Daddy with Benefits


Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m nineteen and, I think, pretty hot. Long blond hair, quite tall, a good big bust and a hot ass, I keep my pussy hair free.

At the time this story happened I was still living at home with my parents. Mom had gone away for a girls weekend. I was home with my Daddy.

That evening I was at home, like I said, watching a DVD. I could hear Daddy on the phone, he was getting more and more angry as the conversation went on. Finally with some swearing he slammed the phone down. After a few minutes Daddy appeared at my door, looking pretty stressed. I was really close with my Daddy, Mom seemed at times to get quite jealous of our intimacy. She was pretty angry when she finally found out about us, but that’s another story for another time.

“Sarah, I don’t know what to do.” I knew Daddy had some friends coming round in an hour, friends Mom didn’t approve of, and Daddy made sure I was kept well away from, but Daddy knew I’d keep his secrets. I asked him what was up.

“I’d booked a waitress for tonight and the bitch just cancelled. I’ve already told the guys it was all set up, they’re not going to be pleased when they find out, what should I do?”

“Well I can do it for you if you like.” Always the good girl willing to help her dear Daddy.

“Ah yeah, well that’s a bit of a problem, I’d booked a lingerie waitress so, you see” He tailed off.

I was so surprised when he said that. I knew the boys had a bit of a wild streak, but I didn’t know that! I asked him what she was going to be wearing.

“Just the usual, thong, stockings, garter belt and a bra,” He blushed “It’s kinda a thing with the guys.”

“Ok, I’ll do it, but you have to pay me what you were going to pay her.” I said, matter of factly.

Before he could answer I pushed him out of the room and closed the door.

Half an hour later I walked down to the den to see him, I had on some killer heels, black seamed stockings, a tiny thong and my sexiest bra that barely covered my boobs. He turned round and looked at me, he went bright red and stared at me slack jawed. I guess he’d never thought of his little girl being so sexual, never mind standing before him in her sexiest underwear. I gave him a little twirl so he could see me completely, I giggled to see the effect I was having on him.

“Is this the kind of thing you had in mind?” He nodded. I walked over to him. “Can I get you a beer?” He nodded again and I walked off to the bar, I bent right over and got a beer out of the bottom of the fridge, I could feel his eyes on me the whole way. I took the beer back to him and opened it for him. The beer frothed slightly and a trickle of foam ran down the side, I quickly lifted the bottle up and licked the foam off the bottle before handing it to him. “Now was there anything else you need to tell me before the guys get here.” I put my fingers under his chin and lifted his gaze from my chest to my eyes. “Now’s the time Daddy.”

“I told them she was pretty wild,” There was a knock at the door, the guys had arrived. “I told them she’d be topless.” He blurted. I was shocked Daddy was planning to have some skank walking around topless. He smiled at me awkwardly.

“Ok then” I quickly pulled my bra off before walking up the stairs to the door. I opened the door and let the boys in, three of them, they just ogled my breasts as I played the part. They followed me to the den and I got them the first round bursa escort bayanlar bending down to give them a view of my ass. It was funny they were all really nice, they couldn’t keep their eyes off me and I soon forgot I was topless as I served drinks and snacks, I even forgot to cover up when the pizza guy came to deliver, I guess he had a story to tell when he got back to the store!

Soon though the cards seemed more interesting than me and the guys really started to play. I didn’t like it one bit, being the centre of attention was fun! I started leaning across them whenever I could, letting my breast rub on their backs and pushing them up whenever I could, that only got their attention for a few moments though. I had to be sure to give Daddy plenty of attention too so they didn’t realise who I was.

One of them called out that he’d spilled something and could I get a cloth. I quickly whipped off my thong and pushed myself up against one of them as I dropped my thong on the spilt beer. “Oh dear, these don’t seem to be very good at soaking it up.” I leaned in close to the guy and whispered “They were pretty wet to start with” I walked over to the fridge and bent down I looked over my shoulder all of them were staring at my pussy, smooth and quite wet.

