Daddy’s Little Butt Boy


*This story involves gay incest*


My son Bobby moved in with me as soon as he graduated from high school. His mother and I had divorced when he was 10 and even he, at the time, agreed that it was best he live with her.

Not to put too fine a point on it and with all bias intended, my ex-wife is a total cunt. During the years Bobby lived with her their relationship deteriorated to the point that they barely acknowledged each other in the same room. So, when he showed up at my door the day after graduating with all of his belongings, I was hardly surprised.

I had a spare bedroom and he moved right in. He was taking a few months off and then intending to enroll in online classes. I’m sure he deserved a vacation after his life beforehand.

What can I tell you about the two of us? We’re similar in appearance, both around 6 feet tall. We both have dark hair, almost black, and blue eyes. I make regular visits to the gym so even at age 42 I’m in great shape if I do say so myself. Bobby inherited my build and my metabolism so he’s the slimmer version of me. I have a heavy beard growth and a hairy body. From what I could tell, Bobby never had to worry about 5 o’clock shadow like me and he didn’t have chest hair sprouting from his neckline.

So, the first few weeks, we mainly saw each other at meal times and the weekend. Moving to a new town hadn’t fazed him, it seemed. From what I could tell, he spent most of his time reading or on the internet and seemed perfectly content. He’d never been a really sociable boy, always a bit of a loner. I still worried that he wasn’t getting out enough.

On the fourth Monday that he’d been there, I came home from the gym that evening and pitched a key and a keycard into his lap.

“What are these to?” he asked, picking them up.

“I got you a membership at my gym and I expect you to use it. You can go during the day or in the evening, it’s up to you. I go evenings after work, mainly.”

“I’ll meet you there.” he replied. “That way, you can show me what to do and where to go.”

We ate dinner and watched TV and then went to bed. The next morning, as I was leaving, Bobby asked, “What time should I meet you at the gym?”

I’d totally forgotten about it. We arranged to meet at 6 o’clock out front. The gym was near enough that he could either walk to it or take a short bus ride.

When I got to the gym that evening, he was sitting outside with a stuffed back pack.

“I didn’t know what to bring, so I brought everything I could think of.” he told me.

We went inside and entered the locker room. The locker that I’d rented for him was right next to my own. He and I began to strip, preparing to change into workout clothes. I was careful not to look at him, hoping to save him any embarrassment.

I had removed all of my clothing and was sitting on the bench leaning forward, removing my socks when I heard Bobby say, “What do you think?”

When I turned my head to see what he was asking about, his soft cock and balls were hanging less than a foot from my face. I think I’m pretty well hung; I’m over 8 inches hard and pretty thick with big balls. Bobby had inherited my cock, I could see that. In the quick glance I took, I could see that he was at least my size and that his balls were probably even bigger. His crotch was so close to my face that I could smell the aroma wafting off of his meat and see the veins pulse on his cock shaft.

I jumped up, trying to act cool and said, “Think about what?” I noticed that he was checking out my meat, too.

“About my body. What kind of exercises should I start with?”

He was inviting me to look him over, so I did. He was more muscular than I’d thought. His chest was defined, with flat pecs that held dime sized nipples sticking out. You could see his ribs and his stomach had the beginnings of a six pack. Thick cords of muscle ran down each side of his hairless abdomen and stuck up from the surface. And he had that big cock and juicy balls hanging under a tight patch of pubic hair.

“Let’s see your back.” I told him.

He swiveled around. That was a mistake on my part. His ass was like something from a Greek sculpture, perfectly formed globes that still retained some baby fat. Deep dishes indented at the sides made his buns stand out from his body. His deep crack looked like it must be hairless when spread open and I could imagine myself burying my face deep in it to tongue the virgin hole. My cock started to stiffen and I sat down so I could cover my lap.

“You’re in much better shape than I thought.” I told him. “Really well developed. The weights and machines will add some bulk to you but you’ll have to be careful not to overdo it. You’re pretty much perfectly proportioned already.”

“Do you think I could get as big as you?” he asked and I immediately thought of the aching hard cock that I was covering with my hands.

“I’ve got a middle aged body and you’ve got a young body.” I said. “There’s a big difference but I wouldn’t be surprised if you looked a lot like me when gaziantep escort you’re my age.”

