Daddy Makes Shawna Work For It


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All characters are over the age of 18.


The day my life changed for all time was a normal day like any other. I was at work and it was the middle of the day on Thursday. Things were pretty slow around the office and I was thinking of going home early. While I was still silently debating the merits of leaving, my cell phone buzzed on my desk, and I glanced at the caller ID and sighed; my good mood instantly evaporating. It was my wife and I figured she was calling to bug me. That is what she had become good at over the years—bugging the shit out of me.

“Hey, I just called to tell you Shawna’s at the house. I think something is wrong with her car, or something, and she’s going to ask you for money to get it fixed,” my wife said, and I held the phone away from my ear waiting for what was coming next. “If she’s ever going to learn to be responsible, you have to stop bailing her out of these situations, Mark. You can’t keep spoiling her. It’s time she grew up and faced the real world. She’s never going to do that if you keep coddling her.”

I listened, not to what Carol was saying, but for a moment of silence so I could finally speak. “Carol, she’s in college. We agreed if she got good grades and stayed out of trouble, we would support her. I don’t see what the problem is. If her car is broken then it needs to be fixed.”

“Well, at least make her work for it. Have her clean the house or sweep out the garage. Don’t just give her the money.”

I placated my wife by saying I would find some way to make Shawna pay for her car repairs, but in my mind I knew I wasn’t going to do any such thing. I loved my daughter and found my wife’s constant harassment of her to be tiring. Just like she did to me, my wife loved to bug the shit out of Shawna. The sad thing was my daughter rarely, if ever, did anything to deserve it. She was a good girl who worked hard in school, got good grades, and volunteered for a few community organizations. I had begun to think my wife’s constant disapproval had more to do with Shawna maturing into a young woman than anything else. Ever since Shawna turned eighteen, Carol, my wife, found more and more reasons to criticize her behavior. It bothered me to no end, but I couldn’t seem to find a way to intervene. Sighing, I finally decided to call it a day. If Shawna was home then maybe I could take the opportunity to talk to her about her mom, and try to find some way to let her know I was there for her. I felt bad it had taken me this long to do so, but I was determined to put a stop to Carol’s madness once and for all.

The sun was still blazing high in the sky when I arrived home. I could tell my quiet, tree-lined suburban neighborhood was mostly empty since it was still the middle of the day. Only Mrs. Brickson, the busybody who lived at the end of the block, was out walking her dog. I gave a friendly, neighborly wave to her and she gave me the mysterious-look of Mars. Most likely, she was wondering what I was doing home so early. Laughing to myself at the crazy old lady, I pulled into my drive way and into the garage, surprised there were no other cars present. I thought I would see Shawna’s light blue Ford Focus, but my BMW sedan was the only occupant.

“Shawna!” I called out once I made my way inside the house.

Silence greeted me in return and I called out again.

Thinking, she must be in her room, I set my keys and briefcase on the kitchen table and started through the living room toward the stairs leading to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, I heard a faint noise, and I was about to call Shawna’s name again when I heard her cry out.

Shawna has a distinctive voice, which is kind of high-pitched, so I recognized her tone, but the noise she made gave me pause because it sounded like one of pain, but in my mind I knew it wasn’t. The first thing that occurred was my 18-year old daughter was having sex in my house with some young punk, and I was about to kick the shit out of the kid for violating her. I took a deep breath, ready for anything, and walked to my daughter’s door with purpose. I opened it without knocking and stopped short because Shawna was alone, but the sex noises I heard had been genuine because she was watching a dirty porno and masturbating on her bed with a long body pillow between her legs.

At first I looked back at the television because it was one of those raunchy pornos where two guys are fucking one girl, and the scene being shown was of one guy shoving his cock into her ass, while the other guy rammed his huge member into her mouth. I always loved pornos with double penetration, plus the girl on the screen was pretty hot with a pair of big tits, but…I was stunned to find my daughter watching this kind of video while masturbating. Up until that point, I had never thought of Shawna in a sexual way, so I really didn’t see her as a sexual being. Sure, I did notice she had grown Bahçeşehir Escort into a very fine looking young woman, but she was my daughter and I didn’t think about her in that way. That is…I didn’t think about her in that way until I continued to watch her young, nubile body writhing against her pillow, rubbing the large cushion between her legs like she was fucking it.

