Cycle of Selene


This story combines my love of bile-riding, the outdoors and redheads! I hope you enjoy it too. Please leave a vote or a comment if you did. Thank you for reading.


“Whoa, careful!”

It just came out like that. I didn’t have any time to think – I was vaguely worrying about the cars, as you do, although the traffic was fairly light. So when she appeared I was totally not expecting it.

She just bounced off the pavement, pretty well on top of me. There I was, cycling along against the kerb, the traffic had stopped for a red light and I was moving slowly up to the front. I always like being up in front; my theory is that the drivers are more likely to see me and less likely to run me down. So I was just riding along nicely. She came out of a shop, jumped on her bike and jumped into the traffic. Right where I happened to be.

“Whoa, careful!” was all I could say, as our front wheels clicked together and our legs and elbows brushed. I found myself looking straight into her face. Eager, I thought.

And red, was my next thought. She had rich red frizzy hair, red eyebrows, bright red lips and red freckles sprinkled across her nose. Her mouth was open with a mixture of surprise and pleasure, as if I was a friend she hadn’t seen in ages and not some random she’d nearly pushed into the stream of cars. Her eyes twinkled – they were green. I’d never seen green eyes before.

“Oh dear oh dear, I’m so sorry!” she gushed. There was a slight hint of panic in her eyes as well as the other emotions, so she was aware of the danger we were both in. Some kind of survival instinct kicked in and I helped us both off the road and back onto the pavement. The traffic rumbled on.

We both paused. When you’re that close to someone so suddenly, I guess it’s hard not to study the details, like her big smile, with those red lips, the strong but gracefully curved eyebrows. She was studying me. Then we realised we’d caught each other staring.

“Are you all right?” we both asked at the same time, then we both laughed. Which answered the question, I guess. I was fine and she didn’t seem to have any marks on her. In fact she was trying not to giggle. I glanced down at her bike. Her quick-release had come open.

“We’d better fix that,” I said, squatting down near her front wheel.

“What is it?” She seemed to have no idea.

“You’ve got quick-release hubs. The lever’s come open in the bump we just had. If you rode off with it open, your wheel would probably fall out. There, that’s closed it. Let me lift your wheel up and I’ll check it doesn’t rub anywhere.”

She stopped smiling then and looked quite shocked. “Umm, wow. Thanks. A lot.”

The axle hadn’t shifted and the wheel turned smoothly. “Should be quite safe now.” As long as you don’t run into anything or anyone, I thought. “Have a look down there every so often. They have been known to come open just going over potholes.”

“Thank you so much. And I will be more careful. Bye!”

And off she went. I felt happy to have helped her, and a bit flat that it was over. If I was brave enough, I might have asked her… not that that’s going to happen, Andrew Mion. You and pretty girls… let’s just say, it’ll happen some time. Soon. I hope.

It was only a short while later when ‘something’ did happen. I’d finished my shopping. I came round the corner at some traffic lights and felt something wrong with the panniers. Panniers on a rack over the back wheel are the best way to carry stuff on a bike, no question; but sometimes they shift and rub the wheel. I quickly jumped off and was bending over to fix it when I saw a flash in the corner of my eye.

“Whoooooaaaa!” It was just about the same cry I had made, but with that mixture of surprise and, almost delight added in. And then she ran into me. It was the same girl, moving fairly slowly this time, which was lucky.

“Oh no oh no! I’m so sorry!” Same smile, same twinkle of the eyes, same laughter. Then one eyebrow went up.

“Wait a minute. Last time I hit you it was my fault, but this time, you’re in the way! This is in the junction isn’t it – you’ve set me up! This is entrapment!” This seemed to be more of a joke for her than hitting me. She was having a good laugh.

She managed to settle a little bit. “Seriously, are you still all right? I wasn’t expecting you, but I think I slowed up pretty well. Can you get home?” Although she was laughing, she was genuinely concerned.

We’d pulled our bikes onto the pavement by this time and now we were standing, separated by them. In the earlier crash they had us touching, but not this time. Then I noticed – and at the same time remembered – her long, bare legs. She was wearing unbelievably short shorts and they showed off her legs beautifully. Now I was remembering the feel of them against mine (I had shorts on too), it was a struggle not to stare at them.