“I’d like to look like you now.” he said. “Your body looks like something from a magazine.”

The conversation had taken a turn I hadn’t expected and I felt that as the father I should get it back on track.

“Get dressed.” I said, standing so that my back was to him and he couldn’t see my hard dick. “Let’s get to work.”

In the gym, I had him mimic my routine with free weights and machines to get an overall workout. He spotted me while I use the bench and weights and I couldn’t help but be conscious of his bulging crotch hovering near my face.

There was another awkward moment later. After working out, we were on our way to the showers, Bobby leading the way. I did my best not to ogle his hot ass but failed miserably. By the time we were under the shower heads, I was half hard again and had to douse myself with icy water to control it.

There were other guys showering at the same time and I noticed that a couple of them had a hard time keeping their eyes to themselves, too. Bobby stood under a shower a couple of positions from me, the water coursing down his muscular body, seemingly oblivious to the hungry stares roaming over his nakedness. One guy, directly across from him, had a full fledged hard on that he did nothing to conceal.

I glared at him but he just grinned.

Bobby finished his shower and turned to me.

“I’ll meet you at the lockers, dad.” he said and walked out.

The guy with the boner looked chagrinned and turned his back to us when he overheard.

When I got back to the lockers, Bobby was almost dressed and grinning. I started putting on my clothes and he finally said, “Did you see that guy with the hard dick?”

“Yeah, I was about to punch him. He shaped up when he found out that I’m your father.”

“No harm done.” Bobby said. “I’m glad I could give him his jollies for the night.”

We went home and had dinner and both of us decided to call it an early night. I spent quite a while lying in bed and questioning myself about my physical reaction to my own son. I felt guilty but excited, all the more so knowing that being the object of a hard on hadn’t shaken Bobby in the least at the gym. He was a lot more blasé than I’d expected.

I drifted off to sleep, only to be awakened in the middle of the night by a rhythmic squeaking coming from somewhere in the house. I listened for a moment, then got up and went to the hall door. When I stepped into the hallway, I could tell that the noise was coming from Bobby’s room. His door was open just a crack and I could see a pale light leaking through.

I stepped up to the door and peered through the crack. Bobby was lying nude on his bed on his belly with his laptop open in front of him. I could see that he was watching a porn film of some blond giving a blow job to a massive hard cock. Bobby had a pillow stuffed under his hips and one hand beneath him, grasping his cock, it appeared. As his hips bounced up and down fucking his fist, I watched his beautiful ass flex. The smooth cheeks quivered as he pounded his hand, the deep crack opening and closing with each thrust. In less than an instant I was sporting a huge hard on myself.

I stood; my eye glued to the crack and jerked my cock in rhythm to my son jerking his own. I must have been a lot more excited or a lot hornier than he was because it was only a couple of minutes before a huge spurt of cum flew out of my piss slit and splashed against the door. Bobby hesitated and looked over his shoulder and I thought I’d been caught, but after a second he went back to fucking his fist. I scurried back to my room and climbed back in bed.

The next morning, I was sitting at the table eating breakfast when Bobby wandered into the kitchen. He made a bowl of cereal and sat down across from me and I said, “You look tired, you must have been up late.”

“I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.” he said.

“I heard.” I replied. “You need to oil the springs on that bed or something so it doesn’t make such a racket when you jerk off.”

Bobby blushed bright red and kept his eyes glued to his cereal.

“I’m not judging you.” I said. “Everybody beats off. Hell, I ought to have calluses in my palm after stroking off for all of these years.”

Bobby snickered and glanced up at me.

“There’s no reason to be embarrassed.” I said. “I jerked off myself last night. I was just a lot quieter about it.”

Bobby had regained his self composure and he said, “I woke up and started looking at some porn and one thing led to another.”

“There are some porn DVD’s stored in the back of the TV cabinet.” I said. “You’re welcome to use them. And, we’ve got the set up to play the internet on the TV, too. You might as well take advantage of the big screen if you feel horny and need to jack it. Just close the front curtains; I don’t want the neighbors coming over to give you a hand.”

Bobby snorted his cereal in his mouth and swallowed before laughing out loud.

“You’re pretty cool for an old guy.” he said.

