Cut from the Same Cloth

Big Tits

This is my first story and it is a slow builder. I have left it open to continue and if the feedback is positive from you readers I will be happy to find more fun for Jeanette and Matt to enjoy. Thanks for reading and any feedback welcome.

Jeanette was a beautiful woman. Not in the conventional sense of beauty but in the sense that somehow, something about her turned heads in most of the places she went. She was 48 years old with wild red hair that framed cat like green eyes that would hypnotise at fifty paces. Her full lips always had lipstick that matched her flame hair and accentuated her full lips. That hair hung between her shoulder blades and men ached to touch her and at the same time couldn’t bear to look at her for fear of being rejected by that feline gaze. Her breasts were not the 48DD that so many clumsy stories boast of but they were full and proud with perfect nipples that were prominent when she was excited and stood out like small thimbles framed by sensuous pink areolae that puckered with little bumps. She had a slim waist but a typically English pear shape with flared hips. Her arse was full and curved and her pussy was neatly shaved with firm thighs that were smooth and pale. Her calves were taught in 4 inch heels which were an everyday item of footwear for her.

The only thing that clouded Jeanette’s features was her painful insecurity. She had been single for four years after Mike, her son Matt’s dad, had left them. It wasn’t an angry break up. It was sad. She wanted something that he didn’t feel he could give her and she carried the shame inside her wherever she went. The need that burned in her belly she thought would never be satisfied and there would be no man, she supposed, that could be with her and accept her.

Today was a beautifully hot June day and Jeanette was walking down the high street to meet Matt for their usual Wednesday lunchtime get together. Matt still lived at home but worked many hours to try and supplement her small clerical assistant’s wage. He was nineteen years old and had left college against her wishes to look after both their financial needs – or to at least help look after them. Jeanette was so proud of her son. He had become quite the man. None of those fantasy six packs and heaving chest, just a regular young man who had an older head on his shoulders.

They were close, Jeanette and Matt. Many nights she had had to calm him down as he first held her as she cried over her loneliness and then became angry at his father for hurting her in this way. His anger was made worse by the feelings he had when she was in his arms. It felt so natural to hold her and yet he berated himself for a twisted mind. He shouldn’t be aroused when he held his mother in her misery but he couldn’t help himself. She was the picture of beauty and sexuality to him. He had lost count of the times he had knelt at the toilet bowl, imagining his mother’s curved full panty clad arse tilted up at him beckoning him to push his rigid cock into her aching hole. Even in masturbation he was considerate. As his cum spurted to these lurid images, he would still angle his aching shaft down into the bowl so as not to create too much mess.

Through her own sexual frustration, Jeanette could sense the equal frustration in her son and this only added to the guilt that somehow she was responsible. Most of the time she could bear it but it usually hit her in the lonely night hours where she would often fall asleep on soaked pillows from her sorrow.

But today was a sunny day and life seemed good. She was wearing her favourite white, floral sundress with red flowers. It clung to her not immodest breasts and flared out at the skirt ending halfway down her shapely thighs. She walked with a spring in her step and carried Matt’s lunch – something that had become a tradition on Wednesdays. She beamed as she saw her only boy walking toward her and they hugged with gentle love for one another.

They were headed to the park as the sky clouded over. Matt looked up and moaned, ‘I hope this doesn’t spoil our lunch mum’. Jeanette, just smiled, ‘We can always find somewhere to eat if it rains baby, don’t worry’.

The first spots of rain weren’t something to be concerned about but, as is the way in England, within seconds, heavy drops of water were hurling out of the sky and soaking everything – including Jeanette and Matt in seconds. Matt, ever the gentleman pulled his suit jacket off and wrapped it over his mum’s shoulders as they rushed for cover under the shop awnings but it was to little effect. Jeanette and her pretty sundress were soaked through completely.

‘Oh god’ she complained. ‘I’m drenched! Look Matty there’s a clothes shop. Im going to have to get another dress. I cant walk around in these clothes for the rest of the day’. They braved the deluge and ran into a high street clothes store close by laughing at the situation. As they entered the shop, Matt couldn’t peel his eyes from his mother’s rocking hips as she walked. The fact that her dress görükle escort bayan was plastered to that body that seemed designed for sex only made matters worse. Matt’s sizeable cock was straining at his wet trousers before they got to the first rack of clothes and he prayed his mother wouldn’t notice his aroused state as they began to browse for some dry clothes for her.

