Cross: One Man’s Journey into Darkness Part One


No light reached this part of the room. The solitary sunbeam that had managed to poke its way through the curtains fell on a dirty heap of ripped up clothing in the far corner. But here, there was only darkness, and the ragged breathing of the room’s sole inhabitant. Tyler lay naked, his arms and legs strapped to the corners of the bed with leather belts, allowing him no room to move or stretch his sagging limbs. Premature wrinkles lined the strong, angular features of his now gaunt visage. His eyes stared straight upwards, unseeing and no longer questing about the small, dank space. He would blink from time to time, the darkness around him becoming only slightly deeper for a short period. There were scratches all along the muscular lines of his shoulders, and running down the length of his torso, then again from his thighs down to his kneecaps. They had varying ages, the oldest mere hints of their former savagery, while some bled openly.  Tyler knew none of this. All of his world was darkness, would be darkness, until his angel returned to him. She always went away when he needed her the most. She would disappear during the early hours of the morning, only coming back once the hours of daylight had ended. She was his Sun, the center of his universe. The moment he felt her presence enter the room, Tyler’s blood would begin to boil. Just thinking about her set his heart at a frantic pace, causing his many wounds to begin to bleed anew. She would return. She always returned. Tyler only needed to keep faith, so his savior would return to him, just as she had promised. As the blood flowed down his sides, pooling underneath the small of his back, Tyler lost consciousness.OOOO Here. She was here. He could feel her. He could smell her, for God’s sake! That sweet scent of nectar, of life and joy and love and pleasure. His heart accelerated, blood pumping quickly to his member. Tyler’s back arched, his restraints stretching yet again as his whole being yearned for her. He needed her, needed that sweet warmth of forever enveloping him, smothering him until he could barely breathe. His entire body formed a rough crescent as he presented himself to her, his manhood proudly beckoning as he breathed in the scent of her. “Is that you? No, I know it’s you. Only you could do this to me. My soul feels you. My body needs you. Please. Please! Let me look at you, O Holy Mother. I just need to see your face, so I know it’s you.”  He had barely gasped out the words as she came into view, a soft glow announcing her approach. Beautiful. Insanely, insurmountably and paradoxically beautiful. She was everything and nothing, a perfect and supreme being whose allure was outweighed only by the sheer pleasure he knew she could bestow upon him. Tyler groaned to look at her. The perfect contours of her face, highlighted by the soft glow of the candle she held in one delicate hand, upraised before her as a holy symbol of beauty. She was his light, the only thing he could ever bear to see again in his miserable existence. She was God, and without her, there would be nothing. “Oh.” He was speechless, saying nothing else for some time as he gazed upon her. “I knew you would return. I knew you would come back to me. Nothing in this world could keep us apart. I felt the pull of you the moment you left me, and only now is it beginning to fade.” She smiled, a gesture of such radiance, Tyler had to close his eyes.  “Yes, my love. It’s me. I can see you’ve missed me while I was away.”  Tyler’s eyes were still closed. He heard her breathing, then a sigh as her hand lightly touched him. He felt a veritable explosion of pleasure, groaning and gyrating his hips as the liquid-soft silk of her skin brushed along the length of his upraised staff. He was already close; Ankara bayan escort he couldn’t possibly last through what he knew would come next. Yet, somehow he didn’t climax immediately. She had that power over him, knew him so completely as to touch him whichever way she pleased, and still give him ever more pleasure. She began to shift her hand around the tip of him, allowing her graceful fingers to slip down his length until she gripped him completely. Tyler’s back remained in a strong arch, the muscles of his back straining forever upwards so as to have more of her touching him. “Naughty boy, lie back, so I can look upon you.” Her voice was magic, a song so old and primordial, and still so young and full of life. He could never resist her, would never. As he eased back onto the bed beneath him, Tyler felt her presence get nearer. He had to look upon her. As he slowly opened his eyes, she came back into view. The soft glow of the candle, now lying by the side of the bed, illuminated her perfection. She wasted no time, which struck him as unusual until he felt the warmth of her get closer, ever closer to where they would soon meet. The scent of her grew in the air, and he inhaled deeply just as she lowered herself onto him. The sound of his groans rang out as light truly returned to Tyler’s world.  