Crash Course Sex: Lesson 01


Near midnight, Julie decided to take matters in her own hand – she marched up the stairs and headed for her son’s room.

She was worried. Kyle had come home at 4:00 PM like clockwork, but the boy that had trudged through the door didn’t seem like her son.

Normally, he’d introduce himself heartily, his voice percolating through the two-story ranch house. He’d then trot into the kitchen, quickly drop his backpack on the table, and give his beloved mother a tight hug from behind. This had been a daily ritual for nearly a decade, though Julie had noticed that the young man’s embraces had grown incrementally prurient since he’d hit puberty – a hand that reached too far up, or a kiss on the nape of her neck that lingered too long. Initially, she brushed it off as mere coincidence, but the clothed erection (an increasingly massive one, she blushingly conjectured to the shocked, giggling fellow moms of her bridge club) often pressed against the seat of her jeans made her wiser to the situation. Fortunately, Kyle usually defused any tension with a goofy joke that’d make her chuckle, and her friends assured her that he was just going through a phase. Besides, the attention was flattering and, although she felt guilty admitting it, quite arousing – more than once had the knowledge of the young man’s perpetual bulge driven her to the company of her vibrator.

Today, however, Kyle headed upstairs as soon he entered the house and self-exiled himself to his room. He’d politely, but impatiently, countered his mother’s multiple knocks of concern with vague excuses. Even her husband, Mike, had lightly rebuked her, “He just needs some space. Maybe it’s time to stop babying an 18-year old.” His chuckle had received a cold glare in return.

Well, 8 hours was enough! She needed to know what was going on!

When she went to his door, she saw that the lights were off. He had fallen asleep! She decided to kiss him goodnight, quietly opening the door so as to not wake him up.

Unfortunately, as the light from the hallway soon revealed, her son was anything but dormant.

Julie was aghast at what she found. Her son was seated on his bed, his back to the headboard, and stared at her in bewilderment. A box of condoms lay opened on the bed, many of its unrolled contents strewn across the floor. One was in Kyle’s hand, ludicrously stretched across the tip of his gargantuan penis. When he recovered from the shock, he dropped the condom and quickly pulled the covers to hide his shame – they did little to obfuscate the pulsating tower of flesh, a fact not lost on Julie, who felt her cleft moisten. “Boy was I right, girls,” she thought, imagining what her friends would say.

“Oh god, mom – this isn’t… this isn’t what it looks…” His embarrassment turned to indignation, “Damn it, couldn’t you knock?”

“Wha- what- what are you doing?!” she asked sternly. Julie quickly shut the door and flipped on the lights, knowing that her puritanical husband might disown the erring boy if he saw what was going on.

The tone of disappointment in his mother’s voice and his complete inability to produce an explanation wiped the ire from his face – a deep shade of crimson took its place, obvious in the now well-lit room.

The 18-year old suddenly looked like a child who’d been caught red-handed. Julie felt her maternal instincts kick in and rushed to his side – she couldn’t stay mad at her baby! She clasped him to her bosom and stroked his hair, “Oh honey, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to embarrass you!”

While Kyle appreciated his mother’s attempt to comfort him, her proximity didn’t alleviate his tumescence. If anything, having his face held between a fantastic pair of huge, alabaster udders stuffed inside a pink tank top that barely contained them made it all the worse. As he took in the heady mix of Chanel No 5 and the sweet, natural fragrance of a woman, more and more blood rushed to fill the large veins feeding his cock – he felt faint.

“Aw mom… it’s fine.” Kyle barely registered his own words, as his eyes relished the small beauty mark on the inner side of the left breast.

“But pumpkin, what are you doing will all these boxes?” The justifiable, but awkward question brought the teen back to his senses. He pulled back from the embrace.

“Uh… uh well… you see…” the boy stammered, searching for an excuse.

He looked into Julie’s warm, aquamarine eyes and knew he could never lie to his mother. He muttered, “Susie invited me to her house this weekend, while her parents are away – I’m almost certain she wants to have sex this weekend.”

“Oh,” Julie intoned. She did her best not to scowl.

Susie was Kyle’s girlfriend of two months. Despite Julie’s vigilant efforts throughout high school to keep her handsome boy for herself, the cheerleader had snuck in and stolen his heart during football practice. Although the 38-year old mother accommodated a powerful aversion for the 19-yr old bimbo, she knew the girl made Kyle happy, which is ultimately what the devoted mother bursa escort cared about most.

