Crystal Loved Sara’s Innocence


Crystal loved Sara’s Innocence

Like most boys, as soon as Devon turned sixteen he went and took his driving test. He only had his license for a week and not only was it the first time to be driving without one of his parents in the car, but also the first time he took it without permission. His younger sister Sara was coming home just as Devon was backing out of the driveway and threatened to tell their parents if he didn’t take her with him. Although Devon loved his sister, at times she was a pain in the ass. As they drove out of town Devon couldn’t stop thinking about Sara in a more than brother and sister way. Although she was only 14 years old, she had the breasts of most 16 year old girls and since she loved the sun, she had a beautiful golden tan. Naturally he would never try anything with his sister but still there was no harm in fantasizing about fucking her and having her suck his nicely formed 16 year old cock.

Ignoring the No Trespassing signs clearly posted at the head of the driveway, Devon decided to drive down the lane and perhaps he could at least feel his little sister up a little without alarming her to the point where she’d rat him out to their parents. Devon was sure it was an old country road that was no longer in use and was surprised after driving about a half mile and coming upon a log home. As he was looking for a spot to turn around, a beautiful woman walked off the front porch and was approaching them. After Devon explained to the woman that he had taken the car without permission and was just trying to stay off the main roads, she introduced herself and said she understood completely. Crystal then invited the youngsters in for a soda and snacks before they took off. Crystal loved the tight shorts Sara had on and licked her lips as she imagined how sweet she would taste. She could really have some fun with Devon also and was conjuring up all kinds of electro torture to his young body. As the kids sipped their sodas and enjoyed the brownies, Crystal excused herself, telling them she had to finish feeding the dog and would be right back. Going to the gazebo, Crystal entered the chamber to open the cells and get the lights turned on.

With their heads resting on the table, Devon and Sara appeared to just have fallen asleep naturally. The drug would last about 2 hours so Crystal had plenty of time to get done what she desired. Strapping Devon upright on the two wheeled cart, Crystal took him to the chamber and after disrobing him completely, she locked him inside one of the cells. The two inch wide shock collar secured around his neck gave her added enjoyment. Looking at his young cock, Crystal had to admit he had a nice one for his age. Even though soft and somewhat shriveled from him being under the effect of the drug, it was about six inches long and fairly thick. Although she had no sexual desire to fuck him, it would be nice to force him to fuck his baby sister. For now, however it was his sister Sara, Crystal was thinking about and her thoughts gave her that familiar wetness and heat in her crotch. Having a good hour and half before the girl would wake, Crystal decided she would satisfy some of her desires even before the girl awakened.

Sara didn’t weigh any more than eighty pounds and it took little effort for Crystal to carry the girl to the bed and get her undressed. For at least ten minutes, Crystal licked and kissed every inch of this young virgin’s body while busily fingering her own dripping cunt. While kissing Sara’s body, Crystal would slip her fingers into the girls mouth and work them in and out, fantasizing Sara was willingly sucking the juice from her fingers. Sara’s nipples were hard and erect as Crystal sucked on them hungrily and her grapefruit sized breasts were so firm and yet soft to the touch. Even in her drugged state of mind, Sara’s body reacted to Crystals kissing and sucking and as Crystal opened Sara’s thighs she could see the dampness clinging to the short blonde cunt hairs. Lowering her head to the girls cunt, the public hairs tickled Crystals nose and she made a mental note to remove the hair soon. Sara’s juices flowed as Crystal’s expert tonguing brought her comatose body to orgasm several times over the half hour Crystal performed oral sex on her. Every time Sara’s body would secrete sweet thick cum, what escaped Crystal’s lapping tongue would seep into her crack and coated the tiny brown opening to her asshole. Crystal would gently raise the girls legs and tongue probe her ass and eat every trace of cum. Knowing soon the drug would wear off, Crystal kissed Sara passionately on the lips before taking her to the chamber and strapping her to a chair naked in front of her brother’s cell. Like her brother Devon, Sara also had a shock collar installed. After the effect the collar had on her last victim Shelby, Crystal found she could inflict more pain quickly than even using a whip. The use of whips, chains, etc however was still a very viable means of torture and Crystal knew the siblings would feel them against their young bodies also.

