Cum Stained Nylons – Under Control


This is the third installment of the cum stained nylons series. Best appreciated after reading the first two.


There was no pretense any longer.

Jimmy and Dexter were to be used for the women’s sexual amusement and satisfaction.

Dexter told his parents that he had a part time job two days a week at Ms. Aldridges estate.

They found it hard to believe that he had found something to take his attention away from video games but were grateful that something had.

His mother also noticed that for several weeks now there were no more telltale cum stains on the pantyhose she removed from the bathroom hamper to wash.

For years she had been aware that her teenage son had been using them to masturbate. She had suspected for some time and had once walked in on him accidently while he was sitting on the toilet and stroking his boner with her recently worn hose wrapped around it.

He was severely embarrassed at the time but not enough to give up the habit.

Nothing was said then and his mom was hopeful that he had now outgrown his fixation since it had been some weeks with no evidence of her sons jizz on her pantyhose.


Jimmy had told his parents that he had taken a room above Veronica Aldridges garage as part of his compensation for all the work he was doing for her.

He continued to work at the shoe store for Madame Dupree and his dad was happy that he was being so responsible.

He said he needed to move over to the Aldridge estate in order to maximize his availability to work for her.

He wanted, he said, to save as much money as possible for his upcoming freshman year at college.

Jimmys mom grew a little suspicious when she and her husband were helping Jimmy move his things over and she saw how comely Veronica was.

She noticed her husband eyeing Veronica several times and had to give him an elbow to get him to knock it off.

Veronica was very polite and thanked them for trusting her to take good care of young Jimmy.

“Such upstanding and hard workers are so difficult to come by.” She had said.

Jimmys mom noticed that her son had blushed a deep crimson when Veronica had emphasized the word hard,

but she passed it off.

She would never have imagined that her son could hold any sexual interest for the exquisite blond divorcee.

Both parents wondered aloud how much Jimmy would be of help on the estate as he had never really been very handy around the house and was not as big and strong as some of the other boys in his school.

“He has many qualities and talents that would surprise even the closest observers. I am so grateful to my good friend Madame Dupree for having brought this fine young man to my attention.

You have both done a marvelous job raising such an obedient and respectful son.”


Jimmy was at the shoe store retrieving another pair

of black patent leather pumps as directed by Madame Dupree when she asked the woman sitting in the fitting chair, “What do you think?”

The woman opined, “He seems very interested in his work but I would like to know more.”

“And you will indeed know more Katherine. He is very interested in his work and also very advanced in his training. Veronica really has a winner in this boy.”

Madame Dupree continued, “Don’t be put off by his slight build. That boy has quite the horse cock on him and has learned to control it very well. He also has a great appreciation for what we have to offer.”

Katherine Perkins was an attractive widow of fifty two years whose husband had left her very well off when he had passed suddenly two years previousely.

In her prime the late Mr Perkins second wife was a stunning knockout.

Katherine was still a statuesque beauty.

Her dark hair now had some streaks of grey but her legs were as shapely as ever and were mouth watering to young Jimmy who had taken time to admire and fondle them through the sheer black hose when fitting her with each pair of shoes.

“Yvette, could you lock the shop please.”

“Oui madame.”

The thirty year old sales associate bolted the door and flipped the open sign to closed. She then joined the two older women near the rear of the store in anticipation of what was to soon happen.

She had hoped for this when Madame Dupree told her Ms Perkins was coming by today to examine the merchandise.

Veronica had been badgering her friend Katherine for some time to share in her good fortune. They had been friends for over ten years and knew all about each others sexual adventuring over that time.

Katherines tastes for dominating young leg worshipers like Jimmy ran very much parallel with those of Veronica.

Veronica was planning a little party on Friday and was hoping her friend would join in and end her little sexual dry spell.

A preview of Jimmy might be just the ticket to convince her.

“Jimmy,” Teresa Dupree called. “Would you come here and forget about finding the other pair of pumps.”

Yvette had placed a chair on either side escort sultangazi of the one Katherine was sitting in and she sat in one while Madame Dupree sat in the other.

Both women removed their shoes and Yvette wiggled her nylon covered toes in anticipatory delight as her pussy began to moisten.

