Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 02


Steve is returning tomorrow, eight months and at least 30 love packets later. Despite having a fairly steady girlfriend, I still needed cock and had other adventures in his absence. However, I only thought and dreamed of him, our love sealed with the boxes of cum.

I am on my way to the airport to pick him up. My dick is hard and my breathing is rapid. I park and go to the international arrivals, attempting to cover the bulge in my pants. When he comes out I lose control and kiss him hard on the mouth. As we are leaving we get a stare or two, which only hardens my cock all the more. We get into the car and kiss long and juicy. I tell him I have waited too long for this and unzip his pants. I take him in my mouth and the love is still there. He tells me he has missed my lips around his cock and my tongue in his mouth every day.

We get to his place and I must replace the photos with the real thing. I tell him no more, as much as I loved it, sucking his cum out of a box. I need your cock spurting love juice in my mouth. We pull off our clothes and I have him turn round and round to see the love I have missed for so long. Satisfied and so turned on just at his body, cock and ass I grab hold of his prick and pull him to me. With no hesitation I engulf that magnificent member in my throat and move rapidly in and out to get his cum as quickly as I can. He moans that he’s going to cum. He says that he never came so fast and that is to prove to me his all encompassing love. He bucks and delivers what I have been waiting for, a gusher of sweet cum. I slosh it around in my mouth with his cock still in my throat and then swallow.

I sit back on the bed and pull him down on top of me. We rub our bodies and dicks together in a slow massage like action. I roll Steve over and start licking his ass, when he says I haven’t showered since Paris. I am crazed and I tell him I don’t care, I want to taste him whatever and suck wildly on his and now MY love tunnel. It tastes wonderful.

He rolls me over and pushes my legs in the air in order to lube my ass with his saliva. Oh my, I love it. He says he has been waiting eight months to shove his cock up my ass and he proceeds to fuck me deep and hard and I feel as though it will come up in my throat. He let’s go with another load in my ass. Again it was deep and I imagined I could taste the cum coming up from my asshole. He then dropped my legs and we kissed again with kağıthane escort him tasting the remnants of his cum and the musty smell on my lips and tongue from his butt hole and me tasting my somewhat less musty ass. We tongue kissed for a long time. He then said he was really tired from the long flight and jet lag. He took hold of my pole and said he wanted to get me off and taste my cum again before resting. It didn’t take long with his expert sucking to give him a full load. I sat up and kissed again to get some of my cum which I knew I liked from the gallons I took while self sucking.

Steve fell asleep on his back. At this point I wanted again to fall asleep next to his sex. I lifted him up on his side, raised his leg and pushed my face between his legs with my chin in the crack of his love tunnel and his cum machines resting on my nose and eyes. Ecstasy and serenity at the same time. Steve would move a little from time to time and grind my face. I didn’t think I could fall asleep as I had a raging erection. However, I must have dozed off at some point and had a vivid dream because I woke up at first light with my cock still erect and my tongue and nose inside the crack. If I didn’t get up to make coffee I would have attacked Steve, but I thought he should sleep.

After my first cup of coffee in the kitchen, I went back to the bedroom and he was awake. I still had a hard on and as I walked in Steve’s manhood sprung to attention. I said it is amazing how much we turn each other on. I brought him a cup of coffee and sat on the bed. He said that the only thing that could possibly match last evenings sex, would be for you to get my cock in my mouth. Then we could do it together.

