Curious No More Ch. 05


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Chapter 5

I flipped over on to my back and could feel my ass pulsating. Sean got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back, he brought the mirror and coke. He started to chop up some more lines when we heard a knock at the door. We were a bit startled and I worried that maybe we were louder than I thought. We hid the coke and I jumped into the bathroom.

Sean put on some clothes as he went to answer the door and look through the peep hole. “It’s just Dan.”

My heart skipped a beat. Dan was here and now the party would really start. I couldn’t wait.

I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist.

Dan was a good looking guy, tall like me and slim. As I was checking him out, he was grinning at me.

“Been having fun?”

“We sure have,” I responded, “but not as much fun as we could be having.” I grinned right back at him.

“I’m Dan, “he said as he held out his hand.

I held out mine to shake his hand, “I’m Matt. Great to finally meet you.”

“It sure is, “he paused, and with an even bigger grin he added. “I can’t wait to meet all of you. You’re hot.”

I almost blushed but finally mumbled, “Thanks…so are you.”

He seemed like a really nice easy going guy and as I checked him out I made sure to try and get a good look at his package. It felt weird to checking out another guy but the awkwardness passed as I realized he was watching me checking him out. He just smiled and winked. This guy was hot and confident and I could already feel him starting to take control of me.

Sean came up beside me and told Dan that we were about to party some more. Did he want to join us?

Dan’s eyes lit up. “Let’s do it. What are you guys hitting?”

“I was just chopping some lines up. Matt loved the first couple of bumps – I think he’d like to sample some more, right Matt?”

“Shit yeah. That was awesome.” I could see why it was so addictive.

My cock started to stir and the sound of Sean doing the first lines made my cock get even harder. I was still wearing a towel and it wasn’t doing a very good job of hiding my excitement. He handed the straw to me, “Your turn.”

I bent over and took the next two lines and handed the straw to Dan. I stepped back and Sean came towards me. We started to kiss deeply. I felt Dan behind me and he pulled my towel off.

“We won’t be needing this.”

I was now completely naked and my cock was as stiff as a steal beam. The coke started to rush through me and the debauchery felt soooo good. The feeling of being corrupted and led astray was a huge turn on. Any reservations I had left where evaporating quickly. It felt so good to be a slut, I thought to myself. At this point I felt like I could have taken on a football team of guys and it might not have been enough. I needed this. I needed cock.

I turned my head as Sean continued to kiss and bite my neck. I reached back to Dan and pulled him closer and he wrapped one arm around me and one arm all the way around both Sean and I. I opened my mouth and he leaned into kiss me. In this position I was being squeezed between two guys and I had one hand on each of their asses. Sean continued to nibble at my neck and Dan and I wrestled our tongues. He tasted different than Sean, but he tasted very good.

I reached back around and worked Sean’s pants off. While Dan stepped back and took off his clothes Sean and I kissed again and he whispered into my ear, “Time to show how much you love cock. Show Dan how much of a natural cocksucker you are.”

I nodded and gave Sean another deep kiss before I broke away and got down on my knees in front of Dan. His cock was rock hard and pointing straight up.

“You want this? You need my load cocksucker?”

“Yes,” I said as I looked up into his eyes as I grasped his cock.

I licked up and down his cock, sucking, kissing and licking his balls while I stroked him. He smelled different than Sean but it too was an intoxicating smell. He looked about 8 inches long and I breathed deeply trying to take it in before I finally plunged my mouth down his cock as deep as I could, trying to work him deep down the back of my throat. Sean was a very nice 6 inches so this was a bit more challenging to deep throat. It didn’t matter. I only wanted to get his cream in me and I would do what it takes to get it.

“Sean was right; you are a natural at this. You were made to suck cock.” Dan said as he held my head in his hands and moaned. “You are so good. Keep sucking my cock. Make me happy. That’s what you want isn’t it?”

Dan was absolutely right; I did want to make them happy. My subservient side kept showing itself more and more and hearing that made me bob my head faster up and down his cock. Sean stepped up next to Dan and his cock was also pointing straight up too. They leaned together for gaziantep escort a kiss while Sean stroked his stiff cock. I reached up and grabbed Sean’s cock as I continued to blow Dan. I felt so slutty. It felt so good.

I pulled off of Dan’s cock and wrapped my lips around Sean’s cock while continuing to stroke Dan’s cock. I could hear them moan as they kissed.

