Daddy, Please…


I don’t know what came over me, maybe a little left over stress and frustration from work and I’m sure more than just a little embarrassment at what she had discovered and that guilty look on her face as I nearly caught her coming out of my bedroom but not saying anything to me as we passed in the hallway was just too much.

I had been watching my little girl grow up for years now, almost 19 and heading to college in the fall she was no longer the little girl that used to bounce on my knee and cuddle up next to me as I watched sports on TV on cold Sunday afternoons. She was becoming a woman, a beautiful young woman I could not deny. Not sure when I began to notice but notice I did when her young firm breasts began to show enough that they bounced in her nightshirts as she jumped around the kitchen so full of energy and wanting to make her daddy’s first cup of coffee every morning. Aileen had always been a daddy’s girl, always full of affection for me, hugging and hanging on to me any time I was around and it was very fulfilling to have that unquestioned always present display of love and affection.

This summer I found my thoughts turning slowly to more lustful day dreams of her nicely developing body… wondering if she had discovered the pleasures of her pussy, thinking of her discoveries of touching herself for the first time, feeling those most primal and basic desires released by the touch of a finger. It wasn’t long before I began to notice her panties lying about the floor of the bathroom and I confess on more than one occasion I picked them up and held them to my face enjoying her delicious scent. It was an immediate uncontrollable reaction, my cock getting thick and hard, as I inhaled the aroma of her young pussy and stroking off with her panties wrapped around my cock generated some incredibly intense orgasms.

I’m certain she noticed or caught me looking at her with lustful thoughts watching her breasts sway beneath the threadbare teeshirts she wore as nighties. My attempts to make out the shape of her puffy nipples or the curve of her ass cheeks when she would reach up to a taller shelf in the cabinet always hoping for those rare occasions when her panties would be slightly caught in her butt crack revealing the soft skin of her young sweet cheeks. The looks she gave me when she turned quickly and caught my gaze directed at her ass made me wonder what was going through her young mind.

So, I had come home from work just a little early; traffic was light and I drove up leaving the car in the drive instead of parking in the garage as I usually did knowing I had some errands to run which is probably why she didn’t have the warning of my arrival. I didn’t actually see her coming out of my bedroom but there she was, a few steps from my bedroom heading towards her’s.

She barely even looked up and mumbled, “ummm… hello daddy”.

A little odd since I was usually greeted with a nice hug.

Entering my bedroom I immediately noticed the bedspread a little unsettled and as I walked into my bathroom I looked down at the bedside table and noticed the bottom drawer slightly ajar; my heart jumped in my chest… knowing what can be found in that drawer. Did I not close it completely this morning when I left for work? Returning from the bathroom I sat on the edge of my bed and opened the drawer. I expected to see a folded newspaper under which I should find two DVD’s and thinking back to this morning would have been a pair of Aileen’s panties. Usually I would have returned them to the laundry room or bathroom where I had found them but this morning my ritual had been enjoyed a little longer than usual and I found myself late for work.

The newspaper was pushed aside and one of the DVD cases was on top of her pale green panties the other case was below. Closer inspection showed the DVD was missing from the case. My collection of younger girls giving their pleasures to mature men… I know for certain I had put that away last night, I remembered it distinctly. I couldn’t resist the temptation to put her panties to my face; the pastel light green material that showed the faint signs that she had been aroused when she wore them coupled with the strong feminine aroma drove me wild with lust but did not curb my anger that she had been snooping around in my room. Something she knew was absolutely forbidden… for what Beşiktaş Escort are now obvious reasons.

I checked the DVD player connected to my flat screen TV on my dresser and sure enough there it was. With the DVD in my hand I marched down the hall, knocked on her door then immediately opened the door. She came out of her private bathroom wearing her loose fitting soccer shorts and an equally loose fitting tank top looking very surprised that I had come into her bedroom without waiting for her reply to my knock. I had to focus my thoughts and maintain eye contact or I knew I would be distracted from my purpose.

“D-daddy?”, she said in surprise.

“Is there anything you wish to tell me Aileen? Anything I should know?”

She stammered, “uh, ummmm no daddy.”

“Then what do you know about this little lady”, holding the DVD up to her face the shock registering in her eyes that I was confronting her with this. “You know the rules about going into my room. What about the privacy we both share in this house!”

“B-but d-daddy, I didn’t…”

That was all I could take and in one swift motion I unbuckled my belt and grabbed her forearm as I pulled my belt through the loops of my trousers sitting on the edge of her bed and pulling her awkwardly somewhat across my lap and leg.

“This is gonna hurt me more than it will you”, I promised.

“DADDY! NO, DADDY!”, she screamed but her complaints were muffled by her face half on her pillow half buried in the comforter on her bed.