Well, let’s see how flexible you are. Bend over and touch the floor with your hands if you can. He did and was immediately able to place his hands flat on the floor. That does it! With that flexibility and your ten incher it is a no brainer. I said that he should take a hot shower and that would loosen his joints and muscles. After the shower I had him while standing, bend over holding his ass cheeks for leverage and limber up. He was, on the first try, able to get within a whisker of his gorgeous cock head. Steve moaned and said he had to have it in his mouth and suck his own cum out of it. He asked if he should now get on the bed as I had. That would probably be the best way to see how far you can go. He escort beşiktaş got in position with his feet hooked under the shelf as I had. Now, pull your pelvis down as much as you can without pain. He did and his dick bashed into his chin. I asked if it hurt and he said not at all. Okay, then continue pulling down and push your feet against the shelf at the same time. His cock almost touched his neck. It is time. Do it again and with your hand guide your cock to your lips. Whoa, on the first try he managed to suck in the whole cock head. He screamed, yes, yesssss! Now move slowly up and down, this will stretch your joints and muscles. He made a fucking motion a couple of dozen times and I told him to try again, guiding with one hand and with the other pulling down on his ass. This time he got in about four inches and sucked up and down. He was so turned on he busted his balls and came in waves. After getting every last drop he lay back down. I said, BRAVO!, done like a champ. He said he now wanted to watch me do the same. I almost deep throated and took my tasty load.

We lay together in each others arms and talked about his future in self sucking. I said the future is rosy, with some practice and help, you will surely be able to take that thing all the way in. We then had the following intimate conversation:

Steve, “I want to know everything about your sexual encounters”.

Me, “Yes, but only if you reciprocate and tell about other lovers”.

Steve, “Sure”.

Well, I outlined briefly all of my exploits with women, men,etc.

Me, “Now you, including any lovers you may have now”.

Steve, “I will start with a somewhat casual lover in Paris. He is a fairly well known fashion designer that I work with. He is a little older, but still has a great body and a large cock. First, I told him in detail all about our two days of glorious love making. He was not sure that kind of love could have blossomed in two sessions. But I told him it did and more than anyone could grasp. I told him about your insatiable lust for my cum and I wanted to send it to you for your great pleasure. It was his idea to get the antique boxes and fill them up. He sucked me off and when I was ready to shoot, I pulled out of his mouth and emptied every last drop of my, your, love juice. Alain, that’s his name, thought this was the epitome of the sexiest love he had ever known. He said that if your lover wouldn’t escort maslak mind, he would adore receiving these love packages.”.

Me, ” That is too cool, of course you can send him some as long as there is enough for me”.

Steve, “You can help me with the packets, like Alain did”.

Me, “Just thinking about it makes me hot. What is your relationship like with Alain and what about other doings?”.

Steve, “He’s married with kids, so we don’t see each other that often except at work. When we can sneak away, we have a hot fuck and suck session. It is mostly casual and he knows that I am in love with your sex. I’m sure you have some awareness of the fashion and modeling gig. I would estimate that half of the men are gay or bi. This makes the whirlwind of modeling jobs an invitation to all kinds of wild and woolly sex. But you can rest assured that I value your love above all else.”

Me, “I don’t worry about that as long as we can continue our sensuous love making. Have you ever been with a woman?”

Steve, “No. I always knew that I was different.

Me, “I can’t help notice that we both have stiff poles again. Speaking of the love tunnel, I want to give it some well deserved loving.”

Steve, “Yes!”

At that, I turned him over and gave his cheeks a tongue bath before plunging my mouth and tongue into that delightful tunnel. I licked, poked and sucked with wild abandon. After what seemed an eternity, Steve said, my turn in your love tunnel. But he kissed me and licked my lips, saying he wanted to taste his ass flavors. He then pulled me to my hands and knees and reciprocated my tongue bath, before he too plunged in. When he came up we both moved to kissing in order to mix our ass smells and tastes.

I then pushed him down and took his meat in and from his coaching was able to take almost the whole thing. To feel his cock in my throat was sending me over the edge. Before I came I moved around and sat on his face with his tool still in my throat. I then had a powerful orgasm all over his chest. He said that he loved turning me on to such an extent and that he was going to cum also. He reiterated that this rarely happened so quickly, but he was so excited and felt so much love It just comes on. At that he shot what felt like a quart of cum into my mouth and throat. Extreme pleasure in drinking in the love juice of my lover.

Now I told Steve that I had never had my cock in an ass. But since his ass has become my glorious love tunnel, I must do it. Besides, I said, I delight in giving you my love in any way I can. Let’s try for this evening when my cock recovers from this morning. At this, we both took a nap sixty nine style.

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