My cock almost hurt it was so rock hard. I would work Sean’s cock before going back to Dan’s beautiful dick and I still couldn’t get enough. I wanted both of them to fill me up. I held each of their cocks in my hands and licked them like lollipops. Sean was right, I did need this and it was making me crazy – I wanted to satisfy them more and more

I kept sucking their cocks, going back and forth while they would rub and kiss each other while holding my head in their hands. I was so excited I was almost breathless when I finally said, “I need to get fucked.”

Sean looked at me and smiled. “Do you want to get filled for me?”

“Yes! Pleassssse! I need cock in me bad!”

“You’re turned on and about to be turned out even more. Get off the floor cocksucker. Lie on the bed – on your back,” Dan said as he looked down on me as he held my chin and flipped his cock all over my face. I just kept trying to lick it all over and moaned.

I got up and lay myself down on the bed, close to the edge.

Dan handed me the lube as he grinned. “Get yourself ready for a great ride. Spread your pussy and get that lube deep.”

I loved it when he called my ass a pussy. I rolled my hips up and squirted a big dollop of lube onto my hands and fingers before working it as deep into my hole as possible. I felt like a complete little sex toy. So slutty and so willing. I rubbed the lube all around and played with my hole, squirting the lube down my crack so I was really slicked up for a good fucking.

Looking at Dan I asked if he wanted me to lube his cock up?

“No rubbers?” he asked.

I hesitated but at this point I just didn’t care – I wanted a load in me badly. I wanted it raw and hot. I turned to look at Sean. He was chopping up more coke, looked at me and shrugged; this would be my decision.

“I want to feel you both leaking out of me…make me a complete cum slut.”

As my inhibitions disappeared my cock got harder knowing I was about to take another load raw and bare. It was dangerous but I was so excited and maybe the coke made me leave my comfort zone, but I wanted to feel it. It was another barrier that I would break down. I needed another man’s load. I needed sex. I wanted my guts whitewashed and creamed.

“Feels so much better doesn’t it? You love it raw. I’m going to pound your fag ass and fill you up.” Dan hissed as I did want it bareback to really feel it all – the way it was meant to be.

“Make me pregnant,” I moaned. Sean and Dan just laughed.

“You are so ready,” Sean said. He snorted a line in one nostril and then the other. He offered some to Dan who did two lines before it was my turn. I wiped my hands clean of the lube and twisted myself over to snort the white lines, leaving my ass exposed to Dan and he started to finger my ass.

“Hold on a sec, “I moaned.”Let me catch up to you guys.”

I snorted the first line, changed nostrils and as I inhaled the second line, Dan put his finger in me as deep as possible.

“Ohhhh! Fuck me!” The coke and his finger totally made me gasp. I was on fire as the coke started to rush through me again.

I flipped on my back and spread my legs, pulling my knees back with my hands.

“Breed me! I’m so ready!”

Dan looked me in the eye. “Do you need it? Do you need cock?”


“You want me to breed your ass? Cum deep in you?”

“Yes! Pleasssssse!”

Dan was slapping his dick at my hole and I kept rolling my legs and hips up, trying to get his cock in me anyway possible.

“Am I your Daddy, too?”

I was begging, so eager to get a cock in me, “Yeeeeees! You’re my Daddy!”

“Are you a fag?”


“Say it!”

“I’m a fag! I’m such a fag! You guys made me a fag! Please fuck me – NOW!”

Dan started slowly pushing his cock into me and my tight, freshly fucked ass barely resisted – fucking Sean earlier had really opened me up. My legs wrapped around him and my arms pulled at him. My body felt so alive. I could feel Dan’s cock and I knew it felt different. Bigger, longer, more full – I loved it. I thought about some of the stories I had read and how some girls and guys were size queens. Thinking that I might be one turned me on.

“Your ass is so tight but you are opening up so easily,” Dan said as he started to slowly fuck my ass.”Your pussy feels so good.”

“Unnnnhhhhhhh!” I was grunting sounds that weren’t intelligible at all. It burned just a bit as he slid into me but finally he was able to put all 8 inches of his cock into me. He started to pull it out and slowly push it all the way back into my willing ass.

He would bury it all the way into me, hold the position and lean down and deep kiss me, each time calling me a fag or cocksucker or cock slut. I responded by driving my hips back into him and aggressively holding his head as he kissed me. Every time he jammed his dick into me, it felt like he was washing away my last bit of resistance to his cock – to any cock. Lying on my back made me feel even more vulnerable.