Jimmy came from the back, empty handed as instructed, and stood facing the three seated women.

“Would you be so kind as to take off your clothes for us? Ms Perkins would like to see for herself that you are all I have been building you up to be.” Madame Dupree began.

“Yes indeed.” Katherine added, crossing her legs and allowing her skirt to ride higher on her gorgeous legs.

After kicking off his tennis shoes and pulling his shirt off over his head Jimmy unfastened the front of his pants.

Katherine found herself pleasantly shocked by what she then saw.


Jimmy had stepped out of his pants and stood embarrassed in front of the beautiful Katherine Perkins.

He was wearing a pair of very sheer pantyhose and his teenage ten inch horse cock was throbbing and held fast to his abdomen by the nylon material.

“Oh my heavans!”, Katherine exclaimed. “What a wonderful specimen. I wouldn’t have believed that a young man of such unremarkable stature could be carrying this much meat.”

Madame Dupree leaned forward a bit and ran a fingernail down the length of Jimmys rod through the nylon from tip to hairless balls.

He shuddered with delight but kept his eyes fixed on the floor.

“Would you like to show Ms Perkins what you have learned about appreciating a woman Jimmy?”

Jimmy nodded and dropped to his knees at Katherines feet. He stroked her nylon clad legs and began to trail kisses on her right leg from her knee northward.

She scootched forward in the chair and placed a leg on his shoulder to afford him easier access to her naked bush.

Katherine had come to the shop without panties as Veronica had suggested.

She was now very glad that she had listened to that suggestion and she hunched her steaming pussy up toward the hot breath of the youngster between her legs.

Yvette was raptly watching the action and touching her slickening slit.

Waiting her turn patiently, she was hoping that some day soon Madame Dupree or Ms Aldridge would allow her to fully appreciate young Jimmys talents and let her have his monster inside her.

“He is almost ready. You will get your turn in time dear.” Was all Veronica could offer when Yvette had asked the wealthy divorcee.

Jimmy and Dexter had both learned the finer points of cunnilingus due to both Veronica and Teresas expert training and Jimmy was now giving Katherines pussy a thorough tongue lashing.

Yvette and Madame Dupree each reached across with a free hand to fondle one of Katherines breasts through her filmy blouse

she was braless and her eraser sharp nipples indicated she was nearing a quick orgasm.

The other two women were each playing with themselves with their other hand and reaching out a stockinged foot to poke and play with the teens straining erection.

Katherine gripped Jimmys head in her hands, grasping his hair and directing the boys mouth to where it would do her the most good.

Her breathing became more rapid and she mewled with a first cum.

Jimmy stood up before her, his cock head having escaped past the waistband of the pantyhose and a drop of precum emerging from the pee slit.

Madame Dupree reached out and squeezed first his balls and then the base of his cock to roll back and delay his ejaculate.

“Now you should service Yvette Jimmy. She is juicing for you.”

He dropped between the shop assistants quivering legs and ate her to a series of quick orgasms.

Madame Dupree was next and the boy nibbled and bit the sixty year olds clit just as she had taught him to do.

He was also sliding several fingers in and out of his bosses pussy which caused her to spasm and orgasm with gusto.

After each of the women had cum Jimmy was directed to stand and Madame Dupree asked him if he had been a good boy and when he had last emptied his balls.


Veronica had both Jimmy and Dexter on a schedule where they were permitted to cum a couple of times a week.

She edged and teased them both on days between orgasms in order to build up a big supply of boy juice.

She also told each of them that if they relieved themselves in between permitted orgasms she would know about it by the amount of jizz they shot and they would get no more sex if the loads weren’t big enough.

There was no real way for her to determine this but the boys did not know that and they were cowed and eager to please.

They did not dare test whether Ms Aldridge would be able to tell if they cheated.

One side effect of this abstinence program was that Dexters mom’s pantyhose were now safe from his regular stainings.

Veronica had just blown Dexter yesterday but Jimmy was very due to relieve some pressure.

Madame escort bahçeşehir Dupree had been told to allow the boy release by phone earlier when Veronica had called the shop.

Teresa asked young Jimmy the question just to test his obedience to his mistress.