Standing behind Sara’s chair and reaching around twisting and pulling her nipples, Crystal is toying with Devon. “You really don’t think I believed your cock and bull story about wanting to stay off main roads so your parents wouldn’t see you,do you Devon?” “You wanted to find someplace where you could fuck you baby sister, you wanted to stick your cock inside her 14 year old virgin pussy, didn’t you.” Crystal chided Devon. When Devon screamed at her and said he’d never touch his sister, Crystal loved the way he bounced off the walls of his cell when she sent jolts of electricity through his collar. “Come on Devon, admit you fantasize about fucking your sister.” “Maybe even make her suck your cock while you lick her sweet pussy” Crystal laughs hysterically as she torments Devon with words she knows are true..Unlocking his cell door, Crystal made him crawl to the chair where his sister was tied. Crystal ordered him to stand up and place his cock in his sister’s hand which is strapped to the chair arm. Not wanting to feel the shock again, Devon done as told and Crystal took Sara’s hand in hers and closed her fingers around her brother’s cock. Devon is forced to pump his hips as Sara kept a grip on his cock. Her soft fingers felt so good and Devon’s cock started growing thicker and harder. When Sara released her grip and called her brother a pervert, Crystal ordered her to wrap her fingers around it again. When she didn’t obey, Crystal grabbed Devon’s cock herself with one hand and with the other she pulled a knife from her pocket and said might as well cut it off then. Just as Crystal was ready to whack off Devon’s cock, Sara begged her not to and said she’d masturbate him. This wasn’t good enough for Crystal now however and tipping the chair onto it’s back, she ordered Devon to straddle Sara’s face and shove his cock in her mouth. Although Devon’s cock was completely limp by now, once his fourteen year old sister began tightening her lips around it he felt darıca escort it grow again. Squeezing Sara’s neck with her hand, Crystal told her to either suck on it or not only would she cut Devon’s cock off, but she would shove it down Sara’s throat and let her choke to death. Grabbing Devon’s ass and pushing his hips into Sara’s face, Crystal got so excited as the little girl gagged and was turning bright red. Every time Sara regained her breath and resumed sucking, Crystal would shove Devon’s hips again, blocking the air going into his sister’s lungs. Devon’s balls were tight and aching from the need to cum and every time he was close, Crystal would shock him until the need subsided. Sara’s cheeks and chin was coated with a thick layer of her own saliva from being gagged time and time again and as it trickled to her neck, Crystal shocked her. The saliva under the shock collar sizzled like hot oil and Crystal could see the red burns appearing on Sara’s neck where it met the collar. When Devon could no longer keep from shooting his thick cum down Sara’s throat, Crystal held him tight against his sister’s face as cum pour from his cock like a faucet. Sara was drowning from her brother’s cum but Devon was oblivious to his sister’s plight and just kept grinding into her face. When Devon finally did remove his cock from her mouth, Sara was completely lifeless and cum was running from the corners of her mouth. As Crystal ordered him back to his cell with threats of cutting his cock off, she began shocking Sara until she came back around and began coughing up wads of Devons seed. Taking a large syringe, Crystal sucked the cum from Sara’s mouth and cheeks then shoving the syringe into Sara’s cunt, ripping the hymen as if it were a tissue, she shot the cum deep into Sara’s womb. Sara was crying uncontrollably from the pain but this only drove Crystal on and she replaced the syringe with her hand. Working her hand into the young girl’s cunt, Crystal could feel the walls of Sara’s cunt tearing as her fingers destroyed her cervix and she had her entire hand inside the young girls body.