“Old guy?” I said, a fake look of shock on my face. “You just told me yesterday that I looked like a model, now you’re telling me I’m a senior citizen.”

“That’s not what I meant, jerkwad.” Bobby said. “I just expected you to be more uptight about jerking off and sex and stuff.”

“Yeah, well, I expected the same from you. After that guy shaking his boner at you last night didn’t faze you, I figured you must be pretty relaxed.”

“That was so funny!” Bobby said. “I should have gotten a hard on myself or shook my ass at him or something to see what he’d do.”

“And then I would have had to punch him and you’d have had to bail me out.” I told him. “You just keep your hard on inside the house and save us all some trouble.”

“Yes sir, father man.” Bobby said, saluting.

I smacked him across the head and left for work.

My schedule at the gym was every other day, so that night Bobby and I stayed in. I made dinner and we watched a movie. Both of us had a glass of wine and traipsed off to bed as soon as the movie ended.

I woke up again in the middle of the night to unfamiliar noises. I could hear music playing low and conversation.

As soon as I opened my bedroom door, I knew what I was hearing. I looked up the hallway and could see the shadows moving from the television screen’s light. Bobby was watching porno.

I’d gone to bed nude and as I silently moved up the hallway my cock was already starting to grow.

Standing in the doorway, I could see the back of Bobby’s head over the rear of the sofa. I could also see his right shoulder pumping rhythmically. I moved forward.

When I was close enough to look over the sofa back, I saw that Bobby was nude and stroking his hard cock. Erect, his dick was at least as long as mine and even fatter. The thick head was dark red with a gaping piss hole.

“Want some company?” I asked.

Bobby jumped and pulled the throw pillow over his hard cock.

“Hang on, I’ll be right back.” I told him.

I went down the hall to the linen closet and got a towel for each of us. When I got back, he still had the pillow clutched over his lap.

“Believe it or not, I’ve seen a hard dick before.” I told him as I came around the end of the sofa, my cock standing upright. I tossed one of the towels at him and said, “Sit on this. I don’t want jizz stains all over the couch.”

I arranged the towel for myself to sit on. Bobby watched me and I knew he was checking out my erect dick. Finally, he put the pillow to one side and stood to cover his seat. His cock looked even bigger standing out from his thin body.

There was a lamp lit at his end of the sofa, on its lowest setting and I turned on the one beside me to match. I was holding my cock around the shaft so that it stood straight up as I said, “I’ve spent many a night on this sofa jerking off, just like you’re doing now.”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Bobby said.

“I’m glad you did.” I replied. “It’s a lot more fun to beat off to porn than in the bedroom.” I stroked up and down my shaft a couple of times and said, “This thing is overdue for a draining.”

Bobby chuckled and said, “That’s a big boner.”

I made a point of looking directly at his hard dick and said, “I think you may be even bigger than me.”

“I used to have a friend in school that I beat off with a couple of times. He claimed that I had the biggest dick he’d ever seen”

“I used to do that.” I said. “I think every guy goes through the stage where he jerks off with a buddy. I used to get compliments on my dick, too.”

“I must have inherited it.” Bobby said.

He looked back at the TV screen while I watched him stroke his cock.

“Don’t you use lube when you beat off?” I asked. “You’re going to get jerk burns on your shaft.”

I bent forward, conscious of how close the big thick piece of meat was to my face and reached into the drawer under the coffee table. I pulled out a tube of silicone lube and said, “Try some of this.” as I handed it to him.

He opened the tube and squeezed a line of lube down the length of his long cock and sat massaging it on the shaft as I lubed up my own dick.

“This feels a lot better.’ he said. “I guess you’ll have to educate me in the secrets of pulling your pud.”

“It looks like you’re pretty knowledgeable already.” I replied.

I lay back against the sofa, slowly stroking my hard meat. Bobby was watching me and I was watching him. He may have been young but he had a man sized dick.

After a few minutes, I began to play with my balls and Bobby followed suit. He moaned as he rolled them around in the loose sack. I squeezed my cock head so that a big wad of precum stood out from my piss slit and then I massaged it over my slick dick. Bobby tried and did the same thing.

Next, I slid my left hand down between my legs, under my balls and fingered my ass hole.

“What are you doing now?” Bobby asked.

