Daddy’s Girl Ch. 02


New Beginnings

When John awoke the next morning, his daughter was snuggled up in his arms, still deep asleep. They were both still naked; her breasts pressed up against his chest. John lay there gazing at his lovely daughter for quite some time before he gently detached himself from her, careful not to wake her. Quietly he stepped into the master bathroom and started the shower.

As John shampooed his hair, his thoughts turned to the previous night. John knew what had happened was wrong; yet he also knew he wouldn’t change anything that happened last night, even if he could. ‘It’s sick, I know.’ John thought to himself. ‘But other people do it… and she’s of age.’ He reasoned silently.

As John soaped his body, he found his hands wandering down to his dick as he thought of his fingers slipping into his daughter’s pussy last night. He remembered her warm, wet, pussy lips enveloping his fingers, her juices running down her arm. Then his thoughts jumped ahead to his daughter sucking his cock. John stroked his cock rapidly as he remembered grabbing hold of Isa’s head and fucking her face. Remembering her sweet green eyes looking up at him, John shot his cum load onto the shower wall. John gritted his teeth to keep from screaming as glob after glob of creamy white cum splattered the wall.

Panting hard, John finished washing his body off and stepped out of the shower. He quickly dried off and then tiptoed into the bedroom and peeked at the bed. Isabella was still in a deep sleep; she was curled around a pillow, strands of her red hair strewn across her face.

John smiled and then quietly headed downstairs to fix breakfast. He had decided to just wear his towel around the house for the time being; Isabella had already seen all of him so it really didn’t matter what he wore.

John glanced at the clock on his way into the kitchen. 10 AM on a beautiful Saturday morning. Usually on weekdays, and most Saturday mornings, at 10 AM he would’ve already been at work since 7 AM, and would most likely be in a boring meeting right now, with about 6 more scheduled after it. Seeing how it was his last Saturday before his official retirement, he had decided to take a jump start and take this Saturday off. His boss had understood; they had been great friends for years.

John was still trying to decide what to fix for breakfast (his cooking skills were pretty limited) when Isabella’s sexy voice purred “Good Morning, daddy.” From behind him. John turned, and his cock instantly swelled at what he saw.

Isabella was at the doorway in the kitchen, still fully naked. The light from the early morning sun illuminated her, giving her a glowing look. Her red hair was slightly tousled by sleep; John watched as her hands reached up to smooth her hair…and kept moving over her breasts, where she paused and tweaked her nipples a bit before her hands slid over her belly to her cunt, rubbing gently over her pussy as she took in the sight of her sexy daddy in his towel.

Isabella noticed her dad’s hard-on right after John himself did; her face split into a sexy smile. “Well daddy. Looks like it’s a beautiful morning.”

John licked his lips before he replied. “Oh baby. Beautiful does not begin to describe the gorgeous sight before me.” Slowly he untied his towel; John enjoyed the way Isabella’s eyes dropped from his, and went straight to his crotch, eagerly waiting for her dad to move the towel. Esenyurt Escort John dropped the towel. “I was just trying to decide what to have for breakfast.”

Isabella moved towards her daddy. “I think I know what I want.” She whispered, stepping up to him and reaching for his face. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, gently probing her tongue into his mouth. John moaned into his daughter’s mouth and wrapped his arms around her waist, eagerly responding to her kiss. His hands ran over her bare naked ass. He squeezed it gently. John had never been an ass man really; he mostly stuck to pussies and tits. But feeling Isabella’s ass… it made John even more turned on. It was soft, yet firm. John moaned again into his daughters’ mouth. Suddenly, Isabella detached from his arms and moved down to her knees, between his legs. His rock hard cock was staring her right in the face.

“Are you going to suck it baby? Are you going to suck daddy’s cock?” He asked her.

Isabella nodded, looking up at him and licking her lips. Not breaking eye contact, she stuck out her tongue and slowly ran her tongue up his shaft. John shivered and closed his eyes, relishing the touch of her tongue to his dick. Isabella smiled and licked again, softly, gently, up and down his shaft, but not putting her mouth on it. John groaned.