My cock hardened swiftly, and the blood rushing through my veins matched the speed of the incestuous thoughts tumbling through my mind. Shawna was wearing a pair of white boy shorts and a short, cropped black T-shirt. Since she was lying across the bed facing her TV, she couldn’t see me standing behind her, but I could clearly see the damp wet spot between her legs where the pillow rubbed against her gyrating pussy.

I licked my lips wanting to taste my daughter’s sweet cunt juice, and I moved forward almost on auto pilot before I realized what I was about to do. Jesus Christ, I think to myself, I can’t fuck my own daughter! I can’t be thinking about licking her sweet pussy until she cums all over my face. Continually, I keep castigating myself for my incestuous thoughts, but I can’t stop watching Shawna and her pillow. Maybe it was the fact she was my daughter, but watching her bring her little body to orgasm was the hottest fucking thing I had ever seen in my life.

My hand moved to my cock and I was careful to lower the zipper of my pants slowly. I just wanted to stroke myself while watching Shawna. I would leave…eventually, but I figured if I jacked off for a bit then I could at least get this crazy lust out of my system. In hindsight, I think my delusional brain would have given me any go ahead to take my cock out.

I fumbled around a bit with my underwear so I could pull my dick through the small hole in the front. I had nearly grown to my full 10 inches just from watching Shawna, so I had to wiggle it around. Once I held most of my length in my hand, I rubbed my thumb across the tip, using the dollop of precum which dotted the small slit to roughly jack my dick with quick, jerky strokes; my eyes glued to Shawna’s writhing body.

For her part, Shawna was deep in the twilight between pleasure and bliss, her small body bouncing so quickly on the pillow between her thighs that the mattress bounced back. I knew just from watching her that she would be a delicious fuck. Shawna had an innate grace, and even now her whole body was in motion. It was an amazing sight and any thoughts I had about leaving were long gone. Watching my daughter masturbate was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, and I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) tear my eyes away.

Just then I remembered things a father probably shouldn’t, like the way her shirts clung to her large breasts, and the way her titties bounced when she walked around the house because she often went with no bra. It occurred to me, though I had never really took notice of these things before, my mind recalled the images now with perfect clarity. It was almost as though I could see Shawna’s shirt-clad breasts before me.

Fully in the grip (literally) of my own masturbation, I cataloged more and more of my daughter’s assets, including her nice taunt butt. The small boy shorts she was wearing were little more than panties, and the damp spot I noticed earlier had grown to a larger area that darkened at the apex of her thighs. My knees went weak as I imagined peeling the miniscule scrap down her long toned legs when Shawna started to moan loudly. I open my eyes, which I hadn’t even realized had been closed, and saw my youngest child jackknifing her hips into the pillow, one hand sandwiched between her thighs like she was trying to grab the orgasm coming out of her body.

At that point, all the blood in me seemed to coalesce in and around my cock, so I couldn’t help but feel my member pulsing in my hand. One second later I came so violently I had to grab the door frame to keep from falling. “Unh,” I groaned, spew spilling from my cock tip.

On and on, cum shot from my dick, landing on my daughter’s pale grey carpet, and I watched dazedly as drops of my essence leaked like a spigot. All in all it was sort of entrancing because I was thinking to myself that my very own daughter—the seed from my loins—just caused me to shoot the biggest wad since I blew into her mother for the first time.



My eyes locked with Shawna’s, and I wasn’t sure what emotions crowded my thoughts most. There were a lot things going through me, but mostly I was still feeling overwhelmed.

“Daddy,” Shawna said again, her lips trembling, like she was scared. “I’m so sorry. I thought you wouldn’t be home, so I was…I was…just playing. I mean, I didn’t know you’d be home early,” she finished inanely.

I wanted to say something—anything—but I was paralyzed with lust because I still wanted to fuck my daughter, and that disturbed me while at the same time turning me on. Narrowing my eyes, my dripping cock aching Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan for her tight, little body, I remained silent—watching her like a hawk.

“Please don’t tell Mommy,” Shawna continued. “She’ll ground me for forever, and I’m…I’m so-so sorry I made you hard, Daddy. I’m so sorry about that. I didn’t mean too.”

My head tilted to the side. “But you made me very hard, Shawna,” I snapped. “Just watching you made me want to stick my cock in you.”

