Daddy’s little girl


He unlocked the door and entered the house. It was 1:00 and he’d just come back from work and a visit to the bar. Jim was surprised he’d made it home without being stopped by the cops. He was beyond intoxicated.

Locking the door behind him he planned to enter the bed he shared with his wife, Jenny. Then he remembered she was away on a business trip. Not wanting to sleep alone tonight he planned to take a visit to his daughter’s room.

Jenny and his daughter Crystal had much in common. They both had unbelievable curves though recently Crystal had outgrown her mother.

Jenny was curvy at a 32G-26-32 in. figure. With light brown eyes and long brown hair cascading down her shoulders you would think she was the vision of sexiness until you saw her daughter.

Crystal now was at 36G-26-34 in. and the goddess of his fuck dreams. she had light brown eyes but was blond. And now that her mother was away the 18 year old was his to fuck.

He quietly entered the sleeping teenager’s room and was awestruck. Crystal lay there in complete nudity except for her green g-string that looked like it was flossing her cunt.

Too much temptation to resist he went over to her bed. Jim grabbed on to a breast but couldn’t even fit it in his hand. While fondling the Ataköy Escort huge tit he kissed her. Not at all like a fatherly kiss. This was full on slobber mode.

He let go of the breast and used his hands to separate her lips. Then he started in search for her tongue. He licked on it sucking on to it. He let go of her mouth hearing her moans. She was awake.

“Daddy?” she asked in surprise.

“Yes its daddy Crystal.” he replied fully on top of her now. Rubbing his thick 8 and a half inch erection against her g-string. He could feel her pussy juices flowing as he humped her pussy through her underwear.

” MMMMMMMMM Daddy what are you doing? we shouldn’t be doing this. I’m your daughter your drunk.” She argued even as she slowly met his thrusts with a grind of her sexy hips.

” Shhhhhhhhhh don’t fight it baby you won’t regret this.” He got up and undressed so his thick fully erect cock was in plain sight.

” Daddy your so big.”

“Call me Jim honey. Get your tits ready I’m going to fuck them like they’ve never been fucked before.”

With that he positioned himself with his dick in between her huge tits. She squeezed her breast together and moved them along his cock. ” yes Jim.” she replied.

He begin to thrust Ataköy Escort Bayan at her boobs fast and uncontrollably. He movement were more forceful and quick than any person she’d ever fucked. However she had been fucking boys this was a man.

She could barely keep up with his wild sex movements. Fifteen minutes of tit fucking and she could tell it wasn’t enough for him. He would fuck her pussy tonight.

He took out his dick from the embrace of her tits.He took off her g-string and there was her soaking wet pussy.

” Jim fuck me Jim I’m so wet Jim.” she was moaning and yelling showing her pleasure. Talking dirty to him driving him wild. Crystal was screaming things like ” Daddy please fuck me. Fuck me wild and crazy. I want your cock in my cunt. Daddy drive my 18 year old pussy wild.” and he would.

Roughly he inserted three fingers and fingered her pussy. removing them they came back out wet with her pussy juices. He placed them in front of her mouth and instructed her to suck them.

“Yes Jim.” she replied eagerly sucking onto his fingers. Licking up her pussy juices from his fingers. ” Jim I taste good.”

“Do you now? Is daddy’s little slut delicious?” he replied. tempted he moved his head down to her pussy. Escort Ataköy Smelling the cunt that would be his today. He took long slow licks. Then his licks became uncontrolled a frenzy of kisses on her clit and pussy.

He ate her out enjoying her taste too much. Wildly sucking and tasting as if to eat her alive. He got and said ” Now I’m going to fuck you. and I’ll fuck you good better than anyone else and after this is over I’ll fuck you how I want, when I want, Where I want, with whom I want, and with what I want.

Spreading her legs apart he plunged his dick deep into her pussy. As if trying to reach into her womb. He thrust over and over wildly fucking her. mmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss dadddyyyyyyyyyyyyy yes Jimmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee! she yelled loudly. she was beyond pleasure and in the throes of orgasms over and over.

30 minutes later or maybe more he felt his own coming along. He yelled his voice booming ” I’m cumming. I’m going to cum in my daughter’s teenage pussy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” and many more moans and yells of pleasure.

His wild thrust shook the bed. Crystals tits bounced out of control. He grabbed on to them pinching hard. pulling at her nipples. and he came.

His seed now in her hopefully impregnating her so her could have a grandchild with even bigger tits to fuck like this.

“Daddy.” she moaned after they had both been satisfied. He was laying on the bed spent. She got on top of him inserting his cock once again into her pussy. They fell asleep that way…

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