Devon was screaming from his cell for Crystal to leave his sister alone. The more he screamed the harder Crystal would fist fuck Sara’s brutalized cunt. Sara’s screams ended in an instant when Crystal drove her fist in so hard and deep and the pain was so intense that Sara passed out. Unstrapping her from the chair, Crystal dragged her to her cell and locked her in. Walking over to Devon’s cell as he sat on the concrete floor and without a word of warning, Crystal buried her pointed toed boot into Devon’s groin. Devon wanted to scream a blood curdling scream but the only sound he could make was one of a low shrill as he thought his balls were in his throat. Tilting his head back by his hair, Crystal pushed her cunt to his mouth and told him to suck her cunt or Sara would pay for his insubordination. Devon sucked and licked Crystal as if his life depended on it and when she began grinding his cock into the floor with sole of her boot, he gripped her ass tight to keep from passing out from pain. Grinding her cunt against his face, Crystal orgasmed twice before finally releasing his cock from under her foot and pushed him away like a piece of shit. Locking his cell behind her, Crystal removed the days tape from the recorder and went to her cabin for the night.

After giving the siblings each a chance to shower and use the non-descript bathroom in the chamber, she had Devon lie on the table on his back. Once firmly strapped in place Crystal told Sara to come over and give Devon a blow job. As Crystal pushed Sara’s head to Devon’s crotch, she resisted and tried to keep from having her head impaled by her brother’s. In a calm manner, Crystal told Sara she didn’t have to suck Devon’s cock if she didn’t want to and with her hand still holding Sara’s head, She bashed her face into the steel table top and told her she could eat the table if it was more to her liking. With her nose and mouth bleeding profusely, Sara readily sucked on her brother’s cock just like the day before. Devon felt shamed by getting turned on while his battered sister had to suck him but he couldn’t keep from getting a massive hard-on. With his cock super hard and standing erect Crystal told Sara to stop sucking his cock and to get on the table and make Devon suck her cunt. Sara moved and slowly lowered her battered cunt to her older brothers face. In the back of her mind she couldn’t help recalling how Crystal had accused Devon of wanting to fuck her. As these thoughts churned through her mind, she saw her brother open his mouth just as her puffy cunt lips touched his face. While Sara ground her cunt into Devon’s face, Crystal inserted a steel hollow tube into his cock. The hole in the center of the rod would allow him to still piss and cum but now, he had a permanent hardon. Crystal ordered Sara to now hover above her brother’s cock and as she began to lower herself, Crystal guided it to Sara’s still virgin untouched ass. When Sara stiffened her body Crystal gripped both of her shoulders and as she shoved downward, all of Devon’s cock ripped into Sara’s ass like a molten steel rod. Sara screamed and cursed as Crystal forced her to ride Devon’s cock, raising up until only the head was inside and then dropping down, feeling it tear her intestinal walls as blood ran down the length of Devon’s cock. When Devon’s breathing became labored Crystal took the opportunity to tell Sara that her own brother was turned on by raping her. That her brother loved causing her all this pain and suffering. The more Crystal told Sara how much her brother wanted to rape his little sister the harder it was for Devon to try not to cum. Finally as he gasped and howled, a torrent of hot cum seared his little sister’s bruised and tormented ass. His cum filled her intestine to it’s limit and as Crystal made her keep riding, the cum squished out of her tight little ass and splattered onto Devon’s inner thighs.

Barely able to walk, Crystal helped Sara across the room and handed her a 18 inch long and 3 inch wide black dildo. Looking at it with pleading eyes, Crystal told her she wasn’t going to be abused with it but maybe she’d like to do to her brother what he just done to her. Reluctantly Sara walked across the room and as Crystal shoved three fingers up Sara’s raw ass to remind her how her brother had just raped her, Sara shoved the first 4 inches into Devon’s dry virgin ass. Devon screamed in pain as his head thrashed from side to side and when Sara was about to pull it back out, Crystal once again reminded Sara how Devon was so turned on while fucking her and filled her ass full of cum. As Sara began pushing four to five inches of the massive cock into Devon’s ass, Crystal began bringing a wet leather whip down across his chest. Large red welts erupted and the more he screamed the more of the dildo his now deranged sister shoved up his ass. After Devon’s chest was nothing more than a piece of raw meat, Crystal decided to start on his legs and in the izmit otele gelen escort same rhythm as Sara’s thrust with the 18 inch dildo, Crystal ripped Devon’s legs to shreds. By the time Sara had 15 inches of cock slamming into Devon’s ass, Crystal had to repeatedly shock him to keep him awake. Fuck him, Fuck him hard, Crystal chanted as Sara’s eyes glazed over from temporary madness and her thrusts were more brutal each time. With Devon’s front side torn to shreds from the whipping and his ass totally destroyed, Crystal led Sara away to give him a chance to recover. His demise is coming today, but it’s not time yet.