“Are you sure you’re OK? Just then you suddenly looked… odd.” She put a hand out to touch mine. Well, I don’t know how odd I looked before, but Ataşehir Escort now I felt really odd for sure. A sudden wave of tingles rushed through me. My mouth went dry and I found myself gripping the handlebars much too hard.

The truth is, she was gorgeous. Possibly quite nutty, but a cheerful, open person, and very easy to look at. The sun made her pale skin glow. It put lights in her frizzy hair. It added to the twinkle in her green eyes. I was way out of my depth. I looked down – but there were the long legs! Then I saw the brakes. Relief.

“Err, your brakes have come open.”

I got the same blank puzzlement. “Come open?”

“Bikes with quick-release hubs can have brake openers. Makes it easier to take the wheel out, but if you don’t close them afterwards your brakes don’t work.”

The same shocked look, then laughter. “You’ve saved me twice now! Three times if you count being caught in the traffic. I really don’t know how to thank you!” Miss, that smile is thanks enough. Now be brave, mate!

“I’m, I’m Andy, by the way.” Actually said it this time.

“Oh! Saved me three times and I haven’t even told you my name. I’m Selene.” She rolled her eyes. “Suh-LEEnee, not the singer, which would be obvious if you heard me sing!”

Ask her! a voice said in my head, but my mind had seized. She had taken my hand and all I could do was feel her warm touch and try not to shudder as the tingles raced up my arm. Her fingers were light but seemed to almost dance on my skin.

She squeezed my hand. “Thank you so very, very much. You’ve saved me, and given me something else. Bye now!” A big smile, and she rode off.

Long after that, I could still feel her touch on my skin. With only a little effort, I could relive the tingles she sent through me. It was very disconcerting. I needed something strong for this.

On the road home there’s this 24-hour shop. Very useful if you need a late-night pie or some bread and milk. Most importantly it stocked bitter lemon. Bitter lemon is not as sugary as other soft drinks, also it’s got quinine in it, which is why it’s ‘bitter’. It’s cold and refreshing. I love it, but it can be hard to find, so a shop selling it on the way home is a real treat. And I needed a treat to settle myself a bit.

Another treat was in store for me. Leaning against the veranda post, bottle in hand, enjoying the first rush of cold fizz down my throat, my thoughts started to get calm. Then I saw the bike coming down the hill from the town centre.

She was flying, mouth wide open, waving madly at me. Was she beckoning? Barely in control, so it was hard to say. As she went past she called out, “Aaandeeee!!” That did it. I shoved the bottle into my pannier, jumped on and raced after her.

I quickly gained on her. But those gorgeous long legs! And the smooth roll of her buttocks as she pedalled, the flexing of her thighs, I was hypnotised as I followed her down the road.

We stopped on a bridge over the river. She rolled up to the handrail and stopped, looking down at the slow-moving water. I came up as close as I dared and joined her. We were quite high up and almost amongst the trees growing on either bank. We were looking down on the dappled light and shade on the rocks and grassy banks.

“Did you enjoy the view?” She asked with a smile. Did she know what I was looking at as we were riding? I guess I gave myself away by catching up so quickly but not passing. Also by blushing like crazy. But if she noticed she was good enough not to say anything more.

I changed the subject. “I live near here. You as well?”

“Maybe… not a lot further. I’ve seen you here though, going to college I’m guessing?”

We chatted a bit more about nothing much. I don’t know why I felt she was confirming stuff she already knew. Maybe it was her easy smile and laughter that made it all seem familiar. We did seem to agree on lots of things. Lucky I hadn’t finished the bitter lemon, so when I’d got home I could settle myself all over again.

I needed some quiet time next day. Since it was Saturday I could give myself a break. I took a book and a few nibbles and went down to the river. There’s a bike track that runs along one bank, and I know a special spot. The track rises above a part of the bank that floods easily, then it goes round some big boulders. There’s a tiny patch of grass, basically invisible to anyone on the track. I’ve cleaned it up a bit and shifted flood debris and brambles to make it a nice spot to lie in the sun with a book. Or if your mind is full of girls with long legs and bright red lips, a bit of a handjob is always a possibility…

I put my bike in the usual spot off the track and clambered over the first rock. Something had caught my eye not far away, a glint of silver maybe, but I just guessed it was someone’s litter blown in. I got down to the second rock.