“Who wants a beer?”

They all did so I walked back feeling so excited standing there naked I could see two of them had hard on’s. I could see Daddy’s crutch but I hoped he was pleased with me. I handed round the beers and then opened the first one, it frothed and I repeated my little trick from earlier licking the foam off the neck of the bottle. The second guy turned round on his stool opened his legs and put the bottle down so it looked like a dick poking up at me, obligingly I bent forward thrusting my ass back at the third guy as I opened the bottle, just to be dirty I swallowed the neck of the bottle. I moved round to serve Daddy I gave him the bottle and almost held it between my breasts, as it opened yet more foam spilt out, this time landing nicely on my cleavage. I looked at Daddy “Well, are you going to leave that there?” I pouted pushing my breasts up at him, to great cheers he licked the foam of my tits, that made me so horny!

The guy next to Daddy asked me if he could have some ice, I brought some over to him in a glass. He had sat down in one of the easy chairs, he patted his lap and told me to sit down. As I straddled him I could feel my nipples harden as I passed him the glass of ice.

“You’ve worked really hard tonight I think you could do with cooling off.” He fished an ice cube out of the glass and ran it round my nipple then across my chest to the other one, circling them and making them rock hard. He then traced the cube between my breasts and down my body. I could feel the ice cold water run down my body just ahead of the cube it tingled when it ran onto my hot little clit, then he rubbed the cube on my clit, wow what a sensation. He rubbed it lower then without any resistance he pushed it into my hot, hot pussy, the sensation made me arch my back and thrust my breasts into his face. “There, are you still hot? He asked.

I grabbed a hand full of his hair. “You tell me, I think I’m still pretty hot.” He grinned and nodded. I pulled his head back by the hair and stood up at the same time, throwing a leg over the back of the chair. His mouth was wide open just a few inches bayan sarisin escort bursa from my pussy, I could feel a drop of water drip out of me, I reached down with my free hand and opened my pussy, with a slight clench of my muscles I popped what was left of the ice cube into his mouth. They guys hi fived Daddy, I could hear them saying stuff like ‘she’s wild’ and ‘I wonder what she’d do for a thousand dollars.’

One of the guys motioned me over, “I bet five dollars I can make your tits jiggle without touching them.” He grinned wolfishly at the others. I knew exactly what he was going to do but I played along and agreed, he grabbed my tits and jiggled them vigorously then buried his head in my cleavage. He pulled back and pulled out five dollars, “Best money I’ve spent tonight!” He tucked it into the front of my garter belt, craftily cupping my pussy afterwards.

They guys got a bit frisky after that taking any opportunity to grope me when I had my hands full. I must confess I was enjoying it immensely. Daddy was a bit shy at first, but I whispered to him to join in or they would realize there was something not right. He was soon copping a feel just like the rest of them and laughing as I squealed whenever someone tweaked my nipple or cupped my pussy, once or twice someone would push his finger into me, I wished they’d do that more and leave it there and let get me off on it. All too soon it was time to call it a night, I was getting more and more horny as the guys groped me at every opportunity and I took every chance to expose myself too them. The guys asked if they could have photos with me before they left and I was more that willing. I sat down on the first guys lap, kinda reverse cow girl style spreading my legs wide open and he reached round and cupped my tits as he peered over my shoulder at the camera.

“Common, show pink!” One of them yelled out too me, obligingly I reached down between my legs and spread my pussy lips wide for them. Cameras flashed and then it was the next guys turn. I repeated my performance as before, spreading myself wide as the guy fondled my big breasts eagerly.

“Yeah, girl, spread that pussy wide!” One of the guys called out. I slid my other hand down and used that to spread my pussy, I wasn’t surprised to find how wet I was. I was already planning to fuck myself silly with my dildo once they’d all gone.

I swapped onto the next guy, before I could stop him both his hands were on my pussy pulling me wide open. I lay back and spread myself as wide as I could for them.