“I love cock. I do…so good…unhhhhhhh…keep fucking me,” it was if my mind had finally believed my body and this was it. I was never going to give up cock. There would no longer be any more hesitation. Whenever I wanted cock, I would go get it. Sean started my transformation and Dan completed it.

I looked at Sean who was beside us, playing with his cock. I looked him in the eye and he knew right away.

“You need this?”


“You want to suck it?”


“Fucking fag.” Hearing him say that made me even more turned on if that was still possible.

I grabbed his rod and started tonguing it. Sean’s cock felt enormous in my hand and hotter than ever. Dan was still slowly fucking me, squeezing it in deeper and deeper. He started to fuck me faster as my ass opened up and accommodated his cock. My ass was on the edge of the bed and every time his hips hit my ass, a wave of pleasure would wash over me. Time seemed to slow down. My cock was sticking straight up and dripping. I was pouring precum all over myself and a string of it hung off from my tip to my stomach. The image was burned into my brain.

Whenever Dan would rock into me, my dick would sway and bounce. I swallowed Sean’s cock as deep as I could with my hand cupping his balls. I just laid back and let them take me, one hand on Dan’s ass pulling him into me and one hand on Sean’s cock, holding it as best as possible in my mouth.

Dan was really drilling my ass causing me to moan around Sean’s cock. I was in heaven. All of my inhibitions seemed to have been washed away by pleasure. I had no limits today. They owned me.

Dan started to rock into me faster and that made it harder for me to suck on Sean’s cock. I tried as hard as I could to keep him in my mouth but instead I just held it in my hand, jerking him off and tonguing it when possible.

They both kept telling me how good I felt, how natural I looked getting fed at both ends.

“I knew you’d love his cock. I’ve had it in me so many times. I knew he was what you needed,” Sean said as he pulled on my hair and looked into my glazed eyes. “Will you ever get enough cock, now?”

I was slack jawed with pleasure and could only moan my response.

Dan was now lying on top of me and holding my wrists down on the bed. As he drilled me deep though, he read my mind, “You’re going to go out on your own now, aren’t you? You are going to go find more cock and ride it all the time. You’re going to sacrifice pussy to ride cock more and more.”

He was absolutely right. Knowing how good sex was with guys I knew I would always fall back to cock. I would get it any time I wanted it. I would give it up for cock any time it wanted me.

My ass was into getting drilled deep and my mouth loved swallowing a load without any reciprocation. I felt like a total bitch just getting used. No second thoughts, no remorsefulness, this felt so natural as if I had been waiting for someone to take me to this point of no return.

Sean pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face. I tied to tongue it as I spoke, “Soooo good…you guys have turned me into a fag. I want to get fucked by other guys…unhh…so good…don’t stop!”

“That’s so fucking hot! You’re such a fag now.” Dan said as he started to pick up the pace.

I couldn’t pay any attention to Sean’s cock now as Dan was really fucking me fast and hard now. I turned my head and quit focusing on Sean’s cock.

I looked into Dan’s eyes. “Fuck me hard…fuck me like the fag you made me!”

“You want my load bitch?”


“How bad do you want my load?”

“So bad…I’m going to go get fucked by other guys…unhhh…” I was barely getting the words out again as I was trying to drive my ass and hips into Dan more, “and I’m going…unhh…to…unhh, ” Sean continued to pick up the pace and my ass was his to use, but finally I got out what I wanted to say, “unhhh unhhh…I’m going to tell you guys all about it…unhhhhh. So goooood! Fill me up with your cream!”

Saying that made my cock expand and I could feel my orgasm start to build deep in me. I felt like I did when Sean first bread me – I was totally connected to Dan’s cock – an extension of him. I was in pure ecstasy.

Dan bent down and had his entire body’s weight on top of me, grinding his hips into me. My legs trying to awkwardly wrap around him. We started to deep kiss and Dan’s switch was totally flipped. I felt his cock swell in me and I knew I was about to get what I wanted. Dan’s orgasm started to build and I heard Sean say he was about to pop too.

“You guys look so fucking hot; you’re going to make me shoot!”

I moaned as we broke our kiss, only to yell at Sean,”Cum on me!” I turned my head towards him, “Cum on my face! Cum on me!”