She asked the obvious follow-up, terrified of the answer, “Well… do you?”

“Of course, I do! I… really like her, mom,” he blurted out. The boy couldn’t help but smile as he thought of the pretty brunette that had completely changed his life.

Julie looked at her son’s face and felt her heart sink. The teen was completely love-struck – her baby boy had replaced her in his heart.

He continued, “But I’m a… a… virgin.” The last word was barely audible. The loving mother looked on with pity as her child hung his head in abject shame.

“Pumpkin, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about – your dad and I were virgins before we got married! You should be proud you’re saving yourself for marriage!”

Julie felt like a fraud preaching to her son something even she didn’t fully believe in. After all, she had followed said advice to the letter as a beautiful young maiden, ignoring the adolescent cravings within her and turning away randy adonises by the handful; every adult in her life had been confident that the marital bliss she would reap by staying pure would be immeasurable. To this day, she remembered her excitement in the limo as it sped towards her first night in a marital bed, even as she sat next to the still strange “good Christian boy” her parents had chosen for her. Yet, more than a decade of matrimony had yielded only the uninspired 5-minute races to the finish that Mike initiated on the occasional weekend – she could count on one hand the times her spouse had brought her to orgasm in the past year. On some level she felt blessed – her husband was a faithful man, caring father, and wonderful provider. Unfortunately, he had never even come close to satiating the unspeakable hunger within her that grew more desperate with each passing day.

“Yeah yeah… dad’s given me that talk a million times before. But…but…” He sighed, in defeat, “Ah hell… maybe he’s right. It doesn’t matter anyway. Susie’s gonna dump me once she that I’ve been lying to her for so long about not being a virgin. I screwed it up – it’s over.” He turned away, trying hard to hide his grief.

Julie’s heart ached, partially from realizing just how much he cared about some skinny bitch, but mostly from seeing the apple of her eye in so much pain. She thought back to the numerous crushes and desires she’d forsaken in her youth and realized she couldn’t let her son relive her regrets.

“No! It’s not!” She grabbed Kyle by his sinewy shoulders and looked into his blue-green eyes. “Look, if you really care about this girl, you won’t give up! You still have a few days before your date. That’s plenty of time!”

Although completely shocked by her reaction, he countered, “It doesn’t matter – I have no idea how any of this stuff works! I don’t even know where to begin!”

Julie knew what needed to be done – after all, her spouse definitely wouldn’t step up to the plate. She let go of his shoulders and looked away. She muttered, “I’ll teach you.”

Kyle stared at his mother with wide-eyed astonishment. “Wha-what???”

She looked back up at him, “I can train you.”

The boy realized the magnitude of her suggestion. “Wo- wow. Wow.” He was speechless.

Her stomach turned at awkward silence that formed. Desperately attempting to bring levity to the situation, she joked, “Hey, I taught you how to bowl last week! How much harder could this be?”

He smiled weakly. “Wow, thanks mom… but, uh… but uh… do you really know what to do?”

It was her turn to be shocked, “WHAT?!”

“Well, it’s just that… you’d never… before dad… and you guys… uh basically… never…” He tapered off, now avoiding eye contact.

Oh god, even her son knew how pathetic her sex life was. Something about that was hilarious, and she felt the tension slip away. She started laughing.

“Wow mister, I offer to help you out, and that’s what I get for it.” She poked him playfully, “Meanie!”

“Ow!” He chuckled sheepishly, “Sorry – I didn’t mean it like that… I just was wondering how…”

The boy had a good point – she wasn’t exactly a pro. Besides, she had no idea how what “training” him would even entail.

Julie decided to improvise. “Haha relax, silly. I may not have the most… field experience, but I have heard a lot about it from my friends.” She shot him a coy smile, “What exactly did you think we moms talk about while you’re away all day at school?”

Kyle was floored by this revelation. He imagined his mother, Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Stone, and Mrs. Cleaver – women he’d known forever – sitting around the quaint oak table in their living room, their dainty hands clutching their cards and covering their mouths in shock as they laughed and giggled about the graphically vulgar and obscene. Strangely, this mélange of the familiar and the salacious brought the teen’s cock back to attention.

The newfound tent in the sheets wasn’t lost on the housewife. Trying bursa escort bayan hard not to stare, Julie focused on the task at hand, “So uh… let’s begin this little crash course shall we? You were having problems with condoms?”

