Crashing at a Friend’s


I was quite a wash out at school, always seeing the cool guys get the girls, or at least have the stories of getting the girls! I had stories like that too, but they were all just in my head, my own fantasies. I always liked to think that I had one for all or any occasions!

By the time I was 18 I started to get a bit of a social life and me and my friends would start to hang out and go to pubs and stuff. And so my best friend, Alex and I got into the pattern of staying over at each others houses. These were frustrating times, inevitably there would female friends in our group and I would always dream of getting with (at least) one of them, but it would always end up the same way, Alex in his bed, me on the floor, falling asleep with my hand on my dick!

I can’t remember who brought the topic up first, but we realised that we both had the same pattern, fantasise about the girls and them wank off before going to sleep. We soon agreed that there was no need to change this pattern just because we were staying over and so we began a little fantasy share. We would take it turns to talk through a fantasy while we both wanked off.

Sometimes we added variations and would see who could come first or who could come second in the quickest time…

Then one time, it all changed. Of course we had been drinking and I complained that I had a sore back and didn’t want to sleep on the floor. Alex said there was no way eyüp escort he was going to give up his bed so we decided that we could share the bed instead.

This was not a comfortable option, it was just a single bed so we were against each other as we lay there. I know my heart was racing a bit and I guess that Alex’s was too.

I didn’t wait for any embarrassed complications and just started talking, going through a fantasy where I am lying in bed and a hand creeps under the covers and starts masturbating me.

It seems that the message was getting through because as I continued with my description of some one else’s hand rubbing my hard on, Alex said that it was a shame that no one could do that for him and me.

I said there was no reason why it couldn’t. He played dumb and asked me what I meant. I said, well you know, you and I could do that… couldn’t we? I knew I would have to go first and as soon as he said, well go on then, I moved my hand straight over.

My heart was pounding, the excitement was nearly overwhelming as, for the first time in my life, I closed my hand around another guy’s cock. The first thing that struck me was how hot it felt, hot and hard. I let my hand explore his shaft a little and only then did I realise how big it was, big and thick! I have an average cock, 7 slim inches. This must have been about 9 inches and thick with it. It felt great in my hand and hearing fındıkzade escort Alex lose control of his breathing was such a turn on. I felt his hand grope for my own throbbing hard on and I started to wank his cock in long and slow strokes while he got into a rhythm on mine.

He was gaping and I heard him say, oh yeah, that feels so good! His words and his breathing reminded me of a porno film, and I thought to myself, wow, I have got this guy really hot!

I rubbed his beautiful dick, wishing it was my own! I played with it and touched where I liked mine to be touched. His thick member reacted with twitches and his hips jerked uncontrollably sometimes too. I was loving doing this to him. Then his groans started to come through, my heart leapt again, I was going to make him come…. Too late, as my hand reached the crest of its stroke and my fist closed over his cock head, I felt a hot wad of come on my hand.

This time I gasped and I slid my hand back down his long shaft to began my rising strike again. 3 or 4 times my hand was met with another hot dollop of his come. Only then did I notice that he had stopped wanking my cock and he know just lay their breathing heavy.

My god, I said, that was so hot, your cock is so nice, I have never felt one before, apart from my own that is!

Uhuh, was all he replied. Was it hot for you I asked, the same uhuh came back. I want to come too, escort şişli that got me so hot.

I don’t; to do to you he said, I want you to tell me about it as you wank. I didn’t argue, I put my hand onto my own dick and started to rub his come into my shaft.

You have such a big cock, I said, it felt so hot in my hand. I have never felt one before, but I knew that I wanted to make it come, I wanted your hot come to come out, and now I can feel it, I am rubbing it into my dick, wanking my dick think about your big cock… oh your cock was so nice.

I was wanking my dick furiously, I didn’t want this to end, but I knew that it would though!

Alex spoke, he told me that I had made him hard again with my talking like a bitch. I got up and sat astride his legs. I wanked my cock while I face him and grabbed his meat once a gain. Feeling his hard on in my hands was just what I needed and I felt my come rise in my dick. I put my head back and let out a cry. Just as I did, the light came on, I looked down. There was his cock, standing so proud, so fucking big and lovely! I pointed my cock to it and shot my come onto his shaft and his balls.

I wanked by cock until it went soft and I felt my cock head come to rest on his balls.

I looked up to his face and was surprised to see the horrified look on his face. I immediately felt guilty like I had gone too far and only then realised that his hands were underneath his backside… how had he turned the light on?!

If I thought my heart was racing before, I was now terrified, I turned my head to the door and there in the doorway was Alex’s mum, her jaw hanging down and her face as white as a sheet…

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