Cuckold CEO Ch. 04


My wife and I have settled into the life of a hot wife and cuckold husband. I love the life style because it allows me to totally give up all power and control. As a CEO of a major corporation, I always have to be in charge and in control. My wife borders on having a sex addiction. She constantly thinks about sex and where her next orgasm will happen. I am totally fine with this, as I get to have sex with her all the time. Even though I am more than a decade older than her, my sex drive is the same as when I was in college. She loves nothing more than to tease the shit out of me then bring me over the edge to orgasm. Sometimes she slips in some humiliation to spice things up a bit. I know it sounds crazy but I actually get off on the humiliation as much as the teasing. The humiliation makes our love making sessions a bit taboo and makes my heart race. Her cruelty adds a dimension to our love making, it creates a mind fuck.

We recently went on a vacation to Kauai. Within 24 hours of arriving to the island, she had already seduced a 25-year-old surfer and fucked him in front of me in our bed. I secretly watched her take a hard, young stud deep inside her. He left his seed in her, which she made me clean out of her moments later. The whole scene was an erotic mind fuck. That afternoon, we spent time on the beach. We walked for miles, sat for hours in the sand and just enjoyed each other. It was very enjoyable. I had begun to unwind and forget about work.

While we sat on the beach, we got into a deep conversation about our life style. She asked me if I thought she went to far when it came to sex. I told her no. She said she was concerned that she may do something that would mentally hurt me. I told her that I would let her know if I had an issue but to this point, I was loving every minute of our love life. She smiled and snuggled up next to me and told me that she did too. She then turned to me and asked me if I had any boundary’s that she should observe. The question seemed strange but I told her that I loved her and she could do whatever she felt comfortable with doing. She smiled slyly and gave me a nice wet kiss. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the weather and each other.

The next morning started the same as the previous one. We got up early and walked from Tunnels Beach to Ke’e Beach and back again. Once again, the surfer boys were plying the waves of the north shore. We stopped and watched for a while. My wife’s surfer lover from yesterday made eye contact with her and smiled. He then looked at me and looked down as if he was embarrassed about fucking my wife. Little did he know, I watched the whole thing, then cleaned his young seed from my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. Part of him was actually inside me as we stood there. The whole thing gave me a thrill.

We watched them surf for a while before my wife waved at him. She wanted him to come in and talk to her. He paddled in a way and them caught a small wave a slid up onto the beach. She let my hand go and ran down to meet him. When she got to him she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a huge kiss. He seemed surprised but reciprocated. After her greeting, he looked back at me then back at her. I saw her say something to him. He responded quizzically. She got very animated and began bouncing around. She touched his arm a few times then turned and pointed at me. She then said something that made him laugh. She grabbed his hand and walk him back towards me. My cock shifted in my cock cage. Once again, she was on the move, looking for that next orgasmic high. It appeared as though it would be happening soon.

They were soon standing in front of me. My wife introduced him as Brad and she told him that I was her husband. He shook my hand carefully. He seemed a bit skittish. I grabbed his hand firmly and decided to break the tension and addressed the gorilla in the room. I told him that I hope he had a good time fucking my wife. He tried to pull his had away. He looked like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I let the comment sit for a minute and then let him off the hook. I told him that I think she is a great fuck and I don’t mind sharing her with others. He looked at me and shook his and a commented that he thought that was fucking amazing. ist esc He looked down for a second and then looked back at me and told me that she was the wildest woman he had ever fucked. I laughed and told him that if he played his cards right, he may get another ride on that pony. Without thinking, he reached up his hand and high fived me. This made me laugh out loud. Ah, the exuberance of youth!

My wife then grabbed his hand and pulled him back down the beach to his board and his two buddies. She stayed with the three of them for about five minutes a chatted with them. She then hugged each one of them and jogged back over to me. She grabbed my had and we continued down the beach towards the condo. On the way back, she told me that we were going to have a visitor for drinks tonight. This didn’t surprise me, it was obvious that she wanted him inside her again and I was happy to have him do it.

We enjoyed the rest of the day together. My wife kept staring at me and smiling all afternoon. It was clear she was up to something but she wouldn’t tell me what was happening. After dinner she went to our room and changed into a sexy pair of yoga pant shorts that left nothing to the imagination and a tank top with no bra. She came out and asked me if she looked good. I nearly shit myself. She looked so fucking hot. Had my cock been unlocked, I would have been rock hard and standing at full attention. I howled like a wolf and she laughed hard. She knew she was as sexy as hell and wanted to hear it.

