Daddy’s Girl, Part 1_(1)


**The following story is a DD/bg story about consenting adults who are not related. This is actually a bit of a fantasy story for my Dom.

P.S. You will never guess what our favorite color is? Lol **


The phone message Daddy left on my phone was deliciously cryptic, and I knew tonight was going to be interesting. I played it again on the way home, a happy grin spreading over my face as I hear his deep voice on the recording.

“When you get home, there will be a package on the bed, waiting for you. Wear what is in it, and wait by my chair for me at 6:15. And no playing, I have plans for that pussy. I love you, my petal.”

My intrigue was piqued; I was wondering what he was up to. I walked in the door, dropped my bag and the keys on the entry table, and almost ran to the bedroom, my grin getting wider as I saw the purple box with a silver bow on it, with another note…

“ALL of it, my girl.”

A shiver went through my body, because NOW I was not only intrigued, but apprehensive about what is in the box. Opening the lid, I peered inside. Folded neatly was a purple mini-dress with a black lace-overlay, low cut V-neck that looked like it was going to hug my breasts like a long-lost lover. A leather waist corset with purple laces to match the dress. Thin silk black nylons with a seam up the back that paired well with the black garter set with a hint of purple lace, matching the purple-lace demibra that I KNEW was barely going to cover my breasts, let alone the nipples I knew would be hard before he even got home. No panties, of course. Wouldn’t want any lines showing on that skirt, would we?

There was a little box gebze escort nestled in the corner… inside I found a butt plug with a graduating size pattern, and a set of ben-wa balls. My knees buckled slightly, as I knew I was in for a very intense night.

I checked the clock: 4:00. I hopped into the shower, making it as hot as I could to loosen up my muscles for later. Lathering on the jasmine soup, I made sure to scrub my skin well with the loofah sponge, making my already fair skin almost a reddish pink. Slowly I shaved my legs, making sure to get them smooth, before sitting down on the shower bench, spreading my legs wide and pulling my pussy lips taut so I could shave them bare, checking with my fingers to make sure it was silky and naked for Daddy’s inspection later. I could feel my pussy getting hotter, my lips swelling from arousal, and almost thought about being dirty and going against Daddy’s instructions… he wouldn’t know if I slid a couple fingers into my cunt and fingered myself, would he? No, no, I am going to be a good girl and wait… it will be worth the wait…

Toweling off and drying my light red hair with the blow dryer, I curl most of my waist-length ends, and then work my mop into a messy bun towards the top, letting the ringlets cascade down a bit to my neck, knowing that he loves playing with my hair. Quickly I do my makeup… just enough to emphasize my light-grey eyes, a little shimmery purple eyeshadow, some dramatic eye liner, my favorite mascara, and then carefully outlining my lips and adding a light mauvy-pink lipstick, making them look full, shiny, and knowing that they are going to darıca escort beg for his cock to be wrapped in them. Then I walk into the bedroom again, and start dressing.

Putting the garter on and adjusting it to my waist size, strapping on the bra and accidentally on purpose twisting my nipples a little to see how they will look in the demibra, seeing my H-cup breasts almost spilling out of the lace and adjusting them a bit more so they are well-cupped but pushed up so my cleavage is spectacular for him. Shimmying into the dress, practically having to yank it down more because my tits lift the front up more, but compromising with having the decolletage of the dress pulled down to where my nipples were almost showing. I then grab the corsette, wrapping it around my waist, taking a couple deep, relaxing breaths before working the lace, cinching it to where it is almost uncomfortable when sitting but leaves me just enough room to breath.

I sit down at my side of the bed, opening the end table and taking out the good lube… the stuff I know is going to last a long time. I look at the clock… 6:00. Oh wow, time flies! I grab the butt plug and briefly admire the blown glasswork, ribbons of lavender and purple, with a clear end so that you can see into the orifice it’s shoved into. My pussy drips onto the bed, almost audibly. I rub some of the lubricant onto the toy, caressing it almost like a lover, before turning around, putting one knee on the night stand, one hand on the bed, bending over even more, and slowly inserting the plug into my tight ass. Breathing deep as I stand, I can feel it settling into place, my ass izmit yürüyüş yolu escort clenching around the gentle slopes in the contour of the toy. Reaching for the ben-wa balls, I pop them into my drooling little pussy steadily, whimpering as my desire hits a higher level with the insertion of each ball. I lick off my fingers off one by one, enjoying the taste of my need, thinking about what Daddy is going to say when he gets home.

Daddy… OMG! Checking the time, I see I have three minutes to spare, so I grab my 3 inch black heels and slide them on, racing to his chair. The black leather Baroque chair that we bought just for him, that I love more than any other chair in our home. I grab out the round silken cushion that we keep next to the chair, place it in front of Daddy’s chair, slip to my knees on the cushion, spread my legs wide so that he can see my bare, swollen, dripping pussy when he sits down. Arching my chest so my tits are properly presented and the very edges of my areolas are showing out of the dress, my nipples poking visibly through the tight fabric, my arms behind me and wrists crossed at the small of my back. I wait… I wait for what feels like an hour when it is just a few minutes. I think about him seeing me like this, dressed beautifully just for him but my cunt displayed so sluttily and my tits almost spilling out of the dress… I think about the fact that his cock is going to grow so hard in his pants that I will be able to see it twitching when he sits down, I can already almost smell his arousal… that heady scent of his groin as he rubs his cock on my face… and my pussy starts literally drooling onto the silken cushion, leaving a visible pool of wetness…

This is when I hear the key in the door, I hear the door swing open, and my beautiful Daddy walks in the door with a grin on his face, letting me know instantly how pleased he is with the view.

**to be continued**

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