towards her naked ass. She was laying face down on what looked like a pair of saw horses with only a small board in the center. Her breasts were pulled down as weighted nipple clamps were attached to both nipples. As I continued to look at the pictures, the paddle that was in the master’s hand was now striking her ass. The master turned the paddle over and rubbed her ass with the velvet side. This was all so shocking and so bizarre, but as I read I understood what Candice felt.

This was a lifestyle that was chosen by many. Candice felt the need to be controlled. As I remembered her, I suddenly realized that she always wanted me around. She didn’t like to do anything by herself. I closed my book and became lost in thought. I got up and shut my computer down without even going online. I shut off my lamp and crawled into bed. As I laid there, I began to cry lightly as I realized how much I missed Candice.

Suddenly the alarm clock went off. I realized that it was Tuesday morning already. I got up and showered and headed out the front door to go to work. I made sure to put my book into my briefcase since I would be stopping by the bookstore today to see Sabrina. I left and drove down the road to work. I arrived at the office a few minutes early. I saw Janelle’s car was already there. I walked into my office and sat down. A moment later, Janelle came into my office. I almost came as I watched her walking towards me. “Good morning Allen,” she said as she walked in what was the shortest miniskirt ever made and five inch heels.

“G…good morning Janelle,” I managed to say as I sat down behind my desk. She set a cup of coffee on my desk like she did every morning. The only difference today was that she was so sexy. I don’t know if suddenly she was trying to impress me or what. I already knew she was hot…but she was my secretary.

As she set Escort Bakırköy the cup of coffee down I was drawn to her fingers. They were so sexy as they were painted the prettiest shade of pink with only the tips being painted white. She sat down in front of me and again crossed her legs. This time I saw no panties, rather I saw her hair covered mound. I couldn’t believe how open and comfortable this woman was becoming around me. As we talked I began to drift off into my fantasy land. I asked myself questions like “is she slave material” or “is she looking for a master?”

Just then the phone rang and she had to get up to go to her desk. As she walked out of my office I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Those shoes made her feet and calves look so round and sexy. Her skirt barely came down past her ass cheeks. And the thought of her not wearing panties turned me on beyond belief.

I became engrossed in my work and soon it was lunch time. After eating a quick lunch I decided to check my email. I logged on and opened my mail box. I had a message from my online daughter. I opened it and this is what I read. “Daddy I miss you so much, signed ‘your baby girl'”. Just for the kick of it I clicked on the reply box and typed a message back to her. “Daddy misses his baby girl too.” I clicked on the send button and quickly logged off.

I continued to work and soon it was almost time to go home. I couldn’t wait to leave so I could go see Sabrina. I finished up a couple of last minute requests and then walked out of the office. As I walked out to my car, Janelle suddenly appeared alongside of me. As we walked I couldn’t help to notice how her breasts jiggled under her top. Just then I realized that she was not wearing a bra. We each walked to our own cars and drove in the same direction.

I kept my eyes in the rearview mirror as I didn’t want Janelle to see me turning into the adult bookstore so I drove past it. “Dammit!” I yelled as she continued to follow me down the road. I turned down a side street and looked in my mirror. “Thank fucking god,” I said as I pulled into a driveway to turn back around. Janelle went straight and now I could go to see Sabrina. I quickly sped to the bookstore and when I walked in, the place was crowded. I decided to wait awhile to see if the place died down. I looked at the magazine rack briefly before I made eye contact with Sabrina.

I drifted over to the toy section and I immediately was drawn to the bondage and discipline paraphernalia. ‘My god,’ I thought as I picked up a whip and held it. I reached out and felt the leather strips that would come in contact with a hot sexy ass. The leather was soft but yet harsh at the same time. I knew it would sting on contact. I wondered if anyone ever stung my Candice’s ass with one of these. That thought caused my cock to strain at my zipper again. Next I picked up a black blindfold. There were several different kinds. Just then I heard a soft sexy voice. “Know what that one is used for?” I looked over my shoulder and realized it was Sabrina. Looking around I realized that the store was now empty.

“No, I don’t,” I replied almost in a whisper.

“The one in your hand is an initiation mask. When a slave is initiated into a club, that is the head covering she must wear. Only an opening for her mouth is permitted for what she is instructed to do.”

I set the head covering down and then reached down and picked up a pair of handcuffs. “The whole purpose of handcuffs is to discipline your slave,” Sabrina said. “When she misbehaves you take matters into your own hands and you discipline her.”

I set the cuffs down and looked around at the various other products. “So I take it you finished your book,” Sabrina said. As I looked at the various toys I nodded my head and weakly uttered a “yes.”

“Come with me,” Sabrina said as she turned around and walked down the hallway that led to the private viewing booths. As I followed her I was mesmerized by her beauty. She was wearing a super short red skirt that showed the bottoms of her ass cheeks. She was wearing sexy white fishnet stockings and unbelievably high red seven inch platform heels. Her stockings connected to white lace garters that disappeared up under her skirt.

Suddenly Sabrina walked through the black velvet cloth that hung down in front of the viewing booth. I pushed the soft material aside and entered. “Strip naked and sit down and watch this movie,” Sabrina said.

I was a bit nervous and hesitated. Just then I felt a stinging sensation on my face and realized that Sabrina just backhanded me. “Look, if you’re going to waste my time then get the fuck out of here.”

Looking at Sabrina I quickly undressed.

“You just learned firsthand the discipline part of this lifestyle. Your partner will learn to obey your every command and if she doesn’t then that is how you discipline her.”

I sat down as requested. “I know you are the dom but you need to firsthand experience the other side of the fence to learn how far to go.” I nodded my head as the movie started.

Sabrina turned around and her eyes fell to my throbbing boner that was lurching skyward. “Do not touch yourself at all during the movie or you will be punished.” With that Sabrina left the booth to take care of a customer.

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