It wasn’t long before they found a similar dress that Jeanette could try on. They walked toward the changing rooms and before they entered a blousey assistant with ungainly heavy tits stopped them. ‘I sincerely hope you’re not intending to go in there young man. This is a women’s clothes shop. I don’t want our customers leered at by a dirty young man looking for his kicks!’ Matt was embarrassed by her haughty attitude and flushed crimson. He saw Jeanette about to explode at the assistant and held her hand tightly. ‘It’s ok, I’ll wait outside here.’ He placated. Jeanette smiled and entered the changing area where the booths were lined up for the customers.

The assistant wandered off and a minute later, Matt heard Jeanette calling for help. He called into the changing are, ‘She’s gone mum. What’s up?’ ‘Oh Matty, this is too big, I need the next size down could you get it for me please?’ ‘Of course mum’ and he strolled back to the area where the dress was. He got the next size and took it to the dressing rooms. The stroppy woman was still not there so he had no choice. He looked round and then wandered in and began whispering ‘Mum?’ trying to find where Jeanette was.

He was startled when he heard the assistant coming back talking to a colleague. He didn’t know where to hide himself or how to explain clearly breaking the rules she had so expressly laid down earlier. Just as she was about to catch him in a women’s changing room with a dress in his hand he was grabbed by a hand behind a curtain of a booth and dragged quickly inside it.

It was cramped inside it and Matt found himself standing behind his mother who was wearing only a red bra with her beautiful tit flesh straining at the material, almost held in merely by the pressure of her nipples. His eyes wandered down his mother’s body, her smooth back leading to the flare of her hips with that voluptuous arse jutting back and up as they struggled for space. Her curved arse cheeks were encased in the same red as her bra. Full high cut panties that were as soaked from the rain as her dress had been and the material, soaked, had sunk into the crack of her edible arse and almost taunted Matt. Jeanette shivered at her son’s proximity in this close space. The assistant wandered through the changing area and they stood with held breath. And then the shocking and inevitable happened.

Matt’s cock, acting of its own volition hardened in his trousers. He was mortified. How would he hide it.? How could he get out of this without losing his mother in the process. She would think him the most vile person on earth. Getting a hard cock looking at his mother. He was almost trembling trying to think of football scores, ugly politicians – anything to make his angry erection subside. But, as is the way with these things it simply made the back view of his mother’s beautiful body more alluring. His cock, through his trousers, brushed the crack of Jeanette’s arse through the material of her rain soaked panties.

Horrified he saw his mother freeze for what seemed like an eternity and then relax and as she turned her head and smile at her son.

Whispering, ‘Mum, I’m so sorry. God, please don’t be mad with me..its…hot…erm…close…erm…’ He tried to find words to extricate himself from this compromising position.

Jeanette put her finger to her mouth and shushed him. Then whispered back, ‘Sshh. It’s ok Matty my darling. It’s only natural. I’m kind of flattered. Do you think I’m sick for saying that? Now it’s my turn to be sorry’. She flushed and looked down at the ground.

Matt had never seen his mother look more beautiful than she did right now. If she could read his mind she probably would have screamed at him and stormed out regardless of the stroppy shop assistant. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard the miserable bitch come back through the changing rooms. He tensed and instinctively grabbed his mother’s hips the result being that his engorged cock jammed against her alluring arse crack. Jeanette choked back a kind of sob sound and Matt was furious with himself for being such a klutz. He was shocked when he looked up, still holding his mother’s hips and saw her biting her own hand. He was appalled that he had caused this and didn’t care about the consequences with the shop assistant who he felt had caused all of this and possibly ruined his relationship with his mother.

Matt stormed out of the changing booth. ‘What the hell do you think you are doing in here?! I thought I told you…’ Her words were cut off when she saw Matt’s fury and the fact that she seemed the target for it. He towered over her trying to find altıparmak eskort the words to express himself but thought better of it and walked away. He waited outside while Jeanette paid for the dress and joined him. The rain had stopped and they walked in silence for a few minutes each lost in their own thoughts before Jeanette spoke with a trembling voice.

