Crystal Pegs Ch. 01.5


“You’ve been drinking a lot of that,” I say entering the kitchen. Tyler is drinking orange juice straight from the carton.

“It helps the taste,” he says placing the carton on the counter.

“I bet,” I reply as I walk up to him and kiss him.

“So,” he starts, “wanna do something tonight?”

“Maybe,” I reply, “I have a big meeting today.”

“With who,” he says taking a seat at the kitchen table.

“Some upstart business,” I laugh, “they want us to represent them.”

“Sounds like fun,” he replies, “I have a couple of new clients today as well.”

“Well,” I say, “you have fun too.”

“Oh I will,” he says before taking another sip from the carton.

“You love that,” I laugh.

“What, the OJ,” he asks.

“Duh,” I reply, “you’ve been drinking that like its been going out of style.”

“It helps fight cancer,” he laughs.

“And makes you cum taste good,” I smile.

“Amen,” he laughs while finally standing up.

“You’ve been drinking that like it’s going out of style,” I smirk.

“What can I say,” he laughs, “I’m a cum junkie.”

“I may need to get your stomach pumped,” I say slyly.

“I’m not a faggot,” he says like he’s trying to defend himself.

“But you like to be called one,” I laugh.

“True,” he replies, “I better get going.”

“Me too,” I say as he puts the carton back into the fridge.

“I’ll see you tonight,” he says while grabbing his keys.

“I might be a little late,” I say, “our new clients might entertain us or we might entertain them or something. Either way I’ll invite you.”

“Thanks,” he says before kissing me.

We both leave around the same time. We take our separate cars. I drive downtown to my office. The traffic is pretty rough, but not as bad as it was during the rain the other night. I find a good parking spot and take the elevator to my office. I share the elevator with an attractive black man. We exchange looks briefly. We sort of flirt, but it gets worse when we get off on the same floor. I soon realize that he’s with our new clients. Shit, I think in my head. I hope he doesn’t want to fuck me.

“Morning, Crystal,” our secretary says as I walk into the office.

“Morning,” I reply as I walk to my cubicle.

I sit down and go over the itinerary for the new day. It’s pretty decent, meeting at eleven and lunch with new clients at three, if they approve the proposition. I sit around and go through my files and realize that I’m caught up with Demetevler Escort all the reports. I sit around until eleven and go to the meeting.

The cute black guy is in the meeting. I feel awkward as we sit nearly across from each other. I try to avoid eye contact, but we keep exchanging glances. Like him I don’t say anything during the meeting. I just sit there and listen as they go over several different reports and other things. Before I know it the meeting came to its inevitable end. Our president shakes hands with the new client. We then all stand up.

“Congratulations,” our president exclaims, “we wrapped up on time and everyone is welcome to go to the Corner and join us for lunch.”

The Corner is an upscale bar and grill that’s on ironically a corner downtown. I make eye contact with the black man again. I quickly smile and exit the room. Most of the office walks to the bar. I leave my bag at the office. I don’t want to drink but I don’t want to forget my bag at the bar either, I really don’t like losing things and it’s happened before.

I walk to the bar and make sure that the cute black guy does not follow me. Luckily he doesn’t, he’s at the fucking bar. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, I think in my head, I don’t want to see him. Please don’t talk to me!

“Hey,” the black man says standing up and extending his hand, “I’m Robert.”

“Crystal,” I say grasping his hand.

“We kind of had a moment earlier,” he says.

“I wouldn’t say that,” I smile while taking a seat next to him.

“Why,” he asks.

“I can’t really explain,” I laugh.

“Let me buy you a drink,” he offers.

“Sure,” I say while grabbing the menu.

“I look forward to working with your company,” he smiles while trying to make small talk.

“Same here,” I reply.

“What will it be,” the bartender asks.

“Oh,” I pause while looking for an expensive drink, “I’ll have the millionaire martini.”

“And for you,” he asks.

“A corona,” he smirks.

“One minute,” the bartender says before leaving.

“So how much is the millionaire martini,” Robert asks.

“A million bucks,” I laugh, ” no it’s only twenty dollars.”

“Here ya go,” the bartender says while putting down our drinks, “that’ll be twenty five dollars.”

Robert hands him his credit card and tells him to open a tab. I slowly sip away at my martini as he goes through two coronas. We make small talk about Otele gelen escort things at work. We find out we went to school at the same college. Nothing too much in common, but he probably thinks otherwise. He touches my hand once or twice. But I pull it away. He wants me bad. He goes through five coronas when I order my second martini. It’s almost five and I realize I better get going.