With Sara hanging from the rafters and her feet barely touching the floor, Crystal began sucking on her nipples until they were erect and pulsating. Like a vampire starving for the life saving drink of blood, Crystal bit a nipple off and sucked as much blood from Sara’s left breast as she could. When the blood no longer flowed Crystal repeated her attack on Sara’s right nipple and drained it of all blood also. God, she loved the taste of young girls, whether it be their cum or blood it didn’t matter. Their sweet innocent bodies revived her energy and she had to have more. Moving farther down, Crystals mouth came to rest at Sara’s clit. Crystal sucked Sara’s clit and fingered her g-spot until Sara’s discomfort from having her nipples bitten off was replaced with gasps of pleasure and groans of ecstasy. When Sara was about to cum, Crystal clawerd her ass deep with her nails and at the same instant bit Sara’s clit off and chewed it like a piece of gum. Rubbing her face over the bleeding cunt and sucking the blood, Sara’s young body convulsed in pain and her eyes were shut tight in terror. Crystal’s attack on Sara’s young wet and now bloody cunt continued as her tongue delved inside Sara’s young cunt and she continued to suck all the fluid she could from this tender luscious specimen. When Crystal’s mind began wandering to the point where she was fantasizing of slicing slabs of ass meat and inner thigh meat to cook, she knew it was time to get back to Devon before he ended up dying from shock and taking away the pleasure of her watching and listening to his last few seconds of life. Even though she had multiple orgasms while torturing and at times making love to Shelby and now Sara, her most powerful and mind blowing orgasm’s always came when the life of her victim was snuffed.

Along with the shock collar that was a permanent fixture on Devon, Crystal worked a long slender electro vibrator up his newly reamed out ass and attached it to her universal remote. For the final electrical toy she had to make two small incisions just under his breast and worked wires through the slits where they would be making contact with Devon’s heart. Now the only thing left was to have his sister ride him once again and if things worked as she planned he would have his most explosive orgasm ever. She upped the amperage on the battery pack used to shock her victims from 1 amp to 15 amps and the sustained power thrust from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Crystals body tremble with excitement as she plugged the last lead coming from Devon’s body into the remote. Now with the push of one button, Crystal would send jolts of electricity through the collar,, the dildo and the dual leads next to his heart simultaneously.