“Please baby…please put your hot mouth on daddy’s cock. I can feel your hot breath and it’s…oh…baby it’s making me crazy.” John pleaded, his hands stroking his daughters’ hair.

Isabella smiled up at her daddy. “Okay daddy, I’ll be nice.” She said. She licked up his shaft once more, and then engulfed his cock with her mouth, sucking on it eagerly. John moaned and closed his eyes, throwing his head back.

“Yeah baby. Just like that…” John opened his eyes and looked down at his daughter, who was still staring up at him, clearly enjoying his reaction to her sucking technique. He smirked. “Oh, you like that do you baby?” he asked. She moaned around his dick, still bobbing her pretty red head up and down. John closed his eyes for a moment, succumbing to the pleasure; she turned him on so much. He opened them again and looked back at his daughter. “How would you like it if I grabbed your face and just fucked you? Just stuck my daddy dick all the way down your throat would you like that?”

Isabella moaned; her daddy was driving her crazy with his dirty talk. She couldn’t resist, her fingers slipped into her wet, juicy cunt. Her clit was sticking out far; she couldn’t remember ever being this turned on.

John smiled. Isabella was fingering herself. “Yeah baby. Finger your sweet pussy for daddy.” John couldn’t take it anymore; her moaning was driving him wild. He grabbed the sides of her head and began to fuck her face, his cock driving deep down her throat. He heard her gag, but she didn’t pull back or protest in any way, so he kept pounding her round, innocent face. His hands clenched her hair as he fucked her. “Open your eyes and look at daddy.” Isabella’s eyes immediately flew open; John screamed as he felt his balls swell. “Oh yeah baby! Daddy’s cumming in his baby’s mouth! OhhhhHHHHHHHH SHIT!” He yelled as he exploded into his daughters’ hot mouth, his seed spilling down her throat. Isabella swallowed it all, gagging only a little but not allowing any to escape her mouth. John yanked her up and kissed her, shoving his tongue into her waiting Esenyurt Escort Bayan mouth. His hands wandered over her ass again and he spanked her; she moaned. “My baby didn’t get to cum, did she?”

Isabella shook her head. “No daddy. Would you be a kind daddy and make me cum?” She asked, grinding her pussy against his now soft cock. Amazingly, it began to swell again.

John moaned and squeezed her ass again, rubbing his fingers gently along her crack; she shivered. “Of course baby.” He spun her around so she was facing the island in the middle of the kitchen. She put her hands on the counter and spread her legs. John stroked his cock as he looked at the luscious ass before him. He knew he would soon have to take her ass, but he knew now was not the time. He stepped up behind her and put his hands on her waist, softly running his hands up and down her sides. John could feel goose bumps popping up on Isabella’s skin as his large hands maneuvered over her body.

“Oh daddy.” She sighed, sticking her ass out a little more to make contact with her father’s cock. She gently rubbed her ass on it. “Fuck my pussy please…it’s burning for your thick cock!”

Resisting her no more, John positioned his now hard cock against her entrance and shoved, sinking into her satin like pussy. Father and daughter moaned together as John began to fuck Isabella in her pussy from behind, his hands on her waist.

“Oh daddy….oh yes! Fuck your daughter, you nasty daddy! Drive your daddy cock into my pussy!”

John grunted as he slammed his dick into his daughter, wanting to please her. His hands reached up and roughly grabbed her tits, squeezing them. He pinched her nipples, her moans sending waves of pleasure through his body. John released her tits and grabbed her waist again, staring down at Isabella’s heavenly ass slapping against his balls as he pounded her with his cock. John was almost mesmerized by the sight of her ass jiggling slightly as he fucked her. He took a hand off her waist and smacked her ass, watching a red hand mark appear on her white ass.

Isabella moaned. “Yeah daddy! I’ve been a naughty girl! Punish me for being naughty!” she yelled.

John smacked her ass again, harder this time, as he continued his cock assault on her pussy. “Yeah, you naughty little slut. Seducing your daddy!” He slapped her ass again, the squeezed it. “Oh baby…are you going to cum for daddy? I want you to cum on daddy’s cock, baby.”