The belt made crisp cracking noises as it smacked against the nylon fabric of her soccer shorts… two, three… not too hard but enough so that she knew I was serious, four… then my eyes began to focus and I noticed her shorts had pulled well up into her crotch when I pulled her to my lap and I could just make out her outer pussy lips and her deliciously soft skin of her butt cheeks. She wasn’t wearing any panties! My little girl was on my lap, her ass right there for my wildest dirty fantasies and I could feel my cock begin to respond.

One more whack of my belt and I jumped up and sent her tumbling over onto her back on the bed before she could feel my obvious desires. Her eyes welled up with tears but not dropped. She just lay there staring straight at me with this strange look on her face. I was thrown off by the overwhelming sexual urges I had felt which shouldn’t have been a surprise to me but the intensity made me lose track of my thoughts.

“We have rules in this house for a reason Aileen. Do you understand?”

She just stared at me and shook her head as I turned and left her room slamming her bedroom door just a little too hard than I intended. Walking quickly to my room and sitting on the bed I began to collect my thoughts. My god! My little girl was watching my porn, she was seeing what turns her daddy on and she could not have missed her own panties in my drawer either. What in the world could she be thinking… and then I act like a total ass getting on her for disrespecting the house privacy. I felt like a real hypocritical ass and I knew it was mostly out of my own embarrassment. Sitting there, trying to collect my thoughts I looked down at her pretty little panties; the ones with her sexxy scent still in them and I felt my cock begin to stir again but also felt so bad about the way I handled the whole mess.

“Aileen? Aileen sweetness?”, I asked quietly as I knocked on her door.

“Yes, daddy?” I heard her muffled reply.

“May I come in sweetness?”

“Y-yes daddy… it’s okay, you can come in” she obliged.

Walking in I saw her in her bed; the comforter thrown off and the sheet pulled up to her waist, it was obvious she had been crying.

“Sweetness, I’m sorry I spanked you, it really wasn’t fair of me to do that” I apologized.

“It’s alright daddy, I understand why you did it… I-I shouldn’t have been in your room at all, I’m sorry”, she sniffled.

She looked so sweet and vulnerable there sniffling and whimpering I closed the distance between the door and the bed in just a few steps and her knees jerked upwards towards her chest as I sat on the edge of her bed. I couldn’t help but take in the aroma of her bedroom. Definitely a bit musky… and so familiar. Taking hold of her arms I pulled her hands from under the covers and brought them Beşiktaş Escort Bayan towards my lips. I was only going to give her hands a comforting kiss as I continued my apology but once her fingers got near my face I could smell the unmistakable scent of her pussy. Just like her panties but oh so more intense and she tried to keep her hands from my face… but I pulled them right to my lips and kissed her fingers.

Shocked that I would find my little girl in here playing when I thought I had terribly abused her by spanking her and for no good reason at all. As soon as my lips touched her fingers my tongue lashed out and pulled them into my mouth, tasting her sex, her eyes were open wide just looking at her daddy sucking her juices from her fingers. I reluctantly let them go feeling the bulge in my trousers begin to stir.

“Sweetness… I’m sorry I spanked you… but then I come in here to console you, to apologize to you and I find you playing with your pussy. Have you sweetness? Is that what you were doing when your daddy walked back in your room?”

Staring wide eyed at me, no longer pulling her hands away from me, she simply nodded her head yes and a small tear dripped down her cheek. A thousand thoughts in my head running wild all over the place… my god! I’ve just tasted my little girls sex on her fingers… my cock now with out any doubt was getting terrifically hard.

“It’s okay sweetness”, I said as I gently kissed her tear from her cheek. “Everybody plays from time to time… it’s part of growing up, part of being a big girl… an adult.”

“I know”, she said. “I know adults do it daddy b-but, but you’re my daddy and now you know that your little girl is dirty… that I’m a naughty girl”

“No no sweetness”, attempting to console her all the while not able to get my mind too far away from the taste of the pussy I caught a slight glimpse of just thirty minutes ago, wanting so much to slip my tongue into her sweet little box of pleasure. “No sweetness, daddy doesn’t think his girl is dirty, it is very normal what you are doing, the thoughts you are having… it is all a very normal part of growing up dear.”

“But daddy… my thoughts… my thoughts were of you. I truly found your private drawer by accident”, and the confession began to spill from my little girl. As she tried to restrain a tear now and then, she told me, “daddy… I was talking with Erica the other day on the phone and she was giving me an address to a new hair place and well… I didn’t have a pen so I went into your room and was looking for a pen. That is when I opened the drawer and I saw those panties… I saw my panties daddy.”

I’m sorry for that dear… just an urge I had, it’s been so long since I’ve been close to a woman, it was an urge I couldn’t resist sweetness. I won’t take your panties any more, I promise.”

“No daddy, please… it-it’s not like that, I mean, I don’t mind if you take my panties, I mean, ummmm…. uh…. I liked that I found my panties in your private drawer. It was then I knew you had thoughts about me the same as I have thoughts about you since…. since… ummmm…”

“Since what sweetness, what thoughts Aileen?”

