Curious with the Gay Kid Ch. 02


It had been a couple months since Rich and I had first started meeting. By now we had our ritualistic Saturday nights down to art. We would meet up just before the movie store would close and pick out a movie to watch, and continue back to my house. We would watch the movie and proceed to have sex. As time went on, I found that I needed less and less lube and the initial entry no longer hurt as bad. I also noticed that Rich was starting to cum more than before, which he explained was the result of him jacking off little or not at all anymore. Sadly, I also discovered that I had not conquered a foot-long mythical cock, but a simple eleven and a half incher.

After our first couple of encounters, Rich started to just spend the night at my house to ensure we were able to take as much time as we wanted. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t get to be friends with Rich, but I had failed. We began to talk when he was over, and I learned a lot about him. He told me how he lived with his father and stepmother; both of whom he loved, and had never lived with his real mother. I learned that he had lived a quite sheltered life with his fairly wealthy parents. He also explained to me that he was not in fact gay, but bisexual. Of course, nobody would believe him when he explained because he happened to be caught with a guy first. This revelation stuck in my mind for quite some time.

The good news was that nobody noticed anything different about me, almost. My girlfriend, Courtney, had mentioned one night that I didn’t seem to be as horny and wanting to have sex as often, but when we did sleep together, it seemed better. The two seemed to balance out and explain each other. The truth was that lately I had been imagining what it would be like if Rich were to join in with me and Courtney, and it seemed to make sex even hotter, not that I needed to imagine anything when I was with Courtney. We had met during our sophomore year, when she had been somewhat nerdy. She had been a bony little thing, but I always thought she was cute. We started dating that year and had been together since then. It was not until our senior year that we started sleeping together, and that was because I couldn’t help it any longer. Over the last couple years, Courtney had filled out very nicely. Her cute face and become fuller and less bony. She had gotten beautiful escort osmanbey curves around her still thin belly and slightly wider hips. Her small B cups and filled out to good sized D’s, and she had a round, firm ass that no amount of surgery our working out could ever create. She had gone from being the nerdy little girl to the object of every guy’s lust, and I had her.

I occasionally had brought up the idea of a threesome with her, and she seemed kind of interested. Courtney had always been willing to experiment with different things, just another thing I loved about her. I decided that Christmas break would be the perfect time to put my plan into action. I knew that over the weekend my parents would be visiting family across the country, something I was not fond of and was allowed to stay home for. I talked to Rich and he agreed without hesitating. I figured it might take a little more effort to get Courtney in on the plan, so I decided to wait until that night and put her on the spot. I just told her she could come over and spend the weekend with me. She agreed.

The weekend finally arrived and we spent a nice relaxing afternoon together. That evening we had dinner and proceeded to the basement for a movie. As we watched the movie, all I could think about was what I knew would happen tonight. We began to make out and were all over each other, and stripped each other down to our underwear. Just as I pulled off Courtney’s bra and began to rub those amazing tits, I heard the door open to the basement. I looked at the clock, ten o’clock, right on time. Courtney quickly covered herself with a blanket when she saw Rich, then looked at me. I spent the next few minutes explaining the events of the past few months. She put her face in her hands for a minute, I looked at Rich and he looked as anxious as I felt. As Courtney looked up from her hands, Rich and I held our breath.

“I guess I’m willing to try anything once,” she finally said, as Rich and I both sighed out of relief.

I told Rich to go ahead and undress as Courtney and I resumed our making out. She seemed to be more aggressive and turned on now than she had been earlier. I glanced out the corner of my eye to see Rich stripping down, I hadn’t mentioned Rich’s endowment and couldn’t wait to see her face. She felt me getting a hard on escort güngören and used one of her hands to pull my shorts down and give it some attention. I noticed that Rich had now stripped down to his boxers and was looking uncomfortable.