Crystal promised Sara if she would give her the satisfaction of watching her fuck Devon one more time, she would never ask her to fuck him again. Reluctantly Sara went back to the table and lowered her body over Devon’s cock, this time however she was going to let him fuck her cunt. Crystal told her to move up and down slow and steady, and make it last. She wanted to give Devon time to feel his little sister’s cunt gripping his cock and hopefully even in his pain from the whipping he would get excited. After less than ten minutes of riding her brother’s cock, Devon started to moan softly and even moved his hips upward to meet his sister’s downward movement. Damn, his little sister’s cunt was so tight and when the head of his cock hit her cervix when she lowered herself, the way it pressed against the steel rod in his cock was strangely a very erotic feeling. Yes Sara, fuck me baby and let me fill you full of my cum Devon said softly as his eyes locked on the eyes of Sara. Fuck me with your little cunt and milk my balls Sara. Sara’s own body was reacting to her brothers excitement and she could feel her juices covering his cock as she rode him hard and deep. Crystal knew Devon wouldn’t last long with the way he was getting excited and she wanted him to have such an orgasm that it would shake the very insides of his little sister. In a soft sultry voice and her face inches from his Crystal began to plant the seed to have him turned on like never before. “That’s it Devon, fuck your baby sister, fuck her and fill he full of your seed. You know you want to make little Sara scream when you cum inside her, you want to impregnate your little sister, Don’t you Devon.” Crystal watched his chest heaving as his excitement grew to proportions he never knew was possible in his young 16 years of life. Putting her hand on his chest to feel the rapid heartbeat, Crystal stared in his eyes as she could see the animalistic look in his eyes as he was about to breed his 14 year old sister. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, is the only thing he could mouth as he shot huge wads of thick cum deep inside Sara. As his cum was filling his sister’s cunt, Crystal hit the shock button and felt his heart jerk and then stop while his ass and neck began smoking from the high intensity of electricity shooting through his body. Devon’s body jerked uncontrollably for a good 30 seconds, filling his sister’s cunt to overfill as his lifeless body only reacted to the electricity and the powerful orgasm he had a moment before death. Crystal stood next to the table, legs weak from her own powerful orgasm, watching Sara still riding her dead brother, having no idea he no longer has any life left in him. Sara doesn’t need to know anything right now, getting her down and putting her in the cell, telling her Devon has to rest now. With her head between Sara’s tender thighs, Crystal licks and sucks as much of Devon’s cum from her as she could. His sweet 16 year old cum tasted so pure with a nice soft pungent taste, not like those nasty men her step father Jake used to make her fuck and suck.

Tomorrow would be a good day for Crystal, she would dispose of Devon’s body, relating to his sister that he was indeed dead. She will probe, insert things, and use Sara in all the wicked ways she can think of before making the final video of her. Right now however, as she sits in her office at the computer she’s sending clips of todays activities to her clients, hoping by morning she will have several orders. Since today including snuffing Devon, the going rate will be 50,000.00 dollars just like the ones last week, At this rate Crystal was thinking she might even be able to move to a larger and izmit merkez escort more secluded place before long and at some point in time, even have private viewings of her torture for those very special clients who would be willing to pay the price.

The first things Sara asked Crystal the next morning was where her brother was at. She said during the night she would call out his name and he never answered her and she was worried. Snapping a leash to her collar, Crystal ordered her to crawl out of the cell and across the floor like a dog. She said she had something to show her and everything would be clear. Going outside and still forced to crawl like a dog, Sara whimpered as the pine needles stabbed and embedded themselves in her knees and feet. After passing through a wooded area they came to an open field surrounded on all sides by trees. Sara began screaming and crying when she saw the fresh patches of dirt, knowing one of those areas was were Devon was buried. In a cold calculating voice Crystal told her she was happy to know Sara was able to comprehend what happened and sure she knew the same fate would befall on her also if she didn’t do everything that was asked of her. When Sara just wept and wouldn’t move on her own accord, Crystal dragged the girl behind her, and loving the way the needles were actually going into the helpless girls arms and torso. Sara didn’t even feel the pain of the needles as her mind was numb from knowing Devon had died while fucking her the night before. Knowing the last thing her brother ever saw was his little sister acting like a complete slut while riding his hard thick cock. Sara began vomiting, and Crystal stopped dragging her until she was done. Sara began crawling on her own after that and when they were back in the chamber instead of pulling the pine needles from her body, Crystal painstakingly pushed them into her as deep as the would go. What was still sticking out of her skin, Crystal cut off with shears and the pain was so intense and the pine itself was setting her on fire. Crystal took Sara to the center of the room and chained her from the rafters, once again where Sara’s feet just barely touched the floor. Using what looked like a table tennis paddle, Crystal used it on all the areas of Sara’s body where there were embedded pine needles. Sara convulsed and screamed as the paddle made contact time and again, driving the needles deeper into her flesh and the paddle itself leaving large red marks all over. When Crystal began striking Sara’s breasts with the paddle Sara knew she was going to pass out from the pain. Although her entire body ached from the paddle, nothing compared to the pain she was feeling on her supple but firm young breasts. Between the needles stabbing her breasts deeper with every hit of the paddle and the blood pouring from where her nipples used to be, Sara’s body was going limp and the metal cuffs tore into her wrists as her body sagged from exhaustion. Pulling her head back up while gripping her hair, Crystal said she can’t have her head sagging and would have to remedy the situation. Taking a hook resembling the ones used in slaughter houses to hang sides of meat Crystal shoved the pointed hook end into Sara’s ass then using rope tied one end of the rope to Sara’s hair. Pulling on the rope to bring Sara’s head in place Crystal tied off the other end of the rope to the handle of the hook. Now ever time Sara’s head would sag she would be awakened from the pain of the hook digging into her young ass cavity.