Around 9 pm, the there was a knock at the door. My wife told me to go sit on the couch. I grabbed my drink and did as I was told and sat on the couch. My wife then bounded over to the door and answered it. Her friend stood there with a big smile on his face. She invited him in and planted a big kiss on him. He did the same and wrapped his arm around her a squeezed her tight ass. My cock twitched at the sight of Brad entering my living room. The two of them ignored me and went straight to the kitchen to get a drink. As he followed my wife to the kitchen, he had his eyes glued to her lycra covered ass. He was ready for sex.

I could hear them giggling and talking in the kitchen. Every once in a while, it would get very quiet. Although I couldn’t see them, I assumed they were kissing. After a few minutes they entered the room. My wife was holding Brads hand in hers. She walked over to the couch and sat next to me. She made him stand in front of her, her face at his crotch level. She looked at me slyly and began to unbutton his pants. As she slipped them down to his ankles, his impressive cock flopped down against his leg. He had one of those cocks that was so big it didn’t stand straight out when it got hard. It just got very thick and very long. My wife then turned to me and asked me what I wanted her to do. Without a moments delay, I told her I wanted her to suck him off. She smiled and asked me to help her. I was confused but she grabbed my wrist and moved my hand over to his cock. She then turned to me and asked me to pick it up and place it on her lips.

My heart skipped a beat at the thought. She had never before had me be part of her love making sessions, let alone have me touch her lover. She asked me again. I reached over and took his penis in my hand. It was thick and warm. I could feel his quickening pulse as his cock hardened even more. I began to lift it to her lips. It was heavy. As I placed it close to her lips, she asked me what I wanted again. I told her I wanted her to suck him off and to make him cum. Without hesitation, she slowly slipped her mouth over the head of his cock until her lips reached my hand. She touched my wrist to signal me that I could let go. I sat back and began to watch the show.

Brad closed his eyes and threw his head back as she expertly worked his tool. Her tongue darted around the tip then she engulfed the entire shaft in her month. She did this over and over again. He placed his hands on her head and gently swiveled his hips around to accentuate the pleasure he was enjoying. My cock was pounding in my cage at the sight of it. My wife worked his cock for about ten minutes, while Brad rattled off a string on compliments and nasty comments about her. At one point, her called her a slutty bitch. She fatih esc responded by reaching up and twisting his balls almost off. Brad screamed and tried to grab her hand. She slapped him and bit down hard on his cock. This set him off.

Brad pushed her back against the couch and held her head tight on his cock. He grabbed a lock of her long blond hair and used it like a handle and began pounding his cock into her mouth. Once again, she knew how to press his buttons. She liked it rough and she got him to manhandle her. He fucked her face hard. She grabbed his ass and dug her long nails into his cheeks hard enough to draw blood. This time he called her a dumb slut and told her he was going to teach her a lesson. She grabbed his balls one more time and squeezed hard. Brad howled, then got up on his toes. His head tilted backwards as he arched his back. He was stiff as a board and was trembling slightly. Then it happened. Brads cock let loose with a torrent of hot, sticky cum. My wife sucked as hard as she could. Her hands had a death grip on his ass cheeks so that he couldn’t escape. Brad the bent forward, then again arched backwards. It was obvious to everyone that she had set him off on a wild ride.

As his orgasm began to subside, she continued to suck him hard. He tried to pull away. His cock was now very sensitive. She dug her nails again into his ass and tortured him for about a minute. His loud protest went totally unanswered. Finally, she relented and she released his cock from her mouth. Brad just stood there in front of her shaking. My wife turned to me and pushed me back onto the arm of the couch and hovered over me. She grabbed my face and squeezed my cheeks to make my mouth open. She pursed her lips and put them about an inch from mine. Her lips them produced a long ribbon of Brads cum. It slowly began to fall towards my waiting mouth. Once a large bead formed, it dropped into my mouth and onto the back of my throat. Soon another bead of warm jism joined it. Then she opened her mouth and a large gush filled my mouth to capacity. She looked me straight in the eye and smiled and told me to swallow her lovers cum like a good boy. I closed my mouth and swallowed another mans seed. It tasted salty and a bit sweet and was very warm. I could feel the warmth of his load as in slid down my throat and entered my stomach.

My wife then climbed on top of me and gave me a deep kiss. Her mouth tasted like Brad. I was so horny I could have blown my load right there. We kissed passionately for a moment then she turned to him and told him to go upstairs and to get into bed. He was in an after-orgasm trance. He moved slowly and made his way up stairs. My wife then turned her attention back to me. She threw off her tank top and her yoga shorts and mounted my face. She began rubbing her very wet snatch all over my mouth. She looked down at me and said she wanted to cum, so I needed to get busy. I sucked her hard clit and darted my tongue to every corner on her pussy. She ground her pussy and my mouth and nose as if I was her favorite dildo. It didn’t take long before she pressed down hard on my face and popped off an orgasm. Her legs gripped my head tightly as she did. Her pussy pushed hard into my mouth and nose. I could not breathe. She had my hair gripped hard in her hands. I was to the point of passing out by the time her orgasm subsided. She lifted herself off me slightly so that I could catch my breath. My wife then looked down at me and told me that she was going to go upstairs. She hopped off of me and left me laying on the couch. I took a few moments and caught my breath before I followed her upstairs.