“Uh… yeah… I try to roll them on and I was able to get a few almost on, but it really hurts.”

Julie swallowed hard, “Show me.”

Kyle grabbed a package, tore it in half and removed the rubber from within. Aware of the gravity of his next act, he slowly pushed the covers back to reveal his erection.

“Oh my…” Julie involuntarily whispered. She gawked as the covers slid off, causing a massive, chocolate-colored penis to bounce back and slap her son’s clothed stomach, a thick strand of clear mucous fluid still bridging the gap between the fat, shiny cockhead and the displaced sheets. The housewife’s womb throbbed as she took in every detail of the largest penis she had ever seen: the merciless upward curvature that only resolved where the broad shaft met the thatch of pubic hair, the purple tip that widened into a ludicrously fat crest, the two giant veins that spiraled around, the wide tube that protruded from the underside, and the precum that indefinitely bubbled out of the deep cleft on the bottom of the glans and languidly seeped down.

As he silently observed his mother’s reaction, Kyle realized he was having an unprecedented effect on her that he did not fully understand. Moreover, in this state, she looked even more gorgeous than usual, her cute button nose flared, her high cheekbones now injected with a pink tinge, her big aquamarine eyes wider than ever, her ample red lips slightly parted, and her busty chest flushed and undulating. Son or not, Kyle had to admit that his mother was an incredibly lovely creature; for a moment, the teen forgot all about his 19-year old crush and took in the ravishing woman that sat beside him. The sight made him even harder and a particularly large glop of pre-cum rolled down his shaft.

Julie shivered under her son’s unflinching gaze. Her rational mind desperately fought the new, confusing emotions that raged within her, trying to remind her that her son needed her help. Her devotion as a mother kept her level-headed for now, but the intangible longing within her bloomed.

“Well… go on… put it on.”

Kyle snapped out of his reverie, remembering the young girl for whom he was training. He placed the rubber on the tip and with great effort, rolled the condom down, grimacing as it suffocated his enormous peter. Eventually he gave up, pulled off the contraceptive, and threw it on the floor. “See what I mean?!”

Julie smiled, understanding the problem. “Aw sweetie – it’s not your fault. The condom’s too small!”

“Really? My friends swore by this brand.”

Wow, the kid really was naive. “Kyle… uh… baby, you have to understand that your… you’re not really average. Your… uh… penis… is quite a bit larger than the usual.”

“Oh god… I’m a freak.”

“No!! No… you should be proud! Women love… um… many women like a bigger… one.”

“Oh… I see. Just curious… is dad this big? Did I get this from him?”

Oh god, he certainly didn’t. Poor Mike. She was embarrassed for her husband, “Uh honey… well… genetics are complicated… your dad’s… different.”

So he was smaller. Putting together his mother’s answers and her hesitancy, Kyle began to understand her physical reaction earlier to seeing his endowment. He tested his theory with a bold question: “I see. So mom, what do you prefer? Do you like… a bigger one?”

Julie was completely caught off-guard. “Uhhh… Kyle… you can’t really… your father… he… I love your father.” She desperately tried to change the subject, “So uh…Did you buy any other brands?”

The teen came to realize that his mother preferred his cock to his father’s – he felt a swell of pride that brought a smile to his face. After all, what boy doesn’t want to impress his mother? He wondered if she’d ever admit it.


He shelved his questions away for now. “Oh sorry… yeah.” He reached over and opened the top drawer of his nightstand, sifting through the boxes within. “Uh, how about these XLs?”

“That should do. Try it on.”

He ripped open the packet and was about to roll it on, but Julie suddenly stopped him.

“Wait! Let me do it.”

Kyle looked at her, bemused.

“I should show you the right way to do it. Besides, Susie might want to put it on. You should be familiar… uh with a… woman’s touch.” Julie couldn’t believe her own words. Sure, her rationale wasn’t entirely disingenuous, but in reality, some part of her deep within just couldn’t pass on the possibly once-in-a-life-time opportunity to touch the magnificent specimen before her.

“Ok.” He handed her the condom.

“It’s going to be difficult for me to put this on the way we’re positioned. Stand here.” She pointed next to the bed.

He rolled off and stood in front of his mother, hands escort bursa on his hips.