“I came on Monday. I’ve been very good.” Jimmy said, touching himself through the pantyhose.

Madame Dupree then said that Veronica had given permission for him to cum this afternoon. He would be expected to build up another good load for Fridays party however.

She told him to peel his pantyhose down just enough to let his cock spring free. He was to stand before each seated woman in turn while they gave him a stockinged foot job.

The turn before each woman was to last about one minute and he would then shift to stand in front of the next set of stockinged feet.

The woman who got him to cum would then expect him to stay hard and fuck her until she cried uncle.

Yvette squirmed in her chair and hoped that this was her chance.

Jimmy lasted through more than four rotations of the exquisite torture. It was like a game of musical chairs where Jimmy shooting his load substituted for the music stopping.

Finally he was unable to hold back. He was hunching his hips and thrusting his cock between Katherines silky smooth feet when she triggered him by coaxing, “Cum for mama you naughty boy.”

He sprayed her hose with prodigious ropes of jizz.

Some actually landed on her pussy which she was busily fingering and the surprise feel of hot boy juice on her clit sent her over the edge as well.

A disappointed Yvette dropped to her knees and started to lick and suck on Jimmys rod to help keep it firm and then helped work the tip into Ms Perkins still spasming box.

Jimmy fucked the wealthy widow for the next twenty minutes to multiple orgasms. She could only take about two thirds of his massive log in her pussy before it bottomed out against her cervix and she had never been so fully stretched and filled in her life.

When Katherine could take no more she cried uncle as well as every other relative she could think of.

Jimmy withdrew and Madame Dupree pulled the pantyhose back up over his cum soaked and glistening teenage cock.

“You will get a chance to cum again Friday night young man. Probably more than once.” Teresa said with a smile.


Friday arrived.

Veronica planned quite a nice soiree for her invitees. In addition to Katherine Perkins, who was very eager to have more attention from Jimmy, there were to be seven guests.

Her Asian friend Sunee, an economics professor at the local college, was bringing her boy-toy Brad.

Christina Miller and Mary Savage were bringing a new man along.

The two women were longtime friends of Veronicas from the swing club scene and were known to be bisexual and into each other.

They were in their mid thirties, both dark haired and fairly fit.

When Veronica had told them that the theme of the party was teasing and enjoying men with nylon fetishes they both said to one another almost at the same time, “Sounds like an evening with Mike is in order.”

They were not as into the nylon fetish kink as much as Veronica was but were quite versatile and willing to play along.

Madame Dupree and Yvette were also invited.

Dexter was at the home early for his afternoon of ‘work’ and was dressed as Jimmy was. This was to say not dressed at all except for the sheer pantyhose each boy had on.

Veronica spent the early afternoon prepping the two eager youngsters. She had them prepare snacks for the guests in the kitchen and do some tidying up around the house.

She was wearing a crotchless sheer bodystocking with three inch heels on. Her heels had her towering over the youths.

She threw a robe on over the bodystocking but left it unsecured so that Jimmy and Dexter could appreciate her blond bush and erect nipples.

She groped and fondled their erections through the sheer pantyhose each boy had on and squeezed and edged their cocks repeatedly.

She also kept up a constant patter of dirty talk meant to inspire and torture them.

“Make me proud Jimmy. You may get to wet that delicious cock in more than one box tonight.”

“Does Dexter want to lose his cherry tonight? I’ll bet he does. Don’t you worry young man. I’ll see to it that you finally get to shoot off inside one of the ladies.”

Dexter blushed beet red at that promise and his five inch cock lurched and put additional strain on the nylon holding it in place.

A stain of precum was now clearly visible near the head.

At seven the doorbell rang and Veronica had Jimmy answer it dressed, or rather undressed , as he was.

Two women whom he had never seen before were at the door. With them was as a thirty something year old muscular and tall blond man. One of the women gasped.

“What a cock on that boy!”

The other woman added.

“You are going to have some competition in the fucking department tonight Mike.”

“Perhaps escort beşiktaş I will, but it remains to be seen if he can use his as well as I can use mine.”

Each of the two gave Jimmy a squeeze through his nylons on the way to the living room where they were greeted and embraced by Veronica.