Over the past four days Crystal nursed Sara back to health and gave her wounds time to heal and close up. Freshly showered and hair brushed Sara was the poster child for your girl next girl. The soft eyeliner and shining lip gloss highlighted her tan face. She was strapped to the table and Crystal was stroking her hair as she explained to her that certain people wanted a special video and were willing to pay the price for it. Sara had no idea what kind of video Crystal was referring to, but knew it couldn’t be good for her. When she asked Crystal why she had taken such fine care of her over the past few days, Crystal said the clients she dealt with wanted her nice and fresh looking for the final episode. Hearing the word final, Sara had a glimmer of hope in her eyes when she asked Crystal if she meant this was going to be the last time she would be tortured. Smiling her patented evil smile, Crystal kissed Sara softly on the forehead and assured her after today, she would never experience pain again. Moving slowly down Sara’s body, Crystal wanted to eat the young girl’s cunt one last time. Sliding her finger inside Sara to massage her G-spot, Crystal’s tongue licked Sara’s inner cunt lips as her juices freely flowed. The soft moan coming from Sara’s mouth told Crystal the girl was loving the attention and she sucked and licked faster and pushed her tongue inside the young girls’ cunt. With her body raising from the table and her fingers balled into fists Sara’s cunt flooded Crystal’s mouth as a powerful and long lasting orgasm shook her very being. Sara had watched a few porn movies in her young life and yet she couldn’t recall any of the women having an orgasm so powerful that every muscle in their body tensed as hers was doing right now. Crystal continued to suck Sara’s cunt and tongue her ass for another 20 minutes, while Sara experienced two more orgasms. The two women remained motionless for several minutes savoring the after glow of the orgasms which both women end up having. Eventually however, Crystal knew she needed to wrap it up and send out her notices and enticing clips to the clients.

Running a strap from one side of the table to the other while going across Sara’s forehead, Crystal tighten the strap to the extent to prevent any head movement from Sara. She then told Sara to open her mouth as wide as possible. Sara reminded Crystal of her promise to end her pain and torture today, Crystal told her this was the final discomfort she will ever experience. As Crystal stuffed the ball gag into her mouth, blocking all breathing except through her nose, Sara realized at that moment that her pain was going to end, but the ending would be due to her death. With tears running down the sides of her face and fear in her eyes, Crystal just laughed and told her to keep the fear and tears going because her clients would love it.

She was trying hard to breathe around the steady drizzle of water being forced into her nostrils. Every time she thought the last breath was taken and she felt herself going under, Crystal would shut the water off and watch as Sara coughed and convulsed. For over a half hour, Crystal water tortured Sara while a video camera was catching it up close, capturing the terror and fear in this young girls eyes as she knew she would never rise from the table. For the final time, Crystal eased two tubes into Sara’s nasal cavities and with the help of lubricant she was able to insert them four inches into her throat. Turning the water on one last time, Crystal stood at the head of the table and stroked Sara’s hair softly as her gurgling and coughing slowed and her balled up fists began to relax. The water continued to flow and began to back flush itself and run out of Sara’s nostrils and the corners of her lifeless body. Crystal walked over to her video control panel and switched the camera off.

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