Julie sat on the side, looking down at the drooling, curved behemoth. She tore open the package and removed the large, black circle within. Fighting to keep her hands from shaking, she placed the rubber on the glans and began rolling it down. She stared in gruesome fascination as the enormous corona stretched the rubber receptacle, preventing its progress.

“Oh no, don’t tell me this one isn’t working either!”

“No, no – I just need to…” She looked up at him, swallowing guiltily, “do you mind if I… hold you in place with my other hand?”

“Oh uh… yea, I mean we’re trying to simulate what it’s going to be like with Susie… go ahead.”

The mother gingerly placed one of her hands around the wide base of her son’s penis – a good inch and a half separated her thumbnail from the rest of her fingers. Wow, this kid was definitely going to stretch out some quims to their limit. Used to her husband’s floppy appendage, she was amazed at how unyieldingly stiff her son was. Her friends were definitely right about teenagers.

Kyle groaned, “Ohhh mom…” Her cool, firm grip felt incredible. He felt a familiar tingle in his balls, and he gritted his teeth, trying not to focus on the delectable sensations.

The devoted mother had always enjoyed hearing her son’s moans of contentment when she’d given him one of her famous back massages; she was surprised to find that the principle applied even in this case. In fact, the taboo of her current situation made his responses so much more enjoyable, fanning the flames within her. A pang of guilt overcame her – as she began to enjoy the situation, it became more and more difficult to justify her actions. She offered a mental apology to her husband.

Still, the dedicated mother was determined to see her son succeed. Stabilizing the cock with one hand, she began slowly rolling down the condom with the other. With patient effort, the rubber finally rolled past the fat crown. The fit was tight, but comfortable, and she used stroking motions to pull the rubber down the rest of the way.

Unfortunately, just as the last of the condom rolled out, Kyle began to orgasm.

“OH NO! MOM, I’M CUMMING! Urgghhhh!!”

His hips began jerking haphazardly, producing surprisingly forceful thrusts that shuttled the scimitar of flesh in and out of Julie’s hand. In amazement, the housewife watched through the translucent condom as her son’s penis ballooned and spewed a two-second burst of milky fluid into the contraceptive before relaxing. She watched her son’s brow furrow and felt his hand tightly grasp her shoulder as his knees went weak.

“Damn it! Hnnnnggghhh!!”

Once again, the shaft convulsed and the condom swelled further. This continued for some time as the teen’s robust hips continued to buck uncontrollably, each contraction further filling the rubber receptacle and producing a groan from the boy. Julie felt a rush as she gave her son the most intense orgasm of his life, her panties now soaked and the tingling between her legs nearly unbearable. Her conscience yelled at her to let go, but her desires and her maternal instinct couldn’t abandon her child just when he so desperately needed relief.

“It’s ok sweetheart, let it all out.” She rubbed his thighs, cooing, “You’re doing so good.”

“Hgggaaahhhh!!” his mother’s approval only made the boy come harder. He felt like his orgasm would never end.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the contractions slowed and then stopped entirely. Julie reluctantly released him and he collapsed on the bed next to his mother, drenching in sweat and gasping for air.

“Jeee- jeeesus Chhh- chhrist, mom. Oh- oh shit I’m leaking!”

Semen was seeping out of the condom onto the boy’s pubes – Julie quickly and carefully pulled it off the pulsating shaft and tied it off. Before throwing it in the trash, she stared with sick fascination at the preposterously full cum-balloon and wondered where the boy had acquired his potency. Even in his younger days, Mike had only been able to knock her up after a year of calculated effort, and since then he’d completely failed to provide her with the second child she greatly longed for. She glanced at Kyle’s scrotum, noticing that his humongous testes dwarfed her husband’s, and thought to herself, “form really does follow function.” The middle aged mother briefly wondered if the sperm factory lying beside her could still give her the heir she desired, but she brushed off the ultimate taboo and threw the used rubber in the trash.

“Damn it – I didn’t mean to do that! I’m so sorry, mom!”

She tenderly stroked his hair and smiled at him, “Darling, it’s ok… it’s completely natural. You couldn’t help it.”

He felt relieved, “Thanks… thanks for understanding. Still, though – I can’t believe I came that quickly! I can usually go longer by myself!” The boy realized too late what he had just admitted.

The mother was surprised, though not shocked, to hear her son admitting to masturbating. She reassured him, “Don’t worry goofball – everybody does it. As for the matter of uh… endurance, the situation is completely different with a woman!”

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