She was there! Selene! On my grass! That glint of silver I now realised, was her bike. I was totally flustered by this. I thought about sex as much Kadıköy Escort as any teenaged boy (ie. all the time), but this bright girl, my shyness, my fantasies, this private place – my private place, it was too much. She was stretched out on the grass in the sunshine, on a small towel. She had been reading, but she’d stopped to look up at whoever was coming over the rock. I stopped and stared too.

She was in her shorts still and she had a broad-brimmed hat on. She was also wearing a blouse… completely unbuttoned and open. She had on a small bra, at least.

I sprang off the rock and landed beside her on the grass. She had propped herself up on her elbows, but her blouse was still open. She made no attempt to hide her bare chest. She smiled at me. “Hello again! Nice place here!”

I couldn’t help it. I looked her up and down. The long legs going into her short shorts, her slim torso, her little patterned bra – misshapen because her small breasts had flattened, her shoulders sticking out from the red frizzy hair. I studied her skin, gleaming white against the red hair.

She had tiny moles dotted here and there on her skin. They were no more than dark freckles really, not at all blemishes, more indicators for the gentle curves of her body. She had one just below the left bra-cup, two more down that side, a slightly larger one at the bottom of her right rib-cage and one near her belly button. I don’t know why, but I liked them immediately.

“Enjoy the view?” Again she said it with a laugh in her voice, but I was mortified. I felt myself blushing like crazy, again. I looked away.

She went on easily. “Come and sit down! Seriously, it is a good view – of the park. Just a few walls, almost covered up, across the river over there; the water and the trees. I love this spot – it’s a great place to get away from it all, so close to town as well. And I like being outdoors. With my colouring I can’t stay out in the sun long, but I so love the feel of the warmth on my skin. I always have. You as well?”

I did enjoy the outdoors, and I’d been known to have a snooze in the sun here and at other places, but she seemed to almost know this already. I sat down and absently swung the satchel I’d brought so it was in front of me. She looked at it, then up at me, a twinkle in her green eyes. Her look said it clearly: ooh, what’s in the bag? I bet it’s something nice!

I often brought a snack for myself when I came down to the river. Whatever bits and pieces you had, it felt like a fine picnic when you sat beside a lazy river. Today I had my usual: chocolate biscuits and bitter lemon. All right, pretty odd I guess, but remember it was going to be just my snack.

Selene was delighted with the biscuits, but not sure about the bitter lemon. She made a face after every sip, in fact. But eating helped me relax and almost get used to her sitting beside me with her blouse wide open. The sun was warm, the breeze rustled the leaves on the trees. Vague city noises floated past, easy to ignore. I lay back and propped myself up on my elbows. That way I could admire the sunlight on her blouse as the breeze played with it.

I must have dozed off. I half-woke when the light changed on my face. I also noticed my satchel, which had been beside me was now away on the grass somewhere, and a hand was stroking my bare skin. That meant someone had unbuttoned my shirt. I half-opened my eyes and saw her.

She was gorgeous. Her frizzy hair, now above me, sparkled and shone with the sunlight behind it. I could just see the moon in the daytime sky through it.

She had a drowsy smile on and her own eyes were barely open. Her blouse was still undone and I could see the little moles dotted on her chest. Then I realised her bra was missing. Her little breasts hung with a slight curve that highlighted her small pink nipples. I think I gave a little gasp, because her smile got bigger. She bent down closer to my face. She offered me one nipple.

I couldn’t believe it was happening. The sun, her hair, her smile, and now her breast brushing my open lips. I couldn’t move – she had to put her nipple in my mouth before I reacted.

I kissed and licked it tenderly, feeling the skin pucker and harden as the nipple stood out. I could smell her sweet skin as it brushed my nose. One or two fuzzy brown dots danced in front of my eyes. A single fine hair shone next to the firm skin of her areole. Though I could barely move, all my senses were in overdrive, so I easily noticed her hand stealing into my pants.

The belt. The button underneath. The zip going down slowly. A hand tugging at my jocks – I lifted my hips to help her out. She had now offered me the other precious nipple and I could see and hear and feel her breathing getting stronger. Her hand found my cock, hard as iron with the over-stimulation. She briefly cupped my balls, then started to work on my shaft. I felt dizzy, like I was spinning. I could feel every single finger.