“I’m so sorry, Daddy. Please don’t tell mommy. Please,” Shawna pled.

“Please don’t tell her what, Shawna?” I asked with anger, and I was actually getting very angry because I was horny and I really needed an outlet. “What shouldn’t I tell your mother? Should I not tell her you were masturbating to some filthy porn, or that you were playing with your dirty cunt while play fucking a pillow?”

“Don’t tell her any of that, Daddy! She doesn’t have to know.”

“So what should I tell her then Shawna?”

“Umm…nothing,” she answered in a small voice.

“You know I can’t tell her nothing. This-this—” I gestured to the still playing porno on her TV screen. “You were in here masturbating to a woman getting fucked by two cocks. Were you fantasizing about getting fucked like that?”

Shawna looked down guilty, playing with her fingers, before grasping the pillow between her legs. It was like she did it to stop another flood of cum from dampening her boy shorts, which made my cock re-harden.

“Answer me dammit!” I demanded.

“Yes, I was thinking about it.”

My cock now stretched to its complete length, but the thought of my daughter getting fucked by two dicks made me even harder. I already knew she’d probably be a great lay, but as my eyes fell on her lips, I wondered how good she be at sucking a nice full cock. My rod jerked like a fishing pole, and Shawna gasped softly, her eyes widening as she looked at my groin. Jesus…she had such soft lips, the kind that seemed ready-made for sucking. At the thought, I shook my head because a part of me was still trying to shake loose the thoughts I was having about my daughter, which of course at this point was impossible.

Right or wrong, my wife was correct about one thing, I needed to make my daughter work her little ass off. She needed to be taught a lesson and I was just the daddy to do it.

“So, my baby girl wants to get fucked by two cocks, huh? Obviously that means you want to get fucked in all your holes, right?”

Shawna stayed quiet, but again she grabbed that pillow, so I commanded her to answer me. “Yes, I want to get fucked in all my holes, Daddy” she finally said, her voice small like it used to be when she was a little girl.

“Have you ever been fucked, baby girl? Have you let some nasty boy’s cock inside your little twat? Are you a whore?”

Shawna looked appalled. “No Daddy, I’m a good girl. I swear. I’ve never let anyone fuck me. I’m still a virgin,” she cried, crawling toward the edge of the bed. “Mandy is the one who gets—”

Just then my daughter looked down and clamped those soft-looking lips shut. Grunting, I took a couple of steps forward, which brought me further into the room and closer to the bed she was kneeling upon.

No way would I let her get away with not answering, and the look in my eye must have conveyed how I felt because Shawna blurted out, “Mandy is the one who gets fucked by two cocks. Yesterday she let two guys fuck her in the weight room.”

Carol always said Mandy was a whore, and I guess she was right, but Mandy also was a sweet piece of ass my daughter like to hang around with, and obviously the cause of my little girl now wanting two cocks. The slut…

I grabbed my cock, moving closer to Shawna so her nose was pointing right at it. “Did you watch these boys fuck your little slut friend? Did you?”

“Yes Daddy…I-I watched them…fuck her.”

My mind wondered to Shawna’s hot little blonde friend as I imagined my cock as one those fucking that tight cunt, but the thought of her corrupting my innocent baby girl made me see red, and I knew what I had to do.

“Get your ass here you little slut. Daddy’s going to fuck your mouth because you’ve made me so mad at you for being a horny cum-whore who wants to get fucked by two cocks. I didn’t think you were like that, Shawna. I thought you were a good, innocent girl, but deep down inside you’re a fucking whore, and you know what?”

“What, Daddy?” Shawna asked, her voice trembling.

I stared down into my daughter’s bright hazel eyes as she was kneeling on the bed. Her face is flushed, and her full bow-shaped lips are puckered and pink. She really is quite beautiful, and I can’t believe I never thought of fucking her before now.

“Whores deserved to be fucked in all their holes, Shawna,” I say to her, unbuckling my pants, so they can drop to the floor. “So that’s what I’m going to start doing from now on. Daddy’s going to start fucking your sweet cunt and Escort Bahçeşehir your sweet ass, but first I’m going to start with that hot mouth of yours. And, if you’re a good whore for daddy, I might let one of my friend’s fuck that sweet body, so you can have all the cock you want. Would you like that, baby?”