“Shit! You guys wouldn’t believe how wet she is!” Daddy sat down and I straddle him as before.

“Stick your finger in her cunt!” Somebody yelled, Daddy looked at me almost in pain as I felt his big hands slide over my thigh and head towards my wet willing pussy.

The tip of his finger nudged into my pussy, meeting no resistance he kept pushing and his finger sank deeply into my body. I couldn’t prevent myself from moaning out loud as his thick finger penetrated me. I pulled his other hand up to cup my breast and turned to face him, I cupped his face in my hands and without thinking about it I kissed him deeply.

The cameras flashed and the guys cheered as I kissed my Daddy and he fondled me, like the slut I was.

I pulled myself of my rather stunned looking Father and showed they guys out, all of them taking a final bursa eve gelen eskort opportunity for a kiss and a grope, all of them managing to get at least a finger inside me as they said good by to me. They all gave me a great tip and told me to look after my Dad.

Returning down stairs I found Daddy picking up the empty beer bottles and things I sauntered over to the bar and perched up on a stool folding my arms under my breasts. Daddy turned round and couldn’t help but ogle the firm young breasts on display. I could see my lipstick smeared on his lips.

“Do you wanna get a robe or something?” He slurred slightly, I guess he was pretty drunk.

“Doesn’t seem much point.” I answered, sitting back and stretching my arms up above my head, I’m sure I heard Daddy groan. “So did I do a good job?”

“Sarah, you were fantastic, I thought they were going to die when you got naked!”

I giggled and smiled, proud to have been a good girl for my Daddy.

“Is that a normal night for you guys?” I asked.

“Yeah, mainly.” Daddy hesitated as he replied and I knew he was hiding something.

“What else do they do then?”

“Ah, look it’s nothing don’t worry about it.”

“Tell me or I won’t waitress next time!” I threatened.

“You wanna do it again?” He asked slightly bewildered.

“Of course I do, it was fun. Now tell me what the other girls do or I definitely won’t do anything!”

Daddy shrugged. “Normally the host fucks the girl.”

“No! Really.” I asked shocked.

“Yeah, and they make a video and that’s normally how the night starts, normally the girl arrives after the guys are here and we’ve all watched the video.”

“OMG! I wanna see! Show me one now!”

“Sarah seriously? What the fuck?”

“Come on Daddy, show me a video or I won’t do this ever again!”

Daddy shook his head and reached under the bar and brought out a DVD. He walked over and put it in the player, the screen jumped to life and there was a girl about my age dressed almost the same, just thigh highs and a garter belt. One of the men I’d been serving earlier stepped round the camera and unzipped himself and offered the girl his hard dick.

Without hesitation she leaned forward and took him into her mouth and started giving him a very sloppy blow job and he reached down and played with her nipples.

After a few minutes he pulled his dick out of her mouth and pushed her back on the table she was sitting on. He spread her legs wide and adjusted the camera to give a close up of her pussy. He used both his thumbs to spread her labia as wide as he could before smiling to the camera and starting to eat out the girls. She started to moan slightly and I could tell she was starting to enjoy the feeling of tongue on her moist parts. The man pulled away from her and he picked up the camera and he positioned it so we could all see the tip of his dick at the entrance to her pussy, he pushed forward and her lips spread accommodating the thick dick being thrust into her. She lay back and let him enjoy her pussy freely, with his other hand he played with her tits.

He pounded her cunt hard for a few more minutes before pulling out and telling her to sit up, he jerked his dick a couple of times and blasted thick cum onto her face and chest.

The video ended there and Daddy retrieved it from the machine. He put it away without looking at me.

“Wow, have you done that?” I asked, Daddy just nodded.

“I mean, really, how do you get them to agree to doing that?”

“Well we all give the girl an extra $150, not many of them say no to anything after that.” He replied taking a drink from a beer.

“Daddy,” I said nervously holding up $450 the guys had given me as they were leaving.

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