When I arrived upstairs, I found Brad and my wife spooning in our bed. They were both naked. He had his arm and leg draped over her as if to make sure she didn’t leave. I walked over and sat in the lounge chair by the bed and took in the view. My wife was in our marital bed, spooning with her lover. The lover whose seed was now inside me. It was quite a sight. I watched as they fell asleep in each other arms. I too, slipped off to sleep, sitting in the lounge chair.

The next morning, I awoke to the sweet sounds of my wife making love again. I peeled my eyes open to find her laying on top of Brad. She was slowly ataköy esc riding his cock. She wasn’t fucking him, she was making love to him. This concerned me a bit. Usually, she wanted sex rough and then would come back to me for slow loving sex. However, I was watching her make love to him like she did with me. My heart began to race. I wanted to stop her and tell Brad to leave. This was further than what I wanted. Just as I was about to say something, my wife looked up and caught my eye. She put her finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet. She then shifted Brads body so that his head was towards my side of the bed. All the while, she continued to gently ride him. Now, she was in a position to look at me as she made love to him.

My wife continued to ride him as she looked into my eyes. She then began telling Brad how good his cock felt inside her. How hard it was and how much she loved fucking him. He moaned and accepted the compliment by grabbing her ass and manhandling it. She loved his reaction and she was loving the mind fuck she was giving me. She continued and told Brad that his cock was bigger than mine and that it hit spots mine couldn’t. He responded by thrusting his cock upwards into her. She responded by telling him how good that felt. She then told him how much she loved his chiseled body and how wet it made her. To prove her point she rubbed her hand across his chest. Again, he moaned with approval.

My heart was almost out of my chest. She was making love to him and fucking my mind at the same time. My cock was ready to just give up and come without stimulation. She knew she was getting to both of us. Next, she got close to his ear and told him that she wanted him to fill her pussy up with his potent cum because she wanted to make her husband suck it out of her. She wanted her husband to know what a real mans cum tasted like. This set Brad off. He arched his back off the bed and impaled his cock into her. He grabbed her tightly and shot his load into her. She responded by telling him to fill her up and to leave a mess for me.

The whole scene was too much for me. Out of the blue, I felt my caged cock begin to twitch. I could fell my balls pulsing. Then a small bead of cum formed at the tip. I looked down in horror as a pathetic puddle of cum began to form on the leather chair below me. I was not having an orgasm though. My body was releasing cum but I was not getting any pleasure. Fuck, I was having a ruined orgasm. My wife took her eyes off of mine and looked down at my crotch. She could see my locked cock slowly forming a wasted puddle of goo. She began to laugh hard. Brad had no clue as to why she was laughing. She looked down at him and kiss him and then told him to look at me. He did and didn’t yet see my puddle. He looked at her and she told him to look at my cock.

Brad turned and looked directly down between my legs. He began to laugh too. My wife told him the I was so impressed with how he fucked her that I came without having sex. The two of them laugh and then fell back to the bed and kissed each other. My wife then told him to go play with his friends and go surfing. Brad, hopped out of bed, got dressed and left.

My wife then came over to me and told me to lick the cum off the lounge chair. I got down on my knees and sucked up my goo with one slurp. She then pulled me over to the bed and mounted my face and told me too clean Brad out of her. She held my hair tightly and aggressively forced her hole into my mouth. As she rode my face, she asked me if her lovers cum tasted good and if I liked seeing a real man fucking her. She was very aggressive and harsh with me. It was different than usual. I was not sure if I liked it.

I consumed all of her lovers cum without complaint. Once she orgasmed on my face, she rolled off of me and told me to spoon her. We both fell back to sleep. When we woke up, she started kissing me. She looked at me and made a sad face. I asked her why she made that face. She said that she was worried that she had pushed the envelope too far with me. I admitted that she had taken me to my limits and maybe a bit further. She looked at me concerned. I told her that it was actually ok, once Brad left and we got to spoon and sleep together I felt better. She smiled and hugged me hard and told me that she loved me so much. I told her the same. I was beginning to realize that my wife needed more than I could give her sexually. I could tell that she wanted to push the envelope. I just didn’t realize how far.

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