I would love to say she gradually brought me up to an amazing Ümraniye Escort orgasm, but I’ll have to admit, I was already there. With only a few strokes of those soft fingers I could feel the familiar surge. I gasped loudly against her breast as I came. I could feel pulses of come going under her fingers and warm drops on my torso. It felt fantastic, but I so wished it had lasted longer. Selene sat up.

“Uh, oh boy… I, umm…” I could feel myself start to apologise when she did a beautiful thing. She put a finger on my lips. And smiled at me. I was filled with gratitude. I’ll always remember that moment, that gentle touch, a quiet reassurance. As you may have worked out by now, this was all absolutely new to me, and I was in a jumble of soaring pleasure and very fragile embarrassment.

Yes, I had reached the ripe old age of 18, but I was still a virgin. I had pleasured myself often enough, and seen enough pictures and videos (praise be for the Internet!) to know what was going on… I’d also seen a lot of bad acting. Too many of the girls, they weren’t enjoying what was happening to them, and they weren’t hiding it very well. So I was a confused virgin. What did real girls want? Did they even like sex?? Was I about to find out???

Selene’s warm smile when she touched my lips, that wasn’t acted. That was real.

But she started to pack up. That seemed to be the cue. We gathered our things and made our way up to the bikes. Back on the path, we looked at each other.

“See you tomorrow?” she said simply.

“You can count on it!” My cheeky answer surprised me. Still glowing after that orgasm, I guessed.

“OK then.” And she got on her bike and rode off. I watched those lovely long legs going down the river track.

Tomorrow came and my hands were shaking as I put the bike away off the track. I waited on the grass. On the water, the breeze pushed the fallen leaves upstream, so it looked like the river was stopped. Everything around me seemed to be waiting. I felt the tingles, they seemed to be coming from my cock and across my body. Then suddenly she was there.

I heard the clatter of a bike shoved against a tree. Then sound of someone scrambling over rocks, a little “oh!” noise and she landed in a rush on the grass. She had a huge smile on, as if this was a surprise picnic, or a child’s treat.

We stood and stared at each other for a second, then she suddenly sat down on the grass and gazed out at the view. This felt a bit odd, not quite right. I sat down too. She started chatting about nothing much, just silly stuff, then she suddenly asked, “Did you bring a snack?”

I had brought a few things. The chocolate biscuits, croissants (I don’t know why, they looked nice in the bakery window), a different drink. The croissants were a success. Selene happily wolfed one down.

There was a pause after that. She put a hand out to my shoulder while she wiped a few crumbs from her lips. “Thanks. I need to be careful now.” Whatever that meant.

I put my hand over hers and she held it, but nothing more. We sat, side by side, holding hands, with me wondering what was going to happen. I tried to think of a good way to start a conversation, but nothing came to me – which was probably just as well. Anything I’d have said wouldn’t have been what I was thinking (what was I thinking?) and would have been awkward. We had a connection with the hands, and I could hear her faint breathing; it was peaceful in a funny kind of way.

When we’d climbed back to the bikes, she stood in front of me, then suddenly took my shoulders in her hands and lightly kissed me on the mouth. “Thank you,” she whispered. “I can come back on Wednesday. Would you like that?”

“I guess… yes, of course.”

“OK then. Bye! And thanks again!”

I rode home trying to work out what had happened. I had been thinking, more sex maybe? Which was exciting and terrifying. But we’d just… got to know each other a bit more. I think.

Wednesday crawled up.

My hands were shaking again as I dropped the bike and made my way down to the riverside. What would happen today? Selene was already there, but I couldn’t guess what that meant.

She was reading a book. Like the first time. She seemed to have a few extra buttons open on her blouse. She was also reading very intently, only giving me a nod as I sat down beside her. She took my hand but kept reading. I was expecting another quiet sit together. But, no.

She picked up my hand and put it on the bare skin of her thigh. The thigh rolled slightly and shifted away from its partner. She kept reading. I left my hand on the smooth skin.

She took my hand and started to rub her thigh with it. I could feel little squirms and turns in her leg. I started to take over, caressing down between her legs or along the top past her kneecaps. She willingly let me take charge as she read on. She lay back on her elbows but kept the book up. I tackled both legs and she showed her appreciation. I could smell the scent of her skin.

Then her free hand undid the button on her pants. I froze, then quickly recovered. My hand traced up her thigh, over the fabric and across her midriff. The softer skin seemed to send sparks down my arm from the roving fingers. I found her slightly open shorts.

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