‘Matt, let’s sit over here, I need to talk to you’. Matt tried to speak but she cut him off.

‘I know you saw me biting my hand before you walked out of that booth and I think you believe it was because I was upset with your behaviour and the feel of you hard behind me. Am I right?’

Matt stared into her green eyes and then had to look at the floor and simply nodded.

‘Nothing could be further from the truth Matty, my beautiful baby boy. I need to tell you some things so that you might not be as angry at your dad and maybe understand why he left me. You may think less of me but I think you and I love each other enough for us to share anything regardless.’

Another silent nod from Matt.

Jeanette took a very deliberate deep breath before she went on. ‘The thing is Matt, your dad left because once I get started I can’t stop. It’s like a curse. I become almost a different person and he became tired of the demands it put on him. The trouble is Matt, I bit my hand because as soon as I felt your co.. hardness against me in the changing rooms, the old feeling started rearing up again. I’ve kept it in check because it’s dirty. Your dad showed me that I was wrong for having those strong needs and that sex should be more about making love than anything else. I wanted more Matt. A lot more. He couldn’t live with that. It’s my fault. Im the dirty, sullied one. It’s why I wont date. I don’t want you exposed to that now you’re an adult. Matt I’m so sorry if I hurt you in there. Or out here. So sorry’

Her words trailed off and now Jeanette looked at the floor. Matt touched her shoulder tenderly and spoke, ‘Mum don’t cry. I have to go back to work now. Trust me mum, all I do is love you more every day. Go home and I’ll see you there tonight and this time we’ll talk together, not just one of us. Let’s see where that goes shall we? I love you mum – whoever you are.’

Her perfect son stood slowly and kissed the top of her head. And walked quietly back to work.

Jeanette arrived home before Matt and could only pace nervously and drink a glass of red wine. She couldn’t settle to anything and nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard her son’s key in the door.

‘Matty, do you want dinner now? I can have it ready fairly quickly if you like’

‘No mum, I’m not that hungry to be honest. I haven’t stopped thinking about our conversation and I think we need to have the follow up before I can focus on anything properly. Can we talk and sort this out so that we can both be happy – or whatever?’

Jeanette marvelled at the maturity and bravery of her son. She would have tried to avoid the conversation if he had allowed it. She feared that this may be the last real conversation she had before she disgusted her son and he left her as well. But it was only the first conversation of many as fate would have it.

Jeanette walked into the living room and Matt motioned her to sit on the couch. He pulled up a foot stool and sat opposite her looking directly at her. Both looked nervous but Matt knew he had to begin or this would never end.

‘Mum…what you said at lunchtime…were you talking about your sexual relationship with dad? That he left you because you wanted more than he could give? Does that mean you’e highly sexed? It…ok…I know it’s a little embarrassing but I’ve..err…you know…been with other girls. Please…trust and be honest. If you are with me then I will be with you. Totally. Completely. And let the chips fall where they may. How does that sound?’

‘I’m not sure I can Matty. I’m so scared of losing you like I lost your dad.’

Tears welled up in her beautiful green eyes and Matt took one of her hands and said,

‘Listen mum, we need to get through this. Together. Otherwise you’ll never feel right again. And I can’t have that. I love you too much mum.’

‘Oh Matty, I love you too but I’m scared’

His mother had never looked so absolutely beautiful.

‘Just trust me mum. Simple answers first. That will make it easier. Are you highly sexed?’


‘And is it your sex drive that made dad leave you?’

‘…well…sort of…I suppose it’s the nature of my sex drive that pushed him away’

‘See’ said Matt. ”We’re getting somewhere now. Is your sex drive something kinky…like leather or bondage or something like that?’

‘No…worse than that…Well…that’s what he said anyway.’



‘Look mum, it’s going to be easier if we work together rather than this veil of mystery. You obviously think this is a filthy secret so if I tell you my darkest thoughts and nilüfer escort risk ruining everything, will you do the same?’

Jeanette nodded her assent and Matt knew that now was the time to take the plunge.

‘I love you mum. I always have…’

‘I love you too Matty…’ but he cut her off.