“Don’t you ever finger your hole when you jerk off?” I asked.

“I never thought of it. What do I do?”

“Swing you legs around here on the sofa and spread them so I can see your ass.” I told him.

He looked a little uncomfortable but did as he was told. He turned his body so that he was resting against the sofa arm, pulled his legs up and spread them wide so that I had my first look at his virgin ass hole.

There wasn’t a hair in his crack and the tiny puckered hole was a deep rose color. It looked as tight as a bank vault.

I turned my body so that I was in the same posture and spread my legs for him so that he had a view of my hole.

“Can you see my ass hole?” I asked him.

“Just about, you’re hairier than a gorilla.” he said.

I scooped up some of the lube on my left index finger and reached between my ass cheeks. While he watched, I spread the lube on and around my hole and then began to play with it while I stroked my cock.

“Just do what I did.” I told him.

He lubed up the pretty little pucker and began to finger it while stroking his cock.

“Wow, I never guessed this could feel so good.” he said. He fingered the hole, stroking it in time to his pumping fist on his cock.

As he watched, I sank my slick finger into my ass hole up to the knuckle.

“Try putting your finger in your hole.” I told him.

He pressed his fingertip against the little opening and I almost shot my load right then and there as I watched his finger slide into his ass. He grimaced a little, and then began to pump his finger in and out of his hole.

“Stick it all the way in and feel around, especially in the front.” I told him.

He did as instructed, burying his finger to the whole length up his hole. I could tell by the tremor that shook him when he hit his prostate.

“Holy fuck, what was that?” he asked.

“It’s the gland that makes you cum.” I told him.

“Is it okay to touch it?”

“It’s okay to beat the hell out of it.” I told him. “The more you play with it, the harder you cum.”

His finger dug into his ass and he squirmed when he relocated the gland. He was wiggling his finger in his ass while pounding his cock. His dick had grown even bigger and harder and turned a deep shade of red, so full of blood it looked like it might pop. His hand flew up and down the shaft and his finger stroked away deep inside his hole while he squirmed in front of me.

In only a few minutes, he began to say, “Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” in a low voice.

He was stroking the entire length of his cock, holding it upright away from his body, precum flowing out of the wide hole.

I was finger fucking my hole and pounding my own cock as I watched him.

The sensation became too much and with his eyes tightly shut, his body arched inward, drawing his ass up in the air, just as the first huge squirt of hot cum flew out of his piss hole. It splashed on his pecs and was followed by at least six more squirts, equal in volume to the first.

Seeing the cum fly out of his dick sent me over the edge, too, and I noticed that he watched me cum just as closely as I’d watched him.

We both relaxed onto the sofa. Bobby still had a finger up his ass and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the thick pearly ball juice splashed all over his chest. His big cock was softening and laying against his hip, a stream of clear fluid draining out of the hole and running down his side.

He looked at me.

“Jesus fuck!” he said. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never shot a load like that before.”

“It looked like a fire hose shooting.” I said. “I’m surprised your balls held so much cum. It looks really hot all over your chest, too.”

He looked down at his wet chest, then back at me.

“I think it looks hotter when it’s all over a hairy chest like yours.” he replied. “You look like a porn shot.”

I knew better than to continue the conversation, it was too early and who knows where it might lead.

I threw a towel at him and said, “I’m going back to bed. Don’t stay up all night. And use a lot more lube if you’re going to play with you hole again.”

He mopped up the flood of cum on his body and handed the towel back to me and I used it to soak up the load on my chest, and then stood up.

He looked up at me and said, “Sweet dreams.”

I took the towel with me back to my bed and fell asleep with it on the pillow next to my face, inhaling the odor of his fresh cum.

The next morning, I was eating breakfast when Bobby came into the kitchen yawning.

“I told you not to stay up, what time did you finally go to bed?” I asked him.

“I didn’t look at the time.” he said. “I jerked off two more times, though. I wound up with three fingers up my ass hole; I can’t believe they all fit.”

“It stretches when you play with it.” I told him. “It must feel pretty sore, though.”

“It’s not bad at all.” Bobby replied. “My ass hole must be pretty elastic.”

“That’s a good thing.” I said as I got up to leave. “I don’t want to have to take you to the emergency unit and have to explain to the doctors how you broke your ass hole.”

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