My nasty little daughter licked her lips and moved closer to my cock until I could feel her breath wafting against me. “I’d love that, Daddy. My pussy’s getting so wet from thinking about it. I can’t help it. Your cock is so big and I want to suck it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, baby. Daddy likes that you want his cock because I’m gonna have this sweet body anytime I want. You’re never to say no to me. You got that, Shawna?” When she nodded, licking those stunning lips once more, I speared my hand in my daughter’s luxurious brunette hair, drawing her close so she was only mere inches from me. “Daddy’s going to teach you to be a good and responsible whore. My whore. Now take daddy’s cock out of his underwear and put it inside your mouth. I want you to suck my dick until I cum down your throat.”

Shawna sighed like she’d been waiting for this, and quickly pushed my boxer briefs from my hips to suck on my long, thick length. Her hot, wet mouth was like a furnace, and when her tongue swirled around my member, I cried out, “Fuck! That’s good, baby. Suck daddy’s cock hard. Suck on daddy’s cock!”

My hips jackknifed from the immense pleasure of having my dick inside my daughter’s mouth, and I begin to fuck her face, pumping into her sweet hot cavern like I knew I would one day fuck her pussy. Shawna obviously had some experience sucking cock because she slobbed my knob from root to tip, her small body bouncing back and forth from the force of my thrusts.

“You’re already a good cocksucker, but daddy’s going to make you better. Use your hands to stroke me, baby, lube them up with your spit to make them wet.”

Shawna did as directed, gripping my large cock with both her small hands. At first her touch was too gentle, so I showed her how I wanted her to grip me. Soon she had me cupped with both hands, holding my cock steady as I plunged into her saliva-dripping mouth. I knew I was being rough, but I couldn’t stop myself from fucking into my daughter’s mouth over and over—again and again. I never had my dick sucked so good before. My little girl was an excellent cock sucker, so I told her so.

“You have a hot fucking mouth. Daddy loves you sucking his cock. We may have to do this every night before you go to bed.”

Shawna moaned and the vibration from her mouth felt like tiny earthquakes against my cock. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Already my dick felt like it was ready to explode again, but this time I planned to shoot my wad all over my daughters face. I wanted to watch cum drip down her whorish chin.

Right at the end, I pulled my cock from Shawna’s suctioning lips with a pop, and bunched a lock of her hair in my hand to hold her steady for my blast. “Fuck,” I yelled. “Daddy’s going to cum all of your pretty little face, baby. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out so you can taste it.”

Shawna looked like the eager little cum whore she was with her mouth gaped and her pink little tongue poked out between her lips. The enthusiasm shining in her eyes, her obvious desire to please me, as I shot cum all over her was a sight I would never forget. My thick wad first spurted on her cheek, then another flow landed right in her mouth. Shawna lapped my seed, and used her fingers to taste the milky fluid on her cheek, before another spray hit her right between the eyes.

“That’s it, baby girl,” I urged. “Lick all my cum up and clean daddy’s cock like a good little whore.”

Shawna was using her hands to wipe all the cum from her face and into her mouth. She lapped at her fingers like a dog, tasting my fluids as if she couldn’t get enough. I laughed to myself because I knew I would give this little bitch all the cum she wanted from now on.

I was thinking next about popping Shawna’s cherry when my cell phone started ringing. I was temporarily stunned because up until then the whole moment had been sort of surreal, but the ringing of my phone brought me crashing back to reality, and I stared down at my daughter’s cum stained face. I waited for the guilt to come, but strangely I felt none. All I did feel was overwhelming satisfaction because I knew I could have my sweet daughter any time I wanted.

“Do you want me to get that, Daddy?” Shawna asked, and I realized she was talking about my phone because it was still ringing.

“Sure, baby. Go ahead.”

Shawna quickly located the cell phone from the pocket of my dropped pants and hopped back on the bed, crossing her legs Indian style. “Hello,” she said, smiling at me beguiling as she stroked my now flaccid cock, obviously trying to bring it back to life for more fun. Then her eyes shot wide and she drop my cock like a hot poker. “Oh, hi mom. I-I was just answering daddy’s phone because…he’s in my room with me now,” she said looking up at me with a frightened expression. My wife obviously said something in return because Shawna sighed then said, “Oh, okay. Here he is.” Then she handed the phone to me.

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