“Robert,” I say, “I better get going. I have to get home soon.”

“Okay,” he replies, “Nice meeting you.”

“You too,” I say standing up.

I walk to the ladies room and take a piss. I go to the sink and wash my hands. As I look in the mirror I see Robert behind me and get scared.

“Shit,” I say while my heart skips a beat.

As I turn around he locks the door and pushes me up against the wall.

“Stop,” I whimper.

“Or you’ll what,” he says grabbing my throat.

“Or I fucking scream rape,” I gasp.

“Whatever,” he says while unzipping his pants.

“You take that out, I’ll kill you,” I say while grabbing his arm.

“Whatever,” he says while pulling out his dick.

“You put that away,” I demand.

“Whatever,” he scoffs.

“Listen,” I start, “you piece of shit nigger you put that fucking thing away. Or I swear to god I’ll fucking kill you.”

“Do it,” he taunts.

I pull back my free arm and set up to gouge his eyes. He suddenly drops me and realizes that I can truly hurt him. I’m able to keep standing up right. I’m breathing heavily, but I take the stance that they taught me in self-defense class.

“You wanted it,” he taunts.

“Maybe,” I say letting down my guard, “but not now.”

“If you ever want this nigger dick,” he says while handing me a business card, “call me.”

He readjusts himself as I take his business card. He leaves first and is able to get away with it. I wait a few minutes and get re-adjusted. I briskly leave the bar to still find him sitting at the bar. I don’t look back as I leave. I walk quickly to the office building and get into my car. I drive home fast even in the heavy traffic. Tyler isn’t home yet, so I take my time getting ready and fix up face and put on my sexy lingerie and the thigh high boots. I put on the strap on and wait on the bed for Tyler. He gets home about a half hour after I got ready. I make him wash up. He’s still wet when he gets on the bed and begins to suck on my dildo.

“How’s it taste faggot,” Balgat Escort I ask as his mouth engulfs my dildo.

“Good,” he exhales before going back to giving me head.

“I love you,” I say as he continues to give me a blowjob, “but you’re still my faggot.”

He quickly laughs as he gives me more head. He seems to give the dildo better head than I do. I get kind of jealous, realizing that he is more orally talented than me. He keeps going as I admire his oral fixation. I begin to face fuck him instead of him slowly sucking it. He seems to enjoy it and I do too. I keep berating him as I grab and thrust his head even further down the dildo. He tries to jerk off but I stop him.

“Ready to get fucked,” I say pulling his face off my dildo.

“Yes, ma’am,” he says panting for more.

I throw him on the bed and begin to lick at his faghole. He cleaned it very good. I usually clean it for him, but he’s gotten good at it without my help. I work a lubed finger into his faghole. I quickly give him head and begin to spread his anus apart. I feel him groan and writhe in pleasure.

“You like that,” I ask while lubing up my dildo.

“Yeah,” he groans, “I love it! I love you!”
I slowly slide my dildo into his faghole. He groans in pain and pleasure. I then put his legs on my shoulders. This way I am able to stick the dildo up to its hilt inside of him. He loves every second of it as his faghole engulfs my dildo. Success! I’m able to get the whole dildo inside of him. I can’t believe it! He keeps groaning as I smile. I then take his legs off of me and I fuck him in the missionary position.

“You love my dick faggot,” I exclaim as I thrust some more.

“Yes,” he nearly yells, “I’m gonna cum!”
I then pull out and place his dick into my mouth. His cum flies out violently as I am able to keep it in my mouth. It’s not as salty as before. The juice helped out like I figured. He sits up as I crawl up to his mouth. I open my mouth to reveal the cum. He gets excited but instead of dropping it in his mouth, I eat it.

“Tasty faggot cum,” I laugh.

“I bet,” he says in near disappointment.

“You have to share,” I say, “you can’t be greedy.”

“True,” he says getting off the bed.

“Wow,” I say, “that was fun.

He walks over to the nightstand and collects himself.

“Who’s Robert,” he asks.

“What,” I ask.

“This business card,” he says while handing me the business card.

“Oh,” I start, “one of the new clients. He gave me his card. Don’t loose it.”

“I won’t,” he says.

“I love you,” I say as I walk to the bathroom.

I take off the strap on before entering. The clicking of my heels drives me crazy as it hits the tiles. I sit down on the toilet and re-think the entire day. I sort of wanted Robert, but I still love Tyler. Then I realize I left my bag at work.

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