Crossdressing Brother


It has been two years since my parents died in a car crash coming back from holiday. My younger brother, Greg, went to live with our grandparents until my grandfather had a stroke. When my grandmother couldn’t take care of my brother, as well, he moved in with me. Things were going fine, with Greg attending the local Polytech, like me. I was earning a teacher’s degree, and Greg was studying carpentry.

Several months passed, and I noticed strange things happening around the house. It seemed that my underwear drawer was open all the time, so I went upstairs to ask Greg if he knew anything about it. When I knocked on Greg’s door, I heard frantic rustling for several long moments before he finally called, “Come in!”

“What’s going on in here?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said too quickly, huddling beneath the covers as though naked. I had a fair idea what he had been doing, as I still do the same thing.

“Greg, do you know anything about my underwear drawer?” I asked him.

“No, I don’t,” he replied.

“Are you sure? Because it doesn’t open by itself,” I said.

“No, I don’t! Why would I go in there?”

“Ok,” I said, and I closed the door behind me.

The next day, I came home early. Unlocking the front door, I stepped inside and went upstairs. I was about to enter my bedroom when I stopped at the doorway, stunned that my brother was on my bed – wearing one of my black bras and a matching g-string bikini! I saw that he was reading a porno mag. His straining-hard cock was poking through the edge of my panties, and he was beginning to stroke it.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I yelled at him, storming into the room.

“Nothing,” he sputtered, trying to hide his now-shrinking cock.

“Doesn’t look like nothing! Where did you get this?” I snapped, picking up the porno mag and flicking through the pages. I got to a few that were stuck together and frowned. I didn’t speak but kept paging through the magazine.

“One of my mates brought it for me,” he mumbled.

“And why are you wearing my underwear?” I asked him.

“I like the feel of the lacy material on my bare skin,” he said in a tiny voice.

I put the dirty magazine in front of him and pointed at a picture of a naked woman with big breasts. “So, you like bare boobs?”

“Yes, err – yes!” he said in a raspy voice, distressed a bit by my choice of words.

“Have you ever seen bare boobs for real? Not in a picture?” I asked, still flicking through the pages of the magazine.

“No,” he answered. His regret and disappointment was written on his face and showed in his voice.

“Would you like to see some real bare boobs?” I asked him.

That question surprised him, but what surprised him even more was the sudden change in my voice. “If you want to see real boobs so badly, you can see mine,” I informed him.

That remark hit him with a mixture of shock, fear, and excitement. I wanted nothing more than to see my younger brother naked, and for him to see me the same way. Instinctively, his eyes drifted over my body. I look pretty for twenty-five. My skin is tanned, escort bayan and I have blue eyes and beautiful, long, blonde hair. I was wearing a short white skirt and a tight, black, sleeveless shirt with a high neck line which made my medium-sized breasts look larger.

As Greg stared at me, I tossed the magazine aside and started to remove my shirt and pull it over my head. Then I paused and said teasingly, “Well, you do want to see my bare breasts, don’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Greg stammered. “Please.”

Without much waiting, I pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my lacey red bra. I thought that my bra was a size too small, since my breasts were hardly contained by the measly cups. The sight of his half-naked sister had an immediate effect on Greg, and I saw his dick starting to get hard again. He was a bit embarrassed by the fact that his own sister could provoke such a response, and he crossed his legs and tried to hide his erection. I just smiled.

“Greg, honey, it doesn’t matter,” I said. “It’s perfectly normal for a woman taking off her clothes to cause such a reaction in an eighteen-year-old boy.”

Still smiling, I pulled my bra straps over my shoulders, reached behind me, and unclasped the bra, then shrugged the straps down my shoulders one by one and dropped the bit of red lace to the floor. Greg could now see my firm, naked breasts. It must have been a most beautiful sight, for my little brother was staring in wonder at my lovely globes of flesh topped by nice-sized nipples.

“You may touch them, if you want to,” I told him.

I could see that he felt a bit ashamed, but apparently, I didn’t have any qualms about him touching my breasts. I moved closer to my bed and sat next to him. Carefully, he placed a hand on one of my tits. As soon as the soft flesh touched his hand, he let go of all his inhibitions and surrendered to his lust. Enthusiastically, he started to rub my breasts and massage my nipples. I was enjoying this, and as my breathing was quickening, he got the courage to bend his head down and lick my breasts. When he sucked on my nipples, they came fully erect almost instantly.

After he had been fanatically playing with my breasts for a while, I motioned for him to stop. He let go of my tits as a baby would if changing nipples and gave me a questioning look. I didn’t say anything, but I got up off the bed, untied my skirt, and pushed it down my legs. I did this slowly, as if I were trying to tease my audience. I turned to the side, imagining how a picture of such would look. I slowly and very carefully pushed my skirt down, sticking my ass out as the fabric slid over my full, round ass cheeks. I bent over so that I pushed my skirt all the way down to my ankles and stepped out of the pile of cloth slowly. I could see that Greg was now looking at me with the lusty eyes of a man trying to remember every inch of my smooth skin. All I was wearing now was a red pair of g-string knickers, and I sat back down on the bed next to him.

I looked at him and said, “Do you want to see everything?”

He couldn’t utter a single word anymore; instead, altıparmak escort bayan he just nodded.

