Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 02


The cool of the night flowed over the lake as we began to set up the rods on the bank.

The eerie light of the moon waxed over the dark green and brown mottled tent.

The rod ends touched under the front flap of the tent allowing us to get to them or reset the alarm without actually getting out of the tent and into the cool night air.

“Turn the sleeping bags round so they open at the flap end,” said Jim.

“OK …. say …. Why don’t we zip the two bags together just for tonight,” I said.

He nodded his approval as I tugged at the bags and unzipped them and then re zipped them as a single double bag.

We had a ‘low light’ hanging from the top of the ridge of the tent. This provided a feint glimmer, just enough to make things out but not enough to cast shadows all over the place.

Jim was tugging at his trousers and briefs and they fell away in a single movement. I was doing the same but not really concentrating on the task at hand, I was too busy looking at the totem pole.

He took off his shirt and slipped into the sleeping bag wearing only a tank top vest.

I hurried to do the same and was conscious that his eyes were all over me.

I slid into the bag which was already warm from the heat of his body. As I slid down I felt the inevitable rock hard cock jutting out straight from his body. My cock brushed his shoulder and upper arm as I had slid into the bag. I was already half way there and hadn’t even touched it yet.

His right hand slid round the side of my face and he brushed his lips over mine. I thought I was going to come that instant. My pulse was racing, my cock was burning and throbbing, my cheeks were on fire and I tried to catch his mouth as it passed my lips. I made a small movement forward and just planted one on the side of his mouth. He moved his head back almost immediately and kissed me hard straight flush on the lips, rolling my bottom lip in his mouth and bursa eskort bayan pinching it with his teeth.

His left hand moved down the front of my body and lodged at my pubic hair. He played with it and for some unexplainable reason I squealed. I squealed like a young puppy and he immediately grabbed my cock and started working on it with both hands. It took only moments for me to be ready to blow my load.

Then without warning he stopped and gripped the base of my cock about as hard as it was possible to do. I thought that the mixture of pain and excitement would send me over the edge, but no, I didn’t shoot and I started to cool down, just for a moment.

He set about the same treatment again, with his expert hands moving up and down my shaft, with cool rhythmic movements.

This happened about 3 or 4 times and I was ten miles high with excitement, sweat and my legs were tense continually from the near orgasm.

I started to take short breaths and the sweat trickled down my forehead and into my eyes and my hands explored his chest hair and nipples.

Finally I could feel my balls tense, rising up to my body and I arched my back.

This time he continued to jerk me and I felt my load coming from 5 miles back and all the way to my slit. It shot out in one long thick stream and covered his belly and chest with my white creamy stream. He continued to jerk every last drop out of me until my balls felt totally empty.

I gasped with relief as the last drops dribbled out and onto his wrist.

“Nice load, nice load,” he whispered “you sure gave that your all, didn’t you?”

“That was just the best,” I responded “Now you!”

I climbed over him in the sleeping bag so that I could use my right hand to do the business and as I slid over him he pulled me down onto him. My sweat wet body slithered over him and his hard cock.

I took a full handful of this huge totem bursa otele gelen eskort bayan with my right hand and he slipped onto his right side. My left hand moved down to the root of his cock and I made a tight circle with it way down at the base. I used one finger to jiggle his balls and started to jerk him nice and slowly with my right hand.

“Easy with my balls,” he whispered “they are sensitive and ache too much afterwards if you do that too much”

I concentrated on just taking his foreskin over the growing ring.

“Is this OK like this?” I asked.

“Take the foreskin well over my ring piece and pull it ’til it’s tight, then slide it back” he said.

I did as he said and the results were plain to feel. He tensed noticeably at the new pressure on his cock and within seconds I could feel that he was getting ready to come. I quickened my pace and within seconds I could feel the load passing my bottom hand and out into the air all over my chest and face.

“Hey you guys, got any No9 line that I could borrow?” said a voice from outside.

“Jeez man what are you doing out there,” Jim said.

Jim peered through the tent flap as he rolled onto his stomach, looking up at the guy from the next fishing pitch.

“No, sorry man,” Jim said “we got all the extras packed in the car way down the track, sorry!”

As the guy continued the conversation my hand had stayed almost in the same position as Jim had rolled over and it was now firmly planted on his ass cheeks.

I began to play with his ass cheeks and twisted the hair growing there with my fingers. I began to explore his ass crack with my first finger and I felt him tense his cheeks and his voice changed pitch as he spoke to the guy outside the tent.

My finger began to probe his brown flower and steadily the finger went in about an inch. He pushed his ass cheeks into the bursa eve gelen escort air slightly and that was the excuse to go knuckle deep.

I turned and twisted the finger as he tried in vain to get rid of the nosey guy outside the tent. Finally he decided to go and Jim slid the zip down to the floor.

“Go for it,” he said

“Sure,” I replied with a surprised voice and I powered the finger all the way in and then steadily withdrew it.

I continued doing this in a steady rhythm and he responded with backward thrusts as my finger entered him. I gradually worked in two fingers then three, with more lube on fingers and ass hole.

His hand slid down my body as he lay face down, until he had my now hard cock in his hand.

“Lube him up and do a good job,” he said.

I reached for the tube and lathered my hard with as much as I could, putting the remainder into his ass crack.

I knelt either side of his legs and brought the tip of my rigid cock to his brown pucker and gently pushed to him. His body seem to move away from me, but that was because he had his back arched and had slightly relaxed.

“Go ahead, get in there,” he said

I pushed a little harder and after pulling my foreskin back, my well greased helmet slipped in and his hole gripped my ring tightly.

“Go on …..more!” he said

I slipped in another couple of inch’s and started to rock back and forth almost pulling out and then driving back in, going a little deeper every time.

Soon I was balls deep inside him as I started almost uncontrollably driving in and out. My breathing was heavy and I started to squeal again. Where was all this squealing stuff coming from, this had never happened before. I pumped my cock deep into his bowels and finally he could feel my cock growing as I plunged it deeper and deeper.

I let out yet another squeal and what seemed like a grunt as I unloaded yet another sackful of spunk deep into him this time.

I dropped exhausted and panting onto his now sweat covered back with my semi hard cock still clamped tight by his brown asshole.

He rolled himself and me onto our sides but he still had my cock clamped firmly up his ass, how did he do that I thought?

Later he would tell me how it was done!

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