Isabella moaned. “Oh yeah daddy. I want to cum all over your cock; I want your cock to be coated in my juices!” she grunted.

John reached up and pulled her hair into a ponytail and pulled her head back; he kissed her, their tongues mashing together passionately. She pulled her head back suddenly and began to wildly buck her hips, fucking his dick fast. “Oh daddy! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMIIIING!” She screamed as she exploded.

It was too much for John; her screams sent him over the edge as he felt his balls swell again, and his seed exploded deep inside his daughters’ steaming pussy. They kissed again as load after creamy load of thick, ropey cum shot up Isa’s pussy, and kept kissing until John’s cock softened and slid out of his daughters’ pussy. They leaned against the counter, holding each other for a while, still panting from their orgasms. Finally Isabella kissed her dad again and stood up.

“Daddy, why don’t you go upstairs Escort Esenyurt and get cleaned up, and I’ll cook us breakfast?” She said, wrapping her arms around his waist and looking up at him. Her round face looked innocent, but John could see a glimmer of lust in her love-filled eyes.

John smiled as he looked down at her. “What about you, baby?”

“I want to keep daddy’s juices inside of me all day!” She said, giggling.

John chuckled. “Well, if you insist.”

“I do.” Isabella said. They kissed again and John walked out of the kitchen, Isabella slapping his butt on his way out. He laughed and headed upstairs to take his second shower of the morning.

* * * *

After a wonderful breakfast of omelets that Isa had prepared, John and Isabella were cuddled up on the couch, still naked, watching TV. On a commercial break, John turned to his daughter. “I think we should talk about how things are going to change.” He said seriously. Isabella looked up at him worriedly.

“I don’t want to stop, Daddy.” She said pleadingly.

John chuckled. “Oh baby.” He kissed her head. “I don’t want to stop either. You turn me on so much!” He said, running his hands over her breasts. She smiled. “I just want to make sure we’re on the same level here. That out in the real world, we have to be father and daughter. But behind closed doors….I want you to be my lover.” John paused. “If you’re willing, that is.”

Isabella squealed. “I would love that daddy! More than anything in the world!” She laughed, throwing her arms around his neck, hugging him.

John grinned. “Baby, you just made me the happiest daddy in the world. And after I officially retire next week, we are going to have some fun.”

“Like what, daddy?” Isabella asked innocently.

“Well, I was thinking we could take some trips. Travel. Wherever you want to go. You know, to kind of make up for not being there for you sometimes. I know you’re probably still angry about my not being around sometimes because I’ve worked so much; you probably often thought that I was a horrible dad and you wished you had some other dad.” John said.

Isabella sighed. “Daddy, I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world! I love you with all my heart!”

John grinned, his eyes lighting up with happiness. “Oh baby!” They kissed again. “I love you too!”

“Oh, and daddy?” Isabella said.

“Yes, babe?”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice your recent discovery of my ass.” Isabella said, smiling seductively. John smiled. “I want you to be the first to penetrate my ass daddy.”

John reached down and squeezed her ass. “Oh baby, I would love that. But I don’t want to rush it. I want it to be a special occasion.” John thought for a moment. “I’ll tell you what, baby. While I’m at work for my last week, you can make plans to go somewhere. I want you to get the best of everything; first class flights, five star hotels, anywhere in the world you want to go. I’ll give you my credit card and you make all the plans. Even take it shopping to get new things for the trip. My last day is Friday; you can book the flight for Saturday afternoon. How does that sound?”

Isabella’s face was glowing, and she was grinning. “Oh daddy! It sounds great! I can’t wait!” She said. She kissed him and then jumped up.

“Where are you going?” John asked.

Isabella turned to him and grinned. “Shopping. I’ve got a lot to do, and only a week to do it!” She said, laughing. She took off up the stairs.

John chuckled and shook his head, watching her cute ass bounce up the stairs. There was no doubt about it in his mind; John was the luckiest man in the world.

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