Daddy’s Cum Pt. 04


*****Tom POV*****

In the light of the morning, it was hard to not feel like I had taken advantage of my daughter. She had been upset and vulnerable, confessing things that must have been unbelievably difficult for her, and I let my emotions get me carried away. I spanked her out of frustration and had her ride my leg until she came for my own sick satisfaction. I want her like a man wants a woman, but even more than that- she’s my daughter. She’s my baby girl, and I want more than anything for her to be happy, safe, and loved. I know that I could put aside my lust for her if that is what’s best. She’s more important to me than anything in the world, but could she be more than my daughter? She’s so precious, what if I drive her away? Push her too far?

I let out a sigh, I didn’t know all of the answers. And I wouldn’t let her feel unwanted or take away her ability to choose, so we would have to talk about it. With our lust locked away, for us to clearly think about things. I love her more than anything or anyone, even her mother. Thinking of my wife- Jesus I was lucky that she had a girls night with her friends the night before. Could I have contained my lust even if she had been here last night? No, I didn’t think so. I was a lucky basterd. I’ve known for a long time now that I wasn’t in love with Amber. We married because she became pregnant, and it seemed like the right thing to do. I don’t hate my wife or even dislike her. I love her, she’s been my partner and friend for a long time now. Lying to her? Keeping secrets as drastic as this? I can’t do it. Though she isn’t the love of my life, she deserved more than this from me. Even if Rachel Avcılar Escort and I don’t pursue a full relationship, we’ve already pushed it far enough for me to be truthful about my desire for her to Amber. I may not be a perfect man, but I try to be a good man. I’ll have to speak to Rachel about this, how to approach Amber.

I didn’t expect Amber to be home until noon or so, meaning Rachel and I had time to talk things over. All I can hope for is that Rachel doesn’t regret last night and Amber doesn’t call the cops. That would be the best case scenario for me.

Getting out of bed meant I had to face reality, but I felt ready for it- as ready as I could be. Was it because I was hopeful? I’m not sure. Either way, I forced myself to put on a T-shirt and basketball shorts, mentally preparing myself for all of the ways this could go wrong. I really had to piss, but it was impossible to do. The moment my dick was in my hand, it got rock hard- my head clouded with memories of my daughter’s orgasmic face. I could have made myself cum, stroked my cock to the memory of my daughter, but part of me (well all of me) was hoping that my daughter would still feel how she did yesterday- and take care of my need for me. The thought made my dick jump in my shorts, with a sudden eagerness- I made my way to Rachel’s room.

Rachel isn’t much of a morning person, but she would have to be today. Slowly opening her door and silently walking in, she was still sound asleep as I came to her bedside. Her soft, angelic face made my dick even more swollen. Fuck, I could tug one out and cum on her face. God, that would be amazing. But we haven’t talked Avcılar Escort Bayan yet. I couldn’t do that to her… or could I? I absentmindedly began rubbing my dick through my basketball shorts. We had already come so far, and if she were to hate me now, shouldn’t I get what I can out of this? Goddamnit, now I was justifying masterbating onto my sleeping daughter. What the hell is wrong with me. You’re a sick, sick bastard.

Fuck it. It was so hard to deny myself when I had nobody here to hold me accountable. Pulling my shorts down just enough to have my heavy balls and dick hang over the elastic, there really was no other option. This fantasy was just one I couldn’t pass up. I began to slowly stroke my cock, conflicted to really banging an orgasm out because I was so lust filled, or savoring the experience- prolonging it as long as I could. I wish I could prolong it, but it really wasn’t going to happen. So, I let go of my dick for a moment and spat on my hand to make it a bit more slippery, and resumed stroking my cock. Slow wasn’t going to happen right now, with that in mind, I began to violently pump myself. Her skin looked so soft and inviting, and her long eyelashes made her look even more innocent. Her lips were slightly parted, begging to be filled with my dick. I held back a groan, scared to wake her up before I could cum. If she denied me when she woke, at least I was able to do this. Getting my rocks off for months, thinking about her tight little body, had brought me to this moment. I remember the slutty little dress she wore to her 18th birthday party, that was what started this hunger.

Too much. Remembering Escort Avcılar how sloppy wet her pussy was last night, the slutty dress that started this all, and her sweet sleeping face in this moment, was too much. I came. Huge spurts of cum shot out on her face, painting her with my semen. She must have been close to waking already, because the moment my cum splattered on her eyelashes and cheeks- her eyes opened and her mouth opened wider in shock. I let out another groan, because it was like she wanted me to shoot my cum in her mouth- so I did. I covered her lips and tongue. I hadn’t came like this since college. My sweet daughter was covered in my seed, with strings of it hanging from her eyelashes and gobs in her mouth, it was worth it. While she was still in shock, all I could think was that I needed to preserve this, just in case she kicked me out and hated me after this. With my dick and balls still hanging out, I quickly grabbed her phone from the nightstand and used the shortcut to the camera to take a picture of her face. She looked like a whore, and that was the most erotic part of it all. The flash from the camera seemed to snap her out of it. She was faced with the decision to swallow my seed or spit it out, and while she contemplated that- I sent the photo to my phone. I sat her phone down just in time to look up and watch her swallow my cum. She then licked her lips to clean her mouth. There were still two strings hanging from her eyelashes, and I don’t think she knew what to do about that. To help (at least that’s what I was telling myself), I swiped the cum that was hanging and the rest of it from her face, and fed it to her. She sucked my two fingers slightly and after a few moments, I pulled them from her mouth. When her mouth was free, she gave me a little pout- as if upset that she was without my touch. This pleased me and gave me hope. Maybe this wasn’t the end.

“Baby, we need to talk.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

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