‘No mum. I love you. Like a son shouldn’t love his mother. I know every inch of you. I’ve watched you hoovering, cooking, ironing, washing up and…her goes nothing…watched you dressing and bathing…like a pervert, through cracks in the door…addicted to the sight of you. I’ve had the worst thoughts imaginable. Thoughts that would make you slap my face, scream, throw me out in the streets with all the other losers. And now, I suppose that’s what is going to happen but at least you know that someone loves you for who you are. Whatever you are’

Jeanette was biting her hand again and Matt had to almost forcefully restrain her from hurting herself. ‘Mum, why do you keep doing that? Stop it. Talk to me!’

Her resistance was gone. He had risked all and she loved him for it. So now it was her turn to tell the truth. She breathed deeply – unaware of her son gazing at the rise and fall of those lush orbs.

‘I like to talk…’

‘So do I mum, I’m so glad we’re…’

‘Wait.’ She cut him off.

‘I like to talk about sex Matt. Before, during, after. If something triggers me, I can’t stop. I like to speak like some cheap whore from the gutter. I get overwhelmed and can’t stop it. And then that drives me on to do equally filthy things with whoever I’m with. It’s a vicious circle Matt and your dad showed me how wrong it was. And now I have to be alone because no one would want a freak like me!’

She broke at this point and began to sob. Matt took his mother in his arms and rocked her. Cradled her to him and fought back his own tears. She heard his whisper but not the words he said.

‘What was that baby?’ she managed to say between sobbing breaths. Matt held her face up and looked directly into her eyes.

‘Cut from the same cloth’ he said and held her to him again.

They sat like that for fifteen minutes in quiet, loving and supporting silence until Jeanette felt her son take a deep breath. ‘Mum, go and wash your face. Put your make up back on. Like you were at lunchtime.’

‘But why Matty? I feel so ashamed’

‘Why? Because it stops right now. No more shame. I’m sick of you being ashamed of nothing. It ends now. Now do as I say. Go and wash your face and put your make up back on.’

Jeanette had never heard her son speak so firmly and she felt her clit buzz for an instance – almost in recognition. Wordlessly she got up and followed his instructions. She returned to the lounge and resumed her original place on the sofa.

‘No more biting your hand now mum’ Matt said as she sat. ‘We’re going to try something and I don’t want you to argue is that understood?’

Jeanette mutely nodded and looked at her beautiful, masculine son. She was so proud.

‘All we are going to do is talk ok. No holds barred.’ Another nod of assent.

‘Mum, when I was in the changing room with you, were you excited?’


‘That’s not enough to make you lose it is it? Do I need to be more explicit?’


Matt could see his mother trembling and could make out the faint mark in her dress where her nipples were beginning to react. He wanted to do this. Needed to. To show her they were of the same mind.

‘Ok…mum…when you felt my cock against you in that changing room, did it turn you on?

A small moan escaped her lips and then a hoarse, ‘Yes’. Matt knew it was working. He wanted her so badly.

‘Mum, when you felt my hard cock against your slutty little arse, did it make your pussy twitch?’

‘Oh fuck yes. Oh Matty, are you sure you want to do this?’

‘Yes mum. Now tell me, how did it feel knowing your son was behind you with an aching cock because of looking at his half naked slut mother?’

The key had turned in the lock and the door was open. Jeanette couldn’t hold back if she wanted.

‘You want to know you little bastard? It felt as horny as fuck! I knew you wanted me. I knew you wanted your whore mum to turn round and take your fuck stick out and let you treat her like the dirty little cunt she is. I wanted you to spit on me, choke me, slap me, tear my clothes, bite me. I wanted you to fuck the shit out of me and abuse me until I couldn’t stand. Fill all of my filthy holes with your incestuous cum. Love me forever but let me be your fuck toy, your cum dump. Anything you want Matty you motherfucker, anything’

Her eyes were wide as she spoke and her breath was ragged. She waited with baited breath trying to read Matt’s face. There was something in his eyes she recognised – it was herself.

Before she could react Matt had grabbed her hard by the hair and yanked her from the sofa and forced her to her knees. H etilted her head back as she gasped with lust and then she heard the words,

‘You’re mine now you little whore. I fucking love you and I know what you need. There’s going to be no let up. You are MINE. My little cunt to do with as I wish. To satisfy your little pussy and make it sore. To own my mum and satisfy her. No more guilt for MY little slut.’

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