Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 05: SUV


Hey All, continuing my series based around my early 20’s… Thought I’d get it all written out before I hit my 30’s. 😉 Most of the chronicles I’ll be releasing are based on real-life experience as I explored my sexual urges with other men. Again, feedback on writing is enjoyed! I love some constructive criticism.


Craigslist Chronicles Ch.05: SUV

A few weeks had passed from my night with Alex. God was that a night to remember. Fuck did he had the stamina of a God, ridiculous.

Here I was, sitting back in the break room, horny as I’ll get out. I was ready for some more fun. Looking through some of the craigslist ads, I came across a few people that wanted to hook up in a car. That could be fun, I thought to myself.

One ad really caught my eye; it was a young black dude wanting to fuck. In his ad, he said he wouldn’t be available until 2 AM or so, but I thought I’d hit up some friends beforehand or just chill with it being my Friday night.

Car fun? Come pick me up! – 19

Come pick me up tonight around 2. Lookin to blow a load in a hungry mouth. Please have an SUV. I knew a few spots in the area. If your car is big enough, I’m a top. Free tonight only! 6 feet, 140 pounds, 9 inches cut and fit.

The pic that was attached to the ad was that of a tall, thin, black kid comparing his dick to a bottle of shampoo. Hot damn was he hung. I’ve been wanting to have some fun in my SUV for a while now and thought tonight was the perfect night. Why not? It’s quite perfect, I just took out the rear seats in my 4Runner the other day to help a friend move, so I’ve got plenty of space…

And God, I wonder if his cock was really 9 inches… or if he was holding his cock up to some weird small shampoo bottle. I couldn’t imagine something that big inside of me. I don’t even know if I could or not. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it.

Shooting him a message, I awaited his reply. After an hour or so of working, I finally got it. He was down. God was I excited. He sent me the address of where he wanted me to pick him up. Marking it in my maps, I learned that it was about 30 min away. Just need to kill 90 minutes I thought to myself as I ended my shift.

Heading towards the changing room, I changed into some gym shorts and a hoodie. As I get into my car, I started to text one of my friends. In the middle of sending him a message, I got an email from Mr. G asking if I was free.

“Oh god,” I said aloud in my car. Two dudes in one night? Fuck that would be fun I thought…

Shooting him a message back, I told him I was just getting off work and if he wanted to meet up now. He promptly replied, “Yes.”

Writing back, I told him I’d be at his place in about 20 min. On my drive there, I couldn’t help but replay the last few weeks in my head. God was I becoming a slut. I’m pretty sure I’ve been fucked more in the last few weeks than women I’ve fucked all year.

As I passed Mr. G’s house, I parked a few driveways down. I sent him a note I was here. A few minutes later he walked out wearing a tank top and gym shorts with sandals. God was I excited for him and his rhythmically beautiful thrusts.

With the exchange of very few words, he once again quietly leads me down around the house to the back door. Leading gaziantep escort me in, we snuck behind his room-mates once again playing video games around the TV, making our way towards his room.

This time, we got right down to business as soon as the door closed behind us. He faced me, and lowering his shorts slowly, revealing his cock inch by inch as it sprung free.

God damn, I forgot how hard and thick his torpedo-like cock was. Grabbing his keyboard as I caressed his cock, he turned on another porno. This time it was a small Asian chick with huge tits being fucked by a big dicked muscular white dude.

Looking away from the screen, I continued my enjoyment of his cock. Taking it into my hand, running my tongue along the full length of his shaft.

After a few more minutes of my mouth trying to massage his glass hard cock, he pulled me up off his cock. Reaching down to my waistband, be pulled my shorts down.

Turning me around, he guided me towards the bed. Laying down, back against the bed sheets, my cock stood tall as I kicked off my shorts.

With his eyes fixated on the TV, he walked over to his dresser and grabbed a condom and lube. Rolling the condom onto his cock, he began lathering up his rigid cock. With my feet dangling over the bed, I started to turn around. Before I got too far, he told me, “Stay there” as he reached for my legs. Pulling them up over his shoulders, he aligned his cock to my hole.

Pushing into me, my ass rapidly started to expand around his cock. Fuck was his cock blunt. Talk about going 0 to 60 in seconds flat. My hands reached behind me, grabbing what they could as I let out a moan of pleasure and pain.

He slowly began pushing further and further into me. I watched as his cock slowly slid into me.

“More lube,” I moaned.

Withdrawing most of his cock, he lathered up the shaft of his cock with more lube. As he thrust back into me, my ass stretched around him.

Letting out moans of pleasure, I pushed onward, going deeper and deeper. As he bottomed out, he began thrusting rhythmically. Pulling halfway out, then driving all the way back in, repeatedly.

Fuck was he hard. His warm cock resembled that of a blunt coke bottle. Stretching my ass to its limits, giving me a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Picking his pace up, his balls started slapping against my ass.

Just as quickly as his last changes, he fully slipped his cock out of me. Waiting for a second, then plowing deep back into me. With each plow, my ass stretched around his cock, only to get a slight relief as he exited me again. Still gaping, he continued thrusting into me. God, what a feeling. The feeling of complete fullness, then emptiness, over and over again.

I couldn’t take much more as my knees bent, parting around him. Grabbing on to my sides, he quickly sped the pace back up, nearly jackhammering into me.

As the woman on the TV began screaming in pleasure, he shot his load deep into me. His condom filling like a warm water balloon. Keeping himself deep inside me, he continued to push, cock spasming.

Pulling himself out, he slowly removed the cum filled condom. Throwing it to the side of his bed, he reached down and grabbed our shorts, tossing mine to me.

I guess it was time to go. Quickly throwing my shorts back on, he silently leads me out of his room once again. Sneaking me out the back door, he walked me out without another word.