He was inside of her. This goddess, this beacon of all that was right and good in the world, had decided to share herself with him, a lowly being, surely not worthy. But there was no complaint forthcoming, and Tyler simply lay back and enjoyed the sweet oblivion that overtook him. His vision blurred slightly as the rampant ecstasy Tyler felt grew even stronger. As he looked up at her, he could almost see Angel’s wings behind her back. He had known all along that she was more than a human.  Known all… along. Bliss enveloped him, and Tyler knew no more.OOOO “No. I’ve told you time and time again, Miller, this isn’t going to work. I don’t care what you claim about him, this idiot’s beyond saving.” Abraham DuPree spoke into his cell phone as he strolled along a gray alleyway. Clouds obscured the moon this night, a sure omen of ill intent. A voice on the other end of the line murmured at him, and Abraham scoffed, sending a small murder of crows into flight. “I could give a shit if he’s supposed to go pro, no one survives in a den for seven weeks. It just doesn’t happen.” As he spoke, Abraham scanned the surrounding warehouses. They were all identical. Each one a gray mass of concrete with rows of rectangular windows, most obscured by lewd graffiti or simply broken. He stopped, shifting the phone in one hand while running the other over the day-old stubble growing on his chin. After a brief pause to listen, he veritably shouted, “Look! I’m the one doing your dirty work, Miller. If he’s alive and well, that’s one thing. But I’m not lugging some six foot ten lump of meat to the hospital if he’s just going to die in transit. Seven weeks, Miller. He’ll be lucky if he can get one more pump in before he just up and expires…. Well you relay that to them. In the meantime I’ll be taking care of the actual issue.” He snapped the phone shut and stalked purposefully towards a warehouse on the corner, shoving the thing into his pocket as he walked. Abraham checked the number printed in large black block letters beside the metal door, reading 7131. Perfect. He slowly drew aside the sliding mechanism, slipping into the darkness within. His report detailed that the den lay on the fourth floor, so he made his way to the far corner of the open space, producing a small pen light as he did. He flipped the light on, and was surprised to see a small pack of rats scatter from the corner at the bracing LED light. Escort bayan Ankara Normally this place would be devoid of life of any kind. Something was up. As he silently scaled the industrial stairway to the fourth floor, Abraham muttered under his breath. The words came to him without prior thought, but he felt his muscles tense as the syllables left him. Probably something from their language. There was definitely something amiss here. He continued to climb, trying to remain utterly without sound. Too much noise would alert her without fail, and Abraham preferred to make this visit while his host slept. As he mounted the fourth level, Abraham saw the entrance to the den. It lay in the far corner, covered in shadows that his pen light ate right through. She had draped the entrance in garbage bags, their tattered sheen all-too visible in the light he projected. Probably some sort of booby-trap rigged to that, he figured. Regardless of his apprehension, Abraham tread forwards. As he neared the doorway, he heard… nothing. There were no moans of pleasure, no gasping for air or ragged breathing. That was either very good, or inherently horrible. Abraham couldn’t decide, so he simply forged ahead. As he pushed through the trash bag curtains, several tin cans on strings fell from the ceiling, the pebbles and bits of metal within jangling as they fell. In a flash, Abraham ripped the silver knife from his belt, grabbed the strings and severed them. He held the cans together and quickly stopped them from shaking, then set them down without pause. He flipped his grip on the knife and tensed, waiting for the screech that would tell him his host was wide awake. After seconds that felt like eternity, he relaxed. There was absolute silence. Abraham grabbed his pen light from within the folds of his jacket and began to stalk about the room, quickly scanning for the spot he knew he would find. It turned out to be a ratty old mattress pushed into the corner of the room where the shadows hung deepest. There was blood soaked into the fabric. A lot of it. And a series of leather straps he knew all too well. Then he spotted exactly what he had expected, and hoped against. It was Tyler Greene. Or rather, it was what was left of him. Sprawled across the bloody mess of the mattress was a gray and emaciated husk of a man. To credit the kid, it was a huge husk. He must have been even bigger than his description, probably just shy of seven feet. His body had been completely drained of all moisture, and his dry arms and legs were still held within the leather belts that he had died in. So much for kink; he probably hadn’t even known he was being held towards the end of it. What a disgusting fetish, thought Abraham as he walked