“But it really was an accident that I found them…. ummmm… since I saw you that night I woke up in the middle of the night. I saw you at your computer in your office, I thought you were working. I called for you daddy but you didn’t hear me, you had your headphones on so I came a little closer and I saw that you were not working. You were watching movies daddy. You were watching movies of girls doing naughty things to boys… and… and I saw….”

“What dear, what else did you see”, having my little girl telling me she had caught me at the computer watching porn and the scent of her in the room I was equally embarrassed and aroused and I was glad my trousers were loose fitting or she would easily have seen the large bulge in my slacks.

“I saw you daddy, take your dick from your shorts and saw you rubbing it up and down.”

“You saw me stroking my cock?”, I asked incredulously. Could I have been so engrossed in the video that I didn’t even hear my little girl standing in the same room with me?

“Yes daddy, your c-cock”, she allowed a small smirk across her face as she looked down at my crotch. “I watched you rub it up and Escort Beşiktaş down with your fingers while you watched those nasty girls on your computer doing all sorts of nasty things”, and her one hand dropped from my grasp and slipped under the covers and from what I could see went straight to her pussy.

“It made me feel very strange daddy, to watch those movies from behind you and to see you breathing so heavy and your thing… your cock, it was so hard and big… and real! Not like those c-cocks in the movies… it was very exciting to see yours for real, see you rubbing it up and down and playing with the big head, smearing your wetness all over it and when you grabbed it tight daddy, and started pulling on it hard and your legs stiffened straight out and you shot all that stuff from your cock… like pee… but it isn’t pee… it made me all wet down here… it made me all wet and horny in my pussy… like it is right now daddy.”

I looked from her face to her breasts, her nipples obviously hard and pressing against the fabric of her tank top, my cock throbbing as my gaze dropped further down and saw the sheets moving slightly as her fingers were obviously rubbing her sweet little pussy. What she said next just floored me and took what little control of the situation I thought I had completely away.

“Daddy… daddy, will you kiss my pussy like those boys in the movies do… I want to feel what those girls feel daddy. It looks like it feels sooooooooooooo good.”

“It does feel good sweetness but we really shouldn’t be doing this”, I was trying to tell her and at the same time I was slowly pulling the sheet down off her knees and watching it fall down her shins as she slowly spread her legs and let her daddy see that she was very definitely playing in her pussy with her fingers.

“I know my daddy likes looking at girl’s pussies… I know you like my panties and you smell mine when you rub your cock… daddy please… please kiss my pussy”, she pleaded.

She didn’t have to beg I was already moving off the edge of the bed and pulling her calves so her butt followed me to the edge of her bed and I slowly began kissing her thighs, taking in her aroma and watching her fingers run up and down her wet slit, she was already so very obviously wet with arousal. As I kissed further down her thighs, closer to her wonderful hot little snatch her legs spread instinctively wider and just when my mouth got to the apex of her leg and pussy and I placed the first gentle kiss in that so very tender area my little girl let out a slight whimper.

“… ohhhhhhhh daddy…”

I began gently licking her pussy lips, not going inside her slit, just licking and kissing her outer lips and she began pulling her pussy lips open and slightly rocking towards my mouth. My little girl was so horny, I couldn’t believe how badly she must have wanted this, how long she had been dreaming of someone kissing her pussy like the girls in the videos got to enjoy.

“Oh daddy that feels so good… please daddy, more…. mmmmmmmmmm daddy”, she whispered as I pulled back a little to get a view of my naughty girl’s horny little pussy.

I watched in amazement as a trickle of her juices escaped her tight little vagina and dribbled down the crack of her ass.

“Daddy is gonna tongue fuck your pussy now sweetness… I’m gonna lick up all your honey”, and my tongue slipped between her pussy lips and I enjoyed my first taste of my sexy little girl, my cock throbbing, ready to explode. It was everything I could do to keep from must shoving my face all the way against her vulva, burying my tongue in her delicious pussy… but I wanted this for her… I wanted this to be such an extraordinary experience for her, for both of us.

“mmmmmm”, was all she moaned as she began slowly rocking against my mouth… my tongue flicking at her clit then lapping between her wet lips had my cock drooling precum. Listening to her moans of pleasure, her breathing deepening as she climbed higher and higher.

Her voice cracked a little, “d-daddy…. mmmmmmmmm…. daddy I’m gonna c…” and with that she grabbed two handfuls of my hair and pulled me against her mound, her legs tightening around my head and she exploded in a huge shuddering orgasm. Her juices drenched my face as she continued to hump against my mouth until she slowly began to fall through her orgasm.

Looking up past her tummy and her breasts I met her eyes half opened looking down at me. Through her breathing she just said, “… god daddy… that felt awesome”, and she smiled the most delicious satisfied smile.

“Please daddy… please, show me your cock.”

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