As I made my way back to my car, my asshole still stretched and wet, I checked my watch. 1:30 AM.

God, 30 more minutes I was going to do it all again.

I sent Eric, the SUV guy, a message, letting him know I was about 30 minutes away.

Making my way towards his coordinates, I couldn’t help but feel my ass muscles scream. Well, hopefully, this will stretch me enough to try and get Eric’s cock in my ass…

Passing the cross streets where I was supposed to pick him up, I pulled over and waited. Shooting him a message, I let him know that I was in a Red 4Runner.

A few minutes later, a tall, lanky black kid, skin dark as the night, knocked on my window. Unlocking my passenger door, I let him in.

“Eric?” I asked.

“Yeah man. Evan?” he replied.

“Yup,” I said looking at him. He was pretty cute. Soft face with short black hair and dark eyes. “You know of any spots in the area to pull off into?”

“Yeah,” He replied, “I know of a few. There’s a good a mile or two down this road…”

“You get many replies to your ad?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he said laughing. “A lot of middle-aged fat white dudes.”

“Ha,” I replied. “Not exactly what you were looking for I take it?”

“No, not really,” he said. “I try to keep it to people around my age.”

“That’s cool,” I replied, “Done this a few things I assume?”

“A couple,” He continued, “First one was a fail, he couldn’t even get me in his ass. The other one was pretty fun.”

“Oh cool,” I said laughing. “Well, I’ll try my best.”

Pointing me to head down a dark road, we made our way down the moonlit path. About a mile in, there was a turnout with a gravel parking lot.

“Here,” Eric said, pointing up ahead.

“Ok, cool” I replied, somewhat nervous.

Pulling into the parking lot, not a car was in sight. Turning off my headlights, I turned my dim red overhead light on, providing just enough light.

Getting out of the car, we proceeded to re-enter through the back doors. With both of us on our knees, he promptly lowered his shorts revealing the largest flaccid cock I had ever seen. God, his soft cock was more significant than my cock hard. Never would have guessed it on just a small, lanky frame.

After a few seconds of just staring at it, Eric quickly asked, “So, you gonna touch it?”

Reaching for his monster of a cock, I grasped it in my hand. The palm of my hand running along his never-ending shaft. Slowly jerking him off, I watched it grow before me in the dimly lit car.

Proceeding to grasp it with both hands, I moved my face closer, licking my lips. With my mouth closing in, his now less flaccid cock met me in the middle. The head of his cock was somewhat round; I could only imagine how much more it would grow.

With my tongue slowly running across the top of his cock, it started to harden fully. God is was longer than my forearm. I’d say more like 10 and a half inches instead of the measly nine he previously stated.

Slowly opening my mouth towards his massive cock, I had to open wider than I ever had before. Grasping the base of his cock, I slowly pushed him in, tongue welcoming his head.

Grabbing the back of my head, he slowly pushed me further onto him. Starting to gag on his cock, I pushed back slightly, grabbing his low hanging kiwi sized balls, massaging them in my hand.

After a few more minutes of failing to get much more in due to his girth, he withdrew himself. Reaching for the condoms I had in the back,

“I’m not sure how well these will fit,” I said as I reached into the back grabbing the condoms I had with me.

“That’s ok,” he said, “I brought some with me, grab them out of my shorts.”

Thankful, I reached down and fumbled through his shorts, grabbing an XL magnum out of his pocket.

“Ready to give it a try,” Eric said timidly.

“Let’s give it a shot!” I said somewhat excited but frightened at the same time.

Removing my shorts, I squirted some lube into my hand. Sticking a few fingers into my ass, the spread the lube around. Thankfully it was still pretty lubed up.

Getting on all fours in front of him, I anxiously awaited and prepared myself for his cock as he stretched on the condom.

Feeling his massive member push against my hole sent a surge of electricity through me. Quickly reaching for the front seat to grasp, I took a deep breath.

Pressing harder, my ass began to stretch to new limits. God was he thick. Letting out a loud yell, I said: “Careful… slowly.”

Going just a bit slower, he pressed onward, pushing his cock deeper into me. My ass burned in pain as it stretched and gripped his cock with a tight hold. Pushing further into me he started thrusting slowly, penetrating me deeper and deeper.

“Fuuuuuck” I yelled as pain and a pleasure of fullness washed over me.

Thrusting faster, with still a few inches to go, be picked up his pace. His low hanging balls were brushing against my ass with each thrust.

Grabbing my waist firmly, he pushed harder with more control and precision, stretching my insides to new limits. Barely able to accommodate him, he started slapping my ass as he rammed me.

“God you’re so tight!” he yelled. “You can take it, baby… You can take it…”

“Fuuuuuck your huge” I yelled back, grasping the seat in front of me tighter.

Not able to take much more, my ass began to squirm. Taking the hint, he slowed his pace, focusing more on rhythm.

Trying to push deeper into me, his cock began to spasm inside me. Pulling me even closer, filling me fuller than I have ever felt, stretching me to new limits.

“I’m going to cum!” He moaned as he started shooting his load deep into me. Filling his condom.

Such depths made me scream and moan and pleasure and ecstasy. Slowly removing himself, my ass gripped tight against his cock. As he exited, my asshole gaped. I could feel the fresh air entering me.

Reaching for my shorts, he exited the car; condom wrapped dick hanging between his legs. Walking around to my side, I tossed him his shorts. Pulling the condom off, he threw it to the ground.

Stepping outside, the cool air swept through my ass and cock. Quickly pulling my shorts up, I closed the rear door.

As we hopped back into the front of the car, I started driving Eric back towards where I picked him up.

“Thanks, Bud,” Eric said as we made our way.

“No problem,” I replied. “That was quite the challenge… Will have to try it again outside of a car sometime…”

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