My orgasm continued to build and so many things were going through my head; I could feel Dan’s cock get bigger, my prostate was getting stimulated like never before which I owed to his bigger cock, I really wanted Sean to cum on my face and I could feel my cock getting rubbed between Dan and I as we continued fucking.

“Cum in me baby! Cum in me!”

Dan started to really pound me, “Here it cums! Take it fag! Take my load! Unh.. unhhh.. unhhhhhh! Fucking fag!”

I could feel his cock grow in me even more. He started to pulse his load deep into my ass and wash my guts with his cream.

“Breed me baby! I need it!” I squeezed my ass around Dan’s cock, trying to milk him. He was pushing his cock as deep as he could into me, grinding his hips against my ass and I could feel his cock pulsing deep in me. My ass was flooded with his hot steamy load. I could feel every squirt paint my insides white and creamy. I was so high and sexed up and my ass squeezed tight around his cock, trying to milk every drop of his load out of him. I started to cum and my body arched and squeezed around his cock. I started to see stars. Finally, I started to cum.

“OH FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK! OH FUCCCKKKKK! UNNHHHHHH!” It felt so powerful, as if my whole body pushed my load out of me. Dan leaned into kiss me forcefully. I grabbed at his ass and kept pulling him into me, rocking my hips back into him, trying to get him deeper and deeper. I loved the feeling of his hips against my ass.

My load shot all over our chests and stomachs and I could feel my load get rubbed between us. My cock continued to pulse and orgasm even after I had finished exploding my juice.

Suddenly, Sean grabbed my hair and I tilted my head back and I stuck out my tongue. I was totally turned out. I moaned as he pulled my hair and instinctively opened my mouth for him. He started to cum on my face and squeezed his last spurt into my mouth. He pulled out and wiped his load into my mouth with his cock which I eagerly sucked. He tasted better than ever.

Dan was still on top of me and had propped himself up to watch me suck out the last of Sean’s load and whispered into my ear, “Suck it all fag…lick it all up, you fag…good boy…fucking fag…” emphasizing the word fag as he slowly rocked into me again, his cock still hard and deep in my ass.

I let Sean’s cock pop out of my mouth and turned my head, looking into Dan’s eyes and nodded.

“Yes,” I said as I started kissing him deeply and trying to let him taste Sean in my mouth, “I am a fag now.”

As we kissed, I could feel Dan flexing his cock in me, squeezing out his last drops of cream into me.

“You’re such a natural baby. You’re never going to want pussy again.”

Dan laughed and agreed, “He’s our pussy now. “

I could still feel the cocaine rush in me but I felt so relaxed. I had two cocks put in me and I felt fulfilled. I had made them cum and I still wanted more.

I smiled at them. “That was fucking awesome.”

I looked up at Sean. I leaned up with my mouth open to give him another deep kiss. “That was just what I needed,” I said, putting the emphasis on needed just before he leaned down and our tongues wrestled.

After breaking the long deep kiss, Sean looked down on me and grabbed my still stiff cock, “You still need more, don’t you?” I nodded as I did need more.

Dan slowly pulled his cock out of me. I breathed out as I felt my ass slowly contract and I sighed,”Oohhhhh…”.

I felt empty but when Dan’s load started leaking from my ass and dripping down my cheeks, making me feel so slutty and girly almost, I was again content knowing I had his load in me.

I just laid on the bed, legs spread, his cum leaking out of me so slowly, squeezing my ass to stop the try to keep him in me and just reveling in the feeling of being used as a fuck toy.

Dan got up to get his cigarettes and then came back and sat on the bed against the headboard. Sean was sitting in the chair next to the bed. We were all trying to catch our breath.

Dan lit up his smoke and took a long drag. He offered me a hit and I took it. I hadn’t smoked since I was a teenager but after the incredible sex I just had, it seemed like the thing I needed. I took a few more pulls on it and handed it back to him.

Even after the cocaine I had done, I felt the cigarette start to give me a buzz but I could still feel the cool rush of the blow. My cock was still fairly hard and it looked like Sean and Dan’s cock’s were but a little stimulation away from being fully engorged again.

Dan and I continued to pass the cigarette back and forth when Sean asked if we wanted to smoke some dope to keep the party going.

Dan pointed at my hard cock. “I think out little fag is definitely ready to party.”

Sean looked at me and grinned. “I told you, you would like it. I knew we would convert you.”

I reached down between my legs and pulled and spread them apart. “I can’t wait to ride new cock. You guys have totally converted me.”

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