I lay back and I slid my hands down my curvaceous body to the top of my red g-string thong. They fit me perfectly, and the strings were nothing more than an eighth of an inch wide. The back came together in a small triangle that served to define the shape of my ass. I moved my thumbs between my strings and my hips and slowly pushed them down over my toned thighs, then wriggled then down over my bare feet. I threw my only remaining piece of clothing into the corner of my room and spread my legs wide, showing him my ripe pussy in all its glory.

“You are old enough to realize,” I said, softly but sternly, “that no one must ever know what’s happening here, right now – right?”

He nodded.

“Come on little brother, play with my pussy,” I said.

He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He hesitated a little as he looked at his naked, incredibly hot sister, then dragged his body across the bed and lay next to me. I could feel my pussy was getting wet with aptipation. Greg began to plant soft kisses up each thigh. He then reached my moist pussy. He extended his tongue and it brushed against my swollen clit. I jerked with pleasure. Greg started licking the entire length of my slit, tasting my nectre with each lick.

“Oh, Greg. That’s fucking increible,” I said. It had been eight months since my last boyfriend, and having someone eating my pussy was sensation I had missed.

He continued licking me. With each lick, he stopped at my clit, giving it a little tickle with his tongue. After a dozen or so more licks, he rested his mouth on my pussy opening and began to dart his tongue in and out of my cunt, and his nose was now rubbing on my clit. It was driving me mad. I cupped his head in my hands and pulled him into my groin. My juices were really flowing now as I was now turned by this act my brother was giving me. His tongue was now rapidly darting in and out of pussy. After a few more minutes of this, it was too much for me to bear. My legs cramped up around his head, and my pussy erupted in an unbearbale orgasm.

He emerged from between my legs with cum over his chin.

“Where did you learn to perform oral sex like that?” I asked him.

“I read the stories in the porno magizines,” he said.

“Well, that was fucking incredible. Now come and lie down. I want to return the favour,” I told him

He did as he was told and lay down next to me on his back. I removed the lace panties he still had on and sat on my knees in front of him. Then I grabbed his raging hard-on and started to masturbate him softly.

“Nice?” I asked.

He could only moan in response. The feeling of his warm, stiff prick in my supple hand was so amazingly good. I smiled a satisfied smile and bent over his crotch. I closed my lips around the head of his cock and started to lick it carefully. He obviously had no idea what was happening to him. With my tongue, I licked some pre-cum from his dick, after which I took his prick completely nilüfer eskort in my mouth. I blew him, slurping, and the feeling this was causing him must have been awesome. It didn’t take Greg long to come, grunting. I felt him tense, but I kept his cock firmly in my mouth. He must have experienced an intense orgasm, and he unloaded an enormous amount of sperm. I tried to swallow it all, but the amount of semen that was flowing from my little brother’s testicles at that moment was so large that I couldn’t swallow everything. The excess sperm dripped from the corners of my mouth.

After a while, I let his shrinking cock glide out of my mouth and lay on top of him. The sensation of my tits against his chest and my belly against his dick was indescribably erotic. I smiled at him while large drops of his semen were trickling down my lips and chin, then I kissed him again and whispered in his ear, “Now that you have eaten me out and I have given you a blow job, I might as well teach you everything. Ready for your first time, kid?”

“Yes” he moaned, and his cock was already on the rise again, simply because I had put my sexy naked body on top of his. I rolled off Greg and lay on my back.

“Come on!” I said, “stick your prick in my pussy.”

Because of the language I was using, Greg was obviously getting hornier and hornier, if it was possible, and he climbed on top of me. I put my arms around him, pressed his body against mine, and easily guided his hard cock into my wet pussy. Prudently, he started to thrust. He still couldn’t believe this was happening to him, but the slurping sound made by my moist pussy with every thrust of his cock, and the banging sensation of his balls against my pussy, convinced him of the fact that he was truly fucking his sister.

When the realization hit, he could hardly control himself and started to thrust faster and faster, causing my tits to swing back and forth. I softly moaned while he was fucking me like a madman, and he put his head between my breasts. Ultimately, he couldn’t take any more.

“Yes” I moaned “Shoot it in my cunt! Shoot your cum into my cunt, little brother!”

My dirty language made him crazier with lust than he was already, and I felt his body shake. He groaned and came, squirting his young sperm deep inside my pussy. As soon as he had unloaded the last drop of semen from his balls, he let himself fall on top of me, completely exhausted. I still had my arms around him. I hugged him tightly, pressing my tits against his chest. I then gave him a wet kiss and looked at him in a way that was tender and horny at the same time.

“So,” I said, a mischievous twinkle in my eyes, “How was it?”

“Fucken unbelievable!” he said, as he looked into my eyes.

“Now doing it for real is better than looking at naked pictures in a magizine and doing it with your hand?” I asked him

“It’s brilliant,” he softly said. “Better than I had ever dared dream.”

“I quite enjoyed it myself. To tell you the turth, I was turned on by the sight of you wearing my underwear,” I said, smiling at at him. “From now on, you will sleep in my bed, and since you like wearing my underwear, I will give you some of mine to wear. Maybe I’ll even take you shopping for your own underwear.”

Greg just smiled at me as and he continued to hug me, and we stayed in bed together for the rest of the night, enjoying our new ound relationship…

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