over to the shriveled corpse. He would have to take snapshots of his teeth to provide for the dental records, as there was sure to be no blood left in him. As he bent over Tyler Greene’s cadaver, Abraham noticed a glint of silver on his chest. He flashed his light over it and gasped. This stiff was wearing a cross. The implications of such a thing began to flood his mind, until Abraham heard footsteps on the metal stairs below. An entire life of training kicked in, and he immediately sprang to his feet, quickly but silently treading back the way he had come. Right as he was about to exit the den through the trash bag entryway, he spotted a dark form coming up the stairway from below. With no time to move or react, he simply leaned back against the cold concrete and waited.OOOO “Well, well, sugar. If you aren’t a sight for sore eyes, I don’t know what is.” He played it cool as the target arrived at the top of the stairs. He wasn’t wrong, either. This one was a real looker. She was a tall, Bayan escort Ankara leggy blonde with straight platinum locks and a body to die for. The kicker was, she didn’t have those exaggeratedly huge breasts or impossible curves Abraham had come to expect. Her tits were of medium size at best, no more than a single handful, each. But he realized that wasn’t her best charm. Not even close. As his eyes invariably wandered down the length of her body, he couldn’t help but stare as her small waist gave way to a perfect curvature, and legs that simply wouldn’t quit. They were spindly and long, but he could tell they were strong. Her flawless skin glowed in full view from the shortest of shorts that she wore down to her knee-high cowgirl boots. A real Daisy Duke type. What got him the most as his view careened back upwards, past her tied off flannel shirt, was the fullness of her lips. They were like little pillows situated underneath a perfectly sculpted nose and deeply blue eyes. The kind of eyes one got lost in, but would go willingly without a map when there was so much promise behind them. She was simply angelic. Abraham laughed at himself for that one. It was then that Abraham noticed that his hostess wasn’t alone. Her arm lead down the stairs a few steps, where a young man stood, expectantly staring up at him. The kid spoke, “Who the hell is this? You said this was somewhere we could be alone. I don’t plan on sharing you, girl.” Abraham chuckled as the kid took a step upwards and slid his hand between her arm and torso and wrapped himself protectively around the woman. “Kid, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll turn tail and jump down those stairs. Just pray you don’t break anything and run the hell out of here. I mean it. Go.” The young man’s face soured at the words, and he pulled the woman in tight to his body and peered at Abraham from over her shoulder. “Fuck off, man. You’re just jealous. Stella’s absolutely perfect, and she’s mine.” Abraham couldn’t help but chuckle again as he mentally noted the girl’s name. Stella. That was a good one. He always made a point of remembering their names. She lifted one arm and caressed the side of the kid’s head, and his expression immediately cooled. “Shhh, baby. Don’t get all worried over this old man,” With a voice like soft jazz, it was no wonder this kid had followed her back here. “Why don’t you go in that room over there, while I make him go away. That sound good, hon’? Just right through there.” The kid’s eyes glazed over, and he nodded and snaked his arm from around Stella before walking straight past Abraham and into the den. Their eyes didn’t even meet. This one had a silver tongue. Abraham hated it when they talked. “It was some nice work you did to our young mister Greene in there,” Abraham spoke casually, but his every muscle was tense and ready for action. “I don’t suppose I could get the same treatment?” Stella’s eyes flashed, and suddenly Abraham could smell the perfume coming off of her. It always had a sweet scent at first, but he had trained himself, and the smell became cloying and sickly in a matter of seconds. His guard had fallen for just an instant, there. No way he would let that happen a second time. She began to stalk towards him, then. As she walked, Stella raised one hand to her face and brought her index finger to her mouth. Her pouty lips parted, and she bit on the tip of her finger seductively. Abraham could see the moisture there, and as her perfect, radiant teeth clamped down on the supple flesh of her finger, his blood began to rise. She took her finger from her mouth and sighed. “Now what would you be knowing about my Tyler, hmm?” “Oh, nothing much,” he replied, “just that our star athlete mister Greene visited a bar one evening almost two months ago, met someone special, and disappeared. The only record of him before he vanished was a voice mail he left to his girlfriend, explaining that he had met someone new, and wouldn’t be coming home. When he didn’t show up for his classes the following week, his fiance filed a missing persons report.

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