“Don’t forget to take care of our guest,” I reminded her. She got off of me and dropped the blanket she had been holding, her perfect tits hanging right in front of my face. She turned to Rich and gasped a little. He was standing there with his ten-inch semi-erect cock hanging out the bottom of his boxers. She turned to me looking confused, scared, and turned on.

“Go ahead, you’ll love it,” I encouraged her.

She turned back and walked over to Rich, while I stared at her amazing ass bounce away, barely covered at all by a hot pink thong. I had been telling the truth when I told her that she would like it. Rich was not too much thicker than me, so I knew it wouldn’t hurt her and she would be able to enjoy deeper penetration, and I nice big load blown in her. I would have worried about condoms but I knew that she had been on the pill for a couple weeks. I pulled off my boxers as I watched Courtney do the same with Rich’s. I watched her play with the huge cock like some strange toy, and then slowly pulled it to her mouth. The big cock filled her mouth easily and she began to lick and suck on it, something I knew she did very well. I sat on the sofa and stroked my own throbbing cock as I watched my girlfriend suck that huge dick until I couldn’t wait any longer.

I walked over to them and knelt down behind Courtney. I reached down and easily tore thong and tossed it aside. I got right up behind her and spread her firm ass cheeks apart and pressed my pre-cum covered head between them. I head her moan through Rich’s big cock as I slipped my cock head into her ass. I only had enough leverage to slide a couple inches inside of her, so I rocked us backwards together. As Rich’s throbbing purple cock head slide out of Courtney’s mouth I realized his dick seemed much bigger at eye level. We hit the floor with Courtney laying on me, and causing my dick to almost fully penetrate her tight ass, she moaned loudly, turning me on so much.

I grabbed her legs and pulled them to just about a foot above her shoulders and spreading them slightly, years of gymnastics and escort çapa cheerleading made this possible. I saw Rich’s cock twitch a little at the sight of Courtney’s tight wet pussy, probably the first he had seen in person. He stepped forward and got down to his knees and guided his massive purple head to her waiting slit. He pressed hard enough to push the head in at the same time I thrust forward, the result was a half moan, half yell, and entirely pleasured noise. Rich and I started a quick rhythm, thrusting in and out in turn. I could feel the added pressure of his dick moving in and out along with mine, and it was amazing. Courtney lay there doing her best to keep her breath between moans and orgasms. I could feel myself coming close to cumming as I watched her amazing tits dance around on her chest. Then I felt Rich thrust in hard and hold, I knew what was about to happen. Rich and Courtney both moaned as he released the biggest load he had ever blown, according to him. Two minutes later he pulled his still hard cock out of Courtney and stepped back.

“My turn,” I said as I lifted her to her feet and I joined her. I bent her over the back of the sofa and got my position behind her. I lifted my throbbing cock to her wet pussy, which had already started to close back up. I applied a little pressure and my cock slipped in, instantly being covered by the gallons of Rich’s cum in her. I began a strong rhythmic thrust making her moan with the same rhythm. I felt a cum covered cock head press against my ass and I held still for a moment. A quick thrust dug his lubed cock a couple inches into me. I let out a moan, out of pleasure more than pain. Rich began his thrusts, pushing me fully into Courtney on each one. I simply stood there as Rich did the fucking for both of us, and felt myself so close to cumming. Then I felt Courtney go into a strong orgasm, setting me over the edge as I blew a big load deep inside her. The tensing of my muscles set Rich off behind me, blowing his second massive load of the night deep in me this time.

Rich pulled out behind me and grabbed a towel from our stash behind the sofa and began to clean himself up. I pulled my own dick out of Courtney to allow a small river of cum flow down her leg. I turned her around as she panted and kissed her deeply.

“I told you that you would enjoy it,” I whispered. I gently laid her down on the floor and covered her with the blanket up to her chest, I loved watching her tits jiggle slightly as she slept, and she was out quickly. Rich and I finished getting cleaned up and redressed, sat down, and finished the movie.

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