“Thank you both for coming.” Veronica said. “Who is that tall drink of water you brought with you?”

Mary answered. “That’s Mike. His wife threw him out of the house after she found him wearing her pantyhose. She said she didn’t sign up for a life with any pansy.”

Christina added. “We work in the same office and when I saw him distraught at work one day I asked him what was the matter. After he told me I spent the rest of the afternoon consoling him.”

“Right!!” Mary interjected.

“She stayed with him until they were the last two in the office and then fucked his brains out on the conference room table.”

“He can keep it up for hours provided he has some nylon covered legs to fondle.” Christina said.

“What can I say?” Mike offered, “Ever since I was a boy and discovered my mom’s underwear drawer I’ve been hooked.”

Jimmy and Dexter were standing by the kitchen door silently watching the conversation and amazed that this fully grown man shared their fascination with stockings.

The doorbell rang again and this time Dexter was asked to answer it.

It was Madame Dupree and Ms Perkins. “How nice to see you again Dexter. This is Ms Katherine Perkins.”

Dexter did not raise his eyes from the fifty two year olds shapely legs but mumbled, “Pleased to meet you.”

He kept staring and touching himself through his hose until Madame Dupree slapped his hands away from his crotch and said. “Don’t you think you ought to show Katherine into the living room?”

The two women joined the others in the living room and Jimmy thought it odd that every other woman kept her long coat on.

He could see excitedly that they all had nice shoes and stockings but Veronica was holding a conversation with four fully clothed women while she was in a sheer crotchless bodystocking.

Mike was also dressed and he remained standing while the women talked.

When the doorbell rang again Jimmy went and opened it to Sunee and Brad.

They acknowledged Jimmy without remarking on his outfit and proceeded to the living room.

Sunee remained in her long coat while she was introduced to Katherine, Mary, and Christina.

Sunee asked Brad to step forward and present himself. He did so and was introduced around.

“Did you manage to get the right sizes?”, Veronica asked the Asian vixen.

Sunee replied. “I think they will work.”

She then directed Brad to bring a bag they had brought with them into the kitchen and show the others their presents.

Mike walked into the kitchen following Brad as he had been clued into what was coming.

Brad handed out a package containing a sheer crotchless set of pantyhose to Jimmy, Dexter, and Mike.

Brad then disrobed and Jimmy and Dexter saw that he was already wearing the crotchless hose they were expected to put on.

When all four were appropriately attired for the festivities to come the doorbell rang again and Jimmy answered it.

Yvette stood there with her mouth agape staring at the ten inch horse cock bobbing from Jimmys groin.

She grasped it and whispered to him. “I have to have this later. Let’s make sure that happens.”

After Yvette joined the others in the living room Veronica asked Jimmy and Dexter to take the women’s coats and put them away in that hall closet.

The women were a nylon fetishists wet dream to behold.

Veronica, Yvette, and Mary all had sheer crotchless bodystockings on.

Veronica and Mary had opted for nude colored ones while Yvette chose black to contrast with her milky white skin.

Yvettes large breasts strained the top of the material and she was sliding a finger down through her nicely trimmed bush to play with herself and further tantalize the transfixed Jimmy.

Christina and Sunee had both chosen to wear black sheer thigh high nylons with only their blouses on. Each was proudly exposing her shaved pussy for all to see.

Katherine had the whole ensemble. Sheer silk stockings, garter belt, and lacy bustier.

Madame Dupree had a lace and mesh corset along with thigh high fishnets and a crotchless pair of panties stretched tightly across her ample derriere.

Jimmy and Brad began offering trays of ordourves to the seated women and Dexter ran back and forth bringing drinks.

The conversation going on in the living room was turning quickly from the trivial to the bawdy.

There was talk about which of the cocks on display was the nicest, which would shoot the most jizz, and which would be able to stay hard the longest.

Christina reached out to her right and ran her hand up Mikes stocking covered thigh and squeezed one of his nylon covered ass cheeks.

“I know who I vote for as to having the nicest buns.”

“You have a built in bias there.” Her friend Mary said.

After some more sexually loaded commentary from the women Veronica said it was time for the games to begin.

She asked the four males to assemble and stand alongside